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CHARITYLIVE MUSICEVENT w w w.t agn et w or k m idlan / even t s

We are delighted to invite you to join us for an exciting evening of music, networking and socialising in aid of a fantastic cause. Su it ed For Su ccess is an outstanding charity that helps unemployed men and women find a suitable interview outfit will give them the confidence they need to make that positive first impression and get a job that could change their life.

Get your music trivia hat on & assemble your superstar team! A charity raffle will be held during the event with fantastic prizes.

THURSDAY 28t h JUNE 2018 6pm - 9pm BUSHWACKERS, 103 EDM UND STREET, BIRM INGHAM Welcome Drinks & Food will be served Non -M em ber s ÂŁ20pp / TAG M em ber s ÂŁ10pp

Pr ou dly Su ppor t in g



SPOTLIGHT FEATURE Introducing Helen Gordon, Tax Consultant at Woodshires. An outgoing, bubbly, Black Country girl who loves all things Tax.


TAG's 4t h BIRTHDAY BASH Milestone celebration, uniting professionals from diverse sectors within the Midlands to raise a glass to TAG Network Midlands at Zen Metro, Birmingham.


M EM BERSHIP Find out more about TAG Network's Membership opportunity for Individuals to invest in themselves & Corporates to invest in their team.




Snapshot of TAG Network Midlands popular Spotlight Editions which will feature professional talent each month.


He shares his background, becoming an 'Artrepreneur ' as well as his support and influence within the creative sector.



TAG TALKS LEADERSHIP WITH WEST M IDLANDS COM BINED AUTHORITY TAG Network's Leadership Development Collective collaborates with West Midlands Combined Authority to discuss young people, the succession of leadership within the region and opportunities.

THE LAUNCH OF TAG's ONLINE ACADEM Y TAG Network Midlands launches their members online Acadeny with FREE Courses in partnership with North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College.

SUITED FOR SUCCESS This month TAG Network Midlands is supporting Suited For Success, an amazing charity that works with unemployed men and women build their confidence to help change their lives.



UPCOM ING EVENTS Find out about TAG's upcoming events, from Professional Networing Events, Boardroom Sessions in association with iHub, Charity Live Music Social Event, to Midlands Leaders Network Breakfast.


NOSH & BREKS Check out great places to eat! Food review of Wing Wednesday at Original Patty Men Ph ot ogr aph y Edwin Ladd, Sylvia Chan, Richard Battye


Wh ich in spir at ion al qu ot e descr ibes you best ? Follow your heart! This comes from my mum and I always seem to follow this not only in my work life but also my personal. If it feels right I tend to go with it, your feelings are never far wrong and if they ever are then its a mistake to be learnt from. Wh at par t of t h e M idlan ds do you call h om e? I'm a Black country girl born in West Bromwich, I did live in Derbyshire for 9 years from 2004-2013 Tell u s abou t you r in t er est s an d h obbies. I love spending time with my friends,we are often out for meals especially curries and drinks, also concerts and weekends away. I love theme parks and quad biking anything that gets your pulse racing as I'm a huge adrenaline junkie. I'm also a fan of zumba and karaoke. Wh at m ak es you ?u n iqu e?? When I go networking, people often say "there is no forgetting you" and I'm told it's my bubbly personality, infectious smile and laugh. I'm very passionate about my job and that comes across to anyone I speak to. Wh at h as been a car eer h igh ligh t f or you so f ar ? Joining Woodshires the back end of 2017 was the highlight of my year being part of this amazing team and

04 TAG Network Midlands Insider

feeling like I am going in the right direction in my career Paul and Stuart Wood are great mentors and are spending a lot time and money on nurturing me and ensuring my progression within Woodshires. Tell u s a lit t le bit abou t you r per son al an d car eer jou r n ey. I started work aged 15 working Saturdays on a fruit and veg store on Great Bridge market even from that age I was learning great people skills. When I left school I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do so I got a job at a Dunelm Mill store. Then I went to work at Pizza Hut at 17 and loved it, this was such a fun job and of course I was able to eat lots of pizza! This job was fast paced and very customer focused, so Ii learnt how to manage customer expectations and sometimes the odd complaint too. At 19, I started working for Keltruck Scania as a PA and switchboard operator. I was also in charge of the diary booking meetings and visitors as well as allocating parking bays to the truck drivers and many other admin duties. I think this is the point in my career I started to realise that I'd had enough of retail and catering. I actually quite liked being office based and having lots of responsibility.

I left here after 2 years and moved to Solihull where I landed a position at a large logistics company based at JLR (NYK Logistics).

I had many roles here, as I started out in payroll and admin, working on many software systems dealing with data input, staff holidays and general queries for up to 300+ staff. I then moved into accounts as a clerk and was mentored by a great woman who was head of the entire contracts Finance department. I began in purchase ledger eventually building my knowledge and experience to land my own set of accounts for the Aston Martin contract doing the weekly profit and loss reports KPIs and reporting to the Directors. In 2013 my career changed direction as I had moved to Derbyshire to follow my heart and love! I started working a medium sized family dental practice to which I resulted in me running the practice in every aspect, managing the staff , rota?s, office and reception. I eventually trained to become a dental nurse. Wh at ar e you r car eer goals / aspir at ion s? I love my job and I have so much potential to grow, I see myself in a couple of years becoming sales director and looking after new staff and training them using my skills I have been passed on from Stuart and Paul. Wh at ch allen ges do you f ace on a daily basis? I suppose the most challenging part some days is trying to fit all my meetings in especially if they are a little spread out area wise. No matter how you try and plan your diary you can always still end up with a mad day where nothing goes to plan, meetings run over and your stuck in traffic to top it all off. Can you t ell u s w h at is you r m ost f avou r it e aspect of you r r ole? My favourite aspect is not only working within an amazing team which are like a family, but also meeting the most amazing people and learning what they do. We work with such an array of clients and it's such a social job which I love. No day is ever the same. Wh at h as been you r gr eat est car eer m ilest on e t o dat e? My greatest career milestone for me was signing my first client and smashing all my targets. I am proud to be doing things that wasn't expected till about 3-4 months in my role. Wh o h as been you r in spir at ion bot h per son ally an d pr of ession ally? My mum has always inspired me greatly and installed honesty and good work ethic in me. I am a positive person and have a great outlook on life. My jobs have provided me with great experience in lots of areas. I've had some great managers over time that have encouraged, believed and brought out the very best in me especially Stuart and Paul. Wh at w ou ld you lik e t o ach ieve in t h e f u t u r e? A Director position and be top of my game Wh at advice or t ips of posit ivit y w ou ld you lik e t o sh ar e w it h ot h er s? Work Hard! Don't wait for things to happen, make them happen. Believe and you will succeed.

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TAG Network Midlands celebrated its 4th Birthday in style at Zen Metro surrounded by young professional trailblazers and influencers within the Midlands. Denise Morris, Founder & CEO of TAG Network Midlands said "What a fantastic four years it has been, our reach has grown, as well as having positively impacted the development of young professionals, entrepreneurs, graduates and students across many sectors. Nurturing professionals to help them become super-connected has created better opportunities and better business in the region, long may this continue.

08 TAG Network Midlands Insider

Our event sponsors SME Outsourcing, Bootcamp Media and Lamont & Co Estates along with the wider business community have all been extremely supportive of our networking community." Amina Hussian, Director of SME Outsourcing shared, "I would like to say a big thank you to TAG Network Midlands for the opportunity to be a part of this great milestone event. I believe that the next generation of leaders needs to be given more encouragement to meet other peers and established professionals. TAG truly champions this. It is a pleasure to support a fantastic organisation."


We offer a fantastic opportunity for you to join and gain access to TAG Network Midlands' community of professionals, entrepreneurs, graduates and change-makers within the Midlands region. We provide the tools and knowledge for you to develop or your employees to engage with various individuals within industry, and understand how to optimise commercial and reciprocal opportunities. BETTER BUSINESS, BETTER REGION!


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ATRUFORCEOF NATURE 10 TAG Network Midlands Insider

EARLYLIFE Growing up in an inner-city area, life was far from easy. I learnt at a very early age I had a passion for enterprise, the arts and events, something that would later in life give me a career. At eight years old I organised my first event in my bedroom I shared with my twin brother. The event was a talent show that took place in an abandoned garage that was approximately 100 yards from our house. I invited local talent to perform and paid them 10p each. I invited all the kids in the area who all paid 30p each for entry. Those days we didn?t have social media so it was marketed entirely through word of mouth ? the best form of marketing! I knew then that I had passion for enterprise, developing and providing a platform for talent and curating events. I became an ?Artreprenuer ?.

"IT'SNOTABOUTTHE IDEAS,IT'SABOUT MAKINGIDEASHAPPEN!" I now stand as the Founder & Managing Director for The Alternative Events Company, an event management company that specialises in coordinating high quality corporate and youth events across The Midlands. The business has worked with a variety of organisations across the city including Marketing Birmingham, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham City University and Trinity Mirror.

approximately 100 students weekly, providing extra curricular arts activities. I am an Ambassador for Love Brum and also a Trustee for Creative Academies, a charitable organisation that offers educational, personal development and training workshops that prepare young people and adults for real life. I am really passionate about events, enterprise and the arts. I have a career spanning over 15 years in the events industry planning consumer, corporate and celebratory events. My expertise crosses over a variety of fields including project management, marketing and communications, PR, social media and strategy. Over the years I have been awarded with numerous accolades for enterprise and my contribution to the arts. In 2014, I was recognised as one of Birmingham?s most inspirational young leaders and recently been nominated to be featured in the THIS BIRMINGHAM campaign and most recently I was crowned 2018 BYPY's Marketing & Communications Winner.

Tru Powell will be joining us at TAG Network Midlands' LEADERSHIP DEVELOPM ENT COLLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING EVENT on Wedn esday 13t h Ju n e 2018 at Th e Bot an ist . He will be sharing his career journey and discussing the topic of 'Resilience Within Leadership. Spaces are available at w w w.t agn et w or k m idlan / even t s

Image: Tru Powell, winning the prestigious BYPY award for Marketing & Communications category.

I am also the Managing Director for The Alternative Wedding Group, a luxury wedding planning organisation that specialises in wedding planning, wedding coordination and wedding masterclasses. In addition, I am the Creative & Events Director for Aston Performing Arts Academy, a community interest organisation that exists to empower young people through performing and creative arts. Since the organisations inception in 2004, the company has impacted the lives of over 3000 young people in the Midlands. The organization currently works with

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MORETHANJUSTASUIT Suited for Success began life in 2015 as ?Project 14?, a CSR initiative brainstormed and launched by Gowling WLG and other professional services firms located in the West Midlands. Gowling WLG convened the programme with the help of David Richardson, regional MD of Lloyds Banking Group and Nick Venning, then marketing director at PwC, by writing to CEO?s and senior/managing partners of professional services firms in Birmingham and inviting them to nominate some of their junior/mid-ranking rising talent to take part.

Lorna Gavin, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Corporate Responsibility at Gowling WLG talks about how Suited for Success came to life, she says: "The goal was simple ? bring together a small group of young professionals to form a volunteer consortium and identify a need for a disadvantaged community or group within the region. The members of Project 14 had to implement a scheme to meet that need and deliver a solution for it." The group recognised that unemployment is a major issue that needs tackling so they explored ideas around unemployment, confidence and the need for a decent outfit for a job interview conundrum and realised that they could do something about it. 12 TAG Network Midlands Insider

The group partnered with Birmingham Central Foodbank who was also running piloting a job club at the time supporting their foodbank clients back into work. There was great synergy with Birmingham Central Foodbank and what Suited For Success wanted to do. The initial partnership with the foodbank was a great start as we saw the big overlap between food poverty and unemployment. One of the group members Laura Holmes, an associate at law firm Gowling WLG, explains how Suited for Success got started: ?We wanted to come up with some sort of initiative that would help Birmingham in some way and went away and thought about it for some time. Then we came up with the idea to get gently worn workwear and give it to people who are out of work so that hopefully they can get jobs. We got into partnership with Birmingham Central Foodbank having identified Ladywood as an area we wanted to help." Suited for Success is based in Ladywood, an inner-city constituency of Birmingham supporting unemployed men and women on their journey back to employment. We work on a referral/appointment basis ONLY and all referred clients must have proof of a guaranteed job interview.

People are referred to our centre through a variety of referral frontline support agencies including: Job centres, work programmes, job clubs, debt advice agencies, homeless services, ex-offenders support services, drug recovery support services and more .

FREE in t er view clot h es Referred men and women are given a complete suit or smart clothing outfit ( including shoes and accessories depending on available styles and sizes) so they feel more confident and start believing in their own ability to succeed in their job interview. If the client is successful in the getting the job they can come back to us to receive a few more items of mix and match clothes so they can look the part in the first few weeks of their new job. All the clothing is given 'FREE OF CHARGE' and is theirs to keep. During the appointment clients are also encouraged with helpful tips and advice to help them not succeed their interview. To discover the many ways in which you can get involved with 'Suited For Success', we invite you to join us on Th u r sday 28t h Ju n e to take part in our Charity Live Music Event in support of this fantastic initiative.

'Su it ed f or Su ccess br in gs t oget h er t h e cor por at e, volu n t ar y, st at u t or y an d ch ar it y or gan isat ion s in Bir m in gh am t o pr act ically t ack le t h e bar r ier s of u n em ploym en t m en an d w om en in ou r cit y f ace on t h eir jou r n ey t o em ploym en t .' TAG Network Midlands Insider 13

WESTMIDLANDSCOMBINEDAUTHORITY LEADERSHIPCOMMISSION This month will see the launch of West Midlands Leadership Commission's report addressing the key challenges that remain for the Midlands as a first step in acknowledging the leadership diversity deficit in our region. The report spearheaded by West Midlands Mayor will be officially launched on Monday 11th June. TAG Network Midlands contribution was to host our Leadership Development Collective Focus Group in partnership with West Midlands Combined Authority's Leadership Commission in March. During this round table discussion, our young professional members and participants shared their personal and professional experiences and insights on leadership across different sectors and diverse communities within the Midlands region. Their communicated what great leadership looks like and explained their thoughts on what types of opportunities should be readily available across the region for young people to thrive. Founder & CEO, Denise Morris said, "Supporting aspiring leaders is so important for the progression of talent within the region. It was incredibly insightful to hear directly from young professionals and aspiring leaders about their challenges, opportunities and experiences of leadership within their sectors and the wider Midlands region. Companies should work together to help feed into the talent development succession" The report highlights the need to create leadership opportunities, maintain inclusion and disrupt leadership stereotypes. 'Leaders Like You': A Report from the West Midlands Combined Authority's Leadership Commission 2018 are available NOW #ImHere

14 TAG Network Midlands Insider

Thank you to Rosie Ginday, Leadership Commissioner for co-facilitating this event along with our CEO, Denise Morris. A special thank you to Continuum Corporate Lawyers for hosting us.


TAG Network Midlands Insider 15

TAGNETWORK ONLINEACADEMY Leveraging commercial added value from education, business skills, and personal development is key. We are delighted to have partnered with North Warwick & South Leicestershire College to deliver our individual members and Corporate members exclusive access to FREE Online Distance Learning Courses. As part of our membership experience, we are providing the opportunities for member organisations and patrons to help upskill their team members and equally, enabling individuals who are committed to investing in their own develoipment to gain additional and essential knowledge.

To find out more, simply click out w w w.t agn et w or k m idlan / dist an ce-lear n in g-cou r ses If you which to become a TAG Network Midlands member, SIGN UP and have the advantage of our FREE courses. 16 TAG Network Midlands Insider



LEADERSHIP DEVELOPM ENT COLLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING EVENT We are delighted to be joined by esteemed special guest speaker, Tru Powell, MD of The Alternative Events Company, and Creative/Events Director of Aston Performing Arts Academy. He will be sharing his professional journey and discussing the topic of 'Reslience Within Leadership' WEDNESDAY 13t h JUNE 2018 6pm - 8pm at The Botanist, 14 - 16 Temple Street Birmingham

CHARITY LIVE M USIC QUIZ EVENT We are delighted to invite you to join us for an exciting evening of music, networking and socialising in aid of a fantastic cause. Get your music trivia hat on & assemble your superstar team! A charity raffle will be held during the event with fantastic prizes. THURSDAY 28t h JUNE 2018 6pm - 9pm BUSHWACKERS, 103 EDM UND STREET, BIRM INGHAM

BOARDROOM SESSIONS TAG Network Midlands presents our exclusive 'BOARDROOM SESSIONS' in partnership with iHub. Delivering masterclass sessions presented by business community influencers & leaders, this event is for founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners. TUESDAY 10t h JULY 2018 TUESDAY 17t h JULY 2018 TUESDAY 24t h JULY 2018 TUESDAY 31st JULY 2018 6pm - 8pm at iHub Office, Colmore Gate, 2-6 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2QD

M IDLANDS LEADERS NETWORK BREAKFAST Uniting multi-sector professionals within the Midlands with leaders of industry in a relaxed setting and meet over coffee/tea, breakfast and great conversation! THURSDAY 18t h JULY 2018 7:30am - 9am at 200 Degrees Coffee 21 Colmore Row, TAG Network Midlands Insider 17


The popularity of chicken wings as a meal is a bit weird, if you think about it. Compared to something like a burger, the effort to volume-of-food ratio is pretty damn high. But irrational as it is, I love a ?wang?as much as the next ?thang?, and it?s good to see more places popping up around Brum to fill the wing shaped hole left by the Butcher ?s Social. One such hole-filler are burger legends Original Patty Men who have turned their attention to the other side of the farmyard for ?Wing Wednesdays?. I?m not going to write War & Peace about chicken wings, but this deserved a post because OPM have got. it. nailed. Their menu has four regular choices of wings (Buffalo, BBQ, Gochujang, Alabama), plus a rotating special, currently Chicken ?n? Waffles. We ordered them all, but if you?re not as greedy as us then feel free to close your eyes and point; whatever you land on will be world class. There?s tang, heat and sweetness in the various sauces, not a soggy chicken skin in sight and the battered Alabama and Waffle wings have perfect crunch even when doused in white sauce or honey respectively. Oh, and make sure you order fries to scoop up the last bits of sauce once you?ve finished the wings. Bravo, guys. You?ve done those chickens proud and made hump day that little bit more manageable.

Original Patty Men is at 9 Shaw?s Passage, Digbeth, B5 5JG

18 TAG Network Midlands Insider

YOURBUSINESS COULDBE FEATUREDHERE For further information, simply contact us at in f o@t agn et w or k m idlan


After first introducing our Birmingham business centre a little over a year ago, we are excited to announce the opening of our new floor within the Colmore Gate Building. The expansion of our centre sees more than 300 new workstations being introduced to Birmingham's Colmore Business District, and to celebrate we've organised a little get together to which we invite you to join us for a few drinks, nibbles and a general catch up. We've also invited a guest speaker who will be officially opening the floor and tours of the new office will be available for those who want to see the new space.

4:30pm - 7pm iHu b Of f ice, Colm or e Gat e, 2-6 Colm or e Row , Bir m in gh am B3 2QD Please RSVP before Tuesday 26th June >>HERE <<

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TAG Network Midlands Insider - Issue 1 June 2018  

Get the latest TAG Network Midlands Events, News, Exclusive Offers & Opportunities.

TAG Network Midlands Insider - Issue 1 June 2018  

Get the latest TAG Network Midlands Events, News, Exclusive Offers & Opportunities.


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