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Turbovisor DTMV-1202

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Reference Number 1001771 Product Type Respiratory Protection Range Powered Air Purifying Respirators Line PAPR Headpiece and Visor Brand Sperian Brand formerly known as WILLSON Industry Automotive and Part Manufacturer Aviation Building and Construction Food Industries Foundry Industry Iron and steel industry Laboratory Medical and Pharmaceutical Metal steel Ship Building Utilities Wood Industries

Product Use For use in general industrial operations, e.g. woodworking, handling of dusts, grinding and polishing

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Turbovisor DTMV-1202 - 1001771 of metals, plastics etc. Also for use in the pharmaceutical and similar industries.

Features & Benefits

Feature A powered air purifying respirator with a six hour head mounted battery. Compact design with integral blower. Benefit Easy to put on and to take off, no external power cord to catch in moving machinery.

Feature Choice of filters available: Electrostatic filter with or without carbon overlay. Benefit Economical, or with protection from odours.

Feature Lightweight headpiece with a wide field of vision, supplied with a polycarbonate visor (EN166 39B) specially designed for general industrial use. Benefit Maximum usability and safety with minimum fatigue. Maximum impact protection from flying particles, low running costs.

Feature Separate visor and face seal units. Each can be changed independently of the other. Benefit Complete flexibility in use with lower running costs.

Feature Disposable visor covers are used to protect the main visor. Benefit Longer service life and the maintenance of accurate vision. Lower overall running costs.

Technical Description

Mask Material Main shell components - Polypropylene Face seal - Non-woven polypropylene Visor Screen Impact resistant Visor Screen Material Polycarbonate Visor Screen Covers Polyester (antic-static coating)

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Turbovisor DTMV-1202 - 1001771 Head and Neck Cover Cotton

Powered and Supplied Air Filter Electrostatic Battery 6 hour head mounted


E.C. Declaration of Conformity EC Category PPE 3 Quality Assurance ISO 9001 / 2000 EC Certificate Number 0 EC Attestation EC Attestation EC Attestation Number EC402

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Storage Information Store in the bag provided, in a cool dry area. Care Instructions Remove dust and dirt from the apparatus using a damp cloth moistened with a mild disinfectant or liquid soap solution. Do not immerse the apparatus. Do not use a solvent or an undiluted detergent which might damage the apparatus. Do not use an abrasive cleaning product which might damage the surface of the apparatus or scratch the visor. Allow to dry fully in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight and sources of high temperature or radiant heat. Place apparatus in storage bag after cleaning and disinfection.

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Turbovisor DTMV-1202 - 1001771 Parts & Accessories

Spare Parts Marking/ Reference /Approved products Former/ Reference 10 017 71 Complete kit (Europe) DTMV-1202 Marking /Reference /Description 01: 10 017 73 Browguard and frame DTVS-1502 02: 10 017 74 Polycarbonate visor (pack of 5) DTVS-1503/5 03: 10 017 81 Fabric cassette (pack of 5) DTVS-1510/5 04: 10 017 78 Visor covers (pack of 10) DTVS-1507/10 10 017 79 Visor covers (pack of 50) DTVS-1508/50 05: 10 017 76 6 hour blower unit DTVS-1505 06: 10 017 97 Prefilter (pack of 10) DTVS-3170/10 07: 10 017 93 Main particulate filter (pack of 2) DTVR-TH2-2 10 017 94 Particulate and odour filter DTVR-TH2-C 08: Disc for flow test DTVS-3190 09: 10 017 82 6 hour battery pack DTVS-1511 10: 10 018 03 6 hour charger (UK & Ireland) DTVS-6504 10: 10 018 05 6 hour charger (Europe) DTVS-6507 11: 10 017 90 Cotton head cover (pack of 5) DTVS-3072/5 12: 10 017 38 Carry bag DAF-8083 Spare Parts File Spare Parts File

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