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NOVA Interlocking Floor Tiles


Interlock Install Inspire TactTiles offer a wide range of interlocking floor tiles that are suitable for a variety of commercial and residential applications.

Where can I lay TactTiles? This versatile retro-fit floor can be laid on balconies, patios and terraces; in wet areas such as swimming pools and changing rooms as well as work spaces garages, workshops and trade exhibitions.

Benefits Easy and quick to install Good drainage capability Ventilates the floor underneath Use both for indoor & outdoor environments Can be moved, reconfigured, expanded, etc. Low maintenance Attractive, durable and practical

Installation Tapping a rubber mallet or similar over the protruding rings interlocks the tiles together. No special tools, glue or screws are required. Use a jigsaw to cut for a perfect fit.

Maintenance TactTiles require virtually no maintenance. Normal floor care such as occasional wiping with a damp cloth, vacuuming and/or hosing is all that is required.

Accessories Safety Edge Strip: 376mm x 55mm Corner: 55mm x 55mm Cable Strip: 376mm x 55mm Cable Cross Piece: 55mm x 55mm Disassembly Tool Some of our interlocking tiles allow for under floor cable management with use of cable strips and cable cross pieces, which ensures the floors works under foot and with your electrical requirements.

Technical Material Environmentally friendly recyclable UV stabilised Polypropylene. Dimensions: 380mm x 380mm x 10.5mm

Edge Strips & Corner

Packaging: 5m2 / package = 35 tiles Colours: Check our website for latest colour availability

TactTiles Flooring +44 (0)1458 253395

Cable Strips

Easy to cut

Disassembly Tool

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