2016 Annual Warfighters Tactical Gear Guide

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ARMOR & MOBILITY is proud to present the 2016 ANNUAL WARFIGHTERS TACTICAL GEAR GUIDE. The Annual Warfighters Tactical Gear

Guide (WTGG) is a compendium of new, innovative types of equipment and technology, designed to assist any Warfighter, combat doctor or first responder while in the field. The WTGG is meant to serve as a window into the latest in tactical equipment. Servicemembers, state and local officials can see the newest improvements to technology already familiar to them, or something entirely different. Either way, it is intended to smooth out the rhythm of tactical missions, lessen time for otherwise lengthy operations, and make the ultimate difference in the life of a Warfighter. The 2016 WTGG does just that!

This year’s WTGG is broken up into specific sections, emphasizing different aspects of useful technology: Healthwise, Sights, Lights and Sounds, and Protection. These cutting-edge materials range from radio power adapters and rail-mounted lights, eye irrigation equipment, protective fabric and tactical equipment bags, all allowing combat personnel and other people in the field to access the most up-to-date in tactical gear that can be the difference between mission success and failure.