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Wave power

Global warming is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases. 72% of the totally emitted greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide emissions therefore are the most important cause of global warming. Carbon dioxide is cause from natural gasses, diesel, organic-diesel, petrol, organic-petrol, and ethanol. The emissions of CO2 have been dramatically increased within the last 50 years and are still increasing by almost 3% each year, see graph below:

People around the world use five tonnes of carbon per day are only what one person would use which is bad. In a family of four people they would be using twenty tonnes per day, in a week four people would be using 160 tonnes of carbon, and in a year four people would be using 7,300 tonnes!! For all of Australia’s families of carbon together we are make 41,370,331,875 tonnes per year. Each year carbon increases. Here is one of the cleanest power energies that still cause carbon but not that much:

In our future it is very important that we change to a better energy resource. Anyway the ocean actually covers 70 % of the earth’s surface! So it is important that we use energy that everyone can use. Waves can help fight our climate change and reduce carbon dioxide a lot in just 365 days. Waves are caused by the wind blowing over the surface of the ocean to create the waves. In a lot of areas of the world, wind blows with enough energy force to provide energy for wave turbines. Wave turbines are small objects that are put in the water to capture energy. Wave energy is captured from the power of waves into the turbine and out to create electricity. Wave power is one of the cleanest energy forms that the world uses. Wave power can be captured in many ways, when the wave goes down, air flows through the turbines and back into the chamber through doors that are normally closed. This is only one type of wave energy system. Others actually use the up and down motion of the wave to power a piston that moves up and down inside a cylinder. That piston can also turn a generator. Most wave energy systems are very small. But, they can be used to power a warning buoy or a small light house. Also turbines can be used as devices pitching back and forward or up and down over the waves or fixed onshore installations using the waves to drive air through a turbine. The longer and stronger the wind blows over the surface of the sea, the higher, longer, faster and more powerful the sea is. Wave energy is clean and renewable! Renewable means when it lasts for ever and will never fall apart, it is one of the last renewable energy forms which mankind has yet to harness. If wave power was been tested to work in shallow waters, the waves lose their

due to friction with the sea floor, so turbines are best placed where the shore is very deep. If you are trying to find the best place to find energy, the best place would be the west of Scotland and Cornwall. Although wave energy is a form of concentrated wind energy, as it has often travelled over large distances it is regularly out of phase with the local wind conditions. The dis advantages of using wave power to produce electricity are that it is very dear and it is hard to transport from sea to land. Power lines can also carry electromagnetic waves. The power lines carry alternating electrical current and voltage. This produces an electrical and magnetic field around the wire. Some of the energy then escapes in form of electromagnetic radiation. The wires do not carry the radiation. They radiate it because of the electrical power flowing in them .This would be a tremendous breakthrough in the world of alternatives energy. If everyone starts using wave energy, the potential market for wave energy is worth about $1 trillion world-wide, according to the world energy council. Per home the price would estimate it to be just $400. In the United States alone, wave technology could supply 6 Per cent of the nation’s energy. If we do implant more turbines it has to offer more jobs for people. I think that we should start making wave turbines increase and make them bigger because Ocean energy is very attractive source of energy in many ways, simply because of the vastness of the planet’s oceans. Our oceans hold one of the keys to a more sustainable world and clean environment and it is very possible that one day we will be able to access and capture a lot of the energy the oceans have to offer.

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