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CROSSTALK Summer 2015

Congregation No. 161054 Scottish Charity No. SCO15579

Musings from the manse When you ask a child to name some Christian festivals - you usually hear the word Christmas, and then sometimes Easter. After this, you might hear some interesting guesses, ranging from Halloween to St Valentine’s Day. Harvest is often forgotten about. And as for Pentecost, well very few people outside the church sometimes even in the church - seem to know much about Pentecost! Pentecost falls 50 days after Easter, and 10 days after the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven. We find out about Pentecost in Acts chapter 2, that the disciples were together in one place in Jerusalem, and there was a noise like a violent wind, that tongues of fire seemed to descend upon them, and those assembled started to speak in other languages. The Holy Spirit came upon 3,000 people that day and they were given a greater ability to praise God, a deeper understanding of the truth of the gospel, and an energy and boldness in sharing their faith. Some people call it the birthday of the church, the day that the followers of Jesus were transformed into a group of faithful and inspired Christians, equipped to share their faith with the world. Sometimes Pentecost seems to be the church’s best kept secret. I guess that sometimes people seem a little worried about the concept of the holy spirit, (Continued on page 2)


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the One who breathes God’s life within us. Yet the holy spirit is one of the trinity, the harmonious relationship of the Godhead, who enables us to know God better, and to share His love with others. At Pentecost, it is our prayer that God would pour out His Holy spirit upon His church. Sometimes the church gets entangled in human made traditions and patterns that are energy sapping and damaging, ways that smother new life and creativity. People often say “ we have always done things that way.” Many ways of doing things were good at the time, but we always need to review things, to seek to be the best that we can be, to glorify God. There is a risk in trying new things, but this is how we grow and develop, and find our authentic selves. Over the last year, we have been seeking to grow as a church family. We have been working with “ Place for Hope” and are looking forward to our conference on the 30th May “Planting seeds for a growing church: embracing the past and facing the future”. We have been looking at what it means to grow healthier relationships in our church family, to communicate well, to be gracious when we differ with one another. Living out our faith in our relationships, and in day to day life is our goal. We have also been examining possibilities for better administration in our church through having a church office. Negotiations are still in progress, but we really want to show our valuing of one another, though good organisation and administration. We are always a flawed community, and will never get things right all the time, but my prayer is that we will try our best to look after one another by bring friendly and efficient. Finding volunteers who might help in the office one or two mornings a week, is also part of our vision, and if you think you might be able to assist with this, please let me know. Whether in our church community, or in our individual lives, my prayer is that we would all know the inspiration of God’s holy spirit, leading us to learn new things, and to make different choices. It is an exciting time, so may we all know the touch of God’s spirit, and the consolation and inspiration that only He can bring. Every blessing,

Fiona Gardner Page 2

Letters and Notice Board Next meeting of the Guild

Holiday Club We are going to be

The next meeting of

running a summer

the Guild will be on

holiday club - 27th -

Tuesday 2nd June at

31st July - mornings

2pm in the New Hall.

only. If you might be

Please come along

interested in helping

and join us for our tea

out, please let Fiona

and chat.


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Sunday 13th September 2015 Articles can be handed to me on a Sunday (I’ll do the typing!) or emailed to: or any other way you can think to get the information to me! Michael Shanks

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The Guild Report Hello, ... The Guild has recently been on their Bus Run. Unfortunately, the weather that day was “awful”, however, it didn’t spoil the day at all. The Seamill Hydro did well by us, the food was excellent and the young staff were very good. Even one of the Chefs was related to one of our ladies; she was the niece of Eleanor Todd, who is Isobel Haddow’s daughter. Due to the inclement weather we did not have any “retail therapy” in Largs but instead went to Cardwell Garden Centre which is under cover and had a nice time there. Our first “Tea & Chat” is on Tuesday 2nd June and then on the first Tuesday of July, August and September, to which all are invited. Please do come along and join us for a cup of tea and a chat on any of these days. The Committee are beavering away on the new syllabus; this is almost complete and looks to be every bit as interesting as last year. Yours in His Spirit

Fay Platt

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Treasurer’s Report Do you ever get waylaid? I sat down at my computer some time ago with the intention of doing my report for the magazine but one thing after another waylaid me. It was the Friday after the election so on and off I was watching the television to see the results. I thought as I was at the computer I would get our Accounts and St George’s Tron up to date. I found a few little mistakes which I had to sort out, thus the reason for the main delay in starting my article. I have been told that my last two reports were a bit serious. Unfortunately they had to be as income was down. HMRC tried to help us by sending us our gift aid payment twice for the quarter to December but after a very short time of thinking ‘will they notice?’ we sent the extra payment back. We got an acknowledgement of their receipt of the funds but no thanks for returning them. With regards our Accounts the good news is that they have been passed by OSCR after a delay, which I found was because of a shortage of staff.

Oh another hold up Melanie (our dog) is asking to get out .... Good deed done. Back to the report. Our Gift Aid payment for quarter to 5th April has been paid very quickly. Maybe that was a thank you for returning the overpayment last quarter. While on gift aid, my usual plea if you pay tax and are not already signed up for gift aid, please see or telephone Elisabeth Robertson (959 0498) and she will organise it. For your information the gift aid payment for the quarter was £3,976. What have I been doing since my last report? Apart from playing golf I hear you say!! It was my big birthday at the beginning of March which I think I have already mentioned and her indoors and I went to Las Vegas and then Mexico to celebrate it. On my birthday I swam with the dolphins. What a fantastic experience. I have a few good photographs which I have being showing to many, many people as I think they are terrific.

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Treasurer’s Report cont... I received many good presents including one from the church for which I thank everyone. Another ASM has passed without any awkward questions being asked with regard to The Accounts. We are quite fortunate that we have not had much expense on the church fabric this year to date and we are very fortunate that volunteers have painted the new hall and Session Room. We have had an energy survey done on the church almost fully covered by a grant from the General Trustees. The surveyor reckons that we are doing well with the heating and we are below costs for a church of our size. There are discussions re having a church office going on at the moment but there should not be much expense in this regard. I hope. On the other hand we have had to do a bit of work on the manse roof and have fitted a new alarm system. Also there is some dry rot which will have to be eradicated. Income is almost the same as last year but unfortunately last year was almost £10,000 down on the year before. A good number of the congregation have been reviewing their givings and I have seen an increase in a few standing orders being received. Thank you all for your givings. We received a legacy of £2,000 from the estate of the late John Edgar. The collection for the Food Bank at the March communion service raised £383.55. The payment to the Food Bank was delayed as they had moved office. Before I mislay this report and delay it further I better send it to the editor.

Fergus Page 6

Strawberry Fair Our next event is scheduled for Saturday 8 August 2015 from 10am- 1pm in the Old Hall. In addition to Tea/Coffee/Juice and cakes being served there will be a range of stalls selling Caurnie Soaps, Jewellery, Candles, Baking/confectionery/jams and chutneys, Bags and crafts, Surprise Gift Bags and hopefully some others. All proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Care to support all those affected by a breast cancer diagnosis. Please come along to support us

Diana Johnston Breast Cancer Care Volunteer

‘Fish and Chip’ babies I have handed in 52 fish and chip jumpers and hats to a friend who will give them to the Raven Trust who will send these onto Malawi. The appeal has now closed for the moment and will open again at a later date. If anyone has any jumpers, I will be happy to take these and keep them until the appeal opens again. I would be delighted if anyone could knit jumpers or cardigans for children aged 3-13. I have a very simple pattern for a sleeveless jumper/tank top. If anyone would like a copy of this please let me know.

Alison Gray

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Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal Last year we raised ÂŁ645.05 towards the cost of transporting shoe boxes filled with necessities to those in need in Pakistan. This was as a result of the Coffee Morning held in October, donations and the Gift Bag stall held regularly after Church before Christmas. We also raised ÂŁ100 from the sale of Blythswood Care Christmas Cards. Date for Your Diary Our next Coffee Morning will take place on Saturday 3 October 2015. We look forward to your support. Donations for Shoe Boxes in late September. A box will be placed in the Old Hall for the collection of toothpaste, bars of soap, combs, shampoo (no larger than 250mls), small packets of paper hankies Reminders will appear in the Order of Service nearer the time.

The Blythswood Ladies

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A Christening Thank You On behalf of Paul, Jessica and myself, I would like to thank each and every one of you for making Jessica’s baptism such a memorable and special day; for your presence at the service and at the tea afterwards in the old hall, and for the lovely gifts Jessica received. It really shows how much of a loving, caring family Jessica has been baptised into. There are far too many people to thank personally but there are a few I would like to mention. In particular a huge thanks to our minister, good friend (and Auntie to Jessica), Fiona for her lovely service, to (Auntie) Gail Grieve for all her hard work in preparing the lovely buffet we had, and Alan Preston for his lovely soup. Also thanks to Marion and her team of ladies for setting up the hall so beautifully the day before and for helping to serve the tea/coffee and for tidying up after. Thanks also to Elisabeth for the lovely table decorations. Lastly, but by no means least, I would like to thank our resident photographer, John Brown who got some fantastic photos. Everyone just pulled together and made Jessica’s day so perfect. God bless each and every one of you.

Clare Grady

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A 60 Year Journey with Jesus 60 years ago marked a very special time in Scotland when Billy Graham came and preached to tens of thousands of people in the Kelvin Hall. Many thousands of people committed their lives to Christ at that time. Teams from the All Scotland Mission went to many places all over Scotland. My father took my sister and me and a friend to a meeting where I felt God spoke to me and I committed my life to Him. There was a good follow up and we were sent cards with memory verses to learn. How I thank God for that day and for his faithfulness to me ever since. There is nothing more wonderful than knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour and coming to know Him at a young age is indeed a great privilege. “Great is thy faithfulness…”

Alison Gray

Praying for our leaders Some of you may know I used to work in politics and you can imagine the last few weeks have therefore been challenging, emotional and very tiring! I think we need to keep all our political leaders in our prayers for the important job we do. We may not always agree with them, but we want them to have the wisdom and the compassion to make the right decisions.

Loving God - watch over all our leaders and direct them towards the decisions you know are best for us. Ensure all those entrusted with offices of state carry their functions constructively and with compassion for all those they serve. Support those people of faith in Parliament to speak of their faith and not hide from it, to learn from it and not ignore it. Michael Shanks Page 10

Extracts from Report on Presbytery Meeting, 10th March 2015 Special Speaker Ms Angela Molloy has been appointed as Project Manager, to help develop Church House into an Integrated Family Support Centre. Newly acquired funding will also allow the building of a new annexe onto Bridgeton/St Francis-in-the-East Church to re-house Church House. Volunteers and donations are still required for the ongoing work of Church House. Vacancy Business The call to Rev. Lily McKinnon to Kilmory linked with Lamlash, in the Presbytery or Ardrossan was approved by the Vacancy Procedure Committee. Retirement Rev. Keith Saunders retired as Hospital Chaplain, and the Moderator thanked him for his many years of faithful service. Community Responsibility The Committee received assurances from the Health Board that a transport plan would be available before the opening of the new South Glasgow University Hospital. World Mission Christian Solidarity Worldwide - Rev Fiona Gardiner was invited to speak on their work and encouraged members of Presbytery to keep informed of the various issues, through the CSW website.

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Extracts from Report on Presbytery Meeting, 10th March 2015

Education The Education Committee empathises with the Director of Education having to make difficult decisions due to budget constraints. Rev Sandy Fraser (Knightswood St Margaret's) is appointed as Presbytery Representative at Glasgow Council Education Committee. World Mission Presbytery twinning - it is hoped that Glasgow Presbytery could have a twinning arrangement with the Diocese of Hyderabad(Pakistan). In the late autumn a visit will be made to Hyderabad by 4 members of Glasgow Presbytery including the Moderator, the Clerk, Convenor of the World Mission Council and Rev Fiona Gardner. The Well Multi-Cultural Resource Centre - The Board of the Well are pleased to report that they now have financial security until the end of the year, and are still looking for suitable premises to rent. There has been an increase in the number of volunteers, but still a shortage of staff. Notice of a ‘Day of Climate Action’. Wednesday 17th June 2015 will be a day to meet our political representatives in London and ask them to commit to strong action on climate change. Thousands will be taking part in a mass lobby of MPs and also an Ecumenical Service. Details are available on the Church of Scotland’s website.

A. Weir (Presbytery Elder)

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Extracts from the Report on Presbytery Meeting on 14th April 2015 Special Speaker Rev Dr Kathy Galloway of Christian Aid spoke. Since 1945 Christian Aid has been making practical responses to human need, freely offered to all. This year Christian Aid staff are aiming to climb 70 Munros, and hope that groups and individuals will join them in support and sponsorship. It is hoped to raise £1,000 per Munro, towards the “moving of the mountain of poverty”. The next Christian Aid conference will be held in Edinburgh on 3rd October and will be attended by delegates from South Africa, Libya and India. Notice of events to come On behalf of Glasgow Presbytery and as part of the Glasgow Science Festival programme for 2015, an event is being organised called “Strange Power of Light”. The aim is to explore the idea of “light” both in spiritual and scientific contexts. This will be on Friday 5th June at 7pm in Wellington Church. Tickets are free but registration is required. See the Glasgow Science Centre website. Learning Disabilities conference - on “creating communities of belonging”. Saturday 6th June, 10.30am to 3.30pm, Dundee University. Details available on the Church of Scotland website. Human Trafficking The Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill has now been introduced to Parliament. The Scottish Churches Anti-trafficking group is concerned that the Bill does not include measures to criminalise the purchase of sex. Members of congregations who are concerned are invited to write to their MSPs.

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A RECIPE FROM THE GOOD BOOK I wonder how many readers will know what the following ingredients are without having to check up on the biblical references. If you do need to check them it may be advisable to look at more than one translation as not all of them translate the same. The ingredients: 1. ½lb Judges V verse 25 2. ½lb Jeremiah VI verse 20 3. 1 tablespoon I Samuel XIV verse 25 4. 3 of Jeremiah XVII verse 11 5. ½lb Samuel XXX verse 12 6. ½lb Nahum III verse 12 (chopped) 7. 2oz Numbers XVII verse 8 blanched and chopped 8. 1lb I Kings IV verse 22 9. Season with 2 Chronicles IX verse 9 10. A pinch of Leviticus II verse 13 11. A teaspoonful of Amos IV verse 5 12. 3 tablespoons of Judges IV verse 19 (Note. Leaven probably means baking powder) Method: Beat 1, 2 and 3 to a cream. Add 4 one at a time still beating. Then add 5, 6 and 7 and beat again. Add 8, 9, 10 and 11 having previously mixed them. Then add 12. Bake in a low oven for 1½ hours.

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Helping Hands A mother, wishing to encourage her son's progress at the piano, bought tickets to a performance by the great Polish pianist Ignace Paderewski. When the evening arrived, they found their seats near the front of the concert hall and eyed the majestic Steinway waiting on the stage. Soon the mother found a friend to talk to, and the boy slipped away. At eight o'clock, the lights in the auditorium began to dim, the spotlights came on, and only then did they notice the boy - up on the piano bench, innocently picking out "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." His mother gasped in shock and embarrassment but, before she could retrieve her son, the master himself appeared on the stage and quickly moved to the keyboard. He whispered gently to the boy, "Don't stop. Keep playing." Leaning over, Paderewski reached down with his left hand and began filling in the bass part. Soon his right arm reached around the other side and improvised a delightful obligato. Together, the old master and the young novice held the crowd mesmerized with their blended and beautiful music. In all our lives, we receive helping hands - some we notice, some we don't. Equally we ourselves have countless opportunities to provide helping hands sometimes we would like our assistance to be noticed, sometimes we don't. Little of what we all achieve is without learning from others and without support from others, and what we receive we should hand out.

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Church Calendar Saturday 30th May - 9.45am- 2.30pm Place for Hope conference – “ Planting seeds for a growing church.” Sunday 31st May - 11am “ Place for Hope” theme. 6.30pm Prayers for healing Wednesday 3rd June 7.00pm Congregational Board meeting - please note earlier time! Friday 5th June - “ Big Night in - Total Wipeout” - please bring a towel and change of clothing! Sunday 7th June - 11am worship. No evening service. Friday 12th June - 5.30-7.30pm Messy church. Sunday 14th June 11 am Sunday club end of session celebration. Sunday 21st June 11am The sacrament of communion will be celebrated. 6.30pm The sacrament of communion will be celebrated.

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