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BD is delighted to welcome Alex Burrows, head of strategy, Centro and Chris McKeogh, chief superintendant, West Midlands Police as new directors on the CBD Board. In this edition of CBD Digest we catch up with Alex Burrows. What does your role entail? I am the head of strategy at Centro, the West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority. I am responsible for developing the future transport strategy for the Metropolitan Area as well as engaging with all of our stakeholders, our customers and communities, national and local politicians and civil servants.

Why did you get involved in Colmore Business District? Transport plays a vital role in connecting people to jobs, skills, families, recreation, shopping, in fact all aspects of daily life. Colmore Business District is at the centre of Birmingham’s transport network and I wanted to get involved with CBD to engage the business community with the transport agenda. I want to see our plans for the future become reality with the support of all of our stakeholders as well as play a key part in the ongoing development of the City Centre.

Alex Burrows

What do you like about Colmore Business District? The architecture, the atmosphere, the bars and restaurants, CBD has so much potential to push Birmingham forward as a great European city. What would be the one thing in Colmore Business District you would change? I would like to open up links across Snow Hill station to the CBD as well as better linkages to the Jewellery Quarter. I would also encourage more pedestrian traffic (and less motor traffic) around the streets of the CBD to encourage an on-street cafe, bar and entertainment culture.



eople working and visiting the heart of Birmingham’s business district are enjoying a more attractive environment thanks to Colmore Business District (CBD) and Birmingham City Council. In spring, maintenance and repair work was carried out to the subway that runs from Livery Street under Great Charles Street linking CBD to the Jewellery Quarter. CBD board director and Livery Place building manager Sarah Skurr said that the work was key to the continued development and growth of the District: “The subway was one of the main areas for improvement identified by the Board as part of the CBD’s Cleaner, Greener and Attractive objective. “As a main access point that connects the city’s business district to the Jewellery Quarter, an area that is home to many people who work within CBD, the subway has been in need of improvement for sometime and we hope that the enhancements will benefit everyone who uses the subway.” Funded and delivered through a working partnership between CBD and Birmingham

City Council the subway has undergone key maintenance work and street cleaning specialists Ramora have cleansed the paving, walls and ceilings. The final part of the regeneration process included a complete repaint throughout to freshen up the subway’s overall appearance. Sarah continues: “In order to ensure that the improvements are upheld, the CBD Street Wardens visit the subway daily to check and report any defects to the relevant council departments. The CBD Caretaker also visits daily to carry out any on the spot cleaning that is needed. These visits from the CBD team allow us to keep this vital gateway into the business district as clean and attractive as possible.” Tony Beresford from Birmingham City Council (BCC) commented: “This project is an illustration of a successful working partnership with the private sector to deliver tangible on the ground improvements to Birmingham’s business district and we are looking forward to working on future joint projects with the CBD team.” The modifications to the subway were completed at the same time as the widening of the pavements for the 101 bus on the

L-R: Tony Beresford (BCC), Mike Best (CBD) and Dave Forsyth (BCC)

junction of Colmore Row and Livery Street making the area safer for pedestrians. “The achievements are part of the 2010 development plan for the business district that we announced earlier this year in the CBD interim report to help create a Cleaner, Greener and Attractive working environment for everyone within the District.” said Sarah. CBD and Birmingham City Council are also currently working with the Jewellery Quarter on proposals to enhance the pedestrian footbridge from Church Street to Ludgate Hill.



The second issue of CBD Digest came out in summer 2010. The issue featured on some of the key events happening within the District over the...


The second issue of CBD Digest came out in summer 2010. The issue featured on some of the key events happening within the District over the...