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lTď Authorized Body No.224 lnstitute for Testing and Gertification, lnc.,Zlín, Czech Repub!lc Notified Body No. 1023 for the Directive 89/686/EEC on the PPE safety requirements

EC Type-Exam ination Gertificate No. 08 0498 T/NB/a issued in the compliance with the Czech Government Order No. 2112003 Coll., which transposes the Council Directive 89/686/EEC concerning the PPE safety, for personal protective equipment of category lll

Operating gloves for firefighters

type ANGEL Manufacturer:

HOLíK lnternationa! s. r. o.

Za Dvorem 612 763 14 Zlin 12 Czech Republic Tax Registration No.: CZ25322214 This Certificate confirms that above referenced personal protective equipment (PPE) fulfils the essential health and safety requirements as they are stated in the harmonized technical standards: čsru Eru 420:2004+A1 :2010 (EN 420:2003+A1:2009), čsru EN 3BB:200a @N 388:2003),

čsru Eru 659:2004


A1:2008 (EN 659:2003+A1:2008)

it is produced in compliance with the manufacturer's technical file ant it can be used in complete safety for its intended purpose. The detailed product descriptions, results of technical file examination as well as the test results including their evaluation are presented in the lTC's Final Report No. 72330081610112012 that is an integral part of this Certificate. This Ceftificaíe is issued under following conditions: 1, lt applies only to the model of the category lll PPE submitted to test referenced above. 2. lt does not imply that the Notified Body has perŤormed any surveillance or control of PPE manufacture. 3. The manufacturer is obligated ťo assure that all PPEs of the respective models conform to type approved by this Certificate and ask a Notifie! Body for checking either by the EC quality control sysíem for the final product or by the Sysťem for ensuing EC qualfty of production by means of monitoing. 4. The manufacturer shall inform the Notified Body of all technology changes in manufacture of the approved models and as consequence of the technical advances he shall regularly keep himself informed of any standard changes as well as modifications of testing methods conducted by Notified Body, which shall approve these changes in necessary


cases by the addition to the oiginal Ceftificate. The manufacturer shall affix to each PPE of the approved type the conformity mark CE followed by Notified Body

number according to an example:

C €,


lssued in Zlín, on 241h July 2008 Valid until: 3rd April 20,17 Revision a: 4|h April 2012 (Replaces the withdrawn ceftificate 08 0498 T/NB



RNDr. Radomír Celvelík

Representative of the Notified Body No. 1023