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TagAlarm For Quarries

Wireless security system specifically designed for quarry applications

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Specifically designed for use in quarries Less expensive than manned guarding No power or phone lines required – ideally suited to quarry locations Protects buildings, plant, machinery, site compounds, cable and other high value equipment / materials Can protect areas up to 1 km apart Wireless security tags installed and easily repositioned Integrates with TagCam to target activity “hotspots” Monitored 24/7, 365 days a year

TagAlarm For Quarries is a dedicated monitored wireless alarm security system specifically designed for use in quarries. The remote, isolated nature of quarries makes them highly vulnerable to theft and other criminal activity but manned guarding can be prohibitively expensive and hard-wired systems would be impractical or too costly to install. TagAlarm has proven reliability with a rugged build quality able to withstand the harsh, exposed quarry environment. The system is backed up by our own 24-hour remote monitoring centre with rapid response procedures in place. TagAlarm can also be integrated with our TagCam wireless CCTV for enhanced security.

How it Works

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About Tag Guard Tag Guard’s range of advanced security products are designed to provide highly cost-effective security for building and construction sites, vacant properties and commercial / industrial storage yards. The company has also developed specialist, tailor-made security solutions for a range of specific user applications.

Tag alarm for quarries part of our specialist site security services range