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Join other young professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders for an opportunity to grow your professional network in a fun and relaxed environment. You will be greeted with a welcome drink on arrival and a delicious meal during the event. Book your place and learn more about industry peers within the region. TAG Network Midlands Members £10 & Guests £15 WEDNESDAY 17t h APRIL 2019 6pm - 8pm ROSIE'S LAUNDERETTE, GAS STREET, BIRM INGHAM B1 2HF >> TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE <<


SPOTLIGHT FEATURE Introducing Mikalya Jones, Senior Programme Manager at Uprising Birmingham


TAG NETWORK'S EVENT HIGHLIGHTS TAG Network MIdlands' Professional Networking event in partnership with Birmingham Law Society.




A TASTE OF ALUNA Wonder through the delicious world of Aluna, Mailbox Birmingham


26 SUITED FOR SUCCESS HOST EX FORCES DAY Clements and Church, Benjamin Ryan Hair.and members of the business community show their generosity and support for charity.


ROSIE GINDAY M BE Culinary innovator, social entrepreneur, MBE and supporter of employability for young people.

POST-OFFICE DRINKS TAG Network Midlands & Aluna launch Post-Office Drinks social event.

PARKINSON'S UK LAUNCH SECRET SUPPER IN BIRM INGHAM The Lord Mayor of Birmingham joins guests for the official launch of Parkinson's UK monthly fundraising event.

BSEEN: SHOWCASE EVENT Our friends at BSEEN invite you to join them for their showcase event on Tuesday 12th March 2019.



JAM IL SHABIR Meet the Managing Director of Bootcamp Media as he discuss goals, personal growth and success.

STEPHEN ARTHUR Fashion designer and entrepreneurial role model shares his professional journey.

M EM BERSHIP Find out more about TAG Network's Membership opportunity for Individuals to invest in themselves & Corporates to invest in their team.



BIRM INGHAM WELCOM E THE LAUNCH OF iDNETWORK Creative entrepreneur launches the iDNetwork for black professional across the Midlands.


M AKING HEADLINES Introducing Anita Chumber, Co-Founder of Birmingham Awards, Partner and Co-Editor of Asian Today premieres her new venture into PR.

TAG Net w or k M idlan ds Con t r ibu t or s Edwin Ladd & Aaron Archer


Which inspirational quote sums you up? "Be the change you want to see in the world" ? by Gandhi. I believe it has to start with you and we must always live authentically as yourself! Where are you from? I am proudly Brummie born, raised, educated and employed. I have been fortunate enough that the opportunities I have wanted have been available here. I believe there is so much opportunity and potential in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands and I am proud to call this city home! Tell us a little bit about your personal and career journey (early years until now)? I have always worked in the third sector in terms of my career, however, I'd developed my fundamental people skills way back in my retail days whilst still at school and throughout university. I graduated with Honours at the University of Birmingham with a Social Policy BA, with aspirations of becoming a teacher. I decided working with young people outside of the class room would be more up my street. I worked for social action charities??The Challenge? and ?Envision? before I started my work at UpRising as the Programme Coordinator. I am delighted to say that four years later I have progressed into the role of Senior Programme Manager and I'm responsible for looking after our employability and leadership

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initiatives in the city as well as building the relationships we have in Birmingham. Tell us more about what interests you? I really enjoy meeting new people and learning more about stuff I don?t know. I am a proud Young Professional Board Member of TAG Network Midlands where I get to meet a lot of amazing people by doing such varied and interesting things in the region. I am also a committee member for Birmingham Civic Society supporting the Citizenship committee and I have recently began a project with the ?Enrol Yourself: Learning Marathon? which is an amazing peer led accelerator programme where twelve people explore a question they are interested in for six months. My question is around building/creating a platform for black women to heal and grow together, there are questions around data, around death and grief and leadership potential within marginalised groups. It?s a great opportunity to learn. You can usually see me enjoying a Podcast or audio book these days, this year I?ve really gotten into them! What have been the best part of 2018 for you so far? Through my experiences I have become more confident in my future and that feeling has been awesome! My confidence has grown massively and my relationships have flourished because of that. What are your career goals & aspirat ions? One day I?d like to return to my policy roots and positively

affect education policy. It does not sit right with me that your whole life can pan out so differently depending on what area you are born in and what kind of teachers a school has. I?d love to work in the change management sector, supporting people and organisations to make sustainable systematic changes necessary. If we are talking true 'blue sky thinking' I?d love my own talk show one day, interviewing successful people to build understanding and knowledge for more people to step into their own excellence! Imagine if we all knew the formula of how to reach our full potential! What challenges do you face on a daily basis? Time is a myth! There never seems to be enough time, I?d love to be one of those people that can manage my time super efficiently but instead I?m like a magpie that get distracted by all of the shiny interesting things and people around me so I never feel as though I have enough time! Can you tell us what is your most favourite aspect of your role? Being a connector. I work with young people that have amazing potential and may not have the confidence just yet. I have the opportunity to put them in front of a professional or another young person and see their confidence grow because of that interaction. It is also common for a senior leader to approach me to express the need for new staff and I can introduce them to our fantastic Uprising Birmingham alumni that are so bright and want that opportunity. I enjoy puzzles and connecting people and organisations that need to be connected but don?t know it yet, which is amazing to be a part of! What has been your greatest career milestone to date? Becoming the decision maker for the programme that taught me so much personally. What makes you ?unique?? What people say is a unique thing about me is the ?Mikayla hugs? I give. I know I?m a good hug giver! Others have said its my nature to really see people and ensure people feel heard when they are expressing anything to me. Who has been your inspirat ion professionally? There are so many amazing inspirations that I am also fortunate enough to call friends of mine in the city which include Cheryl Garvey, Anneka Deva and Anisa Haghdadi. These women have shown me what it takes to not only dream big but also put the work in to make stuff happen. This city is lucky to have them all. What would you like to achieve in t he fut ure? I want to leave some sort of legacy, I want to play my part in making this world better. Whether that is connecting people, policy change or I played my part in developing the person that made the changes that improved all of our lives! What advice or t ips of posit ivit y would you like to share wit h ot hers? Step into your light unapologetically and authentically you; lean in to what feels right for your soul but be prepared to work for it and be kind to everyone!

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Over 100 guests attended our Professional Networking Event in partnership with Birmingham Law Society hosted at Zen Metro. Senior Partner of Tuckers Solicitors & President of Birmingham Law Society, James Turner said, "Birmingham Law Society and TAG Network Midlands joined forces with a networking event. The evening was highly successful with attendance from a large number of professionals from various sectors. "We are grateful to sponsors Shepherds, Glimpse, St Philips Chambers and Jet Vehicle Finance Ltd. It was fantastic to meet such a passionate group of professionals from students just embarking on a

career in law to senior partners and so many entrepreneurs from our local business community. BLS looks forward to partnering with TAG Network Midlands again." TAG Network Midlands' Founder & CEO, Denise Morris added, "Great partnerships are important. Working with and connecting young professionals, graduates and business leaders within Birmingham not only enriches the region but provides great opportunities for everyone to engage and conduct more business together to strengthen the region. The highly anticipated Professional Networking partnered event will return in March.

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PROFESSIONALNETWORKINGEVENT Join u s f or an oppor t u n it y t o n et w or k an d en gage w it h m u lt i-sect or pr of ession als in t h e cit y du r in g ou r join t h ost ed even t


En joy w elcom e dr in k s & can apés on ar r ival, plu s a Bu sin ess Car d Pr ize Dr aw

TAG Net w or k M idlan ds & Bir m in gh am Law Societ y M em ber s FREE / Gu est s £10pp

THURSDAY 28t h M ARCH 2019 6pm - 8pm ZEN M ETRO, 73 CORNWALL STREET, BIRM INGHAM B3 2DF BOOK YOUR PLACE 08 TAG Network Midlands Insider


We offer a fantastic opportunity for you to join and gain access to TAG Network Midlands' community of professionals, entrepreneurs, graduates and change-makers within the Midlands region. We provide the tools and knowledge for you to develop or your employees to engage with various individuals within industry, and understand how to optimise commercial and reciprocal opportunities. BETTER BUSINESS, BETTER REGION!


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With technology at the forefront of growth and progress for businesses, we caught up with Jamil Shabir, Managing Director at Bootcamp Media, a fresh-thinking Internet Marketing and Web Design agency based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. Jamil has a highly regarded reputation for his passionate and support of all things business as well as giving back to charity. Jamil shares his career journey, recalling "Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor and as a kid I had this goal. However, when I went to secondary school my idols were members of my family, so naturally I veered towards career options within a professional services environment. I chose to work at a bank for my work experience. The working hours back then were nine o'clock starts and a three o'clock finish, so I thought that would be perfect during my two weeks work experience. "I left school with good grades and decided to become an apprentice, so I applied for the Youth Training Scheme (YTS) in Banking. I remember feeling so proud when I got a placement at Midland Bank. Back then all cheques processing became centralised, so my role changed within six months. I learnt so much from working hard but when everything changed, I grew bored of Banking. Jamil reflects on his conscious decision to change disciplines and try a different direction, explaining,"I started working at Interlingua within the translation sector at the age of seventeen. My mentor, at the time was so supportive and helped me to embrace the new challenge of operating in translation which was a big thing at the time. The company had national offices with large national clients. I started out making the tea but fell in love with the culture and vibe. I was given the opportunity to raise within the company over three years. I was tasked to proof read and assess information before sending to the client. In 1992 I was unfortunately made redundant as the organisation was bought out by an American company. That was a horrible stage and I became depressed for weeks as I really missed my job and the people. "I didn?t want to sign on, and at the age of twenty, I started my own translation business with just a couple of hundred pounds in the bank. I decided that I needed to get a fax machine and installed a business phone line in my home, which wasn?t cheap back then. I had a flair for entrepreneurism, and I was young and ambitious. I had built strong relationship with clients that would help my business grow. I started to pay myself and the business was doing well, however, I was a little inexperienced about business. I recognised that I needed some guidance, so I signed up to attend some AIB and Business Link seminars, but I didn't gain any practical advice. I needed more information about accounting and how to pay HMRC. In addition, clients would pay me via invoice within sixty to ninety days which had a subsequent impact on the my company?s cash flow. I negotiated as much as I could, but my suppliers still needed to be paid within thirty days. During that time, I?d knocked on so many doors for help to improve my knowledge of business, however, the support just wasn?t there. So, I eventually closed my company as there is nowhere to hide if you don?t have the core business skills needed. That was a tough lesson to learn and not a pleasant feeling. "I had to start again and find a job. I took on a few temping roles as I wasn?t too proud to work doing data entry. By the time I was twenty-four I had no direction and felt lost. I met up with a friend one day and happened to walk into a Boots. As I had a copy of my CV on me, I asked if they had any permanent job vacancies. I was told that they had no roles, but the manager took my CV anyway. Half an hour later, I received a call from the very same manager at Boots requesting that I

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"Don't let self doubt infect your mind" come in for a job interview as there was a possible role within the sales team. I knew that I could do the job and I was successfully offered a six-month trial. Fast-forward, and I?d turned that business around selling high ticket price optical wear. I had a 'hallelujah' moment and by approaching my role in a different way, I built strong and strategic relationships with organisations and started networking for the first time. I discovered doors were opening which resulted in me becoming the company?s top seller in the UK. My manager was promoted, and I was asked if I wanted to move with him to another branch. I was happy growing my department, so I decided to stay put. A new manager started and wanted me to stop networking and to only work exclusively in the store. With the new restrictions to my role, I eventually left and started attending night school. ?I absolutely loved computers and my passion for

12 TAG Network Midlands Insider

web design grew. I didn?t realise how creative I was, and it just came naturally. I learned HTML, design and Flash. I began building websites whilst working at my new role in insurance and studying. I developed a portfolio and started tentatively thinking of how to make this into a business. I was naturally wary because of my previous experience running a business. This time around I was determined to find out more about my customers, and using my role as an insurance broker, I was also able to ask them directly about web design and gained new clients. To this day, they are still my clients. "Coincidentally, I arranged to with meet a potential client about my work and building a website. When I arrived and he offered me the prospect of working for him. Opportunities and luck really do play a part in your future. You can have the same conversation with a lot of people, just remember that all you need to do is have the right conversation with that right person. I was hired on the spot and handed in my notice at the insurance company the next day. Twelve years on, I was managing a team, enjoying

life, doing something I had a real passion for, gaining confidence networking, and developing my creative skills even further. "Adobe Dreamweaver came along and it was a game-changer. I was now able to build e-commerce sites. The team grew and I was happy. After a time, the business was thriving although my wages remained the same and didn't reflect what I had achieved for the organisation. I had a keenness to do something more. I could sell, I could design, as well as having a wealth of knowledge and skills. I started to think ?why don?t I start my own web design business??. I then took a pause as self-doubt kicked in and I began to ask myself 'why would you want to leave a steady job with a stable income?'. I then shelved the idea. He laughs,"Whilst I was out networking in 2012, I had a conversation with the right person again. At that moment I decided that now was the right time to develop something of my own. Even though I was sad to leave a role after twelve years, the time was now. I had already taught myself the processes of recruitment, credit control and educated myself during my time working for a successful business. I learnt how to do things the right way and how to avoid bad practices. I still had my thoughts of uncertainty, but I got on the with the business of starting a business. "I recruited people even though I could do everything in the business myself, as I understood that to invest and construct a great business you need to create a great team. I?ve nurtured my team for them to understand the importance of customer service. I made sure that my team know I care about them. "Within the first six months, the business was in the black and by year three, we had achieved a 400% turnover growth. That was all down to trusting my employees to do the job I'd employed them to do. I am my business; the team are the business, and they have my back. I still get involved with web designing to remind myself the reason why I do this. Jamil eagerly shares his wisdom, "In life, I always advocate the need for great mentors to support you both personally and professionally as this is so helpful to the success of your journey. I also believe that you will get an opportunity that will change your luck, however, you need to be present, and say 'yes' even if you think that you can't do it. Say yes, then figure it out. My life lessons and advice for others is - before you start on journey, you must be confident and know your craft - Don't let self-doubt infect your mind, and - Business is never done alone as you will need mentors, to surround yourself with a strong team and peers as they will provide so much as a source of emotional and professional support. Use positive energy to push yourself forward.

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Join us for a celebrat ion evening of BSEEN and a showcase of t he fantast ic st udent and & graduate led businesses t hat we' ve supported over t he past few years. Established in 2009, BSEEN has supported over 1000 students & recent graduates to launch their new ventures in Birmingham through a combination of incubation space, an intensive bootcamp, funding & mentoring. This event is all about celebrating their successes - many of the businesses will be exhibiting at the event and will be sharing their entrepreneurial journey with us. Why at tend? -

Meet our student & graduate entrepreneurs at the exhibition - working in tech, food, social enterprise & more Network with our mentors, supporters and the wider Birmingham entrepreneurial community Discover more about & support student & graduate entrepreneurship in Birmingham Find out about how you can get involved - either as a budding entrepreneur or a supporter

TUESDAY 12t h MARCH 2019 5pm - 8:30pm Millennium Point , Curzon St reet , Birmingham, B4 7XG

>> RSVP << 12 TAG Network Midlands Insider


ROSIEGINDAYMBE TAG Network Midlands Insider 15


Rosie Ginday MBE, and multi-award winning Founder of Miss Macaroon, joined us to talk about employability, her work supporting young people, presenting delicious macaroons to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their visit to the city, and being bestowed with an MBE Miss Macaroon & Prosecco Bar is situated within the idyllic Great Western Arcade in Birmingham City Centre and is the only patisserie in the world that can pantone colour match elegant sweet and savoury macaroons for her clients, which has led to commissions from major brands like Juicy Couture, Prada, Adidas, Pandora, Ted Baker and Karl Largerfeld to name a few. However, at

""Mypersonal rewardisseeing youngpeopleflourishinwhat isa highlycompetitiveindustryandthat theyareabletoworkconfidently and diligentlyinthepressurised environment"". the heart of Rosie's innovative pastry creations is a social impact story that starts with helping young people to gain employment and skills that would not necessarily be available if it wasn't for her commitment to empowering others. The origins of Miss Macaroon was created as a social enterprise business that combined Rosie's passion for premium quality food with the use of her extensive training at Glynn Purnell's Michelin starred restaurant in Birmingham, and her overwhelming desire to positively influence change for the lives of young people whose personal journeys and challenging experiences are unheard and often unsupported. These very individuals would come to benefit from Rosie's guidance, work experience opportunities, confidence building and on-going mentoring. Rosie explains, ?Creating opportunities by helping to build essential skills that will help someone to achieve their full potential and a sense of purpose is important. I used to teach many years ago, so working with young people to improve their mindset and raise the level of education as part of their development is what I am passionate about."

With the enduring strategy of offering personal growth through development and training, Miss Macaroon is a social enterprise that progresses the lives and employability individuals aged 18-35 in need of practical workplace skills. All profits from Rosie's business are reinvested in training and so far, 43 people have success as a result of the scheme since Miss Macaroon?s pilot course in 2011. The MacsMAD (Macaroons that Make A Difference) training courses enable long-term unemployed young people to build their future to become work ready. She says' "I offer two training programmes, both of which last eight weeks. The first four are spent learning functional skills like Maths, English and employability, and the second four weeks focus on work experience, at which point participants can either choose to head to the production kitchen to learn about catering, or, for those interested in retail they are able to hone their skills at Miss Macaroon and Prosecco Bar in the Birmingham." Due to the exceptional quality and highly in demand macaroons, Rosie's talents had not gone unnoticed. She was given the privilege of presenting her delectable treats to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their royal visit to Birmingham, which also coincided with International Women's Day last year. In that very same year Rosie was awarded a greatly deserved acknowledgement of her hard work and service to young people and was presented with an MBE at the Queen's New Year 's 2018 Honours list. She smiles as she explains, " It's been an amazing start to 2019 for everyone at Miss Macaroon because I was fortunate enough to be honoured with an MBE in the Queen's New Year 's Honours list. I also received a lovely card from Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, and it had a letter inside congratulating me on the MBE which was amazing. I just had to let it all sink in. The support from the business community has been overwhelming." She continues her dedication to working and supporting disadvantaged people to ensure they strive for a better future. Rosie is also involved with West Midlands Combined Authority as a member of Metro Mayor, Andy Street's Leadership Commission Board of powerhouse thought leaders set to elevate opportunities within the region through leadership, diversity and equal opportunities. Visit Miss Macaroon, 8 Great Western Arcade, Colmore Row, Birmingham B2 5HU Follow Miss Macaroon on Twitter and Instagram @iammissmacaroon

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With all the right people within Birmingham's business

cocktails. Not only has the brand become a staple for

community buzzing about the mouth-wateringly

corporate social occasions but also for business

delicious Pan-Asian food, sensational cocktails and

meetings, professional events and a learning platform.

amazing ambience, Aluna has now officially expanded

"Since the start of my journey with Aluna and Siamais, I

into the consciousness of Birmingham's city centre.

couldn?t be happier with the outcome and the support

For those fortunate to have visited Aluna in the Mailbox

we have been shown as a business and have received

have experienced the warm welcome, which isn?t just

from our Aluna VIP Angels. Our network and presence is

from their fire flaming cocktails, but essentially their

growing and I look forward to seeing what the future

passion for what they do and how they do it. It has now

holds for us and more importantly the people we work

peaked the interests of a new corporate market, which


has seen countless organisations within the region using

With Aluna's ever growing corporate network, the team

Aluna's venue as the pinnacle for outstanding corporate

have formed blossoming relationships between their

events. The team at Aluna have seen their high in

venue and potential partners to increase future

demand venue play host to a variety of new clients

collaborations that work well for all parties involved.

which has gained them more opportunities to work with companies in the heart of the city as well as its surrounding areas.

Aluna has received glowing reviews and great feedback for its hospitality, plus their unique canal side view and inviting location is just the luxury each guest gains access

Naomi Aly, Business Development Manager at Aluna explains, "Since our exclusive menu launch last year, we have met a large number of high end business people

to. If you have not yet had the pleasure of the Aluna experience, you are truly missing out!

working in the city. This has allowed Aluna to showcase

Follow Aluna & Siamais on social media

our unique venue paired perfectly with our top quality,


fresh flavoursome food and our exotic, creatively crafted @siamaisUK

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TAG Network Midlands Insider 19


An exceptional social event launched by TAG Network Midlands and Aluna saw over 80 professionals gather for an evening of networking at the canalside venue in Birmingham's Mailbox. Denise Morris, CEO & Founder of TAG Network Midlands explains the ethos behind this exciting new bi-monthly social event, "Our concept is to unite a variety of businesses within industry to gain access to junior and senior level professionals who are doing fantastic work within the city. Denise adds, "The launch of our bi-monthly Post-Office Drinks event has been so well received and we have had overwhelming support from the

20 TAG Network Midlands Insider

organisations and individuals across the business community who understand how vital it is to connect with people in different ways. Aluna & Siamais' Business Development Manager, Naomi Aly says, "The launch was not only the beginning of a wonderful and important partnership, it is the chance to offer more to our patrons, guests and sponsors than ever possible before. With combined connections, an atmospheric environment, and event support, the opportunity for relationships to grow is endless. I look forward to nurturing this event alongside Denise, and seeing the event grow."


POST-OFFICEDRINKS Join us at our bi-monthly networking event for after work drinks and canapés on arrival with the opportunity to engage with professionals from multiple sectors across the Midlands business community WEDNESDAY 6t h M ARCH 2019 5:30pm - 8pm ALUNA, 128 WHARFSIDE STREET, M AILBOX, BIRM INGHAM B1 1RQ TAG Network Midlands Members FREE / Non-Members £10 BOOK YOUR TICKETS>> w w w.t agn et w or k m idlan / even t s £3 of every ticket sold will be donated to charity


ACUTABOVE FashionDesigner &Innovator StephenArthur 22 TAG Network Midlands Insider

Raised in Birmingham, Stephen Arthur graduated from Thames

""It'sreallyimportant that youhavepeoplethat constantlypushyouand inspireyoutobethebest that youcanpossiblybe.""

Valley University in 2009. A glamorous style of tailoring and timeless silhouettes was immediately apparent in his first collection, during 2011 Swedish Fashion Week. After his Europe success, Stephen Arthur launched his own fashion label under his name in a partnership with Anikah-Miller Ryan. All Stephen Arthur 's designs have been created in England with the same aspirational, and luxury aesthetic that is at the heart of his creative vision. In 2012 Stephen Arthur won "The Perfect Party Dress" promoted by ITV and John Lewis. At age 22 his designs were distributed and sold in John Lewis stores Nationally. All profits and proceeds where donated to cancer research. In 2013 Stephen Arthur became ambassador for Sony Experia and Slenky in recognition of his work and interviews for young creative's perusing a career in fashion design and technology. Following his amazing journey and the Support of Live Nation UK, Stephen Arthur has had the opportunity to design garments for Azaelia Banks,JCole, Ella Eyre, Kanye West, Sean Paul and many other international acts Our Editor-In-Chief, DENISE MORRIS sat down with Stephen for chat about his success in fashion, his inspirations, Looking back at his vast achievements within the fashion industry, Stephan sits poised as he recants the positive influences in his life, "I honestly gained most of my inspirations by my surroundings and unique architectural buildings, This then triggers so many things in my head when creating designs. "The Stephen Arthur brand has changed so much compared to what it was a few years ago. We have become a collective company that works with amazing and alternative fashion labels. I truly love the new direction that we are taking with Stephen Arthur, as it really allows us to collaborate and leverage the brands we work with. Thinking about the positive influences he has encountered, he expresses, "I have an amazing business mentors that rarely understand the impact they have on me and the decisions I make day-to-day. It's really important that you have people that constantly push you and inspire you to be the best that you can possibly be. "I'm personally have been inspired by my family members, especially my grandmother. Her work ethics in business is truly phenomenal. I witnessed her wake every morning to run our bar and close very late at night. She is a monumental inspiration to me and my hard practices. My grandmother is an amazing role model.

TAG Network Midlands Insider 23

LIFESTYLECOLLECTIVE Stephen also wears a various professional hats, as he also works with the Commonwealth Chambers and runs a second company called The Network.

Su it by Reise Kh ak i £299 Waist coat by Kooples £120 Tie by Pr im ar k £5 Pock et Squ ar e by Pr im ar k £8 Sh oes by Ku r t Geiger £60

Explaining his passion to help others, Stephen explains,"During the early development stages of my second company called The Network, I made a vow that I would create relationships that were beyond locality. I attended an event that one of my mentors organised and met the international relationships manager of the Commonwealth Chambers. After making that initial connection, I had the opportunity to partner with them to create a separate partnership with the Commonwealth Foreign Offices. "Working with the commonwealth on a very exciting project which is the polar opposite to my fashion line is challenging, especially creating relationships with different countries, however the benefits of building solid foundations is incredibly lucrative for creative SME's and corporates that want to expand their trade and foreign relationships."

Coat by Hu go Boss (Red Label) £350 Tu r t le Neck by Hu go Boss (Black Label) £60 Belt by An der son Br ow n £75 Diesel Jean s £55 Boot s by Ch u r ch es Ch elsea £270

Andrew Vine

Speaking candidly, Stephen looks at his role in supporting young entrepreneurs. "I think it is incredibly important that we engage with aspiring entrepreneurs, as they will become the innovators of the future. We need more fresh and creative ideas to improve all aspects of today's business ethos. I try my best to offer internships to young people and to always refer them to companies that will be of benefit in improving their skills and craftsmanship. "I listen to them as I too understand what they are striving for, which is the most important rule. Once you truly know what they are trying to achieve, it is up to you to support them in the best way possible. Mentors are virtually your business parents and I take that role seriously."

Special thank you to Aar on Ar ch er , personal stylist at Selfridges and the team at Selfridges & Fumo, Birmingham Bullring Images by Edwin Ladd

24 TAG Network Midlands Insider

So, what exciting plans or projects are on the horizon for this pogressive fashion designer? Not missing a beat, Stephen shares his vision, "My company is currently going through a very exciting re-brand. Our new collection will be heavily focused on alternative menswear. So far, I have been involved in various collaborations to bring this new line to life. I am extremely excited and can not wait to share it with the world."

BIRMINGHAM'SFIRSTPARKINSON'SUK'SECRET SUPPER' The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Yvonne Mosquito, attended and spoke at the press launch for Birmingham's first Parkinson's UK 'Secret Supper ', organised by local Marketing and Advertising Agency, FRAHA, and Regional Fundraiser for Parkinson's UK Birmingham and Black Country, Gayle Kelly. The event took place at popular Italian restaurant, Pasta Di Piazza, in St Paul's Square, around which the Secret Supper event will take place on 9th April. Speakers from Parkinson's UK and the Lord Mayor gave moving and insightful speeches about their personal experiences with Parkinson's and with people close to them who are suffering with the condition. The Lord Mayor shared how much her father 's struggle with Parkinson's affected his daily life and their collective family life. She shed light on the important work that Parkinson's UK do for people and families suffering with a condition that "not many people talk about" but that we need to and should do. "Our lives are not just about ourselves, but about helping, inspiring and encouraging other individuals. "Your money, but most importantly, your time, is really valuable to making a difference to people who are suffering with Parkinson's" said Lord Mayor, Councillor Yvonne Mosquito. The Lord Mayor thanked and praised event organisers, FRAHA, and Gayle from Parkinson's UK Birmingham & Black Country, for raising awareness for an important charity which offers vital and specialised support to people and families suffering with the condition. Barrie Smith, a volunteer and ambassador for Parkinson's UK, also spoke at the event about his experience with the condition: "Parkinson's is life changing; it affects you in many ways and seriously complicates your life. Parkinson's UK supported my family through one of the most difficult periods of our lives. We wouldn't have coped as well as we did without them. They donate services, resources and facilities which are vital, and their continuance is absolutely necessary." Guests were also treated to drinks and Italian food, all sponsored by Birmingham marketing agency, FRAHA, who are also sponsoring the Secret Supper drinks reception at the Jam House, along with Jewellery Quarter Businesses, Sonny's Jewellery and Jones Davey Executive Legal Search

Consultants. FRAHA are also providing media support throughout the lead-up to, and following, the Secret Supper on 9th April. "The Press Evening went incredibly well and we're so grateful to everyone who came along, to the Lord Mayor, and to Barrie and Gayle from Parkinson's UK, who all so generously shared their experiences with Parkinson's. Their speeches were very moving and educated us and our guests on this life changing condition. We are even more determined after the Press Evening to help make the Secret Supper a success. We, along with Gayle, have high hopes to keep the Secret Supper going annually to raise much-needed awareness for this important cause, in a fun way that showcases the best of Birmingham and it's culinary delights!" Managing Director, FRAHA Marketing & Advertising. The Secret Supper is a unique, multi-dining experience centred around the Jewellery Quarter 's St Paul's Square, where guests will visit three different restaurants for three different courses, with the location of their meals being kept a surprise until the evening. The six restaurants taking part in the Secret Supper are; award winning steak restaurant, Anderson's Bar & Grill, modern Italian restaurant popular for its fresh seafood dishes, Cucina Rustica, the beautiful St Paul's House, serving simple and tasty food, Mediterranean restaurant specialising in tapas dishes, Locanta, rustic Italian restaurant, Pasta Di Piazza, and a Birmingham favourite music venue and restaurant, The Jam House, which will also be hosting the drinks reception and charity raffle for Parkinson's UK. Guests will find out at the drinks reception, which three of the six named restaurants they'll be dining at for each course. To buy your ticket for the Secret Supper please visit:

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Styling at EX FORCES DAY Support of Suited for Success, 19 February 2019 Clements and Church are thrilled to be working with Birmingham based charity Suited for Success, recycling and repurposing our tailoring and accessories to help men to dress for forthcoming interviews, and on the path to employment. On Tuesday 19th February we took part in a volunteering day at the charity, with Clements and Church Tailors assisting and advising a group of unemployed ex-military clients on how to wear our suits, as well as teach-ins on ties and accessories. The day also included grooming sessions and one to one interview coaching and employment advise from volunteers at The National Grid. Patricia from the charity said: "Our clients and ex-military charity partners attending the day were absolutely bowled over by the generosity and kind volunteering support from both Clements and Church and Benjamin Ryan Hair. It was such a treat for our ex-military clients to be dressed and styled by the teams alongside the interview coaching sessions and employment advice with National Grid staff volunteers and business professionals on the day helping to prepare them to make that crucial first impression count in their next job interview. "Our mission at Suited for Success is to create a platform that brings the business and charity sectors to work together and impact unemployment. The day really was our mission in action. It was also such a pleasure and an honour to support and serve those that have served our country. An incredible day!!!" On the day tailors Aaron Foster and Michael Harris dressed 8 veterans in interview appropriate wear, styling classic charcoal or navy suits with white, blue and pink shirts, brogues or oxford shoes and coordinating ties and socks to finish the looks. James, who was injured in his 12 years of service; said: ?I have always wanted the opportunity to have someone choose the right clothes for me.? Matt, who was in in the army for 26 years- loved his new look ? we dressed him in an elegant French navy single-breasted suit with white shirt and a silk purple and blue spot tie. He said; ?it makes me feel amazing, the fabric and the colour is perfect.? Benjamin Ryan hair set up a mini salon at the charity and were busy all morning trimming beards and cutting hair; for Tom, who was previously in the air force, it was one of the first proper haircuts he had experienced, saying ?I have spent most of my years with a buzzcut.? By the end of the day there was a great sense of achievement in the room. You could visibly see the increased confidence on the men?s faces as they saw themselves in the mirror. Jane Russell from The Poppy Factory said: ?It is wonderful to have the opportunity to bring wounded, injured and sick veterans The Poppy Factory are supporting back into employment here to receive bespoke styling that can make an impression at interview. The time and attention afforded has made a huge difference to confidence levels and adds further to the support provided by Patricia and her team at Suited for Success. Thank you very much for giving our veterans such a wonderful and uplifting experience on their journey back into employment?.

26 TAG Network Midlands Insider


TAG Network Midlands Insider 27

IDNETWORKLAUNCHESINTHEMIDLANDS N ew business network for black professionals launches in Midlands. A Coventry entrepreneur has launched a new network aimed at Black business professionals, with the backing of West Midlands Mayor Andy Street. After setting up her own business in 2017, communications consultant Nyasha Pitt struggled to find business networking specifically for African and African Caribbean professionals, so after a discussion with the West Midlands Combined Authority, she set about creating the community she sought for herself and like-minded professionals. The community, iDNetwork, will be focused on creating a positive, proactive network that champions and empowers Black professionals, entrepreneurs and business

28 TAG Network Midlands Insider

leaders. It will aim to provide inspiration, motivation, and support through structured networking, inspirational talks, challenging panel discussions, workshops and masterclasses for Black professionals in the Midlands. iDNetwork officially launched in Birmingham on 14th February at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. More than 40 delegates attended the launch event, with speeches from West Midlands Mayor Andy Street, UpRising Birmingham?s Senior Programme Manager Mikayla Jones and iDNetwork founder Nyasha Pitt. Commenting on iDNetwork, Nyasha said: ?I was overwhelmed by the response to the launch of iDNetwork and hugely grateful for the support I have and continue to receive from Mayor Andy Street

and his team. I love building relationships with all sorts of people and am a passionate and prolific networker. I am part of networks aimed at only women, ones focused on specific industries and ones that are purely for entrepreneurs. iDNetwork is just another community I will belong to; for Black professionals to discuss issues specific to our experience, whilst creating meaningful connections.? West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street is passionate about increasing diversity in leadership across the West Midlands, launching the ?Leaders Like You?initiative through his Leadership Commission in 2018. On the new iDNetwork, Andy said: ?A lack of mentors, role models and appropriate networks of individuals to provide social

Nyash a Pit t , Cr eat or of iDNet w or k support and advice was identified as a key barrier to diversity in leadership in the Leadership Commission report. I am really

pleased that Nyasha has proactively sought to remedy the lack of networking and developmental opportunities for Black professionals in the West Midlands area through the creation of the iDNetwork.?

connections, practical training and panel discussions on key topics of interest for Black business professionals on a range of topics including the Privilege Problem, Personal Branding, Unconscious Bias and Personal Development.

Senior Programme Manager Mikayla Jones said: ?I think this is network is so important. To have that space for us to come together with other black people and help us better connect is so necessary. I am so looking forward to seeing what happens as a result of the connections made in this network, the differences that we get to see in the region and the pure potential that we have as a community that we can realise.?

Th e n ext iDNet w or k even t w ill t ak e place in M ar ch in Coven t r y. For m or e in f or m at ion f ollow iDNet w or k on social m edia:

iDNetwork will provide online and offline networking opportunities for Black professionals in the Midlands. A website will launch later in 2019, with iDNetwork offering networking events structured around effective

@idn et w or k u k on In st agr am & Lin k edIn , @idn et w or k on Facebook @idn et w or k 3 on Tw it t er .

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From making Headlines for others Anita Chumber is

support on their business growth.

now making her own headline as a director of a very up her own PR business.

With the ongoing support she has built, Anita has set up a PR company ?It Is PR?helping businesses deliver ideas, social and creative marketing services.

Anita joined The Asian Today newspaper in 2003 after a 7-year spell at Trinity Mirror, where she first learnt the role of working in media and PR.

It Is PR offers marketing & event support to businesses, retail, hospitality, leisure and third sector organisations.

Although, she originally took the position of Sales Manager she has been able to evolve her role into becoming a Partner and Co-Editor.

Anita has used her organically gained knowledge and experiences to help support others by

successful events company and most recently setting

Over the last few years Anita has built extensive network as she has been very proactive in supporting businesses via the newspaper this has led her to realise that more needs to be done to celebrate these hard working businesses so with her business partner she has created two award ceremonies ?Birmingham Awards?and ?Midlands Food Drink & Hospitality Awards? formerly known as the Birmingham Food Drink & Hospitality Awards that celebrate organisations and individual from various sectors allowing for horizontal and vertical networking at these award ceremonies. The awards have enabled Anita to successfully build her network and has allowed her to excel in her media and PR experience by offering clients ideas and

30 TAG Network Midlands Insider

bringing a fresh look to supporting businesses grow.

Email: Twitter: @itispr_

ADVERTISEWITHUS TAG Network Midlands Insider magazine is a quarterly digital publication that showcases the talents of multi-sector professionals, entrepreneurs and corporations within the Midlands.

Each issue provides editorials, interviews, features, news and events from the region's business community.

For advertising, sponsorship opportunities, or to request a TAG Network Midlands Insider Media Pack contact us at an it a@it ispr .co.u k

Send your content, announcements and press releases to en qu ir ies@squ

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TAG Network Midlands Midlands Insider Magazine - Issue 3  

Our Leadership Issue features; Rosie Ginday, Mikayla Jones BSEEN Stephen Arthur Jamil Shabir Suited For Success Aluna Anita Chumber and mor...

TAG Network Midlands Midlands Insider Magazine - Issue 3  

Our Leadership Issue features; Rosie Ginday, Mikayla Jones BSEEN Stephen Arthur Jamil Shabir Suited For Success Aluna Anita Chumber and mor...


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