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The House of Biceps

Do What You Love and Love what You Do

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Meet Danny Middleman

We make up a story and lead it somewhere. Wherever we stop you get to make the decisions

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what’s happening


Godzilla “An epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.” In the aftermath of War World II, affected by the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Ishiro Honda brings to the big screens Godzilla. Since its debut in 1954, Godzilla has morphed into a worldwide cultural icon. This is a movie that has become popular enough to spawn 27 sequels and inspire countless rip-offs, imitations, parodies, homages, an American remake and an American reboot to be released this May. The 2014 version of Godzilla is very much anticipated by those who love the franchise and by those who love

monster movies. At Comic-Con 2013 the director had this to say about his upcoming movie: “Godzilla is definitely a representation of the wrath of nature. We’ve taken it very seriously and the theme is man versus nature and Godzilla is certainly the nature side of it. You can’t win that fight. Nature’s always going to win and that’s what the subtext of our movie is about. He’s the punishment we deserve”. Those who remember the 1998 Godzilla movie know what a big disappointment it was. That movie received a lot of criticism because it focused too much on action and the special effects, and not enough on the drama and metaphor behind the original Godzilla. Actor Bryan Cranston said in an interview with

Omelete Entrevista that he believes the new version of the movie will erase the memory of the 1998 version.


Director: Gareth Edwards Director Writers: Dave Callaham Writers Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston Genres: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

Watch the trailer “Godzilla”

“We’re just going to take it really seriously. I’ve wanted to see this movie this way all my life. Imagine if this really happened – as crazy as it sounds – what would it really be like?”. Gareth Edwards Director

what’s happening | 5

Night Life in Limassol

Limassol is many things, but it is certainly not dead at night. I am talking about summer mostly, and that’s more than two thirds of the year. And there are so many options, this page isn’t big enough to list and describe them all. Not even if I used a really small font. And there’s definitely something for everyone. But to try and describe the nightlife I feel the need to separate the town into two main areas: the old town and the tourist area. The old town is where most of the locals seem to spend their late nights. The streets are filled with cafes, bars and lounges. It tends to be more chill-out, with its blues and jazz bars, but a walk down Anexartisias at 2am on a Saturday night is as loud as walking by a school at 1.30pm during school days. However the old town is where I like to be at night. The pedestrian streets, the city lights, the fast food take away shops and the bars have a certain friendly and welcoming feeling to them. I like being able to get a falafel or a giros at 1am between the two sets of a concert or jam session. The tourist area on the other hand is a mixed experience depending on where you go. One thing I found odd when I first went out at night in the tourist area is how crowded an ice cream shop like Haagan Daas can be at 2am. I never

think of ice cream shops when I picture nightlife in the city, but there you go. Starbuck is another place I never thought would be associated with nightlife either, but in Limassol it seems to be popular during the night too. In all fairness this is just one side of it. There are many clubs that are open until sunrise where people dance and party all night. If you’re over 23 you might feel old in some of these clubs, but rest assured it’s only some of them and it’s mostly due to the music and choice of djs. When you plan to go out at night in Limassol, bear in mind that many of the locals dress up when they go out. You may not be refused entrance in a t-shirt, shorts and flipflops, but you might feel uncomfortable alongside someone who needed two hours to get ready. And don’t be confused if at 9pm a bar is empty, locals tend to get there after 11pm. And if you’re interested only in clubbing, take a walk around the city, or watch something on TV until after midnight, bcause the club scene doesn’t start until around 2am. And don’t forget, the night holds the key. Although I’m not sure the key to what exactly… oh, well, never mind.


what’s happening


Dom Hemingway Dom Hemingway is obnoxious, rude, violent, self-indulgent and loud. These are only a few of the socially unacceptable characteristics of the protagonist. After having served 12 years in prison, he is back on the streets and determined to recover the money he’s owed. He’s an interesting character who, apart from being a great safe-cracker, is determined

to make up for the time lost in prison. So he drinks and parties as much as he can. His monologues are an important part of the movie and help portray Dom’s somewhat damaged psyche. It’s maybe worth mentioning that this movie is only okay for an audience that doesn’t mind rated movies with “sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, some violence and drug use” as

The Motion Picture Association of America tagged it.


Director: Richard Shepard Stars: Jude Law, Richard E. Grant, Demian Bichir Genres: Comedy|Crime|Drama

Watch the trailer “Dom Hemingway”

Maleficent We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty, about how Princess Aurora is cursed at her own christening by the wicked fairy Maleficent to prick her finger and fall into an eternal sleep. In the original story the evil fairy punishes the infant for not having been invited to the royal christening, but that’s hardly motivation enough for a Hollywood movie starring Angelina Jolie.

What Walt Disney does in this new interpretation of the story is give a better, more controversial background story to fairy Maleficent. We find out that she wasn’t just offended by a lack of courtesy from the royal family, but that what really drove her to revenge is having lost her wings because of King Stefan. The tale thus turns into an epic movie about justice.


Director: Robert Stromberg Stars: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley Genres: Action | Adventure

Watch the trailer“Maleficent”


125, Arch. Makariou Avenue,3021 Limassol, Cyprus

Tel: +357 25878718 | Fax: +357 25348073 | Email:


what’s happening


X-Men Days of Future Past X-Men: Days of Future Past is the sequel to both The Wolverine and X-Men: First Class that is to be released on May 23rd, 2014. It is the seventh film in the X-Men film franchise. Time travel is a very popular theme in the movie industry. And I don’t just mean Back to the Future where time travel is the plot itself, but practically any story can be given a new twist by traveling back in time or forward into the future. And traveling back in time is what the mutants in the 2014 X-Men: Days of Future Past need to do in order to save themselves and the humans. The film is influenced by the “X-Men” comics ‘Days of Future Past’ (1981) and ‘All-New X-Men’ (2012), both of which involve time-traveling mutants who seek to change history for

the better. This is the story line as summarized by Twentieth Century Fox: “The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class in an epic battle that must change the past - to save our future.” According to marvel movies wiki, the filmmakers selected the “Days of Future Past” storyline because it would allow the filmmakers to reconcile any continuity dissonances within the “X-Men” film series. The time-travel element also allowed actors from the

original film series and the intended reboot that was X-Men: First Class (2011) to appear in the same film together.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Director: Bryan Singer Writers: Simon Kinberg Stars: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman Genres: Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Watch the trailer “X-men”

“It’s going to be very ambitious. It’s called Days of Future Past and it deals with aspects of that comic but also, some very new things.” Bryan Singer Director

what’s happening | 9


Napa who look forward to Sunday in the summer so they can drive the two hours to Limassol and party at Guaba Beach Bar. I don’t know if it’s the design of the bar itself, the people, the music or the overall atmosphere, but something is attracting everyone to this place. Including myself. I really wanted to get to the bottom of what it is that makes this place such a rave, so I started an online “research” into it. I checked dozens of reviews, talked to the people who frequent the bar and stumbled upon a review on Trip Advisor that really made realize what it’s all about. The review is short, but really “hits the nail on head” as Demetris D, Manager at Guaba Beach Bar said in his reply to the review. When you go to Guaba, the reviewer says, you can just be yourself and not worry about how you’re dressed or how others are dressed. This really makes a difference in the Cyprus nightlife dominated by overpriced outfits.

A month away from the actual event, Guaba’s birthday party had already more than 800 people who RSVP’d on Facebook. And now that the big moment is coming up, everyone’s on the edge of their seats. And why not? Guaba is famous for its amazing parties, so for their own birthday you can only expect the best. After nine years of hot summers,

crazy Sunday parties and countless live events, the self-entitled Theater of Free Spirited Minds is ready to rock the island as they put it. Unusual levels of freaky have been promised and anyone who has been to Guaba knows they are good for their promise. As incredible as this may sound to some, I have met people from the infamous party town of Ayia

Under the Sky of Tango

Tsunami Boat Party

But First Let me take a #SELFIE

Under the Sky of Tango” is a story of love that can never die, it last forever, against all odds and defies obstacles. The premiere of this wonderfully touching ballet performance will take place on the 6th of June at the Ancient Theatre of Curium.

Some of the biggest advantages to living by the sea are the boat parties. Summerwaves promises to deliver the biggest boat party only in Limassol on June 6th. Featuring DJ Lil-Andrew, Tsunami Boat Party has 200 tickets on presale for 20 euro with open bar.

Sesto Senso Club presents: Bust First Let Me Take a #Selfie on Saturday, May 17th. Your selfie can win you two tickets to the event on Facebook. Plus, the selfies will be displayed on monitors during the event, the most voted will win a champagne!


When: June 6th Where:Curium Ancient Theater Time: 20:30 - 22:00


When: June 6th Where: Limassol Port Time: 18:00



When: June 8th Where: Guaba Beach Bar Time: 10:00 - 21:00

When: May 17th Where: Sesto Senso Club Time: 23:45

10 |

The House of Biceps Do What You Love And Love What You Do Clint Darden Professional Strongman | Powerlifter Weightlifter | Black Belt

The recent trend swing in exercise has become more “extreme” in nature. More and more people are leaving the conventional gyms in favor of gyms like CrossFit, training for Weightlifting, Power Lifting, Boot Camps and even Strongman. It always interests me why trends like this start and continue to grow. I am actually writing this while sitting in an airport traveling to coach my wife as she attempts to being a medal back to Cyprus from The European Masters Weightlifting Competition. My wife (Special Education Teacher in Autism, PhD) is sitting next to me eating healthy food and crocheting like crazy as we wait for our next flight. So I ask, “Why do you like the sport of Weightlifting and not just going to the regular gym like most people that teach all day and crochet in the evenings”? Her reply, “Because every day in the gym I am challenged physically and mentally. It isn’t just strength but it is a skill and I think about my skill all the time. When I am thinking about my skill I am not thinking about my difficult parts of my day. And there is a goal! There isn’t really a goal when you go to a regular gym. There aren’t any coaches or skills to learn. The competition is only a couple of days away and my goal is to do whatever it takes to bring a medal back to Cyprus. That motivates me.” I have been competing in sports since I was 4 years old and I have never stopped, so I understand. I understand how learning a skill can change your entire mindset and the fact that you have a goal in front of you can keep you excited to train as often as possible. I’ve found that my stack of bills doesn’t seem to matter so much to me when I’m excited to get to the gym that day and meet my goal! Which exercise trend is for you? You will have to look around and see which one seems the most

fun to you but make sure they have the basics needed for you to stay motivated and making progress. All of these “exercise trends” have something in common. They require skill, they are based around either meeting your goals or they will set one for you, and there are opportunities to actually compete no matter if you are a young teenager or if you are well into your “Silver Years.” And sometimes “competition” might just be your good friend standing next to you, both of you pushing yourselves to the absolute limits. In my wife’s case, there are athletes from all around Europe that also want a medal this weekend and they have all been preparing as best as they possibly can to make sure that they EARN it. If you are looking to start exercising, I encourage you to pick something that requires you to develop a skill and is also very goal oriented. This will likely get your progress started and you are much more likely to continue making progress for months and years to come. You won’t have to actually look far to get really involved with any of the new great trends in Cyprus. And don’t forget, whatever you choose, make sure that you have fun! Tons of fun!


what’s happening | 11 Touch me not

Skameika (The bench)

Panos Mouzourakis Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Oscar Brown Jr, Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, Aerosmith and the Beatles – these are the artists Panos Mouzourakis and a group of other musicians will interpret in their unique vintage style. Swing, shuffle and soul is taking place at MOV Music Stage.


When: May 31st Where: MOV Music Stage Time: 22:00

Until the 23rd of May, on the second stage of Technohoros ETHAL, actors Andrey Kroupa and Yioulia Kotova will bring to life the play of Alexander Gelman “Skameika” [The bench]. This is the first performance ETHAL presents in Russian language and will have Greek subtitles.


Eat Sleep Rave Repeat Basement Club presents Eat Sleep Rave Repeat, an event featuring Andy Von Emmanouel Saturday the 24th of May. He mixes the best of RnB and House music. He’s one of the best DJs on the island and performed in many of the most famous clubs.


When: May 24th Where: Basement Club Time: 23:45


When: May 24th - June 8th Where: Holy Cross Church, Pelendri Time: 10:00 - 18:00

When: Until May 23rd Where: Technohoros ETHAL Time: 20:30

Guaba’s Next Generation DJ

Take your passion for music to the next level and enter in Guaba’s Next Generation DJ Competition 2014. The three competitors with the most votes on Facebook will perform and compete at Guaba on Saturday the 14th of June. For more information visit Guaba’s website.


“Touch Me Not”, a different and ambitions visual art project, will be hosted by the Holy Cross Church until the 8th of June. The project aims to advance cultural innovation by presenting contemporary art creations that bear perceptions from the Cypriot art during Frankish rule.

When: June 14th Where: Guaba Beach Bar Time: Official website

King Lear Academy Award winner Sam Mendes (Skyfall, American Beauty) returns to the National Theatre to direct Simon Russell Beale (Timon of Athens, Collaborators) in the title role of Shakespeare’s tragedy. An aged king decides to divide his kingdom between his three daughters,


When: May 23rd Where: Rialto

Miss Guaba 2014

Do you think you have what it takes to be Miss Guaba 2014? Come Saturday, June 7th and find out! The candidates will get a chance to win contracts and many awesome prizes, those watching are invited to enjoy a night to remember. Free entrance. Registration deadline for candidates: 11th May, call on 99 444145. The age group that can participate: 17 - 28 females


When: June 7th Where: Guaba Beach Bar Time: 20:00

12 |

coffee shops

Cyprus Coffee It comes in small cups and is always served with a glass of water. It has a unique aroma you can’t mistake for anything else. When served in the morning it awakens all your senses. When served after a good meal it is better than dessert. Of course I’m talking about Cyprus coffee, what else? If you take a stroll through the

old town of Limassol you can’t help but notice those small traditional coffee shops where many senior citizens like to spend their afternoons. Next time you spot one, try to find a table where the customer hasn’t ordered a Cyprus coffee. In my experience that can be a really challenging game. And why wouldn’t someone enjoy that rich aroma? Many new,

trendy coffee shops for youngsters serve it too. I can’t think of any restaurant that serves Cypriot food, but won’t tempt you at the end of the meal with a fresh, hot and delicious cup of Cyprus coffee. The first time someone showed me the way it’s made I realized why it’s so strong and aromatic. My good friend Nikos taught me after explaining that I will never be able to truly say I lived and experienced Cyprus until I learn to make Cyprus coffee. For each small cup of water you have to add one heaped teaspoon of coffee. The sugar is added when the water is still cold, and you can have it sweet – “glykis”, medium sweet – “metrios”, or unsweetened – “sketos”. But what’s really fascinating is the way the coffee is heated and brought to boil. It can be done on a stove, of course, but also in small trays filled with heated sand. This way the heat is transferred more uniformly and smoothly. Plus it looks much cooler, doesn’t it?

coffee shops | 13

in the town

by the sea

Chocolate Soup

Milk Bar

Theatraki Café

Baraki Enaerios

A very chic and elegant café can be found on Makarios Avenue.It has established itself as an upper market business and is described as having relaxing surroundings and comfortable atmosphere. The decoration style is very tasteful, but impressive and the menu consists of different snacks, salads and drinks. However the emphasis is on the delicious desserts they take pride in.

You don’t have to travel to France for the brasserie experience, Milk Bar can offer you a taste of it. Situated on the popular Makarios Avenue this café has become one of the hot spots in Limassol. It’s ideal for breakfast since it offers pastries, cooked eggs, toast, coffee and freshly squeezed juices. But it’s also a good place for a light meal and wine.

Right across the road from the Limassol Zoo you’ll find Theatraki café, a cute place right on the beach with a beautiful view of the sea, and the occasional seagulls flying about. After a walk in the park and a visit to the zoo, it offers a great meet up place for friends and family to relax and enjoy a much deserved ice cold frappe.

Enjoy delicious waffles and crepes this summer, as well as other savoury snacks, salads and drinks on one of the most photographed docks on the Limassol coast. Baraki Enaerios is situated right on the dock of Enaerios area and it comes with a great view of the sea. It is a great spot to enjoy your morning coffee and paper or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Telephone: 25344141 Address: 197 Makarios Avenue Open: M-S: 07:30-01:00 S: 07:30-01:00

Telephone: 25354100 Address: 226 Makarios Avenue Open: M-S: 07:30-01:30 S: 07:30-01:30

Telephone: 96606051 Address:Akti Olimpion Open: M-S: 06:00-12:00 S: 06:00-12:00

Telephone: 99476333 Address: Enaerios, Limassol Open: M-S: 08:00-01:00 S: 08:00-01:00

ANTIQUE CAFE 6A Tsianakkale Str 25340590

DIBAR CAFE 161 Arch. Makariou Avenue 25738710

LIST CAFE 357,28th October Street 25514000

LOUNGE CAFE 5 Elenis Palaiologinas 96526332

CHOCOLATE SOUP 197 Arch. Makarios Avenue 25344141

TESORO 187 Arch. Makariou Avenue 25344444

PASCUCCI 125 Georgiou A Street 70004010

JUEGO CAFE 6 Nikolaou Xiouta 25340492

COFFEE ISLAND 22 Arch. Makarios Avenue 25333855

COSTA COFFEE 218 Arch. Makariou Avenue 25372727

BLUEBERRY CAFÉ Amathountos Avenue 25635777

DREAM CAFE Amathountos Street 25430302

COFFEE ISLAND 100 Anexartisias street 25333855

CAFFE MOLINARI 233A, Arch. Makarios Avenue 25111444

DINO ART CAFÉ 62-66 Irinis Street 25762030

ESPRESSAMENTE ILLY 1st Floor, My Mall 25716496

GLORIA JEAN’S 132 Makariou Avenue 25251136

BARAKI ENAERIOS 28th October street 70005555

CHILL OUT CAFE 10 Tsanakale Castle Area 25361128

COLD STONE Richard I & Berengaria Of Navarre 25761040

CONFUZIO & LAB CAFE 136, Arch. Makarios Avenue 25738883

AVENUE CAFE 239 Arch. Makariou Avenue 25377519

INCONTRO 244 Arch. Makarios Avenue 25377519

STARBUCKS COFFEE 3 Arch. Makariou Avenue 2581440

LA CROISSANTERIE 140 Arch. Makariou Avenue 25338333

DIZZY BIZZY 47 Promachon Eleftherias 25828300

STRETTO Vasilissis street 25820465

MIKEL CAFE 203, Arch. Makariou III 25773773

14 |


by the sea


Cyprus Meze Are you entertaining people visiting Cyprus for the first time and don’t know what dishes to recommend? Or are you a large group planning to eat out? Do you hate having to choose one dish and then thinking about the all the other options you missed out on? Then why not order a Cyprus Meze? It usually comes

Restaurants ALASIA 6 Chaidariou street 25332000 ALIADA 117 Irinis Street 25340758 ARTEMIS Pissouri Beach 25222555 BEIGE 238 Ag. Andreou 25818860 BENNINGAN’S 15A Promachon Eleftherias Avenue 25329590 BIG BEN Oktovriou 2B Street 25587546 BOHO CHIC TAPAS 24 Andrea Drousioti 25364218 CABALLEROS 19 Irinis Street 25878982

with two options, meat meze and fish meze. You are guaranteed a culinary journey through five or more traditional dishes and starters. You can order it mixed as well and some restaurants even serve a vegetarian version of it. What makes the meze special is you literally share the meal with friends.

Artemis Restaurant is a family business located near Pissouri Beach. The owners and their five children have been running this Restaurant for 18 years and they pride themselves on being a friendly, warm establishment, with good food. At Artemis you can enjoy the fish meze dishes alfresco in summer or by wood burning fires in the winter months. And it is of course, child friendly.

At Governor’s Beach you will find a charming restaurant called Faros Angelos. Since it is situated on the beach, you can enjoy a wonderful day relaxing on their sunbeds, have drinks from the beach bar and most importantly, because they always have fresh fish, it is a great place to order a fish meze. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed and quiet.

Telephone: 25222555 Address: Pissouri Beach Open: Open Daily

Telephone: 25632552 Address: Governor’s Beach Open: M-S: 08:00-11:00 S: 08:00-11:00

CHARCOAL GRILL Glafkos House 4z, Kanika 25589397

LE VIEUX VILLAGE Le Meridien Hotel

COLUMBIA STEAK HOUSE 223 Ayiou Andreou Street 25278000

NEON PHALIRON 135 Gladstonos Street 25365768

COSY CORNER 235 Kanika Enaerios 25253336

OCEAN BASKET Georgiou A’ Street 25577716

CHESTTER’S 194 Amathoundos Avenue 25025555

OCEAN BASKET Franklin Roosevelt, My Mall

DRAUGHT Vasilissis Street 25820470

OUSIA 24 Irenes Street 25109040

ERIMI KITCHEN 3 Pafou Street 25934779

REGATO 31 Georgiou Neophitou Street 25591259

KINTO 106 Amathuntos Avenue 25322922

PUESTA OYSTER BAR AND GRILL 42 Amathountos Avenue 25329040

KARATELLO Vasilissis Street 25820464





TA PIATAKIA 7 Nikodimou Mylona street 25745017

CAPTAIN`S TABLE FISH TAVERN Zygi, Marina 99438491 CHRYSO TAVERNA 57 Eleftherias Street 25341934 GASTRA MAGEIREIO TAVERNAKI 5-6 Panagioti Symeou Street 25108718 LA MER 28th October Street 25356095 METHISTANES MEZEDOPOLEIO 69 Gladstonos Street 99645497

Asian AKAKIKO Georgios A Street 25323351 BENZAI 66 Saripolou street 99608316 CHI LOUNGE 194 Amathoundos Avenue 25025555

gastronomy | 15

in the town

Gastra Mageireio

Mezedopoleio Arxontoloi

The Gastra Mageireio Tavernaki is a place for those who enjoy well prepared mezes. The restaurant serves not only traditional dishes, but contemporary cuisine and different starters. Since many of the meals and casseroles are prepared in pots and cooked in traditional wood burning stoves, their food stands out from the ordinarily cooked recipes.

Mezedopoleio Arxontoloi is situated in the Old Town of Limassol. The place used to be a mansion and it’s built from wood and stone which give the place a really distinguished look. The mezes they serve, as well as the house specialty – fresh kefalaki, draw their customers in every week. But it isn’t just the food, but also the live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Telephone: 25108718 Address: 5-6 Panagioti Simeou, Kanika Open: M-Tue: 12:00-15:00 W-Sat: 12:00-24:00

Telephone: 25344141 Address: 197 Makarios Avenue Open: M-S: 08:00-11:00 S: 08:00-11:00

PAGODA 30 Ambelakion street 25312000 PEACH BLOSSOM 28 October street, Enaerios 96688511 NIPPON JAPANESE LOUNGE Georgiou A90 70005868 THE NOODLE HOUSE Agiou Andreou Street 25820282

Italian LA BOCA 223 Agiou Andreou 25278000 AL PESTO 126 Ayios Tychonas 25329094 IL CLASSICO 117 Leontiou Street 70002767 IL SAPORE 59 Amathus Avenue 25313184

Politiki Kouzina Magda wrote an incredibly touching, yet useful post on her blog: about Greek cooking called “Family Ties”. While reminiscing about her late grandfather and his delicious cooking, she takes you on a journey through the extraordinary culinary world of Politiki Cuisine. The terms refers to the cooking style and recipes of the Greeks in

Constantinople (or Poli as Greeks call it) and it is characterized by many spices, heavy sauces and the importance of rituals surrounding the way everything is served. Such a meal should include five or six different dishes to be considered a proper meal. Among these dishes Magda mentions pastourmas, dolmadakia, soutzouki, soutzoukakia and Politiki salad.

VIVALDI Four Seasons Hotel 25858000

Take away/delivery BOB-A-LOU CREPERIE 54 Kitieos Kyprianou 25878808 DAILY’S EAT & DRINK Corner Agias Zonis and Costa Partasidi Str 70088030 FAGITOEPILOGES 120 Gladstonos street 70004449 KOUZINA LANITIS 47 Pafou street 25562346 KOUZINA LANITIS 95 Agias Filakseos 25738331 PIZZA PLUS 13 Promachon Eleftherias street 25311555 ROLLIN DINER 22 Kolonakiou Avenue 25585600

Politiki Lahanosalata Ingredients: 2 cups finely shredded white cabbage 2 cups finely shredded red cabbage 2 cups peeled and finely shredded carrot 4 roasted red peppers, seeded and finely chopped (about 1 ¼ cups) 2 Tbsp. tiny capers 1 garlic clove 1/3 cup/80 ml extra-virgin Greek olive oil 2 Tbsp. /30 ml red wine vinegar 1 Tbsp. coarse-grain Dijon mustard Salt to taste


1. Combine all the ingredients except the oil, vinegar, mustard, and salt in a large salad bowl and toss with a fork to combine. 2. Whisk together the remaining ingredients for the dressing, pour over the salad, toss, and serve immediately.

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visit cyprus

square is almost always populated, and coffee shops, restaurants, ice-cream shops and souvenir shops have opened all around the square. Because it’s part of the old town, the square has retained some of charm of Medieval Cyprus. And since it’s closed to traffic, the square makes for a great place to let your child run around.

Castle square The Castle in Limassol has been there for over a millennia and it’s been attracting tourists ever since it was converted into a museum. It is said that Richard the Lionheart married his fiancée Princess Berengaria of Navarre in the Castle of Limassol, so that covers the romantic aspect of it. Today the

In summer time the square hosts craft fairs where one can buy handmade jewellery, mosaics, or different household. I remember going out for an afternoon stroll and running into a delightful drum circle band playing for tourists and locals in the middle of the square. Another time a group of young adults from a local school performed choreographed dances to the beat of popular electronic music. And during football season the bars and restaurants project the games live. It makes you feel like you’re right there, on the football field cheering your team. There are many things you can say about the Castle square, but full of life describes it best.

| 17

18 |


Swing Time

Music Fusion Go back to 1935 USA, imagine yourself at the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles. You’re white and privileged, you’re here to have a good time and unwind from whatever the upper middle class was worried about back then. The band goes up on stage and starts singing what they believe you expect from a white band: soft, slow dance, sweet tunes. That’s not what I came here for, you think to yourself. I came to have a good time, and I end up getting bored to death. When the song’s over the band members are just as disillusioned as you are. They didn’t come here to play to a ballroom of people who sit in their chairs. So they decide to play what they love most, hot tunes borrowed from Fletcher Henderson and his black band. How does a white crowd react to black music played by white folks? Volcano like eruptions. This event is said to mark the beginning of the swing era. Of course Louis Armstrong, Henderson, Duke Ellington and other black artists were already playing these hot tunes, but you couldn’t sell such a trend unless it came from a white band. And that is exactly what Benny Goodman was, in my opinion – the neatly white packaging paper for the swing era to sell to a commercial audience. And for the next 20 years or so, swing dominated the ballrooms, the discos, the radios and was the background music of many movies, until the 50s when it came to a close. And since swing was a fusion of different instruments into a music you can dance to, it seems only fitting to me that the swing music be revived today by the combination of swing styles with contemporary production techniques including house, hip hop, EDM and not only that is called electro swing. Contemporary artists will incorporate loops, samples, melodies and styles from the swing, jazz and big band era such as the works of Django Reinhardt, Cab Cal-

loway and Benny Goodman to create new, sometimes more club friendly or more accessible sounds. Why would anyone be surprized by this new trend to bring back swing through electronic music? I mean, vintage is back, haven’t you heard? Leonardo DiCaprio starred in The Great Gatsby just last year and The Artist won countless prizes three years ago. I wouldn’t rush to the tailor and get fitted for a zoot suit, but maybe go through your grandparents’ wardrobes for a taste of the style.

music | 19

Parov Stelar He takes the best of soul, pop, jazz and swing and combines it with modern beats and grooves to create an incomparable and peerless sound. He’s not just a DJ, but a musician with his own band and unmistakable sound. In 2012 he made waves with “Booty Swing”, a song with millions of views on YouTube alone. A Parov Stelar concert is a unique experience that can’t be described, each concert is

different from the previous and the band is constantly exploring its style and pushing the boundaries.


Watch and listen “Booty Swing” video

Caravan Palace Combining electro swing with gypsy jazz, Caravan Palace managed to create a remarkable sound that has been appreciated not only in their native France, but all around Europe and North America. The musicians play vocals, guitar, violin, clarinet, double bass, trombone, vibraphone, percussion and combine it all with amazing electronic sounds. They have sold out their shows in cities like New York and are planning a

tour of North America in 2014. If you’re in the area and want the tickets, be sure to grab them while you can.


Watch and listen “Jolie Coquine” video

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bars & clubs

Prohibition era “Lips that touch liquor shall never touch ours” was supposedly the slogan for the Anti-Saloon League – the leading organization lobbying for prohibition in the United States in the early 20th century. Back then alcohol was a hot topic in the United States and a lot effort went into lobbying for each side of the debate. Because there’s nothing more fulfilling in life than imposing your own will and

Bars & Pubs CAMBANA BOOZE & CUISINE 59 Saripolou street 25100011 ZIK ZAK LOUNGE AND WINE BAR Zik Zak street 25363620 TRIPPERS Roikou & Amathountos street 25323170 RUMOURS 90 Georgiou A street 25322755 KINGSTON TOWN 7 Themidos street 25372777 LOBBY LOUNGE BAR & GRILL 258 Agiou Andreou street 25343425 MOLLY MALONE`S 180 Amathountos Avenue 25821082

personal beliefs on other people. There are so many reasons to regulate alcohol, drunk driving is something we should all worry about, under-age drinking can spin out of control, doctors advise against abusing alcohol and in some cases where there are medical issues involved they can say one shouldn’t even have a sip. But banning it altogether sounds a little extreme to a European today.

Soda water with fish is not the same as white wine with fish. And the US was of course not the only country to face such issues, other countries have tried and succeeded to pass laws banning certain types of drinks, like those with a high alcohol percentage. Some organizations are still lobbying for more regulations and worry constantly about the damages alcohol can produce to health. However it is worth mentioning that prohibiting something tends not work as well as regulating. If alcohol is prohibited many may drink more when given the opportunity, sort of make up for being denied the right to do it whenever they want. You also run the risk of people supporting criminal activity by buying alcohol on the black market without knowing how it was made and thus endagering their health even more. Regulating alcohol seems to work better and educating the population on the risks involved in overconsumption of alcohol appears to be the mature way of handling the issue.

SALUT BAR & GRILL 73 Saripolou street 99284284

VINARTE WINE BAR 31 Saripolou street 96711127

COCOON LOUNGE BAR 55 Saripolou Square 96666429

DOMA LOUNGE BAR 127 Georgiou A’ street 99652261

SOHO WINE & BEER LOUNGE BAR 35-37 Archiepiskopou Kiprianou street 70003537

DA VINCI LOUNGE BAR 28, Genethliou Mitella Street 25342030

(IN) THEORY Saripolou Square 95100250 DRIFTERS BAR & GRILL 18 Amathountos Avenue 25324243 CHESTER’S BAR & RESTAURANT 194 Amathoundos Avenue 25025555 KANELLA GRILL & BAR 67 Saripolou street 99284284 AROLA LOUNGE BAR Georgiou ‘A street 25430053 DRAUGHT Lanitis ‘Carob Mill’ Complex, Vasilissis Street 25820470

THE HAMLET PUB 78 Amathountos Avenue 70005999 ALASIA POLO BAR 6 Chaidariou Street 25332000 BARON BAR 6 Arch. Kiprianou Street 96434545

ELIXIR COCKTAIL BAR 39-41 Kitiou Kyprianou 99449672 GIOIA 193 Arch Makariou Avenue 25761761 JUST..KITCHEN BAR 22 Kanari & Saripolou 99951925 MINIBAR 55 Saripolou Street 99845149

BIZARRE BAR Athinon & Paleologinas Street 99758888

SASH LOUNGE Amathountos Avenue 99847711

CAPRICE LOUNGE BAR 72 Georgiou A Street 25865555

THE WOODMAN PUB 73 Georgiou A Street 25879082

BLUE APPLE BAR 72 Saripolou Street 25340029

THE SHIP INN 351C, 28th October Street 25582180

bars & clubs | 21

in the town

Rumours Located in the tourist area of Limassol, Rumours Bar has become extremely popular in the 10 years it’s been open. This is the place to rock the house all night, party and dance. It’s usually crowded, so table reservations are a good idea, and a bottle is required for sofa reservations. Because the drinks are reasonably priced it is always filled with young people partying.

by the sea

Soho Wine and Beer Lounge Near the City Hall, in the old town of Limassol, you will find an elegant and refined wine bar. Soho takes pride in being the first and true Wine, Beer and Mixology cocktail bar in town. Taking its name from the famous Lower Manhattan, New York art neighbourhood, Soho features an art exhibition gallery room that can be used for wine tastings and private meetings.

Telephone: 99457541 Address: Tourist Area Open: M-S: 07:00-03:00 S: 07:00-03:00

Telephone: 70003537 Address: 35-37Arch Kiprianou Street


Bouzoukia/ Live music

BREEZE DOWN TOWN 18 Agkyras Street 70005868 BREEZE VIP ROOM 90 Georgiou A Street 25322755 BASEMENT CLUB 91 Georgiou A Street 99073647 DOLCE CLUB 138 Ayios Tychonas 25314900 EMPIRE 92 Irinis Street 99496097 RETRO METROPOLE 6 Ifigenias Street 25357676


At PlusSea Lifestyle Bar you can have food and drinks at a table overlooking the sea, or you can order directly to the sunbeds outside the bar, on the beach. The bar takes pride in its dedicated team who are trained to serve and also to organize parties and events up to 100 people. A day at PlusSea goes from sunrise to sunset at beyond.

Malindi Beach Bar is the latest addition to the Uptown Square group of restaurants. During the day you can enjoy drinks and snacks on the sunbeds, shaded by beach umbrellas or have a full lunch. Cocktails and other alcoholic drinks are served in the spacious lounges. The bar is family and child friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. Plus, there’s a new sea food menu.

Telephone: 25634995 Address: Agios Tychonas Open: M-S: 10:00-22:00 S: 10:00-22:00

Telephone: 25379500 Address:194 Amathoundos Avenue Open: M-S: 08:00-02:00 S: 08:00-02:00

NOTES STUDIO Eleftherias Street (Old Town) 25344344 ROGMES 197 Agiou Andreou Street 25341010 ENTECHNI ROCK SKINI STO PERAMA 12 Zig Zag Street 25373763 RAVENS 4 Saripolou & Sokratous 99614100

Multi Function Centers

RUSSIAN PREMIUM CLUB 45 Promachon Eleftherias 25323732 7SEAS St. Andrews Street 25278000


MONTE CAPUTO 44 Platonos Street 25636333

Flaming Lamborghini • 1 shot Sambuca • 1 shot Bols Blue Curacao • 1 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream • 1 shot Kahlua Layer the Sambuca over the Khalua in cocktail glass. Meanwhile pout a shot of baileys into one shot glass and blue curacao into another. Place a straw into layered khalua and sambuca and ignite the sambuca. Start drinking and as the drinks are being drunk pour in the baileys and blue curacao at the same time. These are to be drunk through the straw as well mixing all the spirits

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Fashion as a statement In my mind, and probably in many people’s minds fashion is associated with trends, expensive outfits and a certain body type, preferably the size 0 international model body type. Fashion designers and big brands have been criticized openly many times for enforcing an unrealistic body image for both men and women. But a recent encounter with a fashion designer and artist made me realize there is more to fashion than marketing and image. Following the trends in fashion shouldn’t mean blindly wearing whatever line of clothing one house of fashion put out that season. It takes a critical eye and awareness of one’s own body to distinguish between what works for you and what doesn’t. Just because something looks good on the model casually walking down the runway, that doesn’t mean it will look the same on the average body. And clothing stores know that, that’s why they don’t sell certain items in all sizes. People were aware of this fact back in 1794 when James Gillray

Clothes & Accessories CAMEL ACTIVE 213 C Makariou Avenue 22508171 MAIALE BOUTIQUE Gladstonos & Anexartisias Corner 25106193 NO NAME ATHENS 125 Makariou III Avenue 25736773 PARASUERTE BOUTIQUE 353, 28th October Street 25349995 MORATO 190 Arch. Makariou Avenue

CHRISTIAN XENON JEWELLERY & WATCHES 107 Gladstonos street 25745544 DIVA SHOES 72A Panagias Evaggelistrias street 25331331 G-STAR RAW STORES 29-31 Salaminos Street 25344050 QUEEN CELE & CELE BOUTIQUE 142A Makarios Avenue 25388885 VIA ECCELENZA 43 Promachon Eleftherias street 25322342

25443233 STATUS 59 Agias Filaxeos Street 25332316 NOVECENTO 284 Makariou Avenue 25590441


caricatured a figure flattered by the short-bodiced gowns then in fashion, contrasting it with an imitator whose figure is not flattered. The caricature is called Following the Fashion and it applies just as much today. There are many things to consider when choosing a garment. The textile is important, of course, but also the pattern (vertical versus horizontal lines, monochrome versus polychrome or doted), the way the clothes are stitched, the way they are supposed to run down the body and many other things to consider. Many designers create around a concept, they are trying to express an idea or send a message. For example, one fashion contest in China three years ago revolved around an ecological theme. Everything that was presented had to either support ecology, or relate somehow to the chosen theme. Such clothing transcends the obvious need for covering one’s body to protect it from the natural element. Fashion can be viewed as a statement, and since you’re the one wearing it, it shouldn’t just be just the designer’s statement, you might want to include yours too.

ORIGINAL MARINES 25 Kolonakiou Street

MEDICHIC CENTER 29 Sisifou Street



OPTICANA 285 Franklin Roosevelt, MyMall

VIDES HAIR STUDIO 24 Vasili Michaelidi Street 25747475

25397917 OJO SUNGLASSES 228 Makariou Avenue 25343436

Health & Beauty QUICK SPA 161 Makariou Avenue 25111777 LASER & BEAUTY CENTER 6 Spyridonos Trikoupi 25254282 HAIRSMITHS UNISEX HAIR SALON 34 Charalambou Evagorou street (now also at MY MALL) 25722853 JURLIQUE 23 Girva Digeni Street 25814844

VICTORIO HAIRDRESSING TEAM 8 Louki Akrita Street 25345915 BIO SCULPTURE GEL 42 Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue 77777170 MEDARTCLINIC 67 Agias Fylaxeos 70007060 TONUS CLUB 56 Georgiou Avenue 25256262 LA CALMA SPA 17, 100os dromos Street 25774777 ANAPLASIS GYM FITNESS CENTER 28th Octovriou Street 25585242

services | 23

The art of makeup Zakia Al-Ansari -

Have a passion for beauty and a creative flair? Then you should consider a career as a professional makeup artist. That’s how I knew this was the job for me! I am a professional makeup and hair artist who first started my career upon graduation of the famed and well established Brushstroke Academy at Shepperton Studios based in Surrey England. For over 8 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to work closely with UK make up artists within the film, TV, theatre and fashion industry. I was lucky enough to receive advanced training in areas including special effects, prosthetics, moulding, sculpting, wig making, hairstyling and beauty and fashion make up. I also gained valuable experience in working alongside models at the Toni & Guy hair fashion shows in London and have built up my career from there. The truth is there is so much that makeup can provide... I’ve heard of make up being referred to in many different ways. What irritates me the most is when makeup is referred to as a mask; a way of covering up your skin and hiding yourself. This couldn’t be further from the truth! To me, make up is a creative, artistic form of expression... it can allow us to enhance ourselves and demonstrate our talents.It sets our inner artist free and gives us the opportunity to explore ourself; you may say a form of self expression. Similar to fashion, it is a way for us women to demonstrate our sense of style and our individuality. There are a number of artists/photographers that use makeup as a form of expression, Robin Black is one of them. So it is evident that makeup is not jut skin deep... I am sure that there are feminists out there believing makeup is a form of oppression on women. Whilst I disagree, I do agree that it’s sad that our society makes women feel pressured to live up to a certain image which is portrayed by media but the harsh truth is that there is a market out there that feeds off women’s insecurity in order to sell beauty and plastic surgery. This is an entire different subject on it’s own!! Makeup is

Professional Makeup and Hair artist

not just superficial..women use makeup for different reasons whether it be a form of expression, a sense of style or just the ability to enhance their own beauty... No one is born perfect but everyone has a right to be beautiful! There are many women that suffer from skin disorders be it facial scaring, rosacea or birth marks, there is professional makeup available in the market that is specifically aimed for such skin imperfections. Therefore women who cannot afford corrective surgery, can opt for a cheaper solution. Make up should be beautiful, should be able to recreate your inner beauty, make you feel more confident and make you climb up to the stars!

What’s hot this summer: Neon orange lips have been hitting the catwalks for their spring summer 2014 shows. Make a statement in Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Electric Orange and Neon Red or try Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Matte Balm in Mischievous. Try one of MAC Lipsticks in the new All About Orange collection... It’s all about the orange temptation! The biggest makeup trend for this season is barefaced beauty. Use nude makeup and natural colours; it’s about creating a healthy glow. Go for No7 instant illusions, MAC Fast Response Eye Cream, MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer, MAC Lip Conditioner. Apply Revlon Skinlights in Bronze to the cheeks, bridge of nose, and temples for that summerholiday-glow! Want that all so-sexy-cat-eye look? Falsies are in this summer... Become a sex-kitten by applying falsies to your upper and lower lashes, MAC 33 Lashes.


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Auto The first important purchase of my adult life was the first car. I pondered my options, made a budget, checked websites, asked friends for tips and talked to dealers. I ended up buying a second hand automatic French car from an acquaintance and was so happy to be able to drive down the

roads of Limassol with my newly obtained license. Soon I started noticing things I never paid much attention to before, like gas prices, parking fees and holes in the roads. When going to supermarkets I found a brand new aisle dedicated to personal vehicles. Carpets, cleaning products, air

Tagcy magazine

fresheners, windshield wipers, wheels grips, colourful and sometimes cartoon themed chair covers were awaiting me. It was a brand new word of expensive purchasing opening up to me. And since the car I had just bought meant so much to me I wanted to get everything I may ever need to make sure it stays neat and shiny. At the car wash I was informed about the importance of waxing the car to protect it from the sun. I tried doing it myself, but it turned out to be harder than paying. I was also advised about different products to

wash the seats and the interior roof of the car. I thought to myself that since I have a new companion everywhere I go, I might as well give it a good cleaning indoors as well. It wasn’t until the novelty wore out that I realized I wasn’t taking good care of the car because it was a new and expensive purchase. I had actually gotten attached to it. Although it was created to fill a practical need for transportation, looking at it a year later I couldn’t help but notice all the fun memories now attached to her.

n Get in the competitio

Do you think you have a good crowd cheering you on? Put it to the test! Upload a picture of your car to our Facebook page, get your friends to VOTE FOR IT and WIN a 160 Euro voucher at Valeting Services CAR


Add a picture of your car


Share it to get votes


Make your car shiny in and out

| 25

26 | summer


| 27

Dog Grooming What you should know! Andreas Theodorou -

Qualified Dog Groomer, Behaviourist, Reptoligist and owner of Little Monsters Pet Centre in Limassol.

Of course “Rex” is a valued part of the family. So how do you go about choosing a competent person to groom him? It takes lots of careful handling to properly groom a dog. A dog groomer will be bathing your pet in soapy water, rinsing and drying thoroughly with powerful jet like dryers as well as using dangerous, sharp implements like scissors and electric clippers and ear and eye probes. We surely aren’t going to trust that to “just anyone!”. Here are five basic tips to help you choose a professional pet groomer. 1. Ask around. Every time a dog leaves the groomer, it is a walking advertisement. If you see a dog on the street with a style you like, stop the owner and ask where the dog was groomed. People are usually very willing to talk about their pets, especially their new “do”. Avoid Groomers who just shave dogs. This is neither comfortable nor safe for your pets and contrary to popular belief, does not help them during the hot Cyprus summer! Some veterinary offices have policies not to refer clients to any certain groomers since they offer grooming themselves. Don’t despair; ask more specific questions like “Have you treated any problems from this groomer, such as cuts or clipper abrasions? Have you had any complaints about this groomer” and remember vets are usually not qualified as Groomers nor are their personnel! 2. Call the groomer you are interested in using. Ask him/her questions. Did you go to grooming school if so where and do you hold accredited certification? How long have you been grooming? Do you have a problem putting poodle feet on a cocker? (Or some other non-standard clip?) Are you a member of any professional grooming organization? What type of shampoos do you use, are pets put to sleep to groom, are they kennel dried or is it done by hand? What other service is included in the price i.e. nails, anal glands, eyes, ears, etc. 3. Ask for proper certification. Some countries require that groomers are licensed and certified, this is not so in Cyprus, so please only trust your pet to Certified Groomers who can show you their certification. Many pets have been lost to unqualified “groomers” but sadly they cannot be prosecuted or even closed down! 4. Be patient. Keep in mind that groomers are usually on an extremely tight schedule. Ask him/her if they would be able to call you back to answer these questions when they have ample time to talk. It’s hard to answer questions while fluff drying a dog. You should be able to develop a rapport with the potential groomer that will give you an overall impression. Hopefully it will be a good impression. 5. Trust your intuition. Make sure you use a groomer that does not groom behind closed doors and hidden from public view. Although dogs are better behaved when their owners are out of the room, you should still be able to watch and keep an eye on what the groomer is doing from behind a viewing area. Groomers are usually the first people to see signs of health issues too. They carefully monitor your dog’s mouth and breath, their coat and skin, their paws, eyes and ears. If your using a qualified Pet Groomer, put your trust in their abilities and know-how, they are usually the best people to ask for advice regarding food, medication, psychological behaviour and training,

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visit cyprus

Nissi Beach Ayia Napa is probably the best party and night life resort in Cyprus. It’s ranked high it the top of favourite destinations for British, Russian, Scandinavian and Lebanese young adults and it’s even competing with Ibiza. Only 50 kilometres away from the Larnaca airport, Ayia Napa is known for its great parties, restaurants, bars and beautiful beaches. The most popular of these beaches is Nissi beach, which is visited mainly by younger people in the summer and gets quite

Protaras Located at only 10 kilometres away from the famous Ayia Napa, Protaras is a very popular holiday destination that boasts a fabulous selection of beaches and splendid year round weather. It is only a ten minute drive away from Cape Greco which is considered one of the most beautiful places on the island. Because it is quieter than Ayia Napa, Protaras has become the region’s most popular destinations for families and couples. Last May I spent four amazing days in this resort enjoying not only the beautiful, clean beaches, but also great accommodation service – very good value for the price. One of the things I found extremely amusing was driving around surrounded by buggies – they are a very popular transportation system for the tourists in this area and a fun way to go exploring the surroundings. The centre of the resort is filled with bars, restaurants, souvenir and coffee shops.

crowded. And when I say crowded I mean there’s a good chance you won’t find a sunbed and umbrella if you arrive late in the afternoon. What draws some (but not too many) families to Ayia Napa (particularly Nissi beach) is probably the lively atmosphere and the crystal clear water. Or maybe it’s the chance to see a Great White Pelican strolling down the coast without a care in the world.

visit cyprus | 29 It would certainly be a shame if anyone visiting or living in Cyprus were not aware of the long and interesting history of this island. As in any other country that has made an effort to discover and to preserve its history, in Cyprus there are many archaeological sites that can be visited as well as villages that have endured the passing of time and have remained almost intact architecturally. There are at least two archaeological sites around Limassol that are important and that offer a lot of information about the ancient cities that were once prospering in these shores.


Amathus isn’t just the name of a five star hotel, it is more importantly the name of what once was one of the most ancient royal cities of Cyprus. Tourists visiting Limassol can easily reach it by bus since it is situated right at the end of the

tourist area. It is very interesting to read about the history of this ancient city because it is a very fascinating mixture between archaeological facts and ancient myths and legends. For example it was said in antiquity that the people of Amathus were autochthonous, meaning people sprung from earth itself as opposed to having settled there. Another interesting fact about Amathus is that it survived until the late 12th century. The stones from the beautiful edifices were brought to Limassol to be used for new constructions after it became deserted. Much later, in 1869, a great number of blocks of stone from Amathus were used for the construction of the Suez Canal.


Kourion is the other archaeological site I was referring to earlier. Fortunately it has been better kept and preserved than Amathus and it is an important tourist attraction. It isn’t as easy

to reach from Limassol, since it is approximately 15km away to the west, but it’s definitely worth visiting. It is believed that the site of Kourion was first inhabited during Neolithic times, with the earliest evidence dating back to 4500-3900 BC, but that the town itself was founded in the thirteenth century BC by the Argives. Unlike other sites, a walk through Kourion is like a crash course in history. At the entrance these is a 3d map of the reconstructed city to give you an idea of what the city used to look like. The information plaques are very useful and give a lot of information on the history of Kourion. And because it was built on a hill, the view of the coast is breath taking.

And if I managed to convince you that Kourion is worth visiting and you decide to go there, you might also consider stopping in Episkopi village which is only a 2 minute drive from the archaeological site. This village can host tourists in hotels and hotel apartments and there are of course many options to drink and eat. My favourite thing to do when in Episkopi is go to the beach. Because it is separated from the village by the hill upon which the ruins of Kourion lay, this beach seems isolated and wild. It is also very different from other beaches in Cyprus because the absence of breakwaters means higher tides that in other areas. There are a few restaurants right on the beach and you can get a sunbed and umbrella too. At sunset the view is amazing.

Kat Says…

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What if we talk less and listen more? Katerina Singhellou -

Ten years ago, on the way home from school, my cousin asked my grandfather the following question: “Grandpa, are you still having sex with grandma?”. You can realise my grandfather’s shock at the time. He surely didn’t see that coming! Well, who would have known that ten years later children at the age of 10 would know the details around the topic and they would be asking questions such as “Dad, have you cheated on mum?” or “Mum, what are implants?” How about you? How many times has your child caught you off guard? How many times did you have to pretend that you had to make an important call the minute you were hit with the question? There are tons of articles and books on how to answer children’s questions but I don’t think there is a manual on how to answer awkward questions. I suppose there is no guidebook. This is the challenge of being a parent in the 21st century. Many thanks to all the billboards and other media which display everything to the public and once the child is able to read, the questions increase. Nevertheless, you can’t change the way the world works. You just need to take action. Most specialists suggest that you should keep

English Language Teacher

your answer short and to the point, however age appropriate. If this is not an age appropriate case, you could explain that you will discuss it in time. Moreover you shouldn’t ignore your child because you want to be the one he/she will always come to for questions. Children do not only ask awkward questions; surprisingly, you may find that they can actually provide reasonable solutions to issues by being just the way they are: honest, practical and innocent. Children don’t say white lies neither do they beat about the bush. They just tell you exactly how things are. I’m not suggesting that they know best but don’t be surprised one day if they give you a simple answer to a problem you couldn’t resolve. So, are children more mature or do we actually listen more closely? Whatever the case, you should try to have open communication with your children early on. Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to learn something from them!


Tips for Flying How does someone go travelling when living on an island? By airplane, of course. I love travelling, but flying on the other hand, I don’t enjoy as much. I’ve lived to tell the stories of both low cost and regular airline experiences, good and bad airport security checks and what I believe to be the most important tips for flying can be summed up here. When flying low cost, keep in mind that the money you think you’re saving by booking 4 months in advance has to be paid by someone, somehow. That’s why low cost airlines have so many rules. Don’t break any of them, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. You’ll pay for every line written in small font that you didn’t read. Don’t dress to impress. Nobody cares if you are wearing an expensive watch and jewellery, but everyone will care and they will hate you if it takes 20 minutes to take everything off before going through the metal detector. Pants that fit are appreciated, this way you can skip the belt. And shoes that come off quickly are a huge help to those running late. You can pick your seat, but not the person sitting next to you. Try to be friendly and not make a face if the person next to you needs to get up to use the toilet more than once. Nature calls. And remember that if a child is crying next to you, he’s having an even worst time than you are. After all, he’s the one crying. Be understanding.

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Meet Danny Middleman

In our last issue Danny was confronted with a dilemma: should he go sit with the hot chick he likes and hit on her during the lunch break, or should he go sit with his boss and leave early to prove to him he’s not a slacker? You chose the hot chick, so here we go… *** “He’ll see me at the table with her, I’ll leave early anyway... so what’s the point in missing a good opportunity with Julie?” Danny thought to himself as he was heading towards Julie’s table. “Is this seat taken?” Danny asked pointing to a chair right besides Julie. “No, please, take a seat” she replied. The chairs in the company’s dining room were attached to the tables by metal bars so you couldn’t move them, God knows for what reason. Danny sat down beside Julie. He had pointed to the chair right next to her, so he had to sit on that one, he thought. But now that he is sitting there, he realizes how uncomfortable it is to turn his head to talk to her. He has to somehow shift his whole body towards her, which is incredibly weird. “Why didn’t I just sit on the opposite chair?” he thought to himself and started opening his sandwich. “Are you ok there?” she asked realizing he’s uncomfortable. “Oh, yes, never better!” he said way too enthusiastically. “Never better?” he thought to himself. “What is wrong with me? Who says

that about sitting on a stupid chair?” “Well, I think this is a very stupid system. Attaching the chairs to the tables like we’re children…” she said obviously upset. “Not to mention how uncomfortable they are.” “I was thinking the same thing, actually. Maybe the people who bought the chairs and tables were afraid of the chaos separate chairs would create. I mean, what if someone gets up and God forbid doesn’t push his chair back under the table? Can you imagine the horror?” Danny said smiling. “You’re funny” Julie said laughing. “Having a good time, Daniel?” came a question from behind him. It was his idiotic supervisor whose purpose in life was to make everyone who worked for him feel inferior. He had his usual fake, passive aggressive smile on his face. “I guess that when you don’t have any real responsibly a late morning and good lunch put you in a good mood.” Julie turned to Danny and gave him a look that said “are you really going to put up with that?” That’s when Danny finally snapped.

Danny can: •

A. Tell him to go do something to himself that is anatomically impossible

B. Reply in the same passive aggressive manner

C. Say nothing and go on to plot an incredibly cruel revenge plan

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