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Specialist Accommodation For Older People This section tells you about: • • • •

What is retirement housing? The Community Alarm and mobile warden service. The on-site Scheme Manager and Support Services. Social activities.


What Is Retirement Housing? Our retirement flats are specially designed to meet the needs of older people. They provide a convenient and comfortable home that allows you independence in a safe and secure place. The accommodation can range from selfcontained, purpose-built flats, complete with emergency alarms, to blocks of flats that also have shared areas such as a residents’ lounge, laundry room and the support of a Scheme Manager. In most cases you will need to be aged 55 or over to be eligible for housing at one of our retirement schemes, although we can consider younger people in some circumstances, for example, those with a disability. The flats in our retirement schemes have all the facilities and services provided in our other flats (please see our leaflet living in flats), but they also benefit from the additional services listed below. We currently operate three retirement schemes, each offering a different level of support: • Mardy Court, Grangetown This is a scheme of 15 self-contained flats, which benefits from the provision of a 24-hour emergency alarm service. • Alexandra Court, Canton This is a scheme of 16 self-contained flats, which benefits from the provision of a 24-hour emergency alarm service and two daily visits from the mobile warden service. This scheme also has a residents’ lounge area and a laundry room.


The Community Alarm And Mobile Warden Service Each room in your flat has a pull cord, and there are also various pull cords throughout the communal areas of the building. These cords are linked directly to Cardiff Council’s Community Alarm Service. In an emergency you can pull the cord, and this will alert the operators at the alarm service. This service operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The service operators can contact a relative or family member, alert the emergency services or send a mobile warden to assist you. If you live at Alexandra Court, you will also receive regular daily visits from the Council’s mobile warden service. They will call at your flat to check that you are ok. If there are any problems they can assist you, contact a relative or family member, or call the emergency services. The Association charges you for these services. If you are receiving benefits or are on a low income, you may be able to receive assistance with paying for these services from the Supporting People Grant. If you would like more information about this, please contact your Housing Officer.


Red Sea House Red Sea House is a scheme of 15 self-contained flats, which benefits from the provision of a 24-hour emergency alarm service. The scheme is designed for the needs of older people from the black and minority ethnic communities. There is a residents’ lounge with internet and laundry facilities. Meals can also be provided at the scheme. At Red Sea House there is a Scheme Manager who works at the scheme from 9am to 5pm every weekday. If you pull your alarm cord whilst he is on duty, he will attend to assist you. At all other times, the emergency alarm will connect you to Cardiff Council’s Alarm Service, as described in the section on page 101. The Scheme Manager will make regular calls to you, to check that you are okay. You will also receive additional support from our Scheme Manager or another Support Worker. This will include help with: • • • • •


Applying for benefits and grants. Managing your money and paying bills. Translation. Complying with your tenancy, including paying your rent. Emotional support.

Social Activities In Retirement Housing Alexandra Court and Red Sea House both benefit from a residents’ lounge/s. These are open to all residents and visitors to meet, chat and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. They can also be used for a variety of other activities. Red Sea House also benefits from internet access, which is available to all. It is up to residents to decide what kind of social events to organise, but these currently include bingo evenings, summer barbeques, quiz nights, Christmas parties, Eid celebrations and other religious or cultural events. Red Sea House is also used by a local women’s sewing group, as well as for after-school activities for local children. In Red Sea House there is a Tenants’ Association that raises money to organise many of the social events that take place. If you are interested in setting up a Tenants’ Group, please see the section on ‘Getting Involved’, or speak to your Housing Officer.



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