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71st Annual Meeting Report Two directors were elected February 17, 2011 at the TACU annual meeting held at the Tee Pee Banquet Hall. 75 members attended the meeting. John Froelich and Linda Johnson of Tomah and Gary Klinker of Camp Douglas were reelected to the board of directors for three year terms. Other members of the 2011 board are Paul Wiese, Onalaska, Paul Salzwedel, Warrens and Gary Dechant and Allen Capaul of Tomah. Chairman Paul Wiese reported on the board of directors’ activities for 2011. Paul Salzwedel, Treasurer, reported assets had increased 2.32% in 2010 to $50,130,277. There are now 6,202 members who have total shares of $45,221,314. Share dividends paid to members from January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2010, totaled $571,159.58. TACU Credit Union President/CEO, John Laufenberg, reported 1,748 loans were made in 2010, for a total of $23,111,340. Laufenberg welcomed members to the 71st Annual Meeting of their credit union to hear reports that indicate how their credit union is performing financially, to elect leaders and to commemorate the credit union’s achievements. He explained how TACU embodies the Credit Union National Association’s International Credit Union Week theme of “Local, Trusted and Serving You.” As examples, he detailed how TACU opened the new Tomah High School Branch in hopes of “Increasing financial literacy among area youth.” This new endeavor fits with TACU’s people helping people philosophy. The students named the branch Tito’s TACU after the school mascot and student tellers staff the branch. He informed membership that TACU sponsors a unique internet game called Money Mission. To play the game, students learn basic money management skills to obtain a score. The score is calculated based on budget and making wise money choices not devoid of enjoyable expenditures such as going to the theatre. The President explained how The National Credit Union Administration Corporate Stabilization Program assessments will affect TACU’s income for 10 more years. Laufenberg noted TACU grew in assets during the past 3 years. TACU also has 187 more members than in 2009 and TACU is now stronger despite the overall condition of the economy. As TACU President, he promised to continue investing excess funds by keeping in mind the Safety 1st – Yield 2nd rule. He also suggested following policies to insure prudent loans continue being made to members. Acquiring quality loans is a way to guarantee that not one penny of member’s insured savings will be lost. Laufenberg thanked the board and staff for their support and thanked members for participating in the annual meeting. Laufenberg drew attendee door prizes at the close of the meeting while members enjoyed a light meal.

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TACU ANNIVERSARY Pat Kroncke, a Loan Officer at TACU recently celebrated her 14th year working at TACU.

PRIVACY STATEMENT Read the enclosed privacy statement for our policy on how we handle your private information.

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Take our survey to prevent annoying e-mails! Do e-mail messages from businesses annoy you? Do you like to get physical letters instead of phone calls? Let us know!! Please find the “Membership Communication Survey” enclosed with your statement and fill it out. This survey is the opportunity for you to tell us how you would like to hear from us. That way, we can contact you in a way that works best for you! Once you are done with the survey, we just ask you to fold it over and tape it shut so the “Business Reply Mail” panel is facing out. And don’t worry about the postage, we’ve got it covered!

Shred, Don’t Tear! The Tricks of Identity Thieves & What You Can Do Tearing preapproved credit card offers into a few pieces before disposing of them isn't enough to protect you from identity thieves. A consumer reporter for the NBC Today show tested what happens when consumers first rip card offers into a few pieces, then piece them back together, fill them out, and submit them to card issuers. In five out of eight tries, the reporter received a credit card. Card issuers have rules about accepting mangled submissions, but clearly some slip through. Protect yourself in two ways: 

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Youth Week at TACU April 18-22 

Cookies and juice in lobby all week for all visitors

All youth may enter for prizes, have cookies and juice, or

choose a sticker or balloon. Prize drawings in lobby for youth under age 18 1st Prize – Ipod shuffle 2nd Prize – 1GB Flash Drive

3rd Prize – Pizza Party Basket Coloring contest for 5-spot youth club members.

A free $5 deposit for all new youth accounts.

Free gift for every youth deposit of $20 or more.

Tito’s TACU, inside Tomah High School  Free mood cups for each transaction at Tomah High School on 4/18 and 4/22. Federally Insured by NCUA up to $250,000 Equal Housing Lender

TACU March Quarterly Newsletter  

March Quarterly Newsletter for Tomah Area Credit Union. Tomah, WI