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Using QR Codes in the Classroom IMPLEMENTATION:

What are QR Codes: As I tell my students, QR Codes are ‘new’ bar codes that devices such as mobile phones, iPads, tablets etc can scan (once downloading an app that allows you to scan them) which either directs you to a particular website or provides with specific information. Commercially, QR Codes are growing rapidly and are seen in many businesses. Slowly, schools are also integrating this piece of technology. In my school, QR Codes are used to support administrative duties as well as classroom teaching and learning.

Since the beginning of the year, I have begun using QR Codes with my students primarily when using tablets and iPads. This was simply due to the fact that it was so much easier for students to scan the Interactive Whiteboard and click on the link to go to a website than for me to write the URL on the board/laptop and then for students to type it in (without any errors). (I couldn’t send students an email with the link as this function was disabled on the tablets/iPads). To kick off this activity, the YouTube clip (below) was shown to my students to give them a basic understanding of how to use them. This activity began to change as I gained confidence with my students using their own mobile phones to complete work. Soon, I was able to modify work and create simple instruction sheets which allowed students to complete entire modules of work (see below). A colleague this year also created a ‘Treasure Hunt’ using only QR Codes that uses the concept of students using GPS tracking to find certain things around the school. These activities are engaging our students a lot more and is constant a source for discussion. I am now finding that students are able to create QR Codes for me (as their teacher) to scan and mark their work online. A tool that can be used for all audiences. QR Codes have slowly become a trademark of the Computing Faculty. I began by using them

to publicise our schools Facebook page and school website. Students (and teachers) were quick to show off their latest mobile devices to scan these. So much so, that at one point, there were queues in our administration block during recess and lunch with everyone wanting a turn. QR Codes now play a significant role in the planning of our junior programs (Stage 4 ICT). In the year 7 ICT program, I use QR codes to assist teachers to learn more about each unit of work, with the links going to wikis or to specific areas of the school’s moodle page that contains more information. As a result, QR Codes are now appearing on our school newsletter (which is published once a term), on our school business cards and on our other promotional material as well as assisting students when selecting subjects (for Computers based subjects). In preparation for our Parent Teacher night, notes with a QR Code (linking to the booking system) was also distributed An example of a QR Code Based Lesson The Australian Education Times

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The Australian Education Times - July 2014  
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