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Each morning, when I arrive at Tacoma Community College – along with thousands of students hoping to reach higher through education – it is easy to be optimistic. Things look up when you see students taking hold of their futures, committing themselves to better lives and better communities by gaining knowledge and skills that will make them contributors to society. At the same time, I worry. After four years of budget reductions, research is beginning to surface that indicates we are not doing enough. We are leaving people behind. In a single generation, the United States has fallen from first in educational attainment by young people worldwide to 10th. The current generation of college-age Americans will be less educated than their parents for the first time in our history. We know dwindling money invested in higher education is a cause of this effect. During the past three years, we have delayed entry of thousands of students from one quarter to the next to the next because we don’t have room for them. Our staff and faculty have been valiant. Instructors have overloaded their class sessions until there is no room for even one more chair. Individual employees have each picked up workload from the 77 full-time positions that have been cut. Complaints have been rare. We know that doing the most with whatever we have is crucial for the future of our community. The challenge keeps growing. The stream of budget reductions began over three years ago. Before adjourning in June, the state legislature slashed our budget 18 percent more. Just months later, the Governor’s office told us to expect another 13 percent cut on top of that. The cumulative impact is nearly half of our state budget. We have been required to pick up our share of the state’s obligations to fund the State Need Grant to students and to meet retirement funding obligations. In order to keep colleges open, society is supporting our students at historically low levels, leaving them to shoulder tuition rates higher than any other generation. And they are graduating with record levels of student loan debt. In fact, the amount of student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt in the U.S. Our students, staff and faculty give us all reason for optimism. But your support of TCC is more important than ever. I hope as you look through this magazine and see our accomplishments during this time of reduced resources, you’ll be even more convinced that TCC is one of the best investments we can make.

Dr. Pamela J. Transue, President Tacoma Community College ifc


TCCMagazine Volume 4, No. 1


Editor Dale Stowell Writers Rachel Payne Dale Stowell Design Sakura Moses Photography Rachel Payne Stuart Isset Sidnee Wheelwright TCC Magazine is published biannually by Marketing, Communication & Outreach/IAF, Tacoma Community College, 6501 South 19th Street, Tacoma WA 98466. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of all printed information, TCC Magazine assumes no liability for errors in editorial content. No portion of this publication may be duplicated or reprinted without written permission from the publisher. Send address changes to: TCC Magazine, 6501 S. 19th St., Tacoma WA 98466 or marketing@ Be sure to include both old and new addresses. tcc mission statement:

TCC creates meaningful and relevant learning, inspires greater equity, and celebrates success in our lives and our communities. accreditation:

Tacoma Community College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.


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Topping the state in student success measurements

4 Corporate Education goes countywide with Invista


Despite crowding, faculty helps students get needed classes

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10 2010-11 Donor List 14 TCC honors distinguished alum

14 Alumni path to medicine winds through Iraq and TCC

16 TCC Annual Report




You’re the

TCC leads state in student success measurements – and picks up a national honor The 2010-2011 cohort of TCC students attained the highest achievement point increase of any community or technical college in the state. The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) uses achievement points to determine how colleges are progressing toward the goal of increasing student completion – which means different things to different students. Some students attend a community or technical college to attain a certificate. Some want a transfer degree to go on to a four-year. Some want to complete pre-college work so they can attain a GED or enroll in college courses. Achievement points measure progress in basic skills, certificate and degree completion, and other areas. TCC achieved a point gain of 1,623. The next-highest performing college, Skagit Valley, achieved a point gain of 1,150. Washington’s Student Achievement Initiative rewards schools for increasing student success, so this accomplishment translates into money for the college, and $133,086 was applied to TCC’s base budget. In an economic climate in which all state colleges are struggling to maintain state funding, that’s particularly good news for TCC. The achievement point gain was no accident. The college recently adopted a college-wide initiative called “Pathways to Completion.” TCC examines practices from other colleges, and efforts pioneered by initiatives such as Achieving the Dream, and scales them up to reach large numbers of students.



Achieving the Dream, a national student completion initiative, has already proven its success at retaining students. When it was adopted at TCC, the fall-to-winter retention rate went up from 76.62 percent in 2006 to 82.81 percent in 2010. TCC was named a national “Leader College” for its completion efforts and results by Achieving the Dream. TCC’s “Pathway to Completion” is designed to keep student completion numbers going up. Steps include outreach efforts that deliver personalized information to prospective students so that they can arrive on campus prepared to succeed and a Learning Network that provides extra support to students, especially in classes that have been traditional barriers to student success. “’Completion’ is the word of the day and it will continue to be our guiding theme for the next years ahead,” said TCC President Pamela Transue. “We need to pilot innovations, measure effectiveness, and then focus on those that are both effective and extendable to most of our students. In this effort, we can learn from the experience of other colleges.” Student engagement translates to student success, and TCC student engagement rates are going up, too. The latest survey shows student-reported levels of engagement going up in every category measured. “At TCC, we anticipate that as student engagement increases, so will rates of student success and completion,” said Institutional Effectiveness Director Scott Marsh.



Now businesses and organizations that need to develop their employees can make one call no matter where they’re located or what they need.

Let me in! With record crowding at TCC, students rely on waitlists—and willing faculty—to help them squeeze into class.

A Performance Solution Businesses or organizations that need training and education for their workers have a new resource in Pierce County. Invista Performance Solutions is the first collaboration among Pierce County colleges to serve the business community through a single point of contact. Invista is responsible for centralized coordination of corporate education programs and services that advance businesses by increasing the skills of their workers. This partnership of colleges includes Bates Technical College, Clover Park Technical College, Pierce College District, and Tacoma Community College The new entity streamlines the way businesses, non-profit organizations and government organizations access training and development services for their employees, according to Lisa Edwards, Global Solutions Officer for Invista. “We’ve been talking about doing this for a long time,” she said. “Now businesses and organizations that need to develop their employees can make one call no matter where they’re located or what they need.” Invista is based on a model used successfully by TCC’s Corporate Education Department. In the last year, TCC Corporate Education completed $1.7 million in training contracts. Countywide, the colleges collectively delivered more than $2 million in training. Invista is a member of Global Corporate College, a national network of leading colleges dedicated to serving businesses across their global footprint. The Invista operations is located on the campus of Clover Park Technical College, and the team will create and deliver training whenever and wherever it is needed, Edwards said. For more information, contact Invista Performance Solutions at 253.583.8861.



At the end of the first day of Lauren Stout’s Introduction to Statistics class, a problem of simple addition became the most crucial exercise of the day. “How many chairs are in this room?” she asked, as she started counting. “OK … 32 chairs. Then that’s how big this class will be.” At least two of the five “waitlist” students who showed up on the first day of class breathed a sigh of relief. Statistics classes are usually capped at 30 students.


Waitlists have been a way of life for students at TCC enrolling in core classes needed for graduation. The college has a sophisticated system that lets students sign up for most classes even after they fill, and then get into the class when registered students drop for any reason. The system is efficient for both students, more of whom get the schedule they want and the classes they need to complete, and the college, which operates fewer lowerenrolled classes. But as resources have become more constrained and enrollments have exploded, the system – and the willingness of TCC faculty to do more in a time of crisis – has become a lifeline to many students.

 “If you’re on the waitlist, hang around until after the class,” Stout announced to her first class of fall quarter. Her statistics class, a required course for many areas of study at the college, had 10 students waiting, one of the biggest lists

of the fall schedule. Five came to the first class hoping to get in. “I’m tempted,” she said, eyeing an empty but chairless table pushed against the back wall of her classroom, “to try to go with 34. This would be the first time I’ve had to say no.”

 Tacoma Community College is literally built on the idea of small classes – most classrooms are designed for about 30 students. The college’s 300-seat theater is smaller than the lecture halls of many four-year universities, where the same freshmen and sophomore classes are offered that are held at TCC. But with student success and completion at stake, TCC faculty members have stepped up to help. Although faculty contracts limit the number of students in individual classes, TCC faculty have agreed to teach as many students as can fit in their classrooms. If there is room for a few extra chairs, faculty have agreed to accept a few extra students.

“As they have many times in the past, our faculty has put students first,” said Timothy Stokes, Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. “As our budget has dwindled and our enrollment has increased, they’ve put the success of our students and community first by increasing the number of the students they each teach.”

 The students in Stout’s class contributed to a happy statistic: 100 percent of the waitlisted students either got into her class, a class she taught in the next hour, or another alternative that worked for them. Most of the 1,450 students who were on Fall waitlists were similarly successful, although it’s impossible to come up with the exact number of people who did not get into classes. “We’re doing everything we can,” said Stokes. “It’s all we can do.”



TCC News in Brief

Extraordinary contributions lead to honorary degrees Retired real estate developer H.C. “Joe” Harned and State Representative Laurie Jinkins were recognized for their extraordinary contributions to TCC with honorary degrees in 2011. Harned is a longtime supporter of Tacoma Community College, funding scholarships to assist low-income students through the TCC Foundation. In 2010 he made the largest donation to TCC in the institution’s history. The gift will benefit the planned Harned Center for Health Careers, which was named in his honor. “For more than a decade, Joe has turned his considerable entrepreneurial abilities to helping students and the institutions that educate them,” said Pamela Transue, TCC President. Jinkins served on the Tacoma Community College Board of Trustees from 1998 to December 2010, when she was elected to the Washington State Legislature. “Laurie has been a tireless advocate for the betterment of our community and is a valued leader,” said Transue. “She is a crucial activist for education, equality, health care, gay rights and many other critical issues, and her influence is far reaching. She embodies integrity, passion, and determination and her background reflects a person who lives to serve, contribute and make a difference for us all.”

Walking on air for science TCC student Eric Shear floats on air while conducting research as part of NASA’s Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program. Shear was part of a research team of community colleges across the nation whose experiment “NAFION Membrane Wetting in Microgravity” was selected by NASA to be part of the program.



TCC Military Friendly for 3rd straight year Tacoma Community College was named a “Military Friendly School” by G.I. Jobs Magazine for the third year in a row. The annual list honors the top 20 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools that are doing the most to embrace America’s service members and veterans as students. The “military friendly” distinction is based on the services and support available for students with military experience. TCC has a full-time veteran’s services coordinator, a veteran’s club and participates in programs designed to support veteran students. This year, the magazine incorporated a survey of student veterans into its institution review process. Peer reviews give insight on the student veteran experience at particular institutions to prospective student veterans. This feedback can be viewed at list. Service members and veterans can also meet individual student veterans from the various schools virtually to learn more about personal school decisions and the transition from the military to an academic environment. To learn more, visit

College Executive Receives Honor Timothy Stokes, Tacoma Community College Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, was honored as a Distinguished Alumnus of Lyon College. Stokes graduated from Lyon, a small liberal arts college located 90 miles northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1992. The award was presented during the weekend homecoming celebrations, Oct. 21-23. “Lyon is an outstanding liberal arts college tucked away in the Ozark Mountains. It’s known for its nationally recognized faculty, and for including students and faculty in key decisions. As a student at Lyon, I served on numerous accreditation and presidential appointed committees. It’s where my passion for higher education was sparked.”

TCC News in Brief

Virtual miracle Serving 500,000 visitors a year gets makeover Tacoma Community College’s web site—which draws almost a half million visitors each year—was completely rebuilt and launched in June. The college’s website was redesigned and refocused to better help students get to the first day of class with more decisions made and more problems solved so they can focus on success and completion. For example, under Areas of Study, site visitors not only can find what TCC offers, but information on why they would study it. Information under Costs and Aid helps explain the process of obtaining financial aid or scholarships to help people figure out how to pay for college. Site content and design was based on research gathered from more than 1,000 people from TCC and the community it serves. The new fits into a broader effort at TCC to better communicate with the people interested in education and training so they can begin preparing for college success. Already 10,000 people have signed up for a service called InsideTCC, which connects the community to resources and information to help prepare for success. InsideTCC is available through the web site. Another popular feature of the site includes an online class schedule and class registration system. You can see what classes are offered, how many people are enrolled and on waitlists, and if you have completed the entry process at the college, sign up for classes yourself.



TCC Foundation Annual Report


This year, the Foundation allocated over $1,213,288 to support scholarships and critical


40% Grants and Contracts

37% Realized and Unrealized Investment Gains and Interest

14% Contributions and Pledges


9% Special Events




87% Program Support



2010-11 $ 8,692,381

7% Fundraising

2009-10 $ 7,988,283

6% Administrative

2008-09 $ 4,596,194

programs at TCC.

TCC Foundation Annual Report

Where do your charitable dollars go? Officers President Pat Shuman Vice President Jonathan Phillips Treasurer Jeanette Lunceford Secretary Melanie ManistaRushforth Board of Directors • • • • • • • • •

Christopher Algeo Charles Horne Brian King Griselda “Babe” Lehrer Mark Lindquist Wade Neal Sandra Reilley, MD Pamela Transue, PhD Chad Wright

Foundation Executive Director Dan Small Interim Foundation Development Director Bill Ryberg

We give to the things we care about most – what’s on your list? Social services? TCC changes lives. With an average age of 30, many of our students are in school to “move up,” improving their lives and the lives of their families. Babies and preschoolers are being exposed to college at an early age; our impressive Annette B. Weyerhaeuser Early Learning Center cares for them and supports family needs while their parents are in school. Many of our students will be the first in their family to graduate from college. The arts? TCC offers robust performing and visual arts programs. Student, faculty and community artwork is displayed in the architectural gem that is the TCC Gallery. Free musical performances are held throughout the year in the TCC theater. The local economy? More than $150 million a year is returned to the local economy as a result of increased wages attributable to education and training at TCC. Economic research shows that TCC returns more money to the economy than it receives in taxpayer assistance. Healthcare? TCC sends hundreds of employees into health-related occupations every year. They have received state-of-the art training in their respective fields. Many go on to receive four-year degrees and more in their professions. Education? TCC was ranked 17th in the nation among community colleges by Washington Monthly in Washington, D.C. Many aspiring teachers find TCC an affordable way to begin college before transferring to a four-year school. TCC students who transfer to four-year schools do as well as students who began their education in the four-year school.

Whatever your cause, TCC is working on it. In the perfect storm of severe state funding cuts, rising tuition and unprecedented numbers of students, I can’t think of a better investment. I hope you’ll join Dave and me in supporting TCC.

IN THE PICTURE: TCC supporters bid on luxury items –

Pat Shuman, President, TCC Foundation

contributed by other TCC supporters – at the annual Tacoma Wine Classic live auction. The Wine Classic

The firm of Dwyer, Pemberton & Coulson, P.C., Certified Public

raises more than $60,000 a year for the Tacoma Accountants, conducts an annual independent audit of the

Tacoma Community College Foundation. This report is available Community College Foundation. Funds are used for for any donor at the Foundation offices at Tacoma Community College. The graphs show the sources and uses of Tacoma scholarships and areas of greatest need. Community College Foundation funds as a percentage of the total income and expenses as of June 30, 2010.

The 2012 event is scheduled for May 19, 2012.

TCCF Mission

Contact information

The Tacoma Community College Foundation assists the college in its mission by increasing financial resources and expanding educational opportunities through community advocacy, teamwork and innovation.

TCC Foundation 6501 S. 19th St. I Tacoma WA 98466 P: 253.566.5003 I F: 253.566.5003

The firm of Dwyer, Pemberton & Coulson, P.C., Certified Public Accountants, conducts an annual independent audit of the Tacoma Community College Foundation. This report is available for any donor at the Foundation offices at Tacoma Community College. The graphs show the sources and uses of Tacoma Community College Foundation funds as a percentage of the total income and expenses as of June 30, 2011.



TCC Foundation Annual Report

Foundation Donors 2010-2011

TCC Foundation Donors 2010-2011 Jeff Barnes

Beth Burraychak

Barrage Cellars

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Monica Butler & Peter Pholley

This donor report acknowledges gifts

Philip & Kathy Bauer

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and pledges contributed between

Manny Bautista Jennifer Beals



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donor report. Y Every effort has

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Kari Niksich

Platinum Salon & Spa

Charles E. Salak

Kathleen Mason

Gregory Nixon

Point Defiance Zoological Society

Paul Sanchez

Glenna Mathews

Paul & Daphne Nolte

Clayton & Lynn Pollock

Alain & Bonnie Sand

Jody Matthews

North Slope Coffee House

Wendy Pope

Jason Sandusky

Steve Mauer

Northwest Totem Cellars

Edward & Rachel Powers

Lorena Saucedo

Sue Mauermann

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SAVI Day Spa

Donald Price & Janet Theiler

Saviah Cellars

Obelisco Est. - Douglas & Betsy Long

Primo Grill Restaurant

Beverly Sayle

Sharon McCormack

Randy & Karen O’Brien

Private Donation

Bob & Gaye Scheel

Mary McDougal

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Prostock Athletic Supply, Inc.

Bob Schmitt

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Old House Café

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The Old Milwaukee

Brian McGowan

The Old Town Tavern

McGranahan Architects

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Michael & Carrie Mabry Bruce & Margo Macdonald Margaret MacDonald Ken Madsen Ronald & Loraine Magden Rick & Marcia Mahaffey Carl & Danielle Mahnken Melanie Manista-Rushforth Lisa Mansfield Marine View Beverage Marine View Ventures, Inc.

Mary McCabe Joanne McCarthy




S & W Construction Wayne Sahli

David & Andrea Lungren Schneebeck QFC

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Dorothy Schuler Fred & Nancy Schuneman

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Seattle Art Museum

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Seattle Seahawks

McMenamins Pubs & Breweries

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Metro Parks Tacoma

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Silver Cloud Inn

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TCC Foundation Donors 2010-2011 Angie Simpson

TCC Student Programs

Walla Walla Community College Fndtn.

Michael & Lori Siptrott

Karin Teles

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Titus Will Families Foundation

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Tool Town

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The Tacoma Community

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College Foundation’s

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Travel Leaders - Alex Trettin

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St. Joseph Medical Center

Law Office of Frederick Whang

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Trueman Appraisal Co.

Sidnee Wheelwright

Stadium Video

Wayne & Gail Turner

Karyn Whitacre

from 5:30-10 p.m. on the

Peter & Janet Stanley

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21 Cellars

Rick & Wendy White

Tacoma Community

Anne Sterling Col. Willie & Faye Stewart


& Durkin, Inc.

for Health Care Recruitment

Kim Wiggins

Save the date 2012 Tacoma Wine Classic

signature fundraising event will be held


May 19, 2012 College Campus, 6501 S. 19th St., Tacoma.

Jean Ulianich

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Umpqua Bank

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Stina’s Cellars

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Classic raises money

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Meredith Sykes


TCC Foundation Annual Report

Sharon Winters Bruce Wiseman

scholarships, childcare,

Brent & Lisa Wojtanowicz

Rick & Heather Valtee

Rickie Wolfe

and student services.

Richard Woo & Arlene Joe

Brandon Vargas

Rex & Judith Wood

Tacoma Dragon Boat Association

Pierre Vargas

Woodward Canyon Winery

Tacoma Garden Club

Varsity Grill

Woody’s on the Water

Tacoma Glassblowing Studio

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Tacoma Little Theatre

The Villa Bed & Breakfast

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Tacoma Rainiers

Phillip Vitale & Dawn Collins-Vitale

Tacoma Symphony Orchestra

Joseph & Zuzana Vozenilek

Tacoma Wine Merchants

Ky Vu

Rodney & Nini Tayet


programs such as

Bruce & Kara Valentine Peter & Kathryn Van Wagenen

Thomas Tanaka & Shannon Skinner

College students through

Diane Valdez

Tacoma Art Museum

Tactical Marketing Group

The Tacoma Wine


Robert & Michie Yamashita Chris Yates Richard & Pamela Zimmerman

Dr. Keiko Wada Michelle Wagner

TCC Board of Directors & Trustees

Richard & Catherine Wakefield

TCC Classified Staff Organization

Sarah & R.D. Waldo

TCC Foundation

Lauren Walker

TCC Gallery

Scott Walker



TCC Foundation Annual Report

alumni profile

TCC honors distinguished alum Tacoma Community College selected Walter Nolte as its 2011 Distinguished Alumnus. Nolte, who graduated from TCC in 1970, currently serves as president of Casper College in Wyoming. He was cited for leadership in developing innovative programs and campus facilities at his college. “His passion and innovation in higher education have influenced the paths of many across the United States, and he is committed to higher education and to student success,” said TCC President Pamela Transue. “His published works, his community activities, and his professional career all focus on the importance of education, and we are proud that his degree from TCC set him on that path.” After receiving his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Puget Sound, Nolte returned to Tacoma Community College in 1984 as Dean for Vocational Education. Nolte received his doctorate in Educational Administration from the University of Texas in 1991.




Back toschool

TCC Foundation Annual Report

TCC Alum Mike Moore Mike Moore doesn’t fit anyone’s definition of a traditional student. After a career that included deployment in both Iraq wars he came to TCC to finish his pre-med requirements. A helicopter pilot in the first Iraq war, Moore spent the second as a Physician’s Assistant. He started medical school at age 46 and is currently wrapping up his final 18 months. “The Army’s always asking you to get advanced education,” said Moore. “They wanted me to get a Ph.D. in health administration. When I was in Iraq the last time, I had a couple of really great mentors who told me, ‘if you want to go back to school, you should just go to medical school.’” The Army didn’t pay Moore’s way at TCC, but he feels it was a good investment. “In terms of the money spent, for the amount of education I got—including the personalized attention, and the quality of the teaching—it was the best deal I’ve ever had in my long educational career.”

“We had to be tough on each other and encourage each other,” said Moore, on his study experience at TCC. “Professor King made everything collaborative—more collaborative than I remember classes being when I first went to college—and that helped the guys get a handhold and a foothold on education.” Moore finished the credits he needed at TCC in 2007 and started medical school in 2008. He’s currently raising his kids, completing residency at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, and blogging for the medical journal “The Lancet.” “I think the hardest thing about going to school for a guy, is being able to suck it up and be a little bit humble, be teachable,” said Moore. “Humility is the entry ticket into learning. The first thing you have to do is realize you have to learn something. And I can’t imagine a better place to do that than TCC.”

The kind of rigor that Professor King and Dr. Schmitt brought to their classes – it helped a lot of people. It’s the same as you’d find at UPS or PLU. That’s one of the reasons that TCC is such a jewel – it’s rigorous.

Moore credits physics instructor Keith King and chemistry instructor Dr. Robert Schmitt with preparing him for medical school. “I wouldn’t be here without them,” said Moore. “The kind of rigor that Professor King and Dr. Schmitt brought to their classes – it helped a lot of people. It’s the same as you’d find at UPS or PLU. That’s one of the reasons that TCC is such a jewel – it’s rigorous.” Moore made it through organic chemistry with the help of two other students. One is now a nurse anesthetist deployed in Afghanistan, and the other is studying to become a pharmacist. The three friends supported each other at TCC, and they still keep in touch. TCCMagazine



$150.2 million . The amount of

added income attributable to TCC accumulated credits in the workforce.

2010-11 Annual Report

2010-11 Operating Revenue State Allocation

$ 20,822,464

Local Revenue 1,796,281

Running Start Program Bldg Fee fr Excess Enrollment


General Fees / Overhead

226,860 7,600

ABE Tuition




$22,384,115 $22,039,069

The average rate of return on a TCC educational investment

state funding 2010-11


Tuition/Operating Fees




$ 37,886,539

2010-11 program expenses Instruction & Primary Support




Library & Learning Resources


Student Services


Institutional Support


Plant Operations & Maintenance

3,383,012 449,989

WF / WR Financial Aid

total 2012-13 (projected)




2010-11 Capital budget Revenue 4,184,479

State Allocation


Local Revenue



EXPENSES 3,450,644

Program Expenses


7.0% 16



The return on investment to state and local taxpapers that TCC generates.

tcc students 40% are students of color Average age = 30 63% female 300 International students 650 students with disabilities

Student Intent: 44% Transfer 35% Work Force Training 13% Other 9% Basic skills

Enrollment FTE 5,008 Fall 2010

4,642 Fall 2009



$1.6 million

The average income at the career midpoint of someone with an associates’ degree – 36% more than a high school diploma.

The savings per year in avoided social costs due to TCC students, including savings related to improved health, reduced crime and reduced welfare and unemployment.

Fall 2008

Tuition & Fees


$ 3,500

4-year public

$ 7,000

4-year private

$ 27,100 TCCMagazine IBC

6501 S. 19th St. I Tacoma WA 98466

Address Service Requested

2012 Upcoming Events Symbolism in Still Life

January 3-March 16  The Gallery

Titan women’s basketball home opener

January 9  Gymnasium, 6 p.m.

Titan men’s basketball home opener

January 9  Gymnasium, 8 p.m.

Eric Ethridge*

January 17  Opgaard Student Center, 11:30 a.m.

Robert Manning*

January 26  Opgaard Student Center, 11:30 a.m.

Michel Chikwanine*

February 16  Opgaard Student Center, 11:30 a.m.

TCC Orchestra with John Scanlon, viola soloist February 29  Bldg. 2 Auditorium, 7:30 p.m. FREE

TCC Symphonic Band with Brian Wharton, cello soloist March 8  Bldg. 2 Auditorium, 7:30 p.m. FREE

TCC Faculty Art

April 9-May 11  The Gallery

Titan Athletics Hall of Fame Dinner

April 14  Opgaard Student Center, 6 p.m.

Tacoma Wine Classic

May 19  Opgaard Student Center, 5 p.m.

TCC Student Art

May 21-June 15  The Gallery


June 16  Greater Tacoma Convention Center, 10 a.m. *Tentative, check web site for final details

TCC Magazine Winter 2012  

Tacoma Community College Winter 2012 Issue

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