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IP-based Integration in a SNAP: Intra-Net Comms Security, Inter-Net Capability By Kevin Hunter, A&M Editor

Today’s combat-engaged warfighter is achieving critical comms integration without jeopardizing data security or sacrificing data availability. In the often austere, comms network-unfriendly operational environments that these professionals work in, the demands on equipment—both from a hardware and transmission-based perspective—often means that pairing end-to-end network data assurance with integrated security packaging may not always be as seamless as it seems.

SNAP, ONLY BETTER TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), a leading provider of secure mobile communication technology, is a major supplier of SNAP Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite systems equipment, field services support and maintenance to the U.S. government. The Army-proven, battle-ready SNAP equipment provides highly portable and interoperable tactical communications access for mission-critical data in remote environments.

Building on the SATCOM-based platform capabilities of SNAP, TCS’ TROPO, born out of Comtech Systems’ troposcatter technology, enables high data rate (up to 22Mbps) and extended network connectivity without the reliance on, or recurring costs of satellite-based networks. This provides seamless networking connectivity in situations where long range, non-line-of-sight radio operations would otherwise require excessive bandwidth availability to function. “With TROPO, users literally bypass SATCOM-based, bandwidth-greedy transmissions altogether, giving users beyond line of sight (BLOS) capability in a small, transportable flyaway VSAT solution,” said Bristol. “When coupled with the robust architecture of SNAP VSAT and WIN-T networking, TROPO provides additional signal range and speed with ‘overthe- horizon’ capability in a modular, scalable format compatible with legacy fielded TROPO systems.”

Michael Bristol


“In today’s challenging and unique environment, VP, TCS the U.S. armed forces require secure, reliable satellite From a standpoint that warfighters need more communications systems that can be easily deployed,” said capability in smaller packaging, TCS has introduced its Impact Michael Bristol, senior vice president and general manager of Tactical IP ruggedized communications kit, which is poised government solutions for TCS. “SNAP VSAT satellite terminals to enable rapid configuration and wide deployment options possess all of these qualities that will help our warriors across fixed and mobile comms platforms. Taking a modular communicate better.” approach that allows for enhanced network operations in a very small footprint with dynamic scalability for larger systems SNAP VSAT systems provide multimedia communications requirements, Impact Tactical leverages TCS’ TotalCom—a capabilities which convey encrypted voice, video and data to common operating environment (COE) using the latest highthe warfighter. TCS’ SNAP products are readily transportable power router from Cisco (5915 ESR), expandable PoE switching and ruggedized, and have a graphical user interface that and a single-board computer-based server module transporting facilitates smooth set-up and operation. The modularity and all information over IP. plug-and-play interfaces between all radio frequency and baseband configurations inherent in the SNAP product line CELL IN A BOX result in intuitive communication solutions for the end user. From a self-contained cellular comms perspective, TCS’ SwiftCell Lite offers users a stand-alone cellular network that EXTENDING THE NETWORK enables users to access and communicate privately on their Working in conjunction with the latest Networking Integration own cellular network, regardless of terrain or environment. Users Evaluation (NIE) at White Sands, NM, TCS introduced its are able call each other, send text messages and share other vital information as if they were on a commercially provided Tactical cellular network. The system comes complete with two BB2590 Transportable TROPO (3T) system for testing last July as a rechargeable batteries that will provide over four hours of potential low-latency bandwidth gap filler for the Army’s proven operation under the harshest of conditions. Warfighter Integrated Network- Tactical (or WIN-T). More info:

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