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ME05 - Forked Shock Absorbing Lanyard - 2m - 2xML04+CS20

REF. 1004590

GENERAL DATA Division : Fall Protection Family : Fall Protection Range : Shock Absorbing Lanyards Brand formerly known as : MILLER Business Countries EMEA United Kingdom Activity Domains : Building and Construction • Industry Product Use : 2m forked shock absorbing webbing lanyard equipped with two 50mm opening scaffolding hooks and a karabiner PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Feature : Fall arrest lanyard feature a built-in shock absorber which limits the fall arrest force in a fall situation to within 6 kN. 100% Tie off Benefit : Lightweight & versatile fall arrest lanyard designed for maximum protection

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION Length : 2m Weight : 1.500 kg Breaking Strength : > 15 KN Operating Temperature : -30째C to +500째C Webbing Raw Material : Polyester webbing 23mm Breaking Strength : > 3000 daN Connector - Type : karabiner Raw Material : galvanised steel Opening : 17 mm Breaking Strength : > 2500 daN Standard : EN 362(04) - Type : Scaff hook Raw Material : light alloy Opening : 65 mm Breaking Strength : > 2200 daN Standard : EN 362(04) Energy Absorber Raw Material : Polyester/ Polyamide 30mm Breaking Strength : for linked element: > 3200 daN,for unlinked element: > 1500 daN ADDITIONAL INFORMATION User manual number : 90004208 EAN Code : 7312550045909 CERTIFICATION AND CONFORMITY European Directives : 89/686/EEC EC Category PPE* : Class 3 Standards : EN355

Quality Assurance : ISO 9001 / 2000 EC Certification Number : 333 EC Attestation Number : 0082/490/160/04/00/0143 Laboratory : APAVE Lyonnaise *PPE : Personal Protective Equipment

EC CONFORMITY DECLARATION The manufacturer or its legal representative supplier settled in the European Community: Miller by Sperian Declares that the next Personal Protective Equipment described here after is in conformity with the provisions of Council Directive 89/686/CEE: Designation: ME05 - Forked Shock Absorbing Lanyard - 2m - 2xML04+CS20 Reference: 1004590 Standard(s): EN355 This PPE is the object of the above EC attestation type: 0082/490/160/04/00/0143 Delivered by: APAVE Lyonnaise 177 route de Saint-Bel BP 3 69811 TASSIN CEDEX France Made at Vierzon, on the 06/15/2007 By: Yves Depin Division: Fall Protection

"CE" Declaration The manufacturer :

SPERIAN FALL PROTECTION FRANCE 35/37 rue de la Bidauderie 18100 VIERZON

Declare that the next PPE described hereafter : standard

SAP reference Old reference



item Forked absorber web 23mm, 2 scaf. Hooks, 2m

EC type examination : 010129



Is in conformity with the provisions of Council Directive 89/686/EEC and is the subject of the above EC type examination certificate delivered by: APAVE BP 193 13322 MARSEILLE CEDEX 16

And is subject to the procedure set out in Article 11B of Directive 89/686/EEC under the supervision of the notified body : N° 0333 AFAQ/AFNOR CERTIFICATION 116 Avenue Aristide Briand 92224 BAGNEUX CEDEX Fait à Vierzon le, Par :



Fonction: Plant Manager Signature:


Technische fische, Miller, 1004, Fall protection

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