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New York, New Year

Resident Youth Ensemble, with Ben Vereen, Jordan Peele and Janine Nina Trevens

t r o ep r al u n an 7 1 0 2016/2 The History Mystery

ater TADA! Youth The rk, NY 10001 o Y w e N t, e e tr S 15 West 28th | 212.252.1619

TADA! Summer Camp

Wow…what a year! A lot has changed in America since the fall of last year and there have been a lot of changes at TADA! as well. This was another triumphant year artistically; I am proud of the productions and the Ensemble Members who took part in them or in special events and other Resident Youth Ensemble Programs. I am also proud of TADA!’s Education Programs and the vast number of students that we are impacting. Thank you to my new partner, Executive Director, Rod Christensen and TADA!’s Board of Directors, as well as TADA!’s staff for helping make this year a success. Our first production, The History Mystery, was a musical I first wrote in 1995. The world for kids is very different now from back then so I decided I would do some rewriting of it over the early fall of 2016 thinking the presidential election would go a certain way. When it didn’t go that way I went back to the computer and rewrote again. I can’t tell you how much of an impact that election had on our kids. I was glad that TADA! was a safe place for Ensemble Members to talk about their feelings. I knew that we needed to do more so we started a new post-show program called Community Talks. We brought in guests who could answer questions from both cast members and the audience about how to get involved and make a difference in our communities: to spread tolerance, freedom, and justice for all people. As it is talked and sung about in the show – “All men and women and all races are created equal...right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” There are still more conversations to be had and so we decided to save the set, props, and costumes so that we could remount the show this fall. This allowed us to start a four-show season at less of a cost than mounting four new productions. Also, last year I was able to focus on commissioning some new work which you will read about later in this report. I’m very excited about these projects and believe that they will have a life beyond TADA!. They are geared to an older audience of pre-teens, teens, and adults. TADA! has so many musicals in our repertoire that are geared toward audience of children ages 3 - 12 and their parents. We only have a couple of musicals that are for pre-teens and up so it’s exciting to be able to add more musicals for that age range and that deal with some more serious issues on teens’ minds today. Change can be hard -- it’s also good especially for an organization that’s been around over 33 years.

Janine Nina Trevens Producing Artistic Director

My first year as TADA!’s Executive Director was, of course, full of new learning. As I worked alongside Nina, a key focus was to articulate together the core foundations of TADA!. Additionally, we’ve taken our first year to fully acclimate to our new roles and responsibilities as Producing Artistic Director and Executive Director. Our partnership has been and is extremely successful and I feel very fortunate to be working with Nina in this new capacity. I’m also thankful to be working with an organization that shares my passion and belief in “providing young people from different backgrounds with musical theater programs that inspires them to be creative, learn, and think differently.” At the heart of what we do at TADA! is the telling of stories. In our education programs, we encourage children & teens to pen and present co-created and unique stories...stories that inspire. In our main stage productions our professional writers, creative teams, and young actors create stories that challenge, provoke; stories that celebrate diversity, the highs and lows of personal journeys, and everything in between. Launching into this new year, we anticipate new growth and great opportunities, and as Executive Director, I will continue to focus on the health and wealth of TADA! so we can continue to develop and tell our stories. 2016-2017 was a year of planning as well as setting the stage for a great, successful future, and 2017-2018 will, I believe, be a year in which to see some fruits of this planning. I very much look forward to leading and supporting us through new changes aimed to improve existing policies and procedures to reflect what is best and relevant as we move forward to an advanced future. “TADA! Here We Are” and here we plan to stay!

Rod Christensen Executive Director

Special Performances Banned Together: A Censorship Cabaret September 29 & 30, 2016 Director - Janine Nina Trevens; Choreographer - Joanna Greer; Music Director - Matthew Gregory; Stage Manager - Amy Fisk

A staged presentation that examined and celebrated musicals and plays that have been censored, banned, or both (Chicago, Fun Home, My Name is Rachel Corrie, Spring Awakening, Picasso at the Lapine Agile, Cabaret, Angels in Amerca, Rent, and Almost, Maine). This event was sponsored by the Dramatists Legal Defense Fund and performed by 16 teen Resident Youth Ensemble Members and Broadway stars Patrick Page, Michael Rupert, and B.D. Wong. These performances were offered free to the public and took place at The Drama Book Shop to two sold-out houses.

Banned Broadway December 10, 2016 Director/Choreographer - Joanna Greer; Music Director - Matthew Gregory; Scene Director - Janine Nina Trevens; Lighting Designer - Steve O’Shea; Production Stage Manager - Christina Franklin

A staged presentation that examined and celebrated musicals, and plays that have been censored, banned, or both, including The Rocky Horror Show, West Side Story, Godspell, The Who’s Tommy, and Almost, Maine. This performance featured 12 teen Ensemble members, was offered free to the public at TADA!’s theater, and was sold out.

Mainstage Musicals The History Mystery January 20 - February 20, 2017 Book/Director - Janine Nina Trevens; Music - Eric Rockwell; Lyrics - Margaret Rose; Choreographer - Joanna Greer; clip w o h s w ie Music Director - Matthew Gregory; Associate Director - Christina Franklin; Click to v Scenic Designer - Joel Sherry; Costume Designer - Megan Turek; Lighting Designer - Steve O’Shea; Production Stage Manager - Ashley Knowles

A time-travel adventure that introduces Martin Luther King Jr, Eleanor Roosevelt, and others as kids. This piece has was rewritten in response to the 2016 election to help families discuss some of the challenges that people face today, including racism, women’s fight for equality, and acceptance of other’s differences. This musical explores the idea that when we understand and learn from both the negative experiences of our history as well as the action taken in the past to effect positive change we can create a better future for ourselves. As the characters come to realize, “It’s up to you and me to make history.” “For school-age kids living in today’s difficult political climate, it’s a fun but fact-packed look at how every person, even a child, has the ability to affect positive change.” - Mommy Poppins

27 performances

Featured 31 Ensemble Members ages 8-17

Total audience capacity for the run of the show was 89%

2,371 audience members

History Mystery: Production Extras Audience Interactive:

Following two of the History Mystery performances, audience members ages 5 and up had the opportunity to come up onstage learn a song & dance with members of the cast, led by Choreographer Joanna Greer and Musical Director Matthew Gregory.

Community Talks:

Community Talks was a new initiative at TADA! in 2017. They were launched to open a dialogue with young people about current events and social issues. The purpose was to provide a safe space in which audiences of children, teens, parents, and other adults could ask questions openly and honestly to individuals working on the front lines of some of society’s most contested debates. The discussions took place after performances and were led by Producing Artistic Director Janine Nina Trevens along with the show’s casts and artists and the community leaders who spoke to the themes of the production. 2017 speakers include:

Aurora Barnes (Founder of GirlsTalk/GuysTalk and member of Justice League NYC)

Camonghne Felix (Speechwriter/Deputy Press Secretary to Governor Cuomo)

Robert Jackson (Former member of the New York City Council and candidate for NY State Senate)

Julia Sharpe-Levine (Associate Director of the African American Policy Forum)

Keith White (Lawyer, Owner of Free Integrated Media, Co-Chair of the Board of Girls Education Mentoring Services)

Click to watch Ensemble Member Riya Nagpal speak during a Community Talk!

Mainstage Musicals New York, New Year April 29 - May 21, 2017 Book/Director - Christina Franklin; Music - Michael Mulder; clip Lyrics - Gary Bagley; Choreographer - Joanna Greer; iew show Click to v Music Director - Matthew Gregory; Scenic Designer - Ryan Howell; Costume Designer - Al Malonga; Lighting Designer - Stephen Arnold; Production Stage Manager - Amy Fisk

Originally produced in FY2000, this was an original musical about a girl named Tess whose life changes when she moves from the Missouri to Manhattan and tries to fit in with her new friends without losing herself. Tess learns that just as New York City is a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, what makes her special is the combination of who she was in Missouri and who she’s becoming in New York City. New York, New Year’s director Christina Franklin, a RYE Alum, rewrote the book to include aspects of social media and technology available to kids in 2017. Christina recently graduated from UArts with a major in Director, Playwriting, and Production. Following some performances, the cast and creative staff led talkbacks with the audience to discuss the themes of the show, focusing on peer pressure in the time of social media. “New York, New Year -- like the city it takes place in and celebrates -- is alive with energy, diversity, and excitement!” - NiteLife Exchange

Featured 23 Ensemble Members ages 10-17

1,229 audience members 17 performances

Mainstage Musicals Everything About A Day (Almost) July 8 - August 3, 2017 c iew show Click to v


Concept/Book - Emmanuel Wilson; Music & Lyrics - Jill Abramovitz, Brad Alexander, Joanne Bogart, Deirdre Broderick, Helen Chayefsky, Michael Colby, Jim Colleran, Gary Gardner, Ned Paul Ginsburg, Johannes Gluck, Tammy Holder, John Kroner, Eric Rockwell, Arianna Rose, Lawrence Rush, Evan Schiff; Director/Choreographer - Joanna Greer; Music Director - Matthew Gregory; Set/Lighting Designer - Steve O’Shea; Costume Designer - Megan Turek; Production Stage Manager - Amy Fisk

Originally produced in FY2004 and written by Ensemble alum Emmanuel Wilson, this light-hearted musical revue celebrated the day in the life of a kid: quizzes, math equations, report card stress, sibling rivalry and yes, even crushes. This is the 2nd revival of this show. “The kids at TADA! are very talented is a good show for everyone!” - Says Me Says Mom

2,561 audience members Featured 22 Ensemble Members ages 9-17

33 performances

Groups We were thrilled to welcome the following nonprofit community groups to TADA! Productions this year. Thanks to generous subsidies from our funders, tickets were made available at only $8 for Children and $10 for Adults. We also were able to provide some groups who demonstrated an extraordinary need with complimentary tickets. Avenues World School Bedford Stuyvesant YMCA Black Spectrum Theatre Company BronxWorks Betances Community Center Caedmon School Discovery Camp Camp Jump-In Center Against Domestic Violence Chelsea Day School Cooke Center for Learning and Development Cortelyou Day Camp CSSE Mobile Summer Day Camp Diki Daycare Center Eastchester Community Educational Alchemy Figure Skating in Harlem Goddard Riverside Community Center Hi-New-York Hudson County Schools of Technology Ivy League Early Learning Jubilee Church of Our Savior Kids Campus La Scuola d’Italia G Marconi

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House New York Cares New York Homeschools New York Junior League Our World Neighborhood Charter School St Margaret’s Summer Day Camp Stevens Cooperative School Team Dreamers The Brotherhood-Sisterhood Sol The Epiphany School Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning & Social Change Yes Academy

Resident Youth Ensemble The Resident Youth Ensemble (RYE) is an audition based program that is free of charge to all members. The RYE program offers pre-professional musical theater training and positive youth development to children ages 8-18. This year, approximately 170 children auditioned for the RYE. 22 new members were accepted to join the returning 64 members, a total of 86 in the ensemble. In addition to appearing in the three mainstage productions, RYE members had access to free musical theater classes such as Dance Technique, Tap Intensive, Scene Study, Improv, Small Group Vocal Training, and a dance class just for teen boys.

Positive youth development programming for RYE members: • Healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, and hummus are provided every day the Ensemble is on site. • JOBRAP - a first job opportunity for high school-aged members. Members learn to write resumes, refine interview skills with feedback from TADA! staff, and are paid minimum wage. • During the 2016-2017 year, 6 Ensemble Members and 3 Alumni took part in JOBRAP working in jobs such as Teaching Assistants in TADA! camps, Finance/Bookkeeping in TADA! offices, Assistant Stage Managers, Personal Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director, and Assistant Musical Director. • HOTs- Hang Out Times where Ensemble Members get together in a social setting outside of rehearsal or class. Ensemble Members also celebrated special holidays with themed parties throughout the year. • 90% of members took advantage of HOTs. • College preparation assistance (essay writing, financial aid, scholarship research, campus tours). • 2017 graduates were accepted to University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, Rutgers University, New York University, and Rider University. • Audition preparation for middle school, high school, and college programs. • Transportation subsidies to and from TADA! for Ensemble Members demonstrating a financial need. • Leadership opportunities for Principal Members through Ensemble Youth Council. • During 3 meetings over the year, Council members discussed and made plans regarding production etiquette, HOTs and Teen Nights, ideas for new classes and workshops, and Ensemble excursions. • International Youth Exchange with students from outside NYC. • Community service hours. • In 2016-2017, Ensemble Members completed community service through assisting at street fairs, open auditions, and mailings, and also working as ushers or dance captains on productions. • TIPS - a cash incentive program for Principal Members to mirror the feeling of accomplishment when being paid for completing work as well as being held accountable when expectations are not met.

Resident Youth Ensemble Statistics The demographics of the Resident Youth Ensemble reflect the diversity of participants in all of TADA!’s programs and audiences.



African American

40% Male


Latino 60% Female

Asian Mixed Ethnicity

36% Manhattan 20% Brooklyn 17% Queens 7% Bronx 5% Staten Island 9% New York State 6% New Jersey

19% 6% 21%

50% of ensemble family incomes identify just at or below selfsufficiency standards for NYC

Resident Youth Ensemble 2017 National Youth Arts Awards Lead Actress (Junior Division): Lauralie Mufute as Toni in The History Mystery Lead Actress (Junior Division): Riya Nagpal as Tess in New York, New Year Ensemble (Junior Division): The History Mystery

2017 Nominations Lead Actor (Junior Division): AJ Walker as Marty in The History Mystery Lead Actress (Junior Division): Jesse Besca as Maggie in The Adventures of Ezra Jack Keats: Skates and Maggie & the Pirate Lead Actress (Junior Division): Mya Rosado as Jenny in The History Mystery Lead Actress (Junior Division): Emma Sobel as Toni in The History Mystery Supporting Actor (Junior Division): Cosmo Bayes as Ben Franklin in The History Mystery Supporting Actor (Junior Division): Daniel Fooksman as Ethan in New York, New Year Supporting Actress (Junior Division): Anya Eder as Eleanor Roosevelt in The History Mystery Supporting Actress (Junior Division): Marissa Michel as Amanda in New York, New Year Supporting Actress (Junior Division): Maya Ifrah as Sarah in New York, New Year Ensemble: The Adventures of Ezra Jack Keats: Skates and Maggie & the Pirate Choreography: Joanna Greer for The Adventures of Ezra Jack Keats: Skates and Maggie & the Pirate

Resident Youth Ensemble Special Events •

Ensemble members represented TADA! at the annual TheaterMania Street Fair in September 2016.

On January 19, 2017 at 5:30 p.m., along with members of the theater community around the world, the RYE participated in The Ghostlight Project. Inspired by the tradition of leaving a “ghost light” on in a darkened theater, the RYE signified an ongoing commitment to social justice in the coming years.

A select group of the Ensemble performed at our Gala on March 5, 2017 at Tribeca 360.

In March and June of 2017, Situation Interactive asked 21 Ensemble Members to record the song “Bui Doi” for a promotional video for the Broadway production of Miss Saigon.

The cast of The History Mystery performed at the Professional Development Day for NYC school teachers on June 8, 2017.

The cast of Everything About A Day (Almost) performed at the Flatiron District Series on July 20, 2017.

In July 2017, RYE members participated in #Ham4All, a charity campaign started by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. In an effort to raise money and awareness for Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition, people around the country donated money and then uploaded a video of themselves singing a song from Hamilton, subsequently challenging others to do the same. On Twitter, the RYE video received 47 retweets and 667 likes, including a retweet from Lin-Manuel Miranda himself!

Click to view clip (via Twitter.)

Arts Education TADA! brought 182 arts education programs to students at 49 different schools and community centers in the New York City area. Arts Education programs, both directly and indirectly, reach 20,000 students a year.

School-based Residencies took place at: Bronx MCC at Bronx Community Charter School Brooklyn P.S. 69 P.S. 132 P.S. 682 P.S. 274 P.S. 288 P.S. 310 P.S. 454 Manhattan NEST+m Bank Street Emma Lazarus High School Ethical Culture Fieldston School High School of Economics and Finance International Preschools Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers Metropolitan Montessori School Montclare Children’s School P.S. 11 P.S. 125 P.S. 199 P.S. 212 P.S. 452 P.S. 51 P.S. 33 St. Joseph of Yorkville P.S. 166 YMCA at P.S. 41 Academy of City Charter School

Queens I.S. 61 P.S. 12 United Nations International School P.S. 86 Staten Island P.S. 54

TADA! also traveled to Bradenton, Florida to complete residencies with students at Lakewood Ranch High School. The students devised an original musical called “Exhibit of the Mind” which they first performed at their school and subsequently traveled to New York for further workshops and performances on our stage. Below is a link to the press release: lakewood-ranch-high-theater-students-offbroadway-bound

Arts Education Classes this Year TADA! held weekly classes at the main 28th street location on weekends and after school. Camps ranging from one day to one week were also held throughout the year. During the summer, week-long camps were held at TADA! and a space on the upper west side of Manhattan. Classes and school programs were taught by TADA!’s roster of 50 professional Teaching Artists. TADA! extended $11,267.90 in need-based financial aid for qualified applicants.

New for 2017 Workshop Intensive - Geared for students ages 9+, these five

three-hour workshop intensives were designed to target a specific skill: Voice, Monologue, Dance, Scene Work, and Audition. 28 students honed their skills in the Workshop Intensive.

Mini Camps - This half day program is for 4 and 5 year olds.

Through creative musical play, young singers, actors, and dancers build beginning skills in musical theater. 156 students had their first TADA! experience in the Mini Camps. In 2016-2017, 1,593 students took part in a class or camp at TADA!

Fundraising Events Dance-A-Thon December 3, 2016

Ages 6-12 In this no grown-ups allowed kid-fueled fundraiser, 55 kids ages 6-13 danced the night away at TADA!. Each child had to raise a minimum of $50, and dancers who solicited the most individual donations won special prizes. This year, the dancers raised almost $9,000 for TADA!

Casino Night February 16, 2017

Big Deal Casino At this inaugural Board-initiated event, supporters took to the Poker and Blackjack tables for a night of betting, games, and fun times with friends. With prizes ranging from tickets and a backstage tour at Hamilton to a special dinner with a private chef, they raised a total of $23,227.

Fundraising Events Gala March 5, 2017 at Tribeca 360

0,000 0 2 $ r e ed ov We rais r’s Gala! ea at this y

Hosted by RYE Alum Jordan Peele

ristensen z, Rod Ch he RYE t r a w h c S bers of t Stephen a nd me m

Honoring award-winning composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz and Robert Pohly & Julie Turaj Performances by Broadway talent Ben Vereen, Michael Arden, Aurora Barnes, Jason Robert Brown, Telly Leung, Michael Rose, and members of TADA!’s RYE

Ben Vereen and Members of the RYE Jason Robert Brown Members of the RYE

Jordon Peele and Members of the RYE

Stephen Schwartz Aurora Barnes

Michael Arden

Janine Nina Trevens, London Jones, Julie Turaj, Robert Pohly Telly Leung

Other highlights from FY17 • • • • •

Jordan Peele, Emmy Award winner and TADA! alum, joined our Board of Directors. We exceeded our Box Office goal and brought in 13.5% more than initially budgeted. Our work to reduce debt continued to great success with a reduction of 20%. Thanks to the generous support from our community, Individual and Event Giving increased by 32.8%. We continued our commitment to new works and voices by commissioning four new musicals. 1. Common Ground – Written by Lisa Diana Shapiro, playwright and longtime volunteer at the International Rescue Committee’s Refugee Youth Program, and composer Georgia Stitt. Teens from the refugee youth program shared their stories and, and during workshops with teen RYE members, began to dramatize them. The resulting material, along with private interviews conducted by Lisa, will be shaped into a new musical. 2. Because They’re Girls – Concept and created by Janine Nina Trevens, Producing Artistic Director, and Erin Williams, a Program Officer at the International Women’s Health Coalition. Written by RYE Alum Christina Franklin. Female teen members have met with them to discuss topics such as street harassment, dating assault, body image, sex roles, and stereotypes. The discussions in these meetings will be the basis for the musical’s narrative. 3. Game Show – Written by RYE Alum Christina Franklin. Music & Lyrics by Matthew Gregory. In this new musical taking on the notion of of collaboration, The Impossible Show is a TV game show that was created for and by kids. Contestants have various physical and mental challenges and must learn how to work together in order to win the game. 4. It’s Not Me, It’s Anxiety - Written by Janine Nina Trevens. In response to Nina’s observations of anxiety in teenagers, which has been increasing over the last 5-10 years, she is beginning researching for this new musical which will feature Anxiety as a character.

Financial Summary Income 51% Education Programs 25% Individual Giving & Special Events 11% Foundation & Corporate Grants 5% Government Grants expense FUNDRAISING EXPENSES ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES THEATER EXPENSES EDUCATION EXPENSES


$ $ $ $

129,971 316,646 700,142 849,497



5% Other Earned Income*

7% 17% 37% 45%

*Space rentals, script rentals, birthday parties, etc.

3% Box Office


45% Education Programs 37% Theater/Ensemble Programs




17% Administration 7% Fundraising

2018 Staff

*Indicates new staff **indicates new position

This year, TADA! was thrilled to welcome many new people to the team and to see longtime staff transition into new roles.

Janine Nina Trevens Producing Artistic Director

Rod Christensen Executive Director

Laura Talbot Director of Development & Marketing**

Katy Knowles Director of Education**

Joanna Greer Associate Artistic Director & Resident Choreographer

*Dane Jerabek Associate Marketing Director**

*Allie Glickman Development Manager**

*Rebecca Branscom Education Programs Manager**

*Ashley Knowles Ensemble Manager

Jacob Platt Technical Supervisor & Facilities Manager

*Reginald Jones Business Manager

Andy Bryant IT Manager

*Andy Wagner Education Assistant

*EG Engle Education Assistant

*Jessie Shinberg Administrative Assistant

Additionally, TADA! employs close to 50 professional Teaching Artists and 15 Production & Artistic Staff each year.

Boards TADA! Board of Directors Chalmers Browne, President Elana Weinstein, Vice President Stephen T. Rodd, Treasurer Julie Turaj, Secretary Brian Burchfield Marcia Dunn Adam Houhoulis Deepak Nagpal Alina Patton Jordan Peele Rohit Verma Artistic Advisory Board Kaye Ballard Kenneth Cavander Michael Colby Delia Ephron John Forster Sheldon Harnick Chita Rivera Marcia Rodd Michael Rupert Stephen Schwartz John Shea Charles Strouse Leslie Uggams

Supporters Institutional

AmazonSmile Arts & Business Council of NY, Americans for the Arts Axe-Houghton Foundation Children’s Museum of the Arts Citigroup: The Edith Allen Clark Charitable Trust Coren Family Charitable Fund Dramatists Legal Defense Fund Edris Charitable Foundation Elroy & Terry Krumholz Foundation Exploring the Arts Ezra Jack Keats Foundation First American Title Goldman Sachs Gives Hall Capital Jewish Communal Fund for John McGinn National Endowment for the Arts NEA Neuberger Berman NYC Department of Cultural Affairs | DCA

NYC Department of Youth and Community Development DYCD NYSCA Bay and Paul Foundations Benevity Community Impact Fund Dorothy Loudon Foundation DuBose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial Fund Fund for the City of New York FCNY Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust John Gore Organization Josephine Foundation Orix Foundation Riley Charities/Ayco Charitable Foundation Shubert Foundation Tiger Baron Foundation

Individual (In alphabetical order)

John Cariani Jeffrey Carusone Viviana Caussin Segarra & Luis Segarra Brian Chan Kelly Chan Ann & Leslie Chao Chew Family

Michael Ahmed Michael Arden Robin Atwell Gary Bagley Saar Banin Helene Banks & Mike Cioffi Jennifer & Madeleine Baxter Vaughn Bergen Jessica Bergman Mary Berner Geri & Mark Besca Elizabeth Borrelli Stephen Boske Brandy Boyington William Broadbent Andrea Brochetelli Rhondel Brody Jason Robert Brown & Georgia Stitt George & Mary Browne Chalmers & Sarah Browne Ellen Brunsberg Simon Buckley Brian Burchfield & Gabe Sullivan

Supporters (individual) Erik & Jessica Chiu Maria Cho & Jonathan Cohen Nicole Clark Jonathan Cody Sandra & Daniel Cohen Jennifer Cohen Michael Colby Christopher Cook & Maria Wagner-Cook Randy Corbet Sabrina Coughlin & Turner Smith Ana & Lincoln Crane Carrie Culpepper Scott & Amelia Daspin Madonna Davidson Courtney Di Tullio Christine Doudna & Rick Grand-Jean Donna Drake Gene Dunham Marcia Dunn & Jonathan Sobel Dr. Marion Eakin & Mr. Michael Meola Tracey & Robert Early John & Andra Ehrenkranz George & Kathy Eichen Jay Eisenhofer & Anne Jameson Mona Eleuthere & Thomas Nelson Heidi Elias Laurena & Kurt Emhoff Laura Esposito & Jeff Peretz Katherine Esposito Deborah Fader & Michael Eder Jody Falco & Jeffrey Steinman Jed & Jennifer Feuer George Figueroa Jason & Tracy Fraser Natsuko Garcia Ivy Garcia John Gardner Stacey E Gerber Inga Marie & Joel Marc Gerson Nicole Giacco Ms. Maureen Gillespie & Mr. Bert Shanas Patrick Giovanniello Leonora Gogolak Lisa & David Untracht Lester Grant Donna & Geoffrey Gregory

Ken & Rande Greiner Tracy Gross Lorri Gumanow & Les Levinowitz Philippe Habib Lynne K. Halliday & B H Barry Mark Halpin Sheldon & Margery Harnick Ms. Margaret Harris Felicia Harris Simon Hedley & Matilde Brooker Angela Helwig Adam Houhoulis Laura & Lawrence Hurvich Francoise Jacobsohn Kim Jessor Kevin Joo Julia Jordan Mr. John Kander Claire Kelly & Joseph DiBartolo Wilson Kidde Isobel & Ronald Konecky George Kopp David Krane Laurence Kretchmer & Ms. Becca Parrish Sandra Kwon & Jeen Pae Sang Lee Laura & Chris Lee Michael & Lourdes Leonard

Supporters (individual) Linda & Jerry Levin Jonathan Luttwak Kaddu Luyombya Joella & John Lykouretzos Cat Lynch Ms. Deb MacRae Steve & Paige Maire James Marion Patrick Martorella Thomas Massimo Lisa Master & Ken Park Lisa Mastronardi Nancy Matthews Julia Mboya Julia McCall Nello McDaniel & Mary Guidici McDaniel John McGinn & Cary Davis Judith McHale Gregory Merritt Benjamin Meyer & Beth Schacter Rachelle & Rodney Michel Alex Mindt & Monica Rivera Mindt Sorana Mitchell Steve Morris Julie Morrone & Jerry Abrahams Barry Moss Maria Mysliwy Gabor Nagy Chung Man Ng Cathy Nonas Kristin Oeste Jaine O’Neill Ursula & Gerald Oscar Ewan & Maxine Palmer Kim Romanello & Ralph Paradiso Alina Patton & CJ Jones Barbara Peck Jordan Peele Jerilyn & Brian Perman Oliver Petrovic Hoa Phan Annie Piper & Chris Bayes Jillian & Michael Pohly Vijay Prabhakar Timothy Pratt Charlie Prince

Kathleen Quarfordt Cynthia & Bill Reisacher Irwin Reiter Stephen T. Rodd & Janie Chobot Randie Roderick Juan Rosado & Trang Tran David Rosenband Mary Louise & John Rubin Reade Ryan Andrew Saladino & Jennifer Ettinger Lisa Tamagini & Richard Sanchez Flavia Saravalli Lee Schacter Tarin Schendler & Michael Terry Amy Scherber & Troy Rohne Patricia Scherber Brett Seamans Tobe Sevush Alyssa & Scott Shaffer Lisa Diana Shapiro Natalie Silverstein Jen Skyler Jason Smoller Raven Snook & Jose Vega Mark & Jackie Soslow Tytus Stempniewicz Dawn Lesley Stewart Christopher & Kaila Stokes

Supporters (individual) Jerry Stone Allen Strasen Anne Swanson Harriet Tamen Richard Tesler Stephanie & Ken Tighe Teresa Tongson & Deepak Nagpal Julie Turaj & Robert Pohly Daphne Uviller Rena Uviller Deborah van Eck Beatrice Vann Daniel Vega Rohit & Akanshka Verma Joseph & Sookyung Vitale Julie Vitiello Ms. Darcy Volpe Leslie Wade Noah Waisbrot Davod Walker Hanie & Jerry Warshaw Pat Watson Elana Weinstein & Scott Sullivan Inez Weinstein Basil Williams Trudy Williams George Wong Brook Young Terry Yuen Adam Zipper

TADA! also wishes to thank the generous donors who contribute under $100. Every dollar makes a difference and we appreciate your support.

2016-2017 Annual Report  
2016-2017 Annual Report