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3. The Old Contemptibles 1. Snow Hill Piazza

2. Victoria Square



4. St Philips Square


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8. The Shuffling Hungarians MUSIC STYLE: New Orleans Brass Named after New Orleans pianist Professor Longhair’s first band, the Shuffling Hungarians, draw on all the musics of the Crescent City, including that of the Indians. WHERE: Tuesday 20th July: 8-10am, St Philips Square. Thursday 22nd July: 8-10am, Snow Hill Piazza

9. Tipitina MUSIC STYLE: Jazz, Blues and Gospel This is the fifth Birmingham festival for Tipitina, singer Debbie Jones and pianist Justin Randall, who are now preparing to record their second album. Debbie’s background is in gospel music, while Justin’s devotion to the New Orleans professors in no way inhibits his comprehensive mastery of piano styles. WHERE: Thursday 22nd July: 5-7pm, Victoria Square


6. Backyard Music Boys MUSIC STYLE: New Orleans The band’s wide repertoire includes popular songs of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, classic jazz compositions by the likes of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton and New Orleans blues, stomps and marches. Band member Matt Palmer also leads an acoustic quartet under the name Backyard Music Boys. WHERE: Friday 23rd July: 8-10am, Snow Hill Piazza

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7. The Dixie Ticklers MUSIC STYLE: New Orleans, Dixieland and Trad Jazz The Dixie Ticklers, led by Dom James, hail from London and are a potent combination of the brightest young talent and the oldest charts in the book. Playing the music of Kid Ory, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton, they add a youthful gloss to great New Orleans favourites, entertaining with skill and charm. WHERE: Wednesday 21st July: 12-2pm, Victoria Square. Friday 23rd July: 12-2pm, Snow Hill Piazza

10. Valery Kiselyov MUSIC STYLE: Classic Jazz A famous clarinet and saxophone player from Moscow, Valery Kiselyov is one of the most interesting and energetic representatives of the jazz tradition in Russian music. WHERE: Friday 23rd July: 5-7pm, The Old Contemptibles



Backyard Music Boys The Shuffling Hungarians


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