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Strategic Leader PEO Ammo Systems, Conventional Ammunition Division, Technical Management Division, and Business Management Division. Project families: • Precision-guided munitions • Conventional munitions • Mortar fire control systems

• Smart munitions • Mortar weapons systems • Fuzes and fuze setters

Project Manager Close Combat Systems

Project Manager Close Combat Systems (PM CCS) manages and sustains programs that provide combat munitions, support munitions, and area denial capabilities. PM CCS also manages long-term acquisition and production contracts that are flexible enough to support dynamic changes in both warfighting and training requirements. They are actively pursuing technologies that will result in smaller, lighter, more lethal munitions. PM CCS’s recent successes have included responding to more than 100 urgent materiel releases in support of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Projects families: • Networked munitions • Countermine • EOD equipment • IED defeat • Demolitions • Special project • Non-lethal systems and munitions

Project Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems The Project Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems is responsible for the life-cycle management—including development, production, and fielding—of all Army directfire ammunition (except nonlethal) and for the procurement of Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps direct-fire ammunition assigned to PEO Ammunition as the single manager for conventional ammunition executor. The PM does this through life-cycle program management of ammunition. Project families: • Large caliber • Non-standard ammunition

• Medium caliber • Small caliber

Joint Program Manager Towed Artillery Systems

PM TAS supplies the warfighter with direct-, reinforcing-, and general support towed artillery fires to maneuver forces. The organization provides direct support artillery for the Stryker and Infantry Brigade Combat Teams and replaces all current towed howitzers for the Marine Corps and Army Fires Brigade missions. Project families: • Towed howitzers • Nonstandard howitzers • Gun laying and surveying equipment • Howitzer digitization

Project Director Joint Services

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24 | Armor & Mobility January 2014

The Project Director for Joint Services (PD JS) enables the single manager of conventional ammunition (SMCA) to effectively provide ammunition and services to the joint warfighter. Project families: • C oordination and integration of SMCA activities, functions, processes, and operations on behalf of PEO Ammo • Demilitarization of DoD’s conventional ammunition • E xecution of SMCA industrial base functions including Army Ammunition Plant Modernization • P roviding technology solutions to improve ammunition manufacturing safety, effectiveness, quality, and cost • M anaging U.S. Army ammunition logistics research and development efforts

Project Director Joint Products

Project Director Joint Products (PD JP) executes SMCA acquisition responsibility for bombs, Navy gun ammunition, and energetics product lines for the Air Force and Navy as well as CAD/PADs for Army Aviation. Project families: • Penetrator bombs • Cast ductile iron practice bombs • General-purpose bombs • Bomb fuzes, lugs, and fins • 56 mm and 76 mm Navy gun ammunition • Insensitive munitions explosives More Info:

Armor & Mobility, January 2014  

Focusing on infantry equipment, this issue features stories on small arms, protective equipment, and ammunition.

Armor & Mobility, January 2014  

Focusing on infantry equipment, this issue features stories on small arms, protective equipment, and ammunition.