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a better business environment Newsletter 3 - November 2008

Colmore Business District BID Area

The shape of things to come

Area also included within Retail Birmingham BID* * In order to reflect the optimum extent of the professional and financial services area, there is a small area of overlap with the Retail Birmingham BID boundary. As retail users in this area are already contributing to the Retail Birmingham BID, they will not be required to vote or pay into the Colmore Business District BID. Other business uses will be entitled to vote and, should the BID be approved, they will become liable for the Colmore Business District BID levy.”

Welcome to our third newsletter. We would like to thank many of you for helping to shape the Colmore Business District BID Proposal by attending one of our briefing events, meeting with one of the BID’s Development Team or by mailing your comments. Our most recent event - breakfast at the Metro Bar and Grill on Cornwall Street - was well supported by over 60 businesses.

Networked and community engaged – by promoting: • Local trading, information and networking website • New seasonal and themed street events • Corporate Social Responsibility activities Business led and managed – by establishing: • Accountable ‘not for profit’ partnership company • Board with private sector Chair and majority membership • Professional and locally based BID Manager • ‘One stop’ access to the BID team (Manager and Wardens) for information and assistance regarding local issues

CBD will pursue a clear 5 year vision for the future:

To improve, promote and sustain the Colmore Business District as the commercial centre at Birmingham’s heart for the benefit of all professional, financial and business service companies, public agencies and local service businesses, their staff, customers and visitors.

CBD will pledge to: •P  romote a clear identity and profile for the District and the businesses within it.


•D  eliver a high quality and user friendly ‘streetscape’ throughout the District.

£1million streetscape package confirmed.

•A  chieve enhanced environmental cleaning and maintenance standards. • Provide a safe and welcoming business environment.

CBD key dates December 3 BID Launch Reception

•O  perate as an effective business led ‘voice’ with the resources to make things happen.

January 9 Notification of Ballot sent to business voters

•E  ngage with and support businesses in resolving day to day and more strategic issues

January 19

•D  eliver visible improvements and get things done – it will not be a talking shop. •D  eliver projects and services that are additional to those provided by Birmingham City Council and others.

Accessible and connected - by providing: • Additional street signage and IT based guidance • New information and way finding literature • Street Warden ‘meeting and greeting’ service

Safe and welcoming – by providing: • Street Warden ‘eyes and ears’ service • Significant incident communications and support

Your involvement to date has generated tremendous enthusiasm for the BID as a business led, business focused and business funded means of creating a better business environment for the Colmore Business District (CBD). So, what could be ‘the shape of things to come’ with your support in the ballot next January?

•P  romote local business networking and community engagement.

Cleaner, greener and attractive - by providing: • Environmental improvements • Additional ‘attention to detail’ cleaning and caretaking service

Branded and promoted – by developing: • District branding • Promotional activities • Resources to assist with the attraction and retention of investment and staff

We are planning to finalise the BID Proposal and circulate it in early December and we very much look forward to seeing you at the ‘BID Launch Reception’. (See panel for details)

• Improve the District’s accessibility and wider city centre connections.

CBD will deliver a District which is:

Ballot papers dispatched

February 27 Ballot closes March 2

Declaration of Ballot result

April 1 Assuming a successful Ballot, the BID formally commences for five years

As part of the BIG CITY PLAN, Birmingham City Council is backing local businesses and the BID by confirming an investment in streetscape and environmental improvements of at least £1million. As a key link between the city centre and the Jewellery Quarter, the Church Street area has been prioritised for a major facelift to be completed in 2011 ie during the first two years of the BID. The BID will work with the City Council on the design and implementation of the scheme, ensuring that all businesses in the area are fully consulted and kept informed of progress. This is great news for the District and the improvements will demonstrate that high quality streetscape can make a real difference to businesses, their staff and visitors. With your support, the BID will build on this tremendous start by promoting and supporting appropriate improvements in other parts of the District.

Performance and business driven – by ensuring that: • Existing local services are baselined, monitored and reviewed • BID projects and services are additional • Collective funding from some 500 business via a 1% BID levy is fair and transparent: • Most businesses, some 60%, will be asked to contribute less than £500 a year – the equivalent of 4 coffees a week! • 20% will be asked to contribute more than £1,000 and, for a few very large businesses, a ‘cap’ of £25,000 is proposed. For CBD to become a reality, it needs your support: • CBD will benefit some 500 businesses and the District as a whole by investing at least £2.8million over the next 5 years in projects and services that you have identified. • It is confidently expected that the BID, using its influence and support, will lever in further investment from public and private sectors.

In January, your business will have a unique opportunity to vote for improvements in your make a real difference…to make it happen!



Colmore Business District is expanding Birmingham’s continued success lies in keeping pace with demand for high quality office development. It is therefore fitting to note that the proposed BID currently includes five significant development schemes totaling some additional 2 million square feet of office accommodation. Colmore Plaza, Two Colmore Square, Post and Mail, Snow Hill Plaza and Snowhill are from first class developers who are confident about the District. They are pleased to lend their full support to the Colmore Business District BID, aiming as it does to enhance the quality of the area as an international business environment through additional expenditure on a range of initiatives, including identity, streetscape, signage, safety and cleaning.

Tailored with Style Congratulations to Clements and Church, recently named as Birmingham’s Most Stylish Independent Retailer 2008. At a star studded event in Birmingham’s prestigious Town Hall, the award was presented by Mary Portas, presenter of BBC’s ‘Mary, Queen of Shops’ and retail guru! Based in Church Street in the heart of the District for five years, Clements and Church offer the ultimate tailoring experience to local businesses and discerning customers across the region. Quality is their watchword and the Colmore Business District shares this objective, aiming to deliver the ‘best dressed’ business environment!

BID wins City Council backing Our proposal to establish the Colmore Business District BID is another step closer after gaining overwhelming support at the City Council’s Cabinet on 27th October. As well as backing the BID, Cabinet also agreed to allocate funding to cover the set up costs for the BID levy collection, and an annual allocation to cover collection costs and the net cost of the levies on City Council properties in our proposed BID area – total estimated at being in excess of £200,000 over the five year life of the BID. In addition, the City Council will continue to provide existing services and support in the area such as waste management, highway services and floral enhancements and these will be baselined and valued at the commencement of the BID.

District goes Christmassy! Discussions with the City Council have led to some of Birmingham’s brand new Christmas lights being installed in the Colmore Business District this year - further demonstrating the power of partnership working, and this is just for starters! The Council is spending almost £600,000 on new, more energy efficient lights across the city centre and features that can now be seen along Colmore Row, Bennetts Hill, Church Street and Temple Row, include angels, stars, trees and scenes of the nativity. Previously the only Christmas lights in our area were in Colmore Row.

Where can I find out more? For more information on the BID or for more copies of this leaflet please contact one of the following members of our BIDs Working Group:

Gary Cardin

Drivers Jonas – BID Champion 0121 236 8777

Richard Brennan

Birmingham Forward – CEO 0121 632 2206

Nigel Peardon

Bidology – BID Consultant 07804 272895

Julie Moss

City Centre Partnership – Working Partner 0121 616 2494



Newsletter three presented the vision for BID along with the CBD pledges and key dates.

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