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Tahna Lindquist 3461 Ed’s Way Kodiak, AK 99615 USA (907)942-5222

Official Newsletter of Key Club Division AYS

Volume 1 Issue 1

AK all Day! The Tahna Times

In this issue!

Riding the rollercoaster together

Intro .............................. 1 DCON .......................... 2 New Lit. Governor ...... 3



As we say goodbye to our wonderful old Lieutenant Governor Sara Thomas I’d like to say hello! I am extremely excited to server as the new Lt. Governor of Division AYS. Although I have not met many of you yet, I’m eager to get to know you all and help with any questions you may have. One of my main goals is to maintain communication throughout our division, so feel free to contact me at any time!

Time Line .................... 4

My life has been a rollercoaster the last few months but that’s okay because I like rollercoasters, they’re fun and exciting. A few months ago in February I attended Winter Board, where all the Lit. Governors from PNW and I received endless amounts of training. I plan to take everything I have learned to serve our division to the best of my ability. The rollercoaster continued as I traveled back to Seattle a month latter for DCON. WOW! I had the opportunity to experience Key Club on a whole new level and am excited to share my experience with all of you!

Executive Board ......... 5 Project Educate ......... 6

I am sure many of the new officers have also gone through training as well. But first off I’d like to congratulate you all. Whether a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor, or even the Advisors I am anticipating a sensational year with all of you. I know that we all have busy lives and Key Club sometimes seems like a full time job; however I hope we can all work together to make it a fun and easy process.

DCON Having fun in spirit gear

Lt. Governor’s ready to serve our divisions

Outtie and Innie Lt. Governor

Brook and Tahna new Lt. Governors Kodiak Key Club at DCON

Welcoming Committee

AYS Key Clubber’s

During the ever so exciting weekend of March 22-24 Key Club had its annual Pacific Northwest DCON in Seattle WA. The convention was held at the Double Tree Hotel where over 6,000 spirited Key Clubber’s stayed. You couldn’t walk around a single corner without seeing a teenager eager to cheer for their division. To the left you can find pictures that only capture a little bit of all the fun at DCON. During the three days, many things were accomplished. • Voting for the new executive board • Approved two international trusties to run at ICON • Inducted Lt. Governors • Blood Drive • Bi-laws were voted on by delegates • Several different forums were available to attend To add to that list we also had a lot of fun. There were several different workshops you could attend. At the end of the convention there was a dance and many games. For being in Alaska we represented out division well. There were a total of 5 Key Clubber’s from AYS not including Sara and me. Reviews: Matthew Kernan, VP of Kodiak High said, “DCON was an awesome experience. I had a great time meeting new people who were even more enthusiastic about Key Club.”

Formal dinners with Lt. Governors

Denise De Lota Treasurer of Kodiak said, “DCON helped expand and enhance my perspective towards Key Club and other service organizations.”

DCON dance was a blast

Saying goodbye to the out going Lt. Governors

Jane Kim, President of Dimond High, said, “DCON was really great. It was a great way to see Key Club at that level and everyone there was crazy.”

KEY CLUB Division AYS newsletter


Your New Lt. Governor Sleep, School, Clubs, Sports, eat, and repeat. What do I like to do on my free time that I rarely have? Well that’s and easy question to answer, I’m a social butterfly. Whether it be a relaxing movie night or an adventurous walk on the beach I love being around my friends and family.

You’re probably wondering by now who exactly is your new Lt. Governor, well I am Tahna Lindquist. To let you know a little bit about myself, I am a sophomore at Kodiak High School. Even though this may sound a little cheesy I’d like everyone to know that I really do enjoy volunteering. I enjoy meeting new people, helping others, and having fun all at the same time.


Along with being actively involved in Key Club, I also swim year round and am on the High School swim team every fall. While I’m not at the pool you’ll also find me in two other clubs. I have been recently inducted into National Honors Society and can’t wait to see all the doors it opens for me. Friends of Rachel Club, is another club I’m very passionate about. Our motto is to spread compassion. I have had a few ideas for Key Club and Friends of Rachel to work together on a service project in our community.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much about my life. I wouldn’t mind hearing a little about yourself too, so then I can add some a life behind your name. But here is the thing, I have the desire to get to know everyone personally in hopes this will allow us to stay connected. When we are all connected, one by one we add up and can help change the world. My apology for sounding cheesy again but it’s honestly true. We all joined Key Club for the same basic reason, we care and it’s our way of life. So why not team up and work as one.

MY GOALS 1. Great communication within our division 2. Get to know more people in our division 3. Update division T-shirts 4. Distinguish division mascot 5. Alaska Rally 6. Create a division project 7. Or create better awareness of the district and international projects 8. Become closer with Kiwanis 9. Represent our division well ! Y KE



What’s Next Key Clubber’s? TIME LINE Spring Board • • • •

April 26-28 At Camp Wa-ri-Ki In Washougal, WA For PNW Lt. Governors and Executive Board

Eliminate Week • •

Happy Birthday • •

May 7th Key Club Turns 88

May 6-10 The Eliminate Project is our International project as we team up with Key Club International and UNICEF Save women and their future babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus Fundraise and raise awareness to eliminate tetanus Go to www.TheEliminatePr for more information

ICON • •

• •

July 3-7, 2013 The 70th Annual Key Club International Convention Will take place in Washington, DC Feel free to contact me about any questions Advertise to your clubs

“Become heroes for the cause”


Executive Board These young Key Clubber’s worked hard during DCON to become elected into their new positions on the Executive Board of the Pacific Northwest. I am confident that these four will work their hardest in representing our district well.

PNW Governor Trang Tran

PNW Editor Sara Thomas Sara is from Kodiak, AK

Trang is from Tacoma, Washington She is a junior at Lincoln High School

She is a junior at Kodiak High School We have not lost Sara forever, she is back! Our division is proud to have Sara as the new District Editor! GO Sara!

PNW Secretary Hakikat Bains

PNW Treasure Eric Grewal

Hakikat is from Omak, Washington She is a junior at Omak High School

Eric is from Snohomish, Washington He is a junior at Monroe High School


Project Educate: MERCHANDISE

Vision: We are caring and I am sure you have all heard about Project Educate. Well if not then it’s never too late to learn about it now. Project Educate was a project created by our own Pacific Northwest District Governor, Giovanni McKenzie. This project is very personal to our former governor as he grew up in Jamaica, which also is a Key Club International district. Our district plan’s to raise money to help the schools and better the education in Jamaica. We have not reached our monetary goal of $30,000 and we can still try to reach that goal by finishing the year strong. So you’re probably wondering, what can you do to help? Well is simple, do what ever you desire! You can create your own fundraiser or simply help sell our merchandise.

MERCHANDISE Do you and your friends have a Project Educate Tshirt? If not, be the trendsetter and buy the Project Educate T-Shirts for only $10.

competent servant leaders transforming How about flashing your wrists off to everyone you know by wearing a sporty Project Educate wristband that you purchased for only a dollar. Not only are you going to be the fly-est kid in your school but, you’ll also be helping kids all the way in Jamaica. How do I get all this cool merchandise? Message me if your club would like to place an order.

communities worldwide.



Division AYS 1st Newsletter  

Lt.G. Tahna Lindquist

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