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PRISM Enterprise Capital Planning

PRISM – Enterprise Capital Planning suite o ers a comprehensive set of enterprise solution that helps companies implement complete recruitment-toretire processes geared to support their business. PRISM is specially designed to ful ll the requirements of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that seek business speci c solutions at a ordable pricing. O ering superior functionality and reporting, the solution can be comfortably integrated with international ERP’s like SAP, Oracle, Dynamics and any local nancial system.

MODULES Purchase Management The supply chain showcases the perfect streamlining of PRISM ERP across several domains. The purchaser will nd powerful tools at his ngertips to e ciently achieve his tasks. The buyer is also supported in her operational decision making tasks. As a result, the purchasing department can automate: Multi-Company Inter Company Transaction Dynamic Approvals Supplier orders Supplier quality Goods reception slips Supplier goods returns Pre-entered supplier invoices Supplier invoice entry Accounting entry for both GL and cost accounting Purchase order Management Search / Filter Supplier Management Shipping Management

Reorder Management Every step in the purchasing chain is captured in the system. Analysis can be done with the standard tools, or with bespoke modi cations using lists, reporting, statistics, or control panels to look at things like open orders, supplier quality evaluations, returns, price reliability, due dates, and much more.

Inventory Management Our inventory management tools are perfectly integrated into the supply chain to give you a real-time view into your stock levels and the tools you need to keep your customers happy. Our stock management features allow you to handle customers, pricing policies, due date simulations, replenishment rules, quotations, supplier orders, and quality management. PRISM ERP also provides indicators (e.g., ABC analysis, stock renewal frequency). Regardless of how and when you count your physical inventory (periodically, continuously, globally, spot-checking or cyclical checking), PRISM ERP has you covered with its easy-to-use data entry tools that allow numerous automatic stock evaluations. Multiple Company Facility Multiple warehouse Management Warehouse Transfer Management Re-Order Levels Bu er Stock Option Barcoding / RFID Item Group Creation Search / Filter Cost Tracking Inventory Forecasting Inventory Optimization Inventory Overview Integrated with GL and Other Module

General Ledger

Bring your nancial information together in PRISM General Ledger (GL) module. Fully integrated with the rest of the PRISM ERP, GL gives instant access to mission-critical nancial data with comprehensive and exible reporting and analysis. General Ledger maintains the charts of accounts, controls

nancial periods, ledgers, allocations, and more. GL is

integrated with other modules, giving instant access to timely and accurate nancial data.

Key Bene ts of General Ledger Software for your Company Flexible GL Account and Sub-Account Structure De ne the structure of your General Ledger accounts and sub-accounts. Organize your reporting and analysis con guration by de ning segments, segment lengths, and segment values. Reporting from multiple dimensions Di erent views of the data, or dimensions, are created by using subaccounts. With subaccounts, nearly unlimited reporting dimensions are available to slice nancial reports by product, department, or any user de ned segment. Consolidated and summarized data can be displayed in the monthly, yearly, and quarterly views. Account and Sub-Account Security Control roles and access permissions by account and sub-accounts to protect sensitive data and improve accuracy. Limit “on-the- y� sub-account entry to speci c sub-accounts based on pre-de ned combinations of segment values. GL Consolidation Combine data from multiple entities for consolidated reporting and analysis, di erent currencies or di erent account structures notwithstanding. Adjustments for minority interests, inter-company transfers, and other transactions are preserved to avoid duplication.

Important Features of General Ledger ERP Software Advanced Financial Reporting Flexible Con guration of Financial Period Multiple Currencies Support GL Accounts Budgeting and Budget Approval On-The-Fly Sub-Account Entry Automatic Allocation of GL Balances Drill Down to Original Documents Reversing and Auto-Reversing Entries Recurring Transactions Audit Trail

Sales Management Use our integrated, reliable sales system to improve your customer service. Our sales module gives you real-time access to all the information you require and puts your sales information to work. You can monitor and track sales visits, customer inquiries, quotes, marketing campaigns, competitive analysis, rep productivity, and much more. Your sales sta can also access the same data in order to manage their day-to-day work and turn quotes to invoices.

Whether you manage large or small quantities of documents, or whether you take you orders traditionally, over the Internet, or by a call center, or even whether you de ne your sales plan by volume or over a speci c period, PRISM ERP has the exibility to handle your operations. Multi Company Facility Inter-Company Accounts Direct Sales Sales Counters Search / Filter Built-in Sales Quotes and Estimates Feature Packed Sales Order Recurring Sales Invoices Simple Prepayment Capability Automated Cash Receipts Features 1 Step Cash Sales (include Stripe) Sophisticated Price Matrix for complex pricing Integrated Shipments Advanced Customer Statements (E-mail) Statements Integration With Zohoo and Other Know CRM Integrated with GL and other Module

Fixed Asset Module Calculate the most pro table/valuable depreciation a company has in order to maximizing monetary bene ts from tax deductions. Operations applied on xed assets during their functioning are pursued in detail, as well as their location and persons responsible for them. From a

nancial and accounting point of view, this module implements a

con gurable number of standards for nancial damping; it automatically generates accounting notes and distributes costs to centers according to preset criteria. Multi Company Facility Complete hierarchy of organization Structure Depreciation Management Asset Revaluation Asset Transfer Asset Life Cycle Disposal Management Asset Document Management Asset Tracking Asset OwnerShip (Division/Department Headwise) Barcode/ RFID Scanning Barcode / RFID Printing Asset Tax Management GL Voucher Creation Depreciation Expense Report Regulatory Compliance Period Close Summary Asset Summary

NBV Reports Asset basis Reports Disposal Reports Disposal Worksheet Asset Transfer Reports Export in Excel & PDF Customized Reporting

PF-GL PRISM PF-GL will support induction of employee and it is capable to record data of employee information. Transfer/ promotion for any employee intra department or outside department. PF-GL will support record of resignation and nal dues related to provident fund. Final Figures of Provident fund is also provided by GL-PF including detail of its provident fund history. Group Setup. Pro t Group Setup. PF applicable Head Setups. PF opening balance. Monthly Deduction & Contribution. Pro t Distribution. Group Setup. Pro t Group Setup. PF applicable Head Setups. PF opening balance. Monthly Deduction & Contribution. Pro t Distribution. PF-GL will integrate all employees from Provident fund to GL – Module. PF-GL will manage employee wise chart of account of all PF deduction and contribution. Cost Centre wise voucher is available in PF-GL Charter of account of pro t of PF is also cater through PF- GL module. User can easily integrate PF-JV from PF-GL module to existing GL.


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