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Army Recruit Training Centre Kapooka – Colonel Stephen Jobson









On behalf of all the staff and trainees of the Army Recruit Training Centre, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the ‘Home of the Soldier’. Kapooka has a proud history of training recruits for the Australian Army, dating back to 1951 and our Barracks is named after one of Australia’s most senior and distinguished generals, Field Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey. The soldiers we produce here are recognised as being amongst the best in the world and every recruit marching out of training from Kapooka should be justifiably proud of their achievement.

Recruit training is understandably quite intense and I would like to thank the families for the support that you have provided to those undergoing the transition from ‘civilian to soldier’; it is a demanding environment and recruits at Kapooka require the support of those at home. But for those who make it through the program, I am sure you will see a noticeable and positive change come their March Out day, whether that be as part of the 35 day Reserve Recruit Training Course or the 80 day Army Recruit Course. I will look forward to seeing you down at the parade ground or during the March Out function and getting your feedback!

This March Out Guide has been designed to assist you in maximising your time at March Out. I am sure you will enjoy the experience of visiting Kapooka and the surrounding area; Wagga Wagga and the Riverina has much to offer and I invite you to enjoy this fantastic part of the world. Should you have any further questions regarding Recruit training, the March Out Parade or your travel to Kapooka, I invite you to contact the Army Recruit Training Centre or visit our website at

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148 Tarcutta Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 P: 02 6933 6100 F: 02 6931 0967 W: E: WINNER HMAA AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE - 4 STAR PROPERTY



Getting to Kapooka Families and friends of recruits are invited to attend the March Out Parade at the Army Recruit Training Centre, Kapooka. March Out parades are held to acknowledge the completion of the Army Recruit Course (ARC) and the Reserve Recruit Training Course (RRTC). The March Out day gives family and friends the opportunity to join in celebrating the graduating soldiers’ achievements. A detailed sequence of events for the ARC and RRTC are detailed in Table 1 and Table 2 on page 5.

The Army Recruit Training Centre is located at Blamey Barracks, Kapooka approximately 10 km from the main street of Wagga Wagga off the Olympic HWY, heading towards the NSW – VIC border. Once you have turned onto the Olympic HWY, there are signposts directing you to the front gate. From Wagga Wagga Airport to the front gate it is approximately 20 km. There is a Shuttle Bus Service available to take you from the Airport, to your accommodation, to Kapooka and back again after the parade. Bookings can be made on 0458 350 100. Taxi services are available and can be booked on 131 008. From the heart of Wagga Wagga it should take no longer than 15 minutes. From Wagga Wagga Airport it should take around 25 minutes, depending on traffic. If you intend to travel by taxi from Wagga Wagga Airport directly to Kapooka, we do not have a luggage minding service due to security requirements. It is recommended that if you choose this option you travel light with back packs, or make arrangements to drop off your luggage at your accommodation prior to arriving at Kapooka. If you are travelling by private vehicle, it is acceptable to leave your luggage in the vehicle in the designated car park for the March Out Parade.

Parking Sign posts directing visitors to the designated car park are located before the front gate. The visitors parking area is located adjacent to the Kapooka Picnic


Area. All visitors are advised to arrive at Blamey Barracks, Kapooka [location Map – refer Kapooka insert] at least one hour prior to the start of the parade.

Movement to the Parade Ground Civilian vehicles are not permitted to enter Blamey Barracks; all movement within the barracks, including to the parade ground, is by bus. The designated pick up and drop off area is located adjacent to the visitor’s car park and is clearly sign posted. It is requested that visitors who are currently serving in the ADF also park in the designated car park and utilise the buses provided. Buses begin transporting visitors from the car park one hour prior to the start of the parade. For the ARC March Out Parade visitors are given a tour of the barracks prior to arriving at the parade ground. Due to time constraints there are no tours prior to the RRTC March Out Parade. Prams and wheelchairs can be taken on the buses to the parade ground. During the tour photos are permitted; however for safety and security reasons, visitors are not to exit the bus unless directed to do so by the tour guide or bus driver. Visitors who arrive later than the designated departure time will not be given the full tour of the barracks.

March Out parade The ARC March Out Parade commences at 10:00 am and the RRTC March Out Parade commences at 3:30 pm. Visitors will be dropped off at the parade ground and should be seated in the two large sheltered seating areas no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the parade. Escorts and guides will be located around the parade ground to assist visitors. Seating is generally not reserved; however

it is preferred that members avoid sitting in the centre seating areas as this area is set aside for staff and official guests. The parade will generally take 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of platoons marching out.

March Out parade function After the parade, a buffet meal is held in the Edmondson VC Club, on Blamey Barracks, approximately 1 km from the parade ground. All staff, soldiers and their visitors are invited to the function, which includes speeches, the cutting of the March Out cake and a buffet meal. Visitors are picked up from the parade ground and transported to the Edmondson VC Club by the buses where they will be reunited with the soldiers. Generally, buses will arrive within ten minutes of the end of the parade to begin transporting visitors to the Edmondson VC Club. The buffet meal will commence approximately one hour after the parade, after the formalities have concluded. Details regarding these timings will be confirmed at the end of the parade.

After the RRTC March Out function Reserve soldiers are not permitted to go on local leave at the conclusion of the March Out Function. Instead, soldiers are able to spend time with their families at the Edmondson VC Club until 8 pm. This is to enable the soldiers’ time to prepare for their departure the following morning. All visitors will be transported from the Edmondson VC Club to the visitor’s car park at 8 pm. Due to security requirements the visitors car park gates will be locked at 8:30 pm. All visitors must ensure they have vacated the car park by this time.


After the ARC March Out Function

Special needs

All Regular Army soldiers will return to their lines to change into neat civilian attire prior to going on local leave with their families. All visitors will be transported from the Edmondson VC Club to the visitor’s car park between 1:00 and 1:30 pm. Soldiers will be transported from their lines to the visitor’s car park between 2:00 and 2:15 pm to commence local leave. There is also the possibility for soldiers to be transported from Kapooka to the Wagga Wagga Train Station to meet their family; however the platoon staff must be notified of this requirement before the day. All soldiers are to be at the Wagga Wagga Train Station at 9:00 pm to be transported back to Kapooka. Lateness will not be tolerated and administrative or disciplinary action may be taken against the soldier. Soldiers will have the opportunity to apply for extended leave, until 6:00 am the following morning, in order to spend the evening with their family. However, this is generally only intended for married soldiers and approval will be given on a case by case basis. Soldiers must apply for extended leave prior to their March Out day as requests on the day will not be considered.

Visitors intending to come to the March Out Parade with special needs are requested to detail their specific requirements to the 1st Recruit Training Battalion in a reply to your formal invitation; refer to invitation for contact details.

All soldiers will have the opportunity to apply for leave on the Saturday, the day after the March Out Parade, which will present a further opportunity for families to spend quality time together prior to the soldier’s return to Blamey Barracks, Kapooka. Soldiers are required to return to Kapooka after local leave in order to complete preparations for travel to their respective Corps training schools. Soldiers will not be permitted to take leave on the Sunday after the March Out Parade as this time is needed to prepare for departing Kapooka on the Monday.

Whilst every effort is made to notify visitors as soon as possible, the Commonwealth is not responsible and accepts no liability for any loss suffered or expense incurred arising from such eventualities.

Army Reserve Movements Reserve recruits will not be permitted to amend their pre-arranged movement details once at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion. Recruits wishing to travel to their home locations with their family, on the day after the March Out parade, are required to coordinate and seek approval from their parent unit prior to arrival at Kapooka. Reserve members will not be permitted to depart Kapooka to return home before 8:30 am on the morning after the parade. Changes to pre-arranged movements will only occur for unforeseen compassionate and/or operational requirements.

Soldiers’ Chapel On the Sunday after the March Out, family and friends are invited to attend church services which are held at the Soldiers’ Chapel. Depending on pastoral staff availability various denominations are catered for. Church services begin at 9:00 am and all visitors wishing to attend are required to arrive at the Kapooka front gate by 8:30 am to be transported to the Soldiers’ Chapel. Visitors wishing to attend will need to make their recruit aware prior to the day so that sufficient transport can be arranged. On arrival at the front gate, visitors will be provided with a security brief by duty staff prior to being transported to the Soldiers’ Chapel.

Kapooka Historical Collection The Kapooka Historical Collection is situated opposite the Edmondson VC Club. Visitors are welcome to take the opportunity to visit the museum and discover Kapooka’s rich military history.

March Out Parade Cancellations and Postponements For a number of reasons, such as sustaining an injury, recruits may be delayed or may not complete recruit training. In these circumstances, they will be unable to March Out with their original Platoon. These eventualities can not be prevented and may occur at short notice. Visitors are strongly encouraged to purchase deferrable and/or refundable travel tickets and accommodation bookings; to take out travel insurance; or to make other suitable arrangements to protect against loss or expense arising from such eventualities.

Contact information for all March Out enquiries can be made by telephoning (02) 6933 8200 or online at





8:30 AM

Visitor’s car park opens

Visitors for the morning parade are advised to arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 am.

8:50 - 9:30 AM

Transport to parade ground

Buses leave from the car park between 8:50 and 9:30 am, a tour guide is provided for each bus, and visitors are given a tour of the barracks prior to arriving at the parade ground.

9:30 AM

Guests arrive at parade ground

Visitors will be dropped off at the parade ground and should move to the two large sheltered seating areas at the rear of the parade ground. Escorts and guides will be located around the parade ground to assist visitors.

9:45 AM

Guests seated for parade

Seating is generally not reserved; however it is preferred that members avoid sitting in the centre seating areas as this area is set aside for staff and official guests.

10:00 AM

Parade commences

The parade will generally take 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of platoons marching out.

10:50 AM

Parade ends

Details regarding the March Out Function timings will be confirmed at the end of the parade.

11:00 AM

Transport to March Out Function

Generally, buses will arrive at 11:00 am to begin transporting visitors to the Edmondson VC Club. Soldiers will meet their families at the function shortly after.

11:45 AM

Speeches and cutting of the March Out cake

12:00 PM

Buffet lunch

1:00 - 1:30 PM

Guests transported to visitor’s car park

Soldiers return to their lines to change into neat civilian attire. All guests are required to depart the Edmondson VC Club by 1:30 pm.

2:00 - 2:15 PM

Recruits tranported to visitor’s car park

Soldiers will be transported from their lines to the visitor’s car park at 2:00 pm to commence local leave. There is also the possibility for soldiers to be transported from Kapooka to the Wagga Wagga Train Station to meet their family.

9:00 PM

Meet at Wagga Wagga Train Station for transport back to barracks

All soldiers are to be at the Wagga Wagga Train Station at 9:00 pm to be transported back to Kapooka. Lateness will not be tolerated and administrative or disciplinary action may be taken against the soldier.




2:20 PM

Visitor’s car park opens

Visitors for the afternoon parade are advised to arrive between 2:20 and 2:40 pm.

2:30 - 2:40 PM

Transport to parade ground

Buses leave from the car park between 2:30 and 2:40 pm, a tour guide is provided for each bus, and visitors are given a tour of the barracks prior to arriving at the parade ground. 3:00 PM

3:00 PM

Guests arrive at parade ground

Visitors will be dropped off at the parade ground and should move to the two large sheltered seating areas at the rear of the parade ground. Escorts and guides will be located around the parade ground to assist visitors.

3:15 PM

Guests seated for parade

Seating is generally not reserved; however it is preferred that members avoid sitting in the centre seating areas as this area is set aside for staff and official guests.

3:30 PM

Parade commences

The parade will generally take 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of platoons marching out.

4:20 PM

Parade ends

Details regarding the March Out Function timings will be confirmed at the end of the parade.

4:30 PM

Transport to March Out Function

Generally, buses will arrive at 4:30 pm to begin transporting visitors to the Edmondson VC Club, recruits will meet their families at the function shortly after.

4:45 PM

March Out Function

( Afternoon Tea )

5:30 PM

Guest Transported to visitor’s car park

Soldiers will be transported from their lines to the visitor’s car park at 6:00 pm to commence local leave. There is also the possibility for soldiers to be transported from Kapooka to the Wagga Wagga Train Station to meet their family.

9:00 PM

Meet at Wagga Wagga Train Station for transport back to barracks

All soldiers are to be at the Wagga Wagga Train Station at 9:00 pm to be transported back to Kapooka. Lateness will not be tolerated and administrative or disciplinary action may be taken against the soldier.



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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ) Q1. Approximately how much will attending the March Out parade cost? A1. A1. The Army does not charge you to attend the March out parade. You will have to cover all your own travel and accommodation expenses unless your recognised spouse who requests partial reimbursement. Defence will then provide limited financial support for the current spouses who are registered on Defence records. Q2. Is there a limit on the number of guests each recruit can invite? A2. A2. There is no limit on the number of guests a recruit can invite to the March Out Parade and function. However, each recruit is only entitled to two guests to attend the March out function at no cost. Extra guests are welcome to attend the function and will cost $11 each (subject to contractual arrangements). Recruits are required to pay for extra guests prior to the day of the parade. Q3. What do I do if I find out I can no longer attend the parade? A3. If there is a change to the number of guests coming please notify your family member so they can inform their platoon staff. Numbers can be changed easily, and there is no requirement to call the General Inquiries number. Q4. Is there a dress standard to attend the parade? A4. Recommended dress for the parade is suit and tie or the female equivalent. A minimum of collared shirt, slacks and neat shoes is expected. Ex-Service members are permitted to wear their own medals on the left side. Serving members are expected to wear Order of Dress 1B (Winter) and 2C (Summer). Q5. Is there a bus service from Wagga Wagga to Kapooka? A5. There is a Shuttle Bus Service available to take you from the Airport, to your accommodation, to Kapooka and back again after the parade. Bookings can be made on 0458 350 100. Taxi services are available and can be contacted on 131 008. Hire cars are also available from the airport. Q6. Am I permitted to drive my vehicle around Blamey Barracks? A6. No. All vehicles must remain in the designated visitor’s car park. Buses are provided to transport visitors from the car park to the parade. During this time, visitors are also given a tour of Blamey Barracks prior to arriving at the parade ground. After the parade visitors will be transported by bus to the March Out function and at the conclusion of the function they will be transported back to the visitor’s car park. Visitors are not permitted to walk around the barracks unescorted or enter any buildings unless directed. Q7. I have elderly family attending who will find it difficult to walk short distances and board buses; do we have to use the bus to travel to the parade? A7. Where special needs are notified in advance, alternate arrangements can

be made. Q8. Can the soldiers remain out after 9 pm? A8. Soldiers can apply for leave in special circumstances; all applications will be considered on merit. Q9. Is it difficult to find accommodation in or around Wagga Wagga? A9. Not normally; however, there will be times when accommodation may be difficult to source due primarily to the conduct of regional events. It is recommended that you make bookings as soon as the recruits March Out date is confirmed. Q10. Will soldiers be granted leave at corps training schools? A10. Leave at Corps schools is subject to approval by respective commanding officers; leave is not guaranteed. Q11. Can the soldiers travel with family to their corps school? A11. No, ARA soldiers are required to travel to Corps schools by service means on the Monday following the March Out. Q12 What if I can not make it, or my family can not make it ? A12 You can visit for a live streaming of the parade.


Commanding Officer

1ST RECRUIT TRAINING BATTALION Mission: To develop and deliver quality recruit training in order to generate Australian Soldiers.

Our regular soldiers undergo 80 days of training and our reservists 35 days. During this time they make a transition from civilian to soldier. Essentially, they are training to be able to shoot, communicate, survive and adapt; the skills required of the modern soldier. They must be able to effectively employ basic infantry weapons, navigate, operate communications equipment, survive in multiple threat environments in urban, close, and open terrain, by day and by night, against both conventional and unconventional threats including nuclear, biological, chemical and improvised explosive weapons. Soldiers must be comfortable in uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous situations; this leads to success on the battlefield. Most importantly, they are imbued with, and must live, the Army values and core soldier behaviours. They must live courage, initiative, respect, and teamwork. They must be; an expert in close combat, physically tough, mentally prepared, committed to continuous improvement, courageous, take the initiative, work for the team, be compassionate and show respect. By doing so they carry the ANZAC legend forward. For the family and friends who watch your loved ones march out, be proud of their achievements. They have come a long way in a short amount of time. The transformation is remarkable. Thank you for supporting them through their training. Your support has enabled them to become an Australian soldier. vEnjoy your stay in Wagga Wagga, and be proud of your sons, daughters, husbands, wives and friends who will soon march out from the Army’s premier training institution.

Elizabeth Stephens Commanding Officer 1st Recruit Training Battalion.



Moving through the Tabs and toward the March Out Parade.

RED TABS “Welcome to the 1st Recruit Training Battalion. Today marks the commencement of your careers in the Australian Army. Since 1951, soldiers have successfully completed recruit training here at Kapooka and they, like you, were feeling nervous, excited, and perhaps even wondering if they had made the correct decision to join the Army...” This excerpt is part of the welcoming address all recruits receive upon arriving at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion and signifies the beginning of a routine built on discipline and teamwork. A typical day within barracks begins at 0600 h and continues through to 2200 h. In rapid succession, new recruits are introduced to physical training, lectures, drill and weapon training under the constant guidance of their platoon staff. Each week has a theme. These theme weeks introduce the concepts of loyalty, honour, mateship and teamwork to the recruits, who are then given

the opportunity to employ them, thanks to activities such as the High Wire Confidence Course and the Flying Fox. These activities push even the most daring recruits outside of their comfort zone, as they’re confronted with learning how to rapidly react to coach and navigate their panicking teammates through stressful situations. The recruits commence their suite of weapons range practices, with an introduction to firing on the indoor electronic Weapons Training Simulation System (WTSS), followed by firing live rounds during live fire range practices. All range practices consist of oneon-one marksmanship coaching by platoon staff, which can be difficult due to the extreme weather conditions of the Wagga Wagga region.

the recruits to the concepts of physical and moral courage, compassion and honesty and dedication to duty. Weeks 4 to 7 build upon the skills and drills learnt during the ‘red tab’ phase, with the inclusion of more advanced physical training, training on the F89 Light Support Weapon (LSW) and the conclusion of the F88 Austeyr range practices. The intensity of training changes as the recruits undertake a week of robust medical training, as well as learning how to navigate by day and night, through difficult and trackless terrain.


The excursion to the Australian War Memorial is often a moving experience for the recruits as, they realise they will soon be the custodians of the traditions of the ANZACs. A notable change is observed in the recruits at the conclusion of their visit to the Australian War Memorial, which more often than not, provides a resounding confirmation of their choice to become an Australian Soldier.

Life as a blue tab recruit represents their transition from ‘I’ and ‘me’ to ‘us’ and ‘we’, the first step towards the team. By Week 4, recruits understand that their collective strength lies in teamwork and loyalty. Theme weeks in blue tabs further expose

Blue tabs is culminated with the renowned ‘Bayo Day’ (Bayonet Assault Training), where recruits engage in controlled, yet aggressive manoeuvres against static and falling targets amongst a background of battle field simulation effects.

The last Sunday of Week 3 marks the transition from red tabs to blue tabs, which means the recruits have additional privileges, and responsibility.


GOLD TABS Week 8 of ‘gold tabs’ commences with the Recruit Fitness Assessment, comprising of push ups, sit ups and a timed 2.4km run which the recruits must pass in order to continue with training. Next is the ‘Ex 1st Try’, the first field phase which provides the recruits with an introduction to operating in the field environment. Lessons ranging from camouflage and concealment to communicating with field signals provide the recruits with the basic skills to attempt offensive and defensive tasks as part of a section sized force. The recruits also participate in a grenade range practice, which introduces them to the throwing techniques required to effectively neutralise threats. A run through on the Obstacle Course for confirmation purposes prior to ‘The Challenge’ is also made available to the recruits, where they’re able to discuss strategy and techniques with their Section Commander in the hope of gaining an edge over their fellow sections in the platoon. Rounding out the week prior to their second and third field phases is their formative and summative navigation assessment. The last fitness assessment the recruits are required to pass in order to move onto the following field phases is the All Corps Physical Employment Standard Assessment (PESA). The extensive lead up training provides the recruits with the endurance required to complete a 5km weight loaded walk, a 150m water jerry carry, 6 bounds utilising the fire and movement technique to a cadence, followed by a 25kg box lift onto a 1.5m platform. This assessment is completed in ‘fighting order’, which consists of a combat helmet, body armour, webbing and rifle. The recruits then depart on the ‘Ex 2nd Try’ field phase, which consolidates and builds on skills

taught during the previous field phase before they move onto ‘Ex Binh Bah’. ‘Ex Binh Bah’ provides the recruits with the experience of operating as part of a section sized force in the field environment, with role-players enhancing the activity by acting as the enemy. The madness of their first few weeks on ‘red tabs’, screaming out their drill movements with the full power of their voice is finally understood, as they yell out target indications and repeat fire control orders to their section members over the loud burst of machine gun fire. The recruits have no time to rest as they move between ambushes, fighting patrols, building defensive obstacles and section attacks, and despite their fatigue, their camaraderie is plain to see. The culminating activity of their field phase is ‘The Challenge’ which is designed to be an arduous progression through multiple stands which include; a pack march, stores carry, section attack, providing medical care to a wounded enemy, movement

through the Obstacle Course, stretcher carry, an observation lane, falling plate shoot and concludes with the Bayonet Assault Course. Last but not least, is ‘march out week’ where the recruits learn the finer details of forms and advancing in review order, as they perfect their drill on the Battalion parade ground. The week is often frantic, as their equipment, rooms and lines require constant cleaning and inspections in anticipation for the Commanding Officer of the Battalion’s final inspection. As ‘march out day’ arrives, the recruits put forward an impressive demonstration of their dress, bearing and drill, as their families watch on during the parade. To the surprise of all families once reunited with their new Australian Soldier, is the loved one that left for recruit training 80 days ago, now walks taller and looks fitter and perhaps the most rewarding of all; has proved themself to themself.


THE RECRUIT INSTRUCTOR The 1st Recruit Training Battalion is structured in much the same way as a traditional Infantry Battalion, with a Battalion Headquarters, subordinate training companies and a support company. Each Recruit Training Company at 1st Recruit Training Battalion is commanded by a commissioned officer at the rank of Major. The Officer Commanding of the Company is responsible for the overall management of up to six recruit training platoons. A Recruit Training Platoon is commanded by a Lieutenant and administered by a Sergeant. As a team they make up the Platoon Headquarters who are responsible for the platoon’s management, instruction, discipline, administration and welfare throughout the conduct of training. The Platoon Commander is a Lieutenant who has graduated from the Royal Military College – Duntroon. On average, they have completed five years service and have been trained in military administration and tactics. The majority of lieutenants have been previously assigned command of soldiers and troops within their individual Corps; with a small number having been deployed on overseas operations. The Platoon Sergeant is the senior Non Commissioned Officer of the Platoon. On average, the Platoon Sergeant has completed 12 years of service and has a wealth of experience in their Corps trade and military training. They have completed many career development courses that have provided them with the knowledge required to be one of the best instructors in the Army; as such they

provide technical advice to their Platoon Commanders and act as mentors to the junior Non Commissioned Officers. A large majority of our platoon sergeants have vital operational experience. Under command of the Platoon Headquarters are four sections, commanded by junior Non Commissioned Officers identified in rank as Corporal (all Corps) or Bombardier (from the Royal Australian Artillery). The junior Non Commissioned Officers are affectionately known as ‘Seco’, short for ‘Section Commander’, or as RI, being an abbreviation for ‘Recruit Instructor’. They are the hub of training at 1st Recruit Training Battalion. On average the junior Non Commissioned Officers have completed six years of service; 30% are combat arms corps soldiers and 78% have been deployed overseas on military operations throughout their careers. Many of them are family men and women, with 68% either married, or in a defacto relationship and have one or more children. The Recruit Instructors are a professional and dedicated group of junior Non Commissioned Officers who on average work 12-16 hour days, seven days a week. They are specially trained to become a Recruit Instructor. In their role, they are expected to achieve high standards at all times; they are charged to provide training in drill, weapons handling, live fire coaching, field craft, personal administration, discipline, and other military subjects. They are trained specifically in personal counselling and are able to provide excellent support and guidance to recruits in the management of personal issues. Our Recruit Instructors maintain a firm style of leadership, which enables them to effectively shape new recruits into Army’s soldiers of the future. The large majority of recruits who march into 1st Recruit Training Battalion respond positively to the training experience; they grow to respect their instructors and are driven to achieve their goal of becoming an Australian soldier. Staff at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion are dedicated to training your family member or friend into one of Australia’s newest soldiers. They sacrifice time with their family to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Army’s recruits. Their combined experience, knowledge, passion and strength of character, ensures that all recruits have the best chance of success in their chosen military career.



At Defence Health we’re all about putting in the elbow grease to help keep you at your best. As a brother, sister, mum, dad or partner of a Kapooka soldier, you are eligible for great value hospital and extras cover that looks after you and your family. Join today by calling 1800 335 425 or visit



I am an Australian soldier who is an expert in close combat, I am physically and mentally tough, compassionate and courageous. I lead by example, I strive to take the initiative, I am committed to learning and working for the team. I believe in trust, loyalty and respect for my Country, my mates and the Army.

The Rising Sun is my badge of honour. I’m an Australian Soldier.

C O U R A G E , I N I T I AT I V E , R E S P E C T, T E A M W O R K


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Officer Commanding - Major Lindsay Mee Since 1952 the Army Recruit Training Centre (ARTC) has been home to the Australian Army Band – Kapooka, a full-time military band. Originally a brass band with 12 members, the unit has grown in reputation and has worked with some of Australia’s leading performers and now maintains a posted strength of 20 musicians performing on brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. As well as the marching band, the Australian Army Band – Kapooka proudly boasts a concert band, a stage band, a rock band, a jazz ensemble and brass and woodwind groups. This versatility means that most genres of music can be performed and the band can cater for all musical tastes. The Australian Army Band – Kapooka’s primary role is to support ARTC and it is kept busy with performing on March Out Parades and at various functions within the Kapooka Military Area. In addition to military and ceremonial roles, the band provides support to local and regional charitable organisations and communities in the Riverina. In particular, the band performs a series of Music at Midday concerts in Wagga Wagga, the final concert in the annual Twilight by the Lagoon concert series in March and the Wagga Wagga Christmas Spectacular in December. In 2009, the Australian Army Band – Kapooka was granted Freedom of the City of Wagga Wagga to mark, commemorate and acknowledge 56 years of dedicated and distinguished service to the City of Wagga Wagga and the Riverina. This tradition is regarded as the highest compliment offered to a military unit by a civil organisation or community. As well as providing support to military and civilian communities in the Riverina, the band has on occasion proudly represented Australia overseas on tours and deployments, including Papua New Guinea (1990), East Timor (2000 and 2001), Bougainville (2004), Japan (2004) and Tonga (2011).





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“HOME OF THE SOLDIER” A history As with most Units in the Australian Defence Force, the Army Recruit Training Centre, fondly nicknamed the “Home of the Soldier”, has a rich and unique history which dates back as far as 1942. The land was initially purchased to establish an Army Engineer training camp in 1942 as a result of the increased demand for soldiers during World War II. Known as the Kapooka Camp at the time, it was utilised to train thousands of Engineers in basic soldiering and engineering skills. The camp was also utilised as a transit camp to train regular soldiers departing for the war between 1942 and 1946. The name Kapooka is derived from the local aboriginal dialect and means ‘Place of Winds’. In 1947, after World War II had ended, the camp was handed over to the Department of Immigration and used as a migrant centre until 1951. It was after the outbreak of the Korean War that the camp was once again established for the training of soldiers. The 1st Recruit Training Battalion was raised at Kapooka in November of 1951, with Lieutenant Colonel V.E. Dowdy assuming the position of the first Commanding Officer. A second battalion, the 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, was also raised that year in temporary buildings due to the requirement to train more soldiers to go to war. At the end of the Korean War, it was decided that the 2nd Recruit Training Battalion was no longer required and in 1953 it was disestablished so that only the 1st Recruit Training Battalion remained. To this day, the 1st Recruit Training Battalion continues to train Regular Army recruits to become Australian soldiers. The current permanent camp, Blamey Barracks, was constructed during 1965 and 1966. The barracks was named after Sir Thomas Blamey, one of Australia’s most distinguished soldiers and the only Australian ever to hold the rank of Field Marshal. Sir Blamey was born in Wagga Wagga on the 24th January 1884 and became a teacher. He was appointed as the Second-in-Command of the Newton Public School, now known as the South Wagga Public School, Cadet Unit. It wasn’t until 1910 that Sir Blamey was transferred to the Australian Military Forces as a Captain. Sir Blamey played an integral part in World War I, landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula on the 25th April 1915, and again in World War II when he commanded forces in the Middle East and Papua New Guinea. Upon completion of the new camp the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Roden Cutler VC, KCMG, CBE, opened the barracks on the 6th December 1966. At this time Australia had been involved in the Vietnam War for four years and in 1964 the Australian Government had introduced the National Service Scheme. The scheme was designed to create an Army strength of 40,000 full-time soldiers, and this was the driving force behind the establishment of the new permanent camp.

While the 1st Recruit Training Battalion trained four intakes of National Servicemen each year it also continued its main function, to train Regular Army soldiers. By 1972, when National Service was abolished, the 1st Recruit Training Battalion had trained in excess of 10,000 National Servicemen. Prior to 1985, all women soldiers and officers were trained at George’s Heights, Sydney. The WRAAC School was disbanded that year and the 1st Recruit Training Battalion became responsible for training female recruits. It wasn’t until 1993 that the Battalion began training all Ready Reserve recruits; however, this was abolished in 1997. A major review into recruit training was conducted in 1997, which resulted in dramatic changes for the 1st Recruit Training Battalion. A 45 day Common Induction Training Course was implemented which saw all Regular and Reserve recruits undertake training together. The aim of this change was to have all recruits graduate with the same military skills, qualities and knowledge. In December 1998, the 1st Recruit Training Battalion changed its name to the Army Recruit Training Centre. During 2006, a second course was implemented which saw Regular Army recruits remaining at Kapooka after they had graduated from the Common Induction Training Course, receiving an additional 42 days training on the Advanced Soldier Course. This course was short lived, and in 2007, another review was conducted with the result being the courses which are employed today. These changes had the Regular Army and Reserve recruits being separated once again with the emergence of an 80 day Army Recruit Course, and a 28 day Reserve Recruit Training Course, respectively. As can be seen, the Army Recruit Training Centre and 1st Recruit Training Battalion have a long history and proud tradition. The March Out Parade represents a significant milestone for the individual as it marks the beginning of a journey and a lifestyle full of lasting traditions, proud history and service to our country. It is with this in mind that you can watch the Army’s newest soldiers marching on the parade ground, as many thousands have done so before, to complete the transition from recruit to soldier.




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WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT BEING AN EMPLOYER OF DEFENCE RESERVISTS? OUR TEAM CAN HELP YOU: k Develop Reserve friendly leave policies k Be publicly acknowledged for your support of Defence Reservists k Understand your obligations and the benefits available k Sign up for employer engagement activities like Exercises Boss Lift and Executive Stretch k Appreciate the workplace benefits of employing Defence Reservists


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KAPOOKA VIP CHALLENGE Leading business people experience a day in the life of an Australian Defence Force Reserve Recruit Many leading business people and community identities spent two days at Kapooka in New South Wales experiencing military training and discovering the benefits of Reserve service. The participants — from organisations including IBM, Pharmacare and Glerncore Mines, plus Six time Golden Guitar winner Luke O’Shea along with television presenter and adventurer Peter Wells - enjoyed the VIP Challenge. They were participating in the Defence Reserves Support VIP Challenge. The aim of the challenge, which is held annually, is to give employers the opportunity to observe and experience the personal, technical and professional skills training Reservists receive as a member of the Army Reserve. Activities included leadership and survival skills training as well as team building exercises and physical challenges. Head Cadet, Reserve and Employer Support Division Major General Iain Spence said the challenge provided employers with an opportunity to directly experience some of the leadership and management skills that a Reservist can bring to the workplace. “Our aim in conducting these activities is to highlight the skills that Reservists gain from being in the ADF and how those skills can benefit civilian employers,” said Major General Spence. “We encourage employers to make use of our Employer Engagement Activities and to also support them in developing Reserve-friendly leave policies for their organisations.” Major General Spence who spent most of his regimental career in 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers spoke to the employers involved in the VIP Challenge about the importance of becoming a ‘Supportive Employer’ of Reservists. Major General Spence presented RIC Electrics Director Colin Duff with a Supportive Employer Award in recognition of his contribution to the DRSC.

What does being a ‘Supportive Employer’ mean? 

Being a Supportive Employer means supporting an overarching principle that Reservists should have the backing of their civilian employers.

For more information about the Supportive Employer Program visit:


THE KAPOOKA TRAGEDY Located a few hundred metres from the front gate of Blamey Barracks Kapooka, is a peaceful grove of some 26 Kurrajong trees. This serene area on the side of a country road is surrounded by rolling hills and open paddocks, a picnic table and a memorial stone rest amongst the mown grass.

However it stands in memory of the pain suffered by the Wagga Wagga community on the afternoon of 21st May 1945, when 26 soldiers were killed in an explosion here while training for the war in the Pacific, at what was then the Engineer Training Centre.

1 st P R O O F

This event remains to this date the Australian Army’s largest loss of life in a training accident, and our nation’s largest mass military funeral on Australian soil. The accident occurred at approximately 2.45pm, as the Sappers were seated in an underground bunker on a demolition range, receiving instruction on explosives. The exact cause of the explosion is still unknown; however 24 men were killed instantly with two dying in hospital some two hours later. Incredibly one man, Sapper Allan Bartlett survived the explosion and was found imbedded in the wall of the bunker. Two days after the tragedy the 26 dead were buried at the Wagga Wagga war cemetery. An estimated crowd of 7,000 people attended the funeral, with the procession of vehicles, dignitaries and mourners taking some 45 minutes to pass. Although at this time the grief of the tragedy was felt across the nation, it was largely forgotten over the years (other than by those in the local community whom it had greatly affected). In recent years an annual memorial service has been held on the 21st of May, at the site to remember this tragedy. The service brings together those from the local community and the relatives of those killed from interstate who still remember that tragic day. The memorial site has been developed into a permanent community area with future plans for improvements to tell the story, so Australia never forgets.

On May 21, 1945, 26 Australian sappers died in a grenade-training accident at the Royal Australian Engineer Training Centre at Camp Kapooka in New South Wales. The soldiers were receiving instruction in demolition work in a below-ground

bunker when an explosion took place. The accident remains the largest training calamity in Australian Army history. Above: The site of the tragic disaster. The dugout has been totally blown apart by the force of the explosion.


On May 21, 1945, during a routine lecture at the Royal Australian Engineer Training Centre at Kapooka, a large volume of explosives was accidentally detonated inside a large dugout. In what was Australian Army’s worst wartime training accident, 24 men were killed instantly. Two more died from their injuries shortly afterwards. The exact cause of the explosion remains a mystery.

Right: The Engineer Training Centre was located nine miles south-west of the inland town of Wagga Wagga. The Wagga area has a long association with Australia’s military. It was the birthplace of Field-Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey, Australia’s only field-marshal during the Second World War, and of Corporal John Edmondson, the first Australian to receive the Victoria Cross during the war for his actions at Tobruk in April 1941. Wagga’s equidistant position between Sydney and Melbourne on the main rail line linking the two cities made it an ideal site for an army training camp. The town’s showground was pressed into service as a recruiting depot at the beginning of the war and in May 1942 the Royal Australian Engineer Training Centre was established at Kapooka. Wagga was also home to the Royal Australian Air Force bases at nearby Forest Hill and Uranquinty. The town also lent its name to a Royal Australian Navy corvette, which was commissioned in December 1942. 30






Ministry at ‘The Army Recruit Training Centre’ Military training at Kapooka is demanding not just physically and intellectually, but emotionally and spiritually. The Chaplaincy team at Kapooka are charged with the task of caring for the emotional and spiritual well being of the recruits during their 80 day period of training. As well as Pastoral Care, the Chaplaincy team of four full time Chaplains, provide Character Development sessions which every recruit attends. These comprise two full day sessions during the course of their training in which we encourage the recruits to begin to reflect on their values and their beliefs. In group work and scenarios, we discuss how these values need to become for the recruits qualities that will be revealed in their behaviour and ethics as individuals, in their relationships and in community. Every recruit has the opportunity to attend the chapel services held at the Soldiers Chapel complex every Sunday morning. The chapel complex comprises of Anglican, Catholic and Protestant wings and services are conducted in each of the wings concurrently and up to 300 recruits and their families can be found in each of the wings on Sunday mornings. The Chaplains strive to lead services of worship that are uplifting, contemporary and engaging. Through the sacraments and the Word the recruits are challenged, comforted and inspired. Military service calls upon the recruits to consider the high ideals of sacrifice, respect, courage, teamwork, initiative, mateship and honour. It is the task of Chaplaincy to care for the recruits during their time with us and hopefully to help provide the grounding, through Army’s values, for their careers and their lives beyond the military.

The Soldiers Chapel Kapooka The Chapel was officially opened on 31st October 1993 by LTGEN J.C Grey AO, Chief of the General Staff. Importantly, the Chapel was built by Army engineers; mainly 21 Construction Squadron. The right wing of the dove is the Catholic section of the Chapel, the left wing is the Anglican section and the body and the tail are home to the Protestant denominations. The neck and head of the dove face the eastern valley overlooking recruit training. All three Chapel sections conduct concurrent services at 9am and 1015am each Sunday morning. However, for special occasions, it is possible to open up the dividing doors, turn all the chairs around to face the entrance, and conduct a combined service seating up to 900 people. The glass doors of the Chapel have been embossed with the insignia of various Corps of the Army. In front of the Soldiers Chapel is the Memorial wall. This wall is designed to carry bronze plaques for units, corps and associations of the Army in memory of soldiers who have served in the Armed Forces and especially those who have paid the supreme sacrifice. At the entrance of the Chapel you will see an upturned rifle with bayonet and helmet used in World War 1. This symbolises a soldier who has fallen in battle, either wounded or dead, and needs help. It has been embedded into a piece of rock that was brought back from Anzac Cove after the 75th anniversary of the events in Gallipoli. The Soldiers Chapel belongs to all soldiers – both past and present and for this reason it has been located at the ‘Home of the Soldier’.



The Kapooka Historical Collection tells the story of the Australian Army’s presence in the Kapooka Military Area since 1942. The collection contains many photographs, uniforms and artefacts that detail the changing times of the Australian Army.

The Kapooka Historical Collection is housed in a 1950s-vintage Nissen Hut, which was used as accommodation for soldiers in most military areas in Australia. The Kapooka Museum is currently located across the road from the marchout function centre, and you are invited to attend to view the collection on the afternoon of the March Out. Other items from the collection are also positioned in other areas such as the Chapel and messes. In 2012 the Kapooka Heritage Committee was raised to oversee and improve the operation of the Kapooka Heritage Museum and to promote the collection beyond Kapooka. In doing so, there has been some great progress including the exciting possibility of procuring of 2 x M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers. This will be a welcomed addition to the collection, which currently includes a leopard tank and artillery guns, representing some of Army’s most recognisable but now superseded military equipment. There is still much work to be done to enhance both the collection and the experience for visitors, and your feedback is always welcomed. The committee will eventually seek volunteers from outside Defence to assist with projects and act as tour guides. If you have any historical items that may be of interest to the museum or any general enquires please contact: CAPT Ian Marston on 0459 826 617.







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The beautiful Victory Memorial Gardens are a fitting place to remember those who served our country. The establishment of the garden and the erection of the Memorial Arch, which lists over 1000 names of soldiers who served, was largely due to the enthusiasm and persistence of Terence Byrnes, a former Mayor of Wagga Wagga, who had served in France as part of an Artillery Brigade.

Designed in the 1920s by Thomas Kerr, Chief Landscape Gardener of Sydney’s Botanic Gardens, the Victory Memorial Gardens reflect the respect residents have for the military, and acknowledge the long association the defence forces have had with the city through the Army Recruit Training Centre (Kapooka) and RAAF Base Wagga Wagga. The original plan of the Victory Memorial Gardens is to be seen in the Museum of the Riverina. A tree planted in the Victory Memorial Gardens on 24th January 1984 honours the 100th birthday of Wagga Wagga born Field Marshall Sir Thomas Albert Blamey, GBE, KCB, CMG, DSO, ED; the only Australian to date to attain the rank of Field Marshall. Also, a small tree and flowerbed was planted in the Victory Memorial Gardens by the then Lieutenant Colonel (later Brigadier) K.P.Outridge, Commanding Officer of Kapooka, together with Group Captain N.F. Lamb, Officer Commanding RAAF Forest Hill, on 24th February 1965 in honour of the late Sir Winston Churchill who had passed away the month before.


The Memorial Archway was unveiled by “Fighting Charlie� Major-General C.F.Fox on Anzac Day 1927.

Throughout the parklands are many other memorials and a path lined with Poplar trees know as Anzac avenue.

The Eternal Flame beneath the Main Memorial Arch, projects a larger flare during the day, dimming to a pleasant glow at night. The Eternal Flame was built to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the landing of Australian soldiers at Gallipoli and to honour the men and women who had served and are currently

serving in other campaigns.

The Cenotaph, designed by Messrs Pitt & Morrow of Wagga Wagga and unveiled by Brigadier-General Thomas Blamey on 17th Sept. 1922 contains the names of local soldiers who were killed.



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Wagga Wagga is the cross-roads of South Eastern Australia, easily reached from Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra by air, rail, coach and road. Plane Qantaslink and Regional Express fly between Wagga Wagga and Sydney and Melbourne more than 160 times a week. Comprehensive scheduling means you’ll be able to arrive in Wagga Wagga on a service at a time that suits you. Friendly taxis and shuttle bus services know our fine city inside-out and are on hand at the airport to meet all flights. Wagga Wagga airport is approximately 15 kms from the centre of the city. There is a Shuttle Bus Service available to take you from the Airport, to your accommodation, to Kapooka and back again after the parade. Bookings can be made on 0458 350 100. QantasLink phone 13 13 13 or Regional Express (Rex) phone 13 17 13 or Wagga Wagga Radio Cabs: (02) 6921 4242 Shuttle Bus 0458 350 100 Car Rental: Avis 6921 9977

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* Spacious Queen and King Rooms * Balconies overlooking The Murrumbidgee River * Beautiful Garden/Courtyard ground floor rooms * Kitchenettes * FREE Wi-Fi

* * * * *

FREE onsite parking Reverse-Cycle Air-conditioning LCD TV’s Disable access rooms available Conference room for family gatherings and meetings

Wagga’s premier hotel with ensuite accommodation and award winning restaurant.

Belle Cottage Wagga Prices start at $170 twin share including breakfast

Ensuites from $85 including cooked breakfast. Hotel rooms/Family rooms Bed and Breakfast

Award winning restaurant • Open 7 days and nights We welcome all Defence Personnel, family and friends

Ph: 69213 631

• Fully serviced house • secure parking • free cooked breakfast • wifi available • sleeps up to 7 guests • central location • serviced daily.


Helen and W w ayne Trewin

elcome you.

The Burringa Motel is situated 4km from Wagga's CBD and welcomes all families here for the Kapooka March Out Parade. Property Features: ♦ Quiet and relaxing location ♦ Inground pool and BBQ area ♦ Queen size beds ♦ Full kitchenettes in all rooms ♦ Internet/Broadband access

♦ Tea & coffee/toaster facilities ♦ Iron/ironing boards/hairdryers ♦ Airconditioning/heating ♦ 10mins from Kapooka

Phone 02 6922 3100 Fax 02 6926 2603 Email: 39 Plumpton Road Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

BOULEVARDE MOTOR INN Family Rooms • 2 & 4 bedroom Apartments Disabled rooms • Outdoor swimming pool and BBQ area All rooms have mini bars, DVD players, complimentary WiFi, FOXTEL and SKY racing. Located just 7km from the Kapooka Army base,

making it the ideal location for March Out events

305-309 Edward Street WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650 P: 0269 255 388 F: 0269 255 603 E:


cache—ACCOMMODATION, conveniently located in the main street of Wagga Wagga’s CBD. Offering modern Accommoda on designed for superior comfort and sophisticated style. Contact our Accommoda on Co-ordinator to reserve your room today.

214-220 Baylis Street, (main street of Wagga)

Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650 P: 02 6921 2916 I F: 02 6921 5552

MOTEL FACILITIES * 10 Brand New Motel Suites / Two Bedroom Apartments * Wall Mounted TV * Ensuite Bathroom * Free Wifi Internet Access * Foxtel * Onsite Secure Parking * On site cafe open 7 days a week * Restaurant – Bookings Essential * 10% ADF Discount with ID when booking direct with Cache accommodation.


3 ½ Star accommodation

Trip Adviser

Winner of Excellence

2013, 2014 & 2015

• • • • • •

10% discount for Defence families FREE continteal breakfast Standard and premium rooms Units, interconnecting and family rooms Spa room Rivergum restaurant and bar

THE PRINCE OF WALES MOTEL You will be delighted with our newly refurbished rooms features! With LCD TV's, walk in glass showers, sumptuous beds, spa suites with large corner spas and our comfortable king size beds we ensure your stay is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

143 Fitzmaurice Street Wagga Wagga

E. T. 02 6921 1922

Sturt highway (Gumly Gumly) Wagga Wagga NSW 2652 T. 02 6922 7256

F. 02 6922 7205

Reservations: 1800 029 927 E.



Looking for Accommodation?

Elevated views of the rich Riverina farmland with spectacular sunsets to take your breath away. Each 2bdrm spa cottage is fully self contained

Located 15mins from Kapooka & 5 mins from CBD

Own BBQ • undercover parking children's playground • cot & highchair available.

$160 double • $20 per extra adult $10 per extra child (2 - 12 yrs),

85 Hillary St Nth Wagga Wagga

Continental breakfast included.

Ph: 02 6921 1539 Mob: 0412 803212

The Wagga Wagga Airport Tourist Park is located within minutes from the airport for families and friends of the Kapooka Army Base. We offer self-contained cabins, caravans, powered and unpowered sites catering for all accommodation needs and budgets. We’d love to see you soon!

Call us today on 02 6922 7271 or visit


THE COMFORTABLE PLACE TO STAY Great location on the Sturt Highway, a leisurely 30 mins drive to Kapooka. 5 mins to the Airport and RAAF Base. Stroll through the 3 acres of beautiful gardens for the morning coffee or afternoon refresher and take a dip in the largest pool of any motel in this city of good sports.

• Clean comfortable Double, Queen beds and 3 x Singles available @ $ 95/night. • Full hot buffet breakfast with selection of evening meals in the Restaurant. • Interconnecting family rooms available. • Queen bed & single. • 3 singles from $150/night.

Phone (02) 69227269 Address 3691 Sturt Highway Wagga Wagga.


Welcome to the


Peter and Jill invite you to stay at

The Junction Motor Inn which is only a 5 minute drive to Kapooka Army Base and the

Walking distance from shopping, restaurants, hospitals and clubs Closest 4 star motel to Kapooka army base Executive suites and units as well as deluxe rooms available Cooking facilities and disabled unit available

Bookings 02 6925 3833 Toll FREE 1800 044 9938

Edward St Wagga Wagga Email:

CBD. Close to Clubs and Hotels (whom offer a courtesy bus!) FEATURES INCLUDE • 5 minutes to Kapooka • family friendly service & atmosphere • Queen beds • Air conditioning/Heating • Foxtel • tea/coffee making facilities/toaster • Free broadband Wi-Fi • Pool and free BBQ • laundry/hair dryers • Family rooms/2 bedroom unit • Evening meals Mon-Thurs • 2 twin singles - disabled rooms • Cooked breakfasts (Mon-Sat) and continental 146 Ashmont Avenue. Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Phone: 02 69312900 Reservations only: 1800 688 900 E-mail:


· · · ·

FREE Wi-Fi FOXTEL Cooked meals available FREE guest laundry


Guesthouse with shared amenities, studio suites and serviced apartments within the CBD of Wagga

Rooms from $85 T. 02 6931 1633

Cnr. of Sturt Hwy & McNickle Road Moorong Wagga Wagga 2650


Officially accredited Motel


T H E H O U S T O N WA G G A Opening November 2015 Luxurious, bespoke, self-contained apartment hotel The Church Retreat at Yerong Creek is 20 mins from Kapooka on the same road. right at home in the middle of the Wagga Wagga CBD. • For a relaxing place to stay in the

• All room have climate control air   heart of the city you can't beat conditioning, Foxtel EntertainPerfect for a family. the Centralpoint for value and ment and internet access.   service. A: 44 Kincaid Street, Wagga Sleeps six inWagga two queen beds and two singles. 164-166 Tarcutta St Wagga Wagga   P: 02 5908 1321 • 26 Studio, one and two bedroom W: renovated apartments all fullystay. Also The church is a renovated 1960’s Lutheran Church. Fully equipped for a comfy a games room in a 100 P. (02) 6937 2300 F. 6921 3446year old school in th E: self-contained and serviced daily. E.   Good value at $200 a night.  Linen included $10 p/p. Proudly owned and managed by   Fox and Co Hotels.   Close to club with cheap food and drinks.  


The Church Retreat The Church is a renovated 1960’s Lutheran Church. Fully equipped for a comfy stay. Also a games room in a 100 year old school in the garden.  Perfect for a family.  Sleeps six in two queen beds and two singles.

 Good value at $200 a night.  Linen included $10p/p.  Close to club with cheap food and drinks.

Book now

m. 0417 239 843

2 Cole St Yerong Creek.

20 mins to Kapooka.

Forest Hill Caravan Park Proprietors Denis & Veronica Allen

Sturt Highway, Forest Hill NSW 2651 Ph: 02-6922 7219 Fax: 02-6922 7219 Email:

5% discount for Army Personnel

or Inn t o M y r M e rc u

country fortable, m o c , ly es. d ng frien able pric • Offeri at afford y lit Q, a B it B p m, pool, style hos , spa roo le. s b m ila o a v ro a • Family om and laundry se Army Ba dining ro Kappoka to e g v ri in d om park • 15 min ble ont of ro enient fr unt availa d • Conv uts isco o h rc a ce m • Defen PHONE: ADDRESS: 3935

02 6922 7210

Sturt Hwy, Wagga Wagga EMAIL:


Hertz Wagga Wagga have all your holiday needs covered. We have two convenient locations: Wagga Wagga Airport (Don Kendall Dr) Wagga Wagga Downtown (92 Hammond Ave). To make your booking call 02 6938 6000 or visit Start your adventure today!



Know your rights and obligations This card has been designed to help you understand your rights and obligations as a Defence Reservist. It gives you tips about the protection that is available to you, as well as how you should discuss Reserve service issues with your civilian employer. You can pick up a card at your unit or local Reserve depot. Alternatively, call one of our Defence Reserves Support specialists and they will send you one.

We’re here to help Reservists and their Employers.

Remember to tell your boss to download a copy of our Employer Handbook. It contains everything they need to know about employing a Reservist.

1800 671 998


WELCOME TO WAGGA WAGGA A City of a hundred little things

Wagga Wagga is a City that builds on its strengths to afford residents an enviable lifestyle – quality education and training, good employment prospects, and a range of activities to strike the perfect work/life balance.

The minimal travelling time between work and home leaves plenty of time to achieve the greatly desired work/life balance and there are any number of sporting, recreational and community groups to meet any taste. It’s little wonder residents think living in Wagga Wagga is the clever choice. The experience of being in Wagga Wagga is enriching for visitors, who will find an inviting and friendly atmosphere and a range of activities that cater to all tastes. Wagga Wagga offers a temperate climate, diverse calendar of events, rich cultural heritage and wealth of fantastic attractions making it the ideal destination for visitors all year round. With a population of over 63,000, Wagga Wagga is perfectly positioned on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, about half-way between Australia’s two largest cities Sydney and Melbourne. Its population is growing at a rate faster than the state average, and is projected to be close to 68,000 by the year 2026. Wagga Wagga’s size and location position it as a significant hub for industry, including defence, with both the Army Recruit Training Centre (Kapooka) and RAAF Base Wagga Wagga. It is also an important centre for health, social and retail services for surrounding towns.


Arts Precinct From traditional to contemporary, there is something to suit the tastes of all arts and culture enthusiasts in Wagga Wagga. With its two public art galleries, including the world-class National Art Glass Collection, two museums, three theatres and two outdoor amphitheatres, the diversity is unparalleled in regional Australia. Situated in the heart of the city, the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery exhibits an exciting range of touring shows and locally developed exhibitions from the Gallery’s extensive collections, as well as the work of Riverina based artists. It is also the home of the Margaret Carnegie Print Collection and the National Art Glass Collection. The National Art Glass Collection is housed in the National Art Glass Gallery. This prestigious title is due to the national significance of this collection as it reflects contemporary art glass practice from its development in the 1960’s to the present. Acquisitions are made each year and there are approximately 500 works in the collection. Admission to both the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery and Art Glass Gallery is free and you can visit to find out more about current exhibitions and opening times.

Conveniently located in the same precinct, you’ll find the fabulous Museum of the Riverina inside the Historic Council Chambers. The Museum is housed over two locations and the Historic Council Chambers site was originally the City’s Town Hall and Municipal Offices as well as the seat of Local Government until 1999 when it was converted into the Museum. Now it’s a space for travelling exhibitions and a meeting venue. The Museum’s second site, near the Botanic Gardens, hosts the Sporting Hall of Fame, established in 1993, it recognises the outstanding achievements of Wagga Wagga athletes and sports people who have excelled in their field at the national and international level. Information on exhibitions can be found at For a cultural journey, try one of Wagga Wagga’s heritage walks. There are two to choose from each winding around significant buildings and sites in the City. Take the opportunity to wander around the Wiradjuri Walking Track, named after Wagga Wagga’s indigenous inhabitants.


THINGS TO SEE AND DO IN WAGGA Wagga Wagga Beach On the southern bank of the Murrumbidgee, just a five minute walk from the city centre, is Wagga Wagga Beach. The river and more specifically Wagga Wagga Beach have a strong association with the City’s history. Explorer Charles Sturt disembarked at the site on 5th Dec 1829 during his expedition to determine if Australia had an “inland sea”. It’s now a perfect location for a picnic with its undercover seating and free BBQ area. Today, rather than sleeping on the beach beneath up-turned longboats as Sturt and his men did, modern explorers of Wagga Wagga will be pleased to discover an exceptionally well appointed caravan park with cabins is now beautifully positioned to take advantage of the great Murrumbidgee views on offer. You will still see monuments to days gone by – the Wagga Wagga Beach Life

Saving Club was started in 1927 and disbanded in 1971 and throughout its long, proud history, not a single person drowned. The Club was at its strongest during the 30s and it was the ambition of many teenage boys to join the Club during this period and there was a long waiting list to be a part of it. Location: Johnson St, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens Wagga Wagga’s Botanic Gardens have grown to be among the finest in Australia. Lots of different types of spectacular gardens have been lovingly prepared to take advantage of Wagga Wagga’s annual median rainfall of 575mm (26 inches). Whilst many beds include traditional roses, stunning camellias and exotic succulents, this is possibly the only garden in the world where you can enjoy being completely enveloped in a rainforest gully, with a drought-proof model Waterwise Garden right beside it.

Aussie Disposals



Est 1962

% 10 CE EFEN


Phone: (02) 6921 6300 Email:


Aussie Disposals



With a wide range of current films, operas, ballets, nostalgia, film festivals, 3D and events, with fully digital sound and projection, there’s something for everyone at FORUM 6 CINEMAS!


For families, the children’s adventure playground and open-air dining facility provides visitors with eight free electric barbecues and comfortable seating for over 100 people.

The markets are held next to the lagoon in front of the Civic Theatre every second Saturday of the year from 8am until 1pm.

For those wishing to walk off their outdoor lunch, the Botanic Gardens Fitness Trail which commences near the exquisite Tree Chapel and finishes near the Wagga Wagga Music Bowl, is the ideal place to wander.

The Oasis

Location: Wollundry Lagoon, near the bridge, Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga

The award winning, state-of-theart Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre is widely recognised as one of the premium sports complexes in Australia.

With kiosk, restaurant, a choice of three children’s playgrounds, Wagga Wagga’s magnificent Botanic Gardens is a must see. Location: Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens, Lord Baden Powell Drive, Willans Hill, Wagga Wagga.

Wagga Wagga Farmers Market The greatest Saturday morning pleasure for a Wagga Wagga local is to be in the centre of town at the Wollundry Lagoon on Farmers’ Market day, savouring the freshest seasonal locally grown produce. With an emphasis on quality product and presentation, this Wagga Wagga association brings fresh produce direct to the customer straight from the proud growers themselves.

Facilities include: 

50 metre, 10 lane, outdoor FINA standard pool;

indoor beach area featuring large mushrooms, airjets and a waterfall;

indoor turbo pool with spa;

indoor 10 lane 25 metre pool;

easy access hydrotherapy indoor pool heated to 34 degrees; and

indoor wave pool!

The unique, Oasis Wave Ball is the most popular feature at the Oasis Centre and can create up to 2 metre waves. It’s Australia’s only wave ball and is open every day of the year. Location: Cnr Baylis Street and Morrow Street, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Phone: 6926 9390 or



Wagga Wagga has a delicious diversity of restaurants, take-aways and cafes that accommodate all tastes. From top-end gourmet to affordable and tasty as well as food from across the globe, Wagga Wagga’s epicurean delights will thrill the most discerning palate. Indian restaurants as well as Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese, Japanese are peppered throughout the city.

Listed below is a good selection of the dining options available to visitors, but it’s by no means the complete list. Contact the Visitor Information Centre to find out the wide range of dining options that await you.

The Commercial Club It’s a great tradition in Australia to enjoy the company of family and friends and celebrate good times with great food. The Bistro at the Commercial Club promises you this. Located in central Gurwood Street the bistro provides high quality cuisine for all tastes at affordable prices. With a reputation for great food there is no better place to enjoy a nourishing meal in a homely environment. The Commercial Club has been transformed and refurbished with the addition of the Deck (pictured above). The Deck is the perfect venue, adaptable to any occasion – business or pleasure. The main lounge provides a quiet place for a drink with friends and family after your March Out Parade with a range of daily promotions, live entertainment and international shows. The Caffe Bar offers quality coffee sourced locally from Premium Coffee Roasters, cakes, slices & a tasty snack menu. Slow down, relax, indulge yourself and enjoy the comfy new lounges and couches. There is also Keno, Kids Club and enquire about a courtesy bus.



Wagga RSL Club


Then again, if it was possible to find an even more traditional location to enjoy Chinese tucker, generations of Australians from the country and city alike have looked no further than their local RSL. Among several dining options, the Wagga RSL has Pearl Chinese Restaurant which does an unmissable meal. An a la carte assortment of foods from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam is offered to diners together with the more familiar Chinese menu favourites. Book to avoid disappointment and remember that the take away option is available. Ph 6921 3624.There’s also the RSL Bistro – open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - where you can find all those traditional and favourite dishes we love including steaks, seafood, chicken, great schnitzels and more. For fresh, tasty snacks and light meals that will impress, try the Club Café. Whether it’s for coffee, a salad, gourmet sandwich or scrumptious cake, the Club Café hits the spot. Delicious, fresh food, served with a smile. Wagga RSL provides the highest level of club service you’d expect from the premier RSL Club in country NSW.

At the other end of the spectrum, SumoSalad is an idea of tailored for today. The creators were a couple of young Sydneysiders who wanted to create a healthy eating alternative for all Australians. The SumoSalad “Design Your Own Salad” concept was the first of its kind in the country and possibly the world, and was a great success. The Sumo Salad menu now includes Sushi pasta salads, wraps, soups and toasties.

The William Farrer Hotel

Duke of Kent Hotel

Near Wagga Wagga Railway Station the William Farrer Hotel is all about great food, great rooms and great service. It also has icy cold brews on tap and the heartiest seafood basket in Wagga Wagga, all at reasonable prices. Open for breakfast/lunch and dinner, the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Farrer is also a perfect place to stay the night if you’re travelling. It’s a family run institution run by the Barnhill family of rugby league fame.

Locals and visitors agree that the best pub to get a view of the magnificent Murrumbidgee River is at the Duke of Kent Hotel. Finalist in the BEST STEAK VENUE in 2010 and again this year plus BEST Casual Dining Venue/ BEST Budget Pub-Style Accommodation and Chris Egan is Individual Property Owner of the Year Finalist in the AHA Awards for Excellence. The open air bar and deck area is a fantastic place to have lunch. Traditional pub food or dine in style in the restaurant. Great food and a warm welcome! Large plasma screens beam in live sport and at night, DJs and live bands grace the Duke’s stage until late.

For Bookings P: 02 6921 9387 122 Baylis St, Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650

Cache Stepping through the doors and the lime-green modern décor of Cache makes you feel like you’re getting healthier already. Don’t be put off by the healthy stereotype though. There are plenty of taste treats on the menu. A newly opened smoothie bar inside Cache is just as enticing as the menu, which with countless tasty flavour combinations you can invent exactly what you feel like from the freshest of ingredients.

Conveniently located in the very heart of Wagga Wagga’s CBD and main shopping district, the Union Club Hotel invites you to experience our comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy an ice cold beer or refreshing glass of wine at our solid Jarrah bar or alfresco at our café style seating. Sit and watch the main street of Wagga Wagga pass you by

This iconic building, established during the 1870's, has undergone a significant renovation to bring the facilities offered to the highest modern standards, whilst maintaining the legacy of the hotel’s original charm and distinction. The heritage listed hotel features one of the oldest Victorian curved verandas Enjoy our first class chef prepared lunch and dinner menus in our bistro, with all day dining being available on weekends, or relax with friends in our state of the art sports bar, featuring 4 TAB terminals and KENO facilities. 


AHA Awards for Excellence. · 2015 Finalist for Best Steak Venue · 2015 Finalist for Best Casual Dining Venue · 2013 Finalist Best Budget Pub-Style Accommodation · 2013 Finalist Individual Property Operator

THE Duke Hotel welcomes all Defence Personnel, friends and families.

We are proud to be associated with 1RTB Kapooka come and celebrate after your March Out with us.


Restaurant Hours: Mon- Fri 12pm-2.30pm 5pm- 9pm ALL DAY Sat & Sun 12pm- 9pm


• Great Pub-style Accommodation in a central location. • 9 Refurbished Rooms with en-suite $50- $90

Bar and Lounge · Happy Hour Mon-Fri · The only open air bar with great Murrumbidgee River views · Restaurant quality meals at pub prices

125 Fitzmaurice Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

(02) 6921 3231 E:


Some people just can’t orient themselves properly in a new town without knowing exactly where the best steaks are to be had. Baylis Street in the CBD has quite a few restaurants which offer locally raised beef, but there’s always the suspicion when dining somewhere for the first time that the chef won’t nail the sizzle of your steak to absolute mouth-watering perfection the first time around.


Hog’s Breath Café That’s why when travelling in Australia a Hog’s Breath Café is such a welcome sight. Credited with developing Prime Rib steaks in Australia, there’s not a more tender, mouth-watering steak to be had anywhere. If you’ve always thought of going to a Hog’s Breath Café lately and just haven’t got around to it, now’s the time to give into that urge.

something to suit all tastes. Our friendly staff will make you feel relaxed and welcome with Bistro 2000 open daily. Lunch is served from 12pm - 2pm and dinner, 6pm - 9pm.There is always a salad bar and dessert on offer, along with a great choice of both Chinese & Australian meals. On Fridays, it’s our “all you can eat” buffet, three course meal deal and it wouldn’t be a Sunday without a traditional Sunday roast.

The Montezuma Mexican Restaurant The Montezuma Mexican Restaurant offers fully licensed casual relaxed dining for the whole family. Meals are prepared fresh daily using locally grown produce where possible and cooked in convection ovens in what is termed senora style, mild, and perhaps with a little sour cream on the side. But for those who enjoy a hotter taste, that’s where you can step in and order hot or extra hot sauce, Texas style.

Also in the Fitzmaurice Street end of Wagga Wagga’s city centre, between the Court House and the Murrumbidgee River you’ll find some good pubs within easy walking distance of one another.

The Union Club Hotel The Union Club Hotel stands proudly on the main street in the heart of Wagga. You are greeted with a great range of cold beers on tap served with a smile. The hotel has a number of dinning options with alfresco seating, bistro seating and more casual setting near the bar. The lunch and dinner menus are a mix of pub favourite and fine dining options to satisfy most tastes.

Il Corso’s Further along Baylis Street, reward time spent browsing through the stores with a luscious gourmet pizza from Il Corso’s. Priding itself in creating culinary tastes rich in heritage, if an authentic traditional thin-and-crispy base drizzled with mozzarella cheese, olives, market-sought prosciutto and peppers is your thing, their doors are open.

The Sportsmen’s Club Hotel The bistro at the Sportsmen’s is home to classic Australian pub menu favourites including; crispy chicken parmi’s, tender lamb cutlets & four cuts of the Riverina’s famous beef all served up with lashings of your preferred sides and sauces. Relax in the family friendly bistro and enjoy some of Wagga’s best hospitality.

The Rules Club The Rules Club can cater for all your tastebuds, with a choice from our a la carté menu, a self-serve buffet and fantastic daily specials. There is certainly




Come & enjoy one of Wagga Wagga’s iconic local pubs. The Sportsmen Club Hotel offers a relaxing and comfortable environment to meet new and old friends alike.

Originally established in 1877 the Sportsmens we know today is steeped in history and character, one of the oldest original pub sites in Wagga. Situated equidistant from the CBD & Murrum-


bidgee Turf Club on the corner of Beckwith & Kincaid St. The Sportsmens promises cold beer and great food. The Sportsmens Club Hotel ‘where good sports meet’.


VICTORIA HOTEL THE PLACE TO BE FOR ALL OCCASIONS! > Great food in the Baylis Street bistro at a reasonable price > Great range and quality of drinks > Great service with a friendly smile > Great entertainment till the wee hours of the morning > Full menu open from 12-9pm > Breakfast 8-12pm Saturday and Sundays

55 Baylis Street Wagga Wagga Ph: 02 6921 5233

Choose from > 5 different sizzling steaks > 6 different tasty schnitzels > our tex mex menu > or just grab a burger or steak sanga

THE VIC WELCOMES ALL DEFENCE PERSONNEL AND THEIR FAMILIES. 10% Discount for ADF personnel and their families in the Bistro on presentation of ADF ID.







$10 $20 $28

pmic Highway

7am to 4.30pm


Burgers, pizzas, ribs & wings Licenced Bar, indoor & outdoor areas Functions & parties available OPEN Tue- Fri - 8:00am til late Weekends 9:00am til late. Breakfast, lunch & dinner

10% off for defence personnel

Visit for a cooked breakfast or to enjoy lunch. Choose from a range of gourmet pies and unique quiches. Baked Lamb and pumpkin pie with beer battered fish and chips or a delicious burger with wedges handmade yummy tarts, gelato and beautiful pastries 42 Morgan Street Uranquinty off the Olympic Highway Phone 6922 9119 Mon – Sat 7am – 4.30pm 7 mins to Kapooka and to Wagga is 15 mins

WINNER Best Bakery/Cafe for 2012 in NSW

Secret Garden Cafe Monday-Tuesday Wednesday - Saturday Sunday Cnr Sturt Hwy & Pioneer Ave, Gumly Gumly NSW 2652

Closed 10:00am - 4:00pm 9:00am - 1:00pm PHONE

(02) 6922 7058

10 % discount with ADF ID


Open from 5pm Fully licensed Monday - Saturday

Ph: (02) 6921 9133 16-18 Baylis Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

59 Baylis St, Wagga Wagga

Ph. 02 6931 9911 10% OFF with ADF ID – in store only. Mon - Thur 4pm - 10pm Fri - Sun 12pm - 10pm (Delivery from 4pm)

The Riverine Club was established in 1881 and is the finest private members club in rural Australia.The members bar and traditional billiard room, historic reading rooms with roaring fires, mixed lounges and dining rooms all combine to create its warm and welcoming feel.

Wagga’s Multi Award Winning Restaurant

Rooms $90 – double and twin beds shared bathrooms and common TV lounge Sturt & Tarcutta Streets, Wagga Wagga

Ph. 02 6921 2031

e. w.

Dine in or Take Away Fully Licensed




/2&.+$57ŏ7+(52&.ŏ3/($6$17+,//6ŏ<(521*&5((.ŏ*$/25(+,// *5($7'$<75,36)520:$**$:$**$&20($1'(;3/25(285*5($7287'2256


take a day trip and experience

Award Winning Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory

Chocolate, Ghosts and Steam Engines… Attractions to excite the senses! Junee Railway Roundhouse Museum

Houlaghans Valley Wines

Dine out in Junee! Roundhouse Restaurant


Junee Shire is a historic tourism destination that will pleasantly surprise. With the award winning Junee Chocolate and Licorice Factory, the legendary haunted Monte Cristo Homestead, the largest working railway roundhouse in the Southern Hemisphere, beautifully preserved historical buildings, aromatic lavender fields, and colourful countryside, there’s every reason to get sidetracked in Junee.

Visit on the first Sunday of the month and enjoy the Junee Farmers Market, or plan your visit around one of Junee's great festivals and events including the Poker Run and Blues night, Junee Rhythm & Rail Festival, Riverina Schoolboys Football Carnival or Illabo Country Music Stampede. Visit us online today and plan your weekend in Junee!

Memorial Park, Junee

Athenium Theatre

AppVenture is a live, dynamic iPhone and Android app which lets you choose your own ‘AppVenture’. Download now it’s Free

Follow us on: #YouMeandJunee


Temora Visitors Information Centre

Greeting you when travelling to Temora from Wagga, Junee or Coolamon, the incredible “Rural Museum” collection is the centerpiece of the “Bundawarrah Centre”, Temora’s exciting new social heritage hub.

The Temora VIC is co-located with the Temora Rural Museum at the Bundawarrah Centre, Goldfields Way, Temora, on the Southern side of the town. The centre is manned by staff and volunteers who will assist you with information on our towns and villages and those of the surrounding Shires.

Bringing together visitor information services, dynamic exhibition space for art and craft and offering tea and coffee. The Bundawarrah Centre is not to be missed.

A wide range of Tourist brochures, maps and souvenirs ate available at the centre

In recognition of our proud Military tradition, in 2011 Temora’s tribute to its WW II “Diggers”, in the form a Book of Remembrance, was relocated to the Bundawarrah Centre and placed beneath an Eternal Flame.

VIC and the Temora Rural Museum: Hours of operation • Open 7 Days

Past the café area, the Museum buildings are seen beyond the paved terrace opening out onto the carefully maintained gardens and grounds of the Rural Museum. This will tempt you to explore the diverse exhibition of changing Australian country life thoughtfully arranged and presented for your enjoyment.

• Mon-Fri 9.30 a.m. -5.00 p.m.

From Sir Donald Bradman’s first home, to the Jimmy Sharman Boxing Troupe; the unique 1930 Buick utility and 1923 Garford fire engine, to the beautiful Engelbrecht family Dinner service, every facet of the museum’s numerous collections promise an item which will capture the imagination. The Museum is also home to the NSW / ACT Ambulance Museumas a permanent exhibition area, showing ambulances which have given NSW service for the last 80 years.

29 Junee Road,Temora

Open daily from 9-30am until 5pm the Bundawarrah Centre prides itself upon the welcome it extends to visitors to the “NSW Friendliest Town”

• Weekends and Public Holidays

9.30 a.m. -. 4.00 p.m.

• Closed Christmas day and Boxing day

Bundawarrah Centre 02 6977 1086 Temora Rural Museum P: 02 6977 1291 M: 0428 771 291








Hampton Bridge (closed)






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Railway Station

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" i ! Ø Swimming Pool





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" ) ¢ " )Sturt Mall [




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Riverina Museum



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Wagga Art Gallery




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" -



National Art Glass Gallery Information Centre

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Civic Theater


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RSL Club





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Murrumbidgee Turf Cluf





To: Wagga Airport ume Highway m - Canberra km - Sydney



Legend (Wagga Wagga CBD Inset)



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" )

Post Office

" ) ] " ) Á Ø " ) ¢


" i !


Railway Station

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" -

Information Centre

Recreation Shopping Mall

Traffic Lights


Buisness District

Map Date: 14/11/2011 Coordinate System: GDA 1994 / MGA Zone 55 File Path: N:/ESD/GIS/Projects/Streetmap/Kapooka/Kapooka_rev2.mxd The City of Wagga Wagga does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information in this product. Any person using or relying upon this product does so on the basis that the City of Wagga Wagga does not accept responsibility or liability for any errors, faults, defects or omissions in this product.

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To: 139 km - Young 316 km - Bathurst 403 km - Dubbo


Wagga Wagga CBD (see inset) OLYMPIC HW Y

To: 19 km - Wagga Airport 45 km - Hume Highway 243 km - Canberra 457 km - Sydney



To: Narranderra - 97 km Griffith - 190 km Adelaide - 918 km








Murrumbidge Turf Cluf


Turn off at Bridge Car Park

Security Gate




" ) ]

RSL Club


Kilometres 0







To: Culcairn - 78km Albury - 128km Melbourne - 452km

Wagga Wagga RSL Sub-branch dedicated to assisting all those who have served, or are still serving in our Armed Forces Areas where we can help: claims to the DVA transport

hospital visits funeral services


Cnr Dobbs & Goonigul Ave Wagga Wagga NSW 2650


KAPOOKA ARMY BASE (restricted)

Botanical Gardens











! G


pensions and entitlements


02 6921 3528 Welfare: 0409 643 008



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" )



KAPOOKA CHARITIES COMMITTEE The Kapooka Charities Committee trusts the Kapooka March Out Guide will assist you in making your visit to Blamey Barracks, Kapooka and the Riverina more enjoyable.


Now online at

The purpose of the Kapooka Charities Committee is to provide funds (donations) for disbursement to nominated charities, appeals and fundraisers operating in the Wagga Wagga and greater Riverina area, and to support the Kapooka Legacy Scholarships Fund.

The Kapooka March Out Guide is published by Tag Publishing on behalf of the Kapooka Charities Committee. (KMACC). Tag Publishing would like to acknowledge the support the Wagga RSL Club and all the advertisers in this magazine for making the publication possible.

Past beneficiaries have included Legacy, Country Hope, PCYC, The Leisure Company, Riverina Blue Bell, Ronald McDonald House, Wagga Wagga & Region Suicide Prevention Network Inc, Riding for the Disabled Association (Wagga Wagga), and the Wagga Wagga Women’s Health Centre. Some disbursements derived from advertising in the Kapooka March Out Guide are directed towards supporting worthy causes such as these. Every March Out Day at Kapooka is a special event and is a time honoured tradition for celebrating each generation of Australia’s soldiers.

Publisher: Colin Taggart

Kapooka enjoys a strong connection with the people and businesses of Wagga Wagga. Those included in the Kapooka March Out Guide look forward to being of service to you in making sure your stay is both comfortable and enjoyable. Your memories become ours, and add to the rich tapestry of Defence’s involvement in the local area. The Kapooka Charities Committee would like to thank Tag Publishing for the provision this highly professional and beneficial publication for our honoured visitors.

our ly y r mi l fo Cal nce Fa t n e Def Discou

P.O. Box 1321, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 P: 0423 449 456 E: W: Photography Jo Williams. Additional photography courtesy of the Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga City Council, Advision and Sharpshots Images.

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