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The Student Saviour:

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December 2013

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December 2013 Issue 01

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cheap and easy ways to get fit! It’s the end of the semester you’ve spent all your money on food but still need to keep that butt in shape? Never fear, sculpt is here!


taying fit doesn’t have to be expensive and draining, there are fitness activities that are cost-efficient and work your body out too. Circuit training, different forms of dance and even working out in your own home are cheap and effective ways of getting fit and healthy. Circuit training isn’t just used in the military as a form of torture but also to keep fit, as it helps to improve stamina and strength by working your abs, arms and core. This type of training doesn’t have to be hardcore instead you can easily do five star jumps, four push-ups, three squats and two piggy back rides across your flat in a matter of minutes! Training has been said to be great as it is simple and keeps you active, without the effort of signing up to a gym contract. Keep up the training for three or four times a week and you will see the difference in your form and figure. Who knows, you might end up being the next pin up!


Work it baby!


fter freshers week, with essays suddenly sprouting over your desk and your bank account fading away faster than life, the last thing you would think of is to sign up for a annual gym membership, which undoubtedly won’t come shorter than a few hundred pounds. Home gyms nowadays are looked down upon, but the most simplest and effective forms of exercise can be done in the ease of your own home - just move those essays out of the way! We have come up with a few easy tricks that won’t show off all your microwave meals nor make you into Mr. T. Unless you’re residing in a bungalow, stairs can be found nearly everywhere. Running up and down a couple of steps for half an hour won’t just tone your muscle but increases your heart rate. This easy yet impressive skill can be used as a warm up before your normal / work out routine of the day. Obvious ingredients in your fridge (depending on how much you have spent on alcohol) for instance milk can transform into gym equipment such as weights. Why not do press up with your heavy


twerking is always an option...

textbooks holding you down (they can’t hold you down baby) and increase how many you can do every day while your pennies stay in your wallet. Furniture doesn’t have to be one dimensional in being objects to sit upon. Pretending your five years old and jumping from each sofa or bed and imagining the floor is lava can be great cardio. Even playing tag around your flat for fifteen minutes will burn calories seeming effortless. Or grab hold of your inner 90’s child and make use of the great dance moves taught to us by MC Hammer, TLC, Usher and Destiny’s Child! You could be your own successful r’n’b group (matching outfits are optional) and make up your steps. You don’t even need dance mats, just friends - unfortunately, we can’t help with that one. And if all else fails and your hips don’t lie, twerking is always an option...


shady act may mirror a clever way to become fit very fast. Pole dancing which was deemed as a health and fitness fad is now a success story as it is taking over cardio classes in the UK. It is alternate classes like these such as Zumba, Spin and using paint in yoga that have become popular in recent years because attendees state “it doesn’t feel like exercise.” Yet pole dancing burns 250 calories an hour and tones your isotonic muscles due to being under high pressure. Then surely there is a hefty price tag to this intense yet fun workout? Thankfully due to your actual hefty student debt in the future, a set of nine classes for an hour each can be found for as cheap as £30. A win win situation that swings both ways! by Tahmina Begum and Roseanne Angani