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ISSUE 10 NURSES WITHOUT BORDERS Providing better care, globally

A CHANGE OF FOCUS New ideas, same vision



Managing work, rest and play

The new queen of cake

A GOOD INVESTMENT Getting the right business skills for the job




flexibility “You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve”. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce The best thing about flexibility is that it is a word that truly lives up to its definition. Depending on who you are, and what you seek to achieve, a change in meaning can be interpreted in any which way. We need to keep this in mind as we race towards a world defined by this ever-changing catch-all term. We live in an age where a doctor in a major city can virtually treat a patient in a remote community; where a digital marketer needs to think in 24-hour time as they jump between writing, designing and coding; and where project work, home offices and self-employment are fast becoming the norm. Even the experts from the World Economic Forum are backing this concept. They too see a future where the workforce is as broadly skilled as it is specialised, and where working across multiple borders, timelines and projects is routine. This is where a smarter approach to learning comes in. TAFE Queensland believes in, and delivers, upto-date training and education, in a flexible format, with a focus on adaptability. Now is the time to learn, grow, and adapt, with training that is matched to you and to your work. Now is the time to be flexible.



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CONTENTS 04. THE NEW 9 TO 5 The art of adapting to change in the workforce.

05. OPENING UP THE WORLD One person’s plan to improve quality of life for one and all.

06. IT'S A SNAP Making your own digital opportunities.


How an unexpected job offer changed Amy’s career forever.

09. A BRILLIANT STRATEGY How David is driving his own success in a business career.

10 . CHANGING SPACES The creative career change that had to happen.


THE CHALLENGE Turning passion into profession one skillset at a time.

12. EVENT CALENDAR Experience the best of TAFE Queensland by coming along to one of our upcoming events.


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Prepare to boldly go where no office worker has gone before. According to researchers at Deloitte, the onset of automation, the evolution of information networks (e.g. internet of things), and the acceptance of the gig economy (casual work) are turning the employment landscape on its head. How you are employed, when you are paid, and other such standards will be altered to match this worldwide change. In other words, how we currently define stability in our careers is being thrown out the window. This shift may seem scary, but that need not be the case. There is hope – we know what skills are needed in both the transition and in the new status quo.

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The Committee for Economic Development of Australia tells us that the starting point is the coding, networking, and design skills so many of us see as specialist, but will soon be a broad norm. But alongside this is a call for skills that no machine could ever truly master: problem-solving, teamwork and interpersonal negotiation are must-haves when guiding projects and securing new work.




In the words of Malcolm X, “education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”


Everything we learn grows us, allowing us to not only evolve as professionals, but also as people. This is a belief we here at TAFE Queensland will continue to champion well into this new working frontier and beyond.

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Your Glo cal Health Expert Paul Zurek-Felton, a graduate of the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance and a current Diploma of Nursing student, has set aside prospects in his current careers (two, in fact) to follow his dream of giving back through better healthcare. Up until now he has been a hairstylist as well a professional track (horse) rider, but this wasn’t quite enough for him. Paul told us, “I’ve always been a 'people person'. I really love the satisfaction of giving my all to others. Helping someone get from ill health to happily walking out the door is a fantastic feeling”. Paul’s main goal is to help those most in need, whether it is in a remote community or patients in critical condition. In fact, he is willing to take his ambition across the world. Domestically the demand for nurses is expected to hit upwards of 50,000 by the end of 2019 (according to the Federal Government). Globally, the demand is as high, if not higher, with the likes of the US health system reportedly needing another 439,000 nurses by 2024. While transitioning a local nursing qualification to another country can often come down to the standards and needs of the local health industry, this doesn’t bother Paul. “Flexibility to me is knowing that I’ll always have a job if I go from here to England or from England to America, nurses will always be needed. Even if it means doing a local short course to match their needs,” said Paul. Once he is finished with his current diploma course, Paul will be moving onto university to gain the qualifications needed to become a Registered Nurse. Paul finally added that, “the support at TAFE has made me, someone who isn’t a natural student, feel comfortable studying. I feel ready for the next step.” We cannot wait to see what Paul can achieve in the health space, here and around the world in the years to come.

HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing

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Did you know that there are more than 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts globally, with 1 million new active mobile social users added every day? Iman Yousef, a current Diploma of Screen and Media student, has chosen to jump into the digital media deep end well before completing her course. As an admitted design addict, she is consuming new skills, ideas and opportunities at lightning speed. “I want any design job I can get. I love working with computers and making designs that are unique as well as special,” said Iman. Social media has changed the way we live and work in more ways than most of us can count. In fact, it has altered the world as a whole from top to bottom. Yet, as with all the other forces of change impacting us today, there is a wealth of opportunity to be mined by anyone ambitious and flexible enough to do so. The prime example of this is the creation of Filter It, a sibling owned design consultancy business, focused on posters, branding and the growing field of Snapchat filters. This venture is Iman and her sister's way of creating their own opportunity and racking up real experience before joining large employers. CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media (Interactive Media)

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Iman explains it as, “along with our basic design work, we create customised Snapchat filters for businesses and personal events so it has their logo, name, or slogan that people in that area can use with their snaps. This helps spread awareness about the brand and allows customers to engage with the marketing campaign.” In every way possible, Iman is embracing a job, and a course, that allows her to be a mother, student, and business owner in her own time, and on her own terms. “As a mother of three, the element of flexibility is most important to me, to be able to manage both my study and my family. When I enrolled in this diploma I still had a bit of fear around how I'll be able to balance the two worlds. But TAFE gave me the flexibility to be a mother, student and manage a business as well. “My kids love to watch their mummy play and create on the computer,” Iman said.

164JA.3 Bachelor of Graphic Design

And as a business owner, she already has her sights set on the world at large, with a significant number of her clients hailing from the UK, Asia and Saudi Arabia. Yet this is not enough for this driven design enthusiast, with Iman adding, “I spend an hour every day searching for new clients in Australia and overseas. I even go out of my way to educate them on how Snapchat and Instagram can help their business.”

There is no telling where Iman can take Filter It. With help from the Bachelor of Graphic Design from the University of Canberra and business mentors, she is planning to take on the entire digital world. Whether it is on Snapchat, Instagram or at the front of the class, we’re sure Iman is going to wow us all.

With a growing user base of 158 and 600 million between Snapchat and Instagram respectively, it is clear to see why Iman is determined to evolve and work in this space. In addition, there are so many social platforms, audience groups, and tools coming into play every day.

“ I c an n o t g e t e nough of being creativ e on the c o m p u t e r, I w ant to learn and experience a s mu c h as I c an . I t’s w hy I am us ing m y diploma t o m o v e o n t o a bachelor degree next y ear.”

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Nurturing a Love of When Amy Owen returned to work as a cook after having her first child, she enrolled her daughter in day care. A chance conversation with the director at the day care centre about balancing work with family life resulted in an unexpected job offer. A career in childcare had never been on Amy’s radar, but it turned out to be a career she loves and a stroke of good luck. “I landed on my feet. I needed to change components of my life since becoming a parent, and adapting my working life was an obvious starting point.” Amy adores children and flourished in her new chosen profession and industry, earning her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care within the first year.

When Amy progressed into a Room Leader role, she enrolled at TAFE Queensland to complete the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Amy attributes much of her success to the flexible study arrangements available. As a full-time employee, Amy opted to study through workplace training, meaning she could fit study in around family and work. A Workplace Training Officer (WTO) visited Amy periodically as well as staying in touch with her to help her navigate the lessons and assessments. Since finishing her diploma in 2015, Amy has been promoted twice; once to Assistant Centre Director, and again to Centre Director within the Kidzco group. Now Amy is hiring her own team, and says she would not hesitate to hire TAFE-trained childcare staff, knowing the program firsthand. “As an employer, I particularly notice the added passion and knowledge of staff who have trained with TAFE, compared with those trained elsewhere.” But Amy says the biggest payoff involved is the example she has set for her daughters. “I knew I needed skills to change our lifestyles. Completely aside from getting my diploma and doing well at work, I was able to demonstrate to my daughters the power of education. I wanted to show them that you can do anything you set your mind to. And I did.”

CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

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AN IDEAL CAREER PATH Diploma of Business graduate, David Truong has his sights set on an exciting career as a property developer. Since graduating from TAFE Queensland, he has gone on to study a Bachelor of Property Economics at QUT. David says his time at TAFE was crucial in helping him to get his foot in the door, and provided him with the flexibility to start working in the industry sooner. “After studying my diploma, I could confidently start working for a Quality Assurance company right away.” David had always intended to study at university, but he chose to include TAFE in his post-high school study plan, as he wanted to have a hands-on advantage, and the option to start working in his career while finishing his degree. Employment is already on the cards, with David currently negotiating a paid internship with Coldwell Bankers. David says that studying his Diploma of Business at TAFE was the best move. It gave him confidence in preparation for uni studies, and more time to decide which particular stream of business was right for him. “I am well prepared to move into my next phase of study, and keen to kick-start my career. ” Something David wasn’t expecting when he enrolled with TAFE Queensland was taking part in the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program. When the opportunity to work on a real project for a Brisbane-based company, while achieving course credit became available, he jumped at the chance to apply.

BSB50215 Diploma of Business

The WIL Program was piloted in 2016 for five Diploma of Business students, each of whom was placed. Both participating students and businesses underwent a rigorous selection process. When David was selected to take part in the pilot, he was placed with Independent Inspections where he was responsible for a major project to drive the company’s website visitations, improving their visibility online. “I was tasked with the project of increasing traffic to the corporate website and improving their SEO ranking. It was such an amazing experience to be given this chance.”

“M y proj ect wi th Independ en t Inspecti ons was on a solo b a s i s , but I was wel l supported b y the empl oyees there who w er e fri endl y and offered hel p i f I needed i t. I was abl e to d el i v er wel l on my proj ect by ach i ev i n g a # 1 G oogl e ranki ng, whi ch defi ni tel y pl eased my internship employer.” David found his overall TAFE Queensland experience exactly what he had hoped for; a flexible combination of real skills he could use right away and a solid foundation for his further study and future career. “My time at TAFE has been invaluable; I have made real industry connections and feel work-ready from the practical course components. If I had to put a sinking fund forecast together tomorrow, I could do it with confidence.”

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According to an ever-growing mountain of research, career change has become the norm. From the World Economic Forum through to Forbes and the Fast Company, experts are telling us that a career change cycle of once every three years is now standard across Generations X, Y and Z. This is very much the case for Bachelor of Interior Design student Jocelyn Shield. Despite already being a photographer and an architectural representative, she wanted to do and create more. Jocelyn wanted to be the mastermind behind unique experiences so a career change was in order, one that would allow her to realise her creative vision. Jocelyn told us that, “I've always had a love for interior design, but I wanted to be able to work across the entire process, not just as an architectural rep, so I aimed for the formal qualifications to become an interior designer.”

289JA.1 Bachelor of Interior Architecture

Follow Jocelyn's career at instagram.com/ms_jrae Find out more about our range of Design courses at tafebrisbane.edu.au

When creativity flows through your veins, there’s no ignoring it. It calls to you, pushes you to imagine ‘what if’ day in and day out. Jocelyn couldn’t ignore the call. “Leaving the workforce to undertake full-time study has been challenging. I've really taken a leap of faith but I don't regret doing this, as it has been beneficial for my career. It has pushed my boundaries, but I have reaped the rewards from the lecturers. I'm getting a lot of handson experience.” said Jocelyn. This has resulted in her first selfrun project – a residential house extension; a real test of her skills, and a potential framework for her future interior design dreams.

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Jocelyn added, “I want to create welcoming small retail, café and residential spaces that feel like home. My degree has really helped with this by honing my existing skills and opening my eyes to things I didn't know. I’ve even broadened my capabilities to match all that I might need for my own projects." “This has included learning the value of time, and balancing workloads. This is really going to help me, whether I’m working for others or myself in the future.” Well ahead of graduating from her degree at the end of this year, Jocelyn has started building her own brand on Instagram, by blending her new skills with her photographic past. The account displays her ideas, inspirations and upcoming projects – a real insight into her creative process. With a future that’s been built on a creative past, Jocelyn is surely going to achieve great things. Someday the café culture and hot spots of Brisbane will be tinged with her unique vision, and we can’t wait to experience it.

Globally, the food world has never been more exciting. Trends, techniques, and tastes are quickly shifting, within neighbourhoods and across continents. According to leading research group IPSOS, Australians shifted their food preferences in terms of portion sizes, prices, sugar content, and freshness just in the past year. For Certificate IV in Patisserie graduate Emma Paff, this is a welcome challenge. Over the past few years, she has turned a passion and hobby into a genuine career path. “I was making cakes for friends and family and it just escalated from there until it was more than just something on the side. I couldn’t just leave it at that” Her business, The Cake Lady, offers custom cakes for weddings and other occasions, wholesale small cakes and pastries, as well as a range of delectable bites at some of Brisbane’s top weekend food markets. “I chose to complete a certificate IV to gain professional skills in order to feel confident in expanding my business into smaller baked goods.” This new skillset and product expansion are working for her so far and she knows why. “The best part of my time at TAFE was spending time with the extremely knowledgeable and helpful pastry chefs that were our teachers. All of them had recently come straight from working within the industry themselves, so they were able to impart up-to-date skills and practices.” Even with all of this, Emma won't kick back and settle for status quo.

SIT40716 Certificate IV in Patisserie

Follow Emma's career at instagram.com/thecakeladyipswich

“I understand how important it is that I learn new skills to keep up with changes in the industry and the tastes of my customers. I need to be flexible enough to take the time to pick up new tricks, techniques, and qualifications along the way”. And the business is growing thanks to this determination; that and her acknowledgment as the 2016 Patisserie Student of the Year. This honour was based on her remarkable skills in class and her already incredible success as a cake maker. “I was so shocked and honoured. It has been a real boom for my business – it’s a clear sign of authentic quality to employers and customers that I have the right skills”. Emma is keeping the momentum going as she continues to promote her business and looks to attend some of Australia’s top specialist patisserie short courses to further hone her craft. With new skills and fresh trends, there’s no telling what incredibly delectable treats Emma can and will unleash upon the world. We can’t wait!

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SHARE THE DREAM. TAFE Queensland is proud to be the Training Partner for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. In our role as Training Partner, we are doing our part for the games and the community by training a growing family of 15,000 enthusiastic volunteers, all of whom we will be celebrating in the year ahead. Keep your eyes and ears open as we share the dreams of everyday heroes from on the track and off across our Brisbane campuses. There has never been a better time to study at TAFE Queensland.





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Apprentices are invited to submit applications for the competition where finalists will be shortlisted, interviewed and asked to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of food by preparing an entrée and main course in a ‘Mystery Box’ challenge. Winners will be announced at a gala dinner which will begin with a selection of signature canapé creations prepared and served by the finalists.

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