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Tacoma Community College Quarterly Preview

Summer 2013

page Vicci Martinez Arts Scholarship for Women


Encouraging everyone to Reach Higher.


7 Helping Students “Liberate 250K� Replacing textbooks in some courses with free open source materials.

Photo of Vicci Martinez by Jason Ganwich


QUARTERLY PREVIEW  Tacoma Community College   Summer 2013

Reach Higher. Go further. Advance.

Why Consider Tacoma Community College: TCC is committed to giving students every opportunity to reach their goals with a low-cost, high-quality education. We create a positive learning environment that gives students confidence to succeed. That’s why TCC is the number one community college in Washington State and number 17 nationwide.

High quality, affordable education: A college start at TCC is an affordable alternative to tuition at a four-year institution. Nearly 40 percent of Washington bachelor’s degree graduates are community college transfer students. Also, nearly 50 percent of TCC students benefit from financial aid.

College Transfer & Career Training Students can earn the equivalent of the first two years of a bachelor’s degree and or earn a two-year associate degree. TCC has degrees that transfer to almost any major school, or students can choose from more than 40 professional and technical degrees and certificates.

Diverse culture and active campus life As part of our 9,000 member Titan family (approximately 400 international students), students will participate in athletics, student government, the arts, student media and community involvement.

Personal attention TCC students benefit from personal attention given by instructors. The average class size is 25. Learn more at

June 24-Aug. 15, 2013

Reach Higher. Go farther. Go further.

We’re recruiting young African American, Latino and Asian/Pacific Islander males to participate in a special summer academy. This intensive eight-week program is designed to help students experience greater overall success at TCC. The summer academy provides students with the opportunity to complete developmental course work, preparing them to begin college-level work in the fall.

The Men of Distinction program empowers students to work together to promote personal and academic success. The college also provides support services, including advising and educational planning; financial aid counseling; tutoring; personal finance, planning and money management assistance; time management and personal goal-setting guidance; academic success planning and assistance; and computing resources.

Eligibility • 21 years old and younger • High school diploma or GED (by June 25, 2012) • Must place into ENGL 85 or 95 to be eligible for the academy. Get more information and complete the applications at

Tacoma Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or age in its programs and activities.

Tacoma Community College Volume 48, No. 3

Spring 2013

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Published quarterly by  Tacoma Community College, 6501 South 19th Street, Tacoma, WA 98466. PERIODICAL postage paid at  Tacoma, WA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Tacoma Community College, Marketing, Communication & Outreach, 6501 S. 19th Street, Tacoma, WA 98466.

The credit class schedule is available online at

Summer 2013   Tacoma Community College  QUARTERLY PREVIEW


Where do YOU want to learn? Tacoma campus 6501 South 19 th St., Tacoma 253.566.5000 Located in the middle of everything, TCC’s west Tacoma campus has been completely redeveloped in the last 10 years and includes technologically advanced learning and study space for nearly 9,000 students per quarter.

Gig Harbor campus 3993 Hunt St., Gig Harbor 253.460.2424

What’s YOUR goal? Start a bachelor’s degree collegetransfer Start, re-start, or rev up your career careertraining

Sharpen your job skills or enhance your life continuingeducation Get the basics basicskills Train employees at your business

The Gig Harbor campus extends TCC’s programs and services to the residents of the Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula areas. We offer transfer, continuing education, and basic skills education, all close to home for Peninsula residents.

Online TCC offers a broad array of online and hybrid online (online combined with limited classroom sessions) to allow for convenient, quality education.

Any of the above You can mix and match locations, or take a combination of online and classroom classes – whatever works best for you! For more information on getting started at TCC, call  TCC Outreach at 253.566.6042.


QUARTERLY PREVIEW  Tacoma Community College   Summer 2013

Step up! get into college  Apply/Reapply

What quarter do you want to start?

Apply online or in person (Bldg. 7).


Apply by ...

Submit Financial Aid Application by ...

There is no application fee.

Summer 2013

April 2013

early April 2013

Fall 2013

April/May 2013

May 9, 2013

 Get connected with MY TCC Activate your newly assigned

TCC student email.


Get answers! admissioninfosession

 Explore your interests on Inside TCC Connect to all the info you need to become a student at TCC – takes 5 minutes tops!


 Paying for college Start early and do it simultaneously

FERPA is a federal law that protects students’

with steps 1-7.

Need help with any of these steps


Attend this

TCC Admission Info Sessions

 Assess your skills To get into classes, an evaluation of your skills is needed. Do it by testing or transcript review.

 Get oriented New students must attend a NSAO (New Student Advising Orientation) to get classes.

 Pay your tuition Missing the due date can mean missing out on the classes you wanted ...






5-6:30 p.m.


5/1 5/15 5/29 6/12 6/24

3:45-5 p.m.

Wed Wed Wed Mon

3:45-5 p.m.

yy right to inspect and review education records yy right to seek the amendment of education records yy right to consent to the disclosure of education records, and yy right to obtain a copy of the school’s FERPA policy. A complete copy of TCC’s written policies and guidelines governing the review, inspection, release, confidentiality and maintenance of a student’s education records is available upon request at either Enrollment Services or the Student Services Administration office.

3:45-5 p.m. 3:45-5 p.m. 5-6:30 p.m.

Call 253.566.6042 or sign up online at admissioninfosession

Visitor Parking Most TCC parking lots have designated visitor parking spaces. If there are no visitor parking spaces available, you may obtain a temporary parking permit at the Enrollment Services counter in Bldg. 7.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act classschedule


Summer 2013   Tacoma Community College  QUARTERLY PREVIEW

Paying for college apply for financial aid Financial aid is a PROCESS – not a step – of deadlines and paperwork. Stay on track. If you want a chance at the FREE government money and lowinterest rate loans, you must do the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Here’s what TCC needs from you to begin the process: yy Apply to TCC. yy Complete FAFSA and list TCC. yy Complete TCC Financial Aid Data Sheet.

before you start ... THINK DEADLINES! What quarter do you want to start? Find out your

complete your FAFSA yy COMPLETE the TCC Financial Aid Data Sheet online at yy LOOK for your Student Aid Report (SAR) in the mail/email. It will arrive within two weeks of completing the FAFSA. Read it carefully and be sure the info is correct. If you do not receive your SAR, call the Dept. of Education at 1.800.4.FEDAID to check your status. yy RESPOND quickly to any requests for more information. Your chance to get the best money possible depends on how promptly you meet requests.

quarter’s financial aid file completion deadline at

tips: DON’T WAIT to register for classes until you

hear whether you received financial aid. SIGN UP for

LATE? If you miss a deadline you may still get aid,

your New Student Orientation (step 6 on page 6) as

but plan for it arriving after the quarter starts.

soon as you can. CONTROL YOUR FUTURE by NOT waiting

submit your FAFSA

missing information. Check your Financial Aid

The FAFSA application opens Jan. 1 every year.

apply for scholarships

A complete financial aid application submitted as soon as possible will maximize the types of financial aid you’ll be eligible for. You do not need finalized tax information to submit your FAFSA, and you don’t want to wait either! yy SAVE time! Create a PIN (4-digit number) for yourself so you can electronically sign your FAFSA. Visit yy GO to The FAFSA is a free form. You’re on the wrong webpage if any site tries to charge you! yy CHECK the status of your financial aid application at your financial aid portal:

for the Financial Aid office to contact you about portal instead!

plan ahead ... THINK DEADLINES! yy APPLY for TCC Foundation scholarships at yy RESEARCH external scholarships that fit your profile at externalscholarships yy CREATE a profile at a free web-based scholarships clearinghouse for Washington students.

tip: Scholarship application season is usually January-March for the following academic year.



QUARTERLY PREVIEW  Tacoma Community College   Summer 2013

Photo credit: Jason Ganwich

Vicci Martinez Arts Scholarship for Women The Vicci Martinez Arts Scholarship for Women is a testament to the teamwork of a thriving Tacoma arts community – the shared vision of local musician Vicci Martinez and a Tacoma Community College that encourages everyone to Reach Higher. Applicants for the Scholarship must plan to attend TCC in the Fall 2013 Quarter, maintain

The scholarship application process will open at the end of Spring Quarter,

a GPA above 2.0, and be a female. Vicci,

selection process will take place over the summer and winner will receive

who will be playing a role in the selection

$1,500 towards their fall tuition and fees.

process, will also be interested in learning about your passion for the arts and your artistic aspirations.

If you are interested in applying for the Vicci Martinez Arts Scholarship for Women, please visit


Networking & Cyber Security Program

Use Your College Bound Scholarship at TCC

Networking prepares students for help desk, technical support and network support roles for wired and wireless networks. Cyber Security prepares students to assess, defend and remediate security risks for networks.

Are you a College Bound Scholarship senior planning to attend college at TCC this fall? If so, be sure to complete all enrollment steps by May. TCC’s final financial aid deadline is May 9th—are you sure everything is complete?

In two years or less, you can learn or enhance your current skills in Networking & Cyber Security. The program is offered in flexible day and evening courses to help you train and ultimately improve your employment prospects. For more info, go to:


Act now! If you delay, you may not get the classes you want or the financial aid you need. Also, placement test results will be more accurate if you take them during or just after high school. Learn more about the steps at:


So plan ahead. Then you can enjoy your summer knowing you are all set to begin college in the fall.

Summer 2013   Tacoma Community College  QUARTERLY PREVIEW

Helping Students “Liberate $250K” TCC’s Open Educational Resources (OER) project set the goal of saving students $250,00 over two years by replacing textbooks in some courses with free open sourced materials. Barely three quarters into the project we reached that goal, hitting the quarter-million mark at the beginning of Spring Quarter 2013. And new materials are still being developed, so the savings to students will keep adding up. Here’s a snapshot of our OER offerings this year: • Fall 2012: 6 courses, 16 sections • Winter 2013: 10 courses, 20 sections • Spring 2013: 18 courses, 39 sections. The project is financed by a $90,000 contribution from student government, matched by the college. Textbooks are approximately one third of a TCC student’s costs, so offering textbook-free courses can make a big difference. Find out more at


2012-2013 Tuition & Fees Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Washington State Legislature. Some courses may have additional lab or material fees.


Non- Non- Resident Resident Refugee & Internat’l (on waiver) (non-res)

1 109.59

281.59 122.59 133.66

2 219.18

563.18 245.18 267.32

3 328.77

844.77 367.77 400.98

Credit Hours

WA State Resident

4 438.36 1,126.36 490.36 534.64 5 547.95 1,407.95 612.95 668.30 6 657.54 1,689.54 735.54 801.96 7 767.13 1,971.13 858.13 935.62 8




980.72 1,069.28


2,534.31 1,103.31 1,202.94

10 1,095.90

2,815.90 1,225.90 1,336.60

11 1,148.89

2,873.90 1,279.58 1,401.30

12 1,201.88

2,931.90 1,333.26 1,466.00

13 1,254.87

2,989.90 1,386.94 1,530.70

14 1,307.86

3,047.90 1,440.62 1,595.40

15 1,360.85

3,105.90 1,494.30 1,660.10

Non-Resident (on waiver): Student must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. For complete details, call 253.566.5001. Student-approved fees included in tuition: yyBldg. 11 improvements: $1.50 per credit to 10 credits, maximum rate $15. yyEarly Childhood Education and Child Care Building: $1.25 per credit to 10 credits, maximum rate $12.50 Student-approved fees added at time of registration: yyFacility Fee: $ .50 per credit to 15 credits, maximum rate $7.50 yyTechnology Fee: $1.75 per credit to 10 credits, maximum rate $17.50 yySafety Fee: $15 per student yyCourse Fees: as displayed in online class schedule for individual classes If you are active duty military or a spouse or dependent of an active duty military person stationed in Washington State, you can receive a lower tuition rate by submitting a copy of your military ID card and the military orders stationing you in Washington. Bring them to Enrollment Services, Bldg. 7 or send by FAX to 253.566.5108.

Did you know


The tuition paid by students who are state residents covers only 38 percent of the cost of the education they receive. The balance is covered by Washington taxpayers through state funding. Nonresident students pay the full cost of their education. This information is provided by the Higher Education Coordinating Board as required by RCW 28B.10.044. Exact figures are available from the HEC Board.

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Job Fair April 18


Student Art Exhibition May 1-June 13


Tacoma Wine Classic Saturday, May 18


Commencement Saturday, June 15


Men of Distinction Summer Academy June 24-August 15 More info on page 2 or visit:


Summer 2013 Quarterly Preview  
Summer 2013 Quarterly Preview  

published quarterly by Tacoma Community College