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Wedding Dress To have and to hold

The Dress

Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.

How to make the Dress

What you will need : Scissors Pins Needle Thread Thick Ribbon Thin Ribbon 2 metres of white fabric 2 metres of ivory netting


Buy a plain dress that has no detail at the top, you can either buy one with straps or without, also if you wanted straps you could make them with ribbon.


Get the white fabric you have brought and sew the top hem overlaying each bit of fabric so it looks like a fan, this will give the fabric more volume. When finished sewing, pin in the white fabric just above your waist, this fabric should sit on the floor.


Get the netting and sew the fabric the same way you did with the white fabric, making it into a short of fan, when that’s finished get the thinnest ribbon and sew over the top of the pattern, this will help fit the fabric to the dress. The fabric should be longer than the white fabric so it trails a little on the floor. Wrap the netting around the same spot at the white fabric to cover it up. At the back tie a nice bow tie with the ribbon


For the final stage get the thick ribbon and to get a bit of detail to the dress, add some flowers to the ribbon, i used a flower hair clip and some ribbon i cut off from the small ribbon, tie the thick ribbon around the top of the netting hiding the other ribbon and the sewing. At the back like another bow tie or using both ribbons tie them both together to make a big bow giving it a contrast.


Loving someone is a leap of faith You are giving them your heart and trusting them not to break it... No matter what happens I will still never regret making that leap for you


Ribbon . Shoes . Flowers . Pearls. Bride

Party Time

And when the Ceremony is finished, its time to Celebrate.

Just Married

how to make a wedding dress  

art direction, this is the editorial version of my how to make a wedding dress