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Fiery July, a reloaded start!

Midsummer, football players are fighting an acrimonious combat, the blood is boiling and the world as well. There is a new economic competition to new higher summits like the Chinese economy is on the way to a new peak in their own territory, playing the magnificent symphony of the development of a new strategy. Free economy, win-win economy. In the up and down of world economy the number of companies and their sales figures are recovering, the financial markets are recovering step by step. The ability of the sprouting economic market to absorb foreign investments, in which China, India and other countries take the lead, stealthy exceeds this of some developed countries. Due to the impact of the “substantial prescriptions“ that have been launched by many countries there are some indications in global economy of the severe disease to heal up and people are confronted with the reactivation of keys of new economic growth. At the same time China is intensively allowing many regional economic concepts and thus increases the proportion of regional economy of the economic development. The application of Shenzhen for an enlargement of its status as special economic zone, Chongqings master plan for the

(New Two River District) as well as Hainan’s concept of turning Hainan

to an island of international tourism have successively been allowed. As soon as the policy of regional economy has been implemented, the radiation effects can spread to innumerable zones. Therefore that’s what the Chinese economy needs most during its transformation. If you look around; who is able to be in front and let the world rediscover China? The YangtzeDelta, the integration of Pearl River Delta, the Yellow River Delta, the Bohai Delta, the strategic economic zones in the coastal regions, the development of the western provinces, the development strategy of Kashgar and so on create huge strategic economic zones with the development of the Chinese economy as its core. The economy has overbeared its throes and the economic development of China is really maturing. Mother China, there are opportunities for business everywhere! No one can waive such a big cake, no one can resist this temptation, this power has overbeared the boundaries of protectionism, has wiped off the dunst of the financial crisis and let the capital of the world focus its view straight on China. A bridge is being built between a rapid developing Chinese economy and relatively developed European and American economies, which accurately connects any kind of information about different aspects of investment like society, economy or culture and – against the background of the integration of global economy – improves transnational and supraregional cooperations. Who else of the attendees but us?

Associate Editor of this magazine:

Ruolan Xie





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