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CROSSTALK Spring 2016

Congregation No. 161054 Scottish Charity No. SCO15579

Musings from the manse For various reasons, I seem to spend a lot of my time visiting people in hospitals, and I have met many wonderful doctors, nurses and auxiliaries. Yet there is no question about it, being in hospital can be a scary experience - being unwell, perhaps in pain, surrounded by people you don’t know and feeling that everything is outwith your control. It is not easy being ill. We are so blessed that, when someone is unwell, there are many ways we can get help - that doctors and nurses can be available in ‘out of hours’ services and Accident and Emergency. There are many medicines, treatments and procedures which can help someone get better. The NHS is far from perfect, but there are many dedicated staff who seek to help patients get well. However surveys often say that it is more than just medical science that helps people get well. We also need encouragement for the soul and spiritual care. People need to be motivated to get well, to feel valued, to have hope, and that spiritual dimension helps people get better - whether recovering from surgery, or when you have an infection, or are experiencing difficult or arduous treatments. One of the factors that often seems to make a big difference in the recovery of an individual is prayer. Prayer is one of the best ways of showing love - by lifting someone into the light of God’s presence, and asking for His healing for them. I think of the story of Hezekiah in 2 Kings chapter 20, where the King is about to die, and Hezekiah prays to God, and God answers saying: (Continued on page 2)


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“ I have heard your prayers, and seen your tears. I will heal you” v5 And God gives him an extra 15 years to his life. Isaiah applies a poultice to his wound, and the king recovers. Now there is much mystery in all this, and King Hezekiah still died later on, for this is the inevitable truth for us all. But for that moment, and in these circumstances, God answered prayer. This story gives us hope, and reminds us of the power of prayer, though there is still great suffering in the world, and so many times where prayer is not answered as we might desire. As we continue our way through the season of Lent, we remember that Jesus Christ Himself suffered much in his earthly life - being misunderstood, mocked, beaten, even a crown of thorns thrust on his head. The amazing verses in Isaiah 53: 4-6 say: “ Surely he took up our infirmities, and carried our sorrows, Yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him and afflicted, But he was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, And by His wounds, we are healed. We all like sheep have gone astray, Each of us has turned to His own way, And the Lord has laid on him, The iniquity of us all.”

At Easter we remember that Jesus Christ laid down his life for us, pierced for our transgressions, so we might find forgiveness. Because He was punished, we find peace; because He was wounded, we find healing. The mystery in all this is profound, yet the more we trust Jesus, the more we glimpse a little more of the truth of these words. Sometimes healing is physical, but sometimes it is emotional or spiritual, and for a person to find peace deep within themselves is as important as being physically well. In the session 2015-16, we have been thinking of the power of prayer, studying God’s Word to find teaching on prayer, exploring different kinds of prayer. But now the challenge is to actually pray, and to persevere. In this season of Easter, may we particularly find courage to pray for the wellbeing of our community, and of one another, and to experience the healing that God wants us to know. Wishing you Easter prayers of blessing,

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Letters and Notice Board Thanks Thank you to everyone in the church for their kind thoughts, prayers and cards following my mum's passing on 7th January. She was a somewhat colourful character and we all had a somewhat colourful upbringing as you can imagine! Mum was a remarkable woman and I miss her terribly every single day, but to have the support from the church is comforting. I have received so many cards and texts from friends complimenting Fiona and all the congregation who helped in making the service a truly beautiful and special day, that we have to thank you from our hearts. Our entire family are indebted to you all Yours always Elinor Todd

Thank you for your support I would like to thank all the people in Temple-Anniesland church who helped me during my illness last year. It was very much appreciated and I was most grateful for their thoughtfulness and care. Yours sincerely Betty Colquhoun

The deadline for the June 2016 edition of Crosstalk is 8TH May 2016 Articles can be handed to me on a Sunday (I’ll do the typing!) or emailed to: or any other way you can think to get the information to me!

Michael Shanks

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Congregational Register Deaths - “blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

November - Cynthia Paxton January - Isobel Haddow January - Philip Machache

(District 23) (District 07) (Church Family)

New members - we extend a warm welcome to:

Ellen Griffiths Bill Kirkwood

At the end of the day ... A restful way to pray 1. Sit quietly and relax. Take your time over this. Light a candle if you like. 2. Think back quietly over the last 24 hours and look for your moment of joy and feeling close to God. You can use one of these questions as a guide:    

For what moment today am I most grateful? What experience of the day felt most life-giving to me? When today did I feel most contented, most like myself? When did I sense God’s presence most fully today?

3. Think again through the last day and look for your moment of sadness and feeling far from God. You can use one of these questions as a guide:    

For what moment today am I least grateful? What experience of the day drained life from me? When today did I feel the most discontented, uncomfortable, and the least like myself? When did God seem absent in my life today?

4. Spend a moment or two in prayer, thanking God for his closeness, and asking for help with the time when he felt far away.

Heartfelt gratitude is a wonderful way to start a conversation. Page 4

Thoughts on Easter. John Brown Easter is the highpoint of the calendar year for Christians and the fact that, 2000 Years or more after the event, Christians from different denominations still cannot agree on a date probably says more about human attitudes to each other and to faith than about the event itself. Surely, the important point is to mark the event and remember... The redeeming feature of Easter is this; God loved the people of the world so much that he sent his only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and in so doing, forever reconciled the whole human race to himself. The power of the cross draws us all together as one people under one God,

an everlasting peace. Perhaps that’s living as we want to live as well living as God wants us to live. When Jesus Christ the man, was crucified on the Cross and rose again 3 days later he, at a stroke, fundamentally changed the aspirations of those who believe in him. When I take time to reflect on Easter I am truly humbled by what my Lord did for me and looking at the empty cross I am reminded that my Lord Jesus hung there with his arms open wide, perhaps signifying the encompassing all of humanity, forgiving us for our sins, past and present, healing us by his sacrifice. The example of Jesus can show us all how to be more loving and forgiving to our fellow humans. By following Jesus our actions may, in time, bear fruit in us and lead to a more peaceful, less violent world where we in turn bring healing to others.

Jesus, the son of God, is uniquely qualified This is the end of this article, but could be to lead us to salvation and the only way to the beginning of your "New Life" found in receive this is through Him. We cannot be our risen Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. saved by doing good works. We are saved by God's grace, freely poured out on all humanity so we can be what God wants us to be. We only have to accept it, believe in Jesus and follow him. And we were left a lasting legacy, the Holy Spirit , to support and guide us. Accepting the message that Jesus brought to the world gives you a solid foundation of dependable stability, removes the restlessness of our spirit and fills the void in our lives, giving us direction, meaning and

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Flush Away Poverty 2.5 billion people, about one third of the world’s population, have no access to toilets. They have to use fields, rivers, roadsides, railway lines or filthy buckets. Every minute a child under five dies because of dirty water and poor pounds towards a toilet, we might be sanitation. able to buy another one. We plan to put one or both certificates in frames on the There is an organisation called Toilet wall in our church toilet(s). Twinning, linked to Tear Fund, where for £60 you can twin your toilet with a toilet Partick Trinity Church has 11 toilets – all in a very poor community. Effectively twinned! The Session Clerk and her your £60 will buy a toilet. You will get a family went on a sponsored climb up certificate showing the latrine yours is Ben Lomond to raise the money. twinned with and its exact location. I have a ‘twinned’ toilet in the Ivory Coast I have plenty of leaflets explaining more in Africa. about toilet twinning. Just ask me for Our church is committed to buying a one if you would like more information. toilet. If anyone would like to give a few

Youth work update

Alison Gray

Thank you once again for all you do in supporting the young people, their families and the youth team. We are extremely grateful for all your prayers and words of encouragement, and all you do to make the young people feel welcome and part of the church family. It has been wonderful to see new families joining our community through Sunday Club and Messy Church over the last year and we pray that God would continue to be at work through those ventures. As our numbers grow we are on the lookout for more juice and biscuit makers, crèche supporters and colouring and sticking experts, so if you think you might be able to help in these or similar ways, even just once every 4-6 weeks, then please get in touch with Ellen (07446 456094 or Many thanks

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Book Review Fiona Gardner The church library is located in the Old Hall, and anyone is welcome to borrow a book, or books from it - just sign it out in the register book. We thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the books in the library, and to encourage people to read more. There are great commentaries, biographies and books on all types of topics. We will review various books in the magazine to encourage you to read for yourself! Healing for Damaged Emotions David Seamands. This book was first published in 1981, and describes the plight of people who are struggling with difficult emotions, with memories often from childhood, that can often leave people with scars and hurts which erode their sense of self, and are destructive of their later relationships. People can grow up being filled with fear, or never feeling good enough, or not able to trust others. And all these different coping strategies can cause people to become isolated, and upset and sad. David Seamands offers various Bible passages and anecdotes to demonstrate how God can heal people of their emotional wounds and difficult memories. In different chapters he talks

of the importance of healing low selfesteem, of the problem of perfectionism - always wanting to be right - and of those struggling with depression. Too often we all have our masks on, and we don’t always talk honestly about how we feel. This book, one of a series, talks very openly about the struggles many people go through, and gives some ideas as to ways forward. You might not agree with everything in the book, but hopefully everyone will find something encouraging or helpful. Dr Seamands has written other books on similar themes - healing of memories, healing grace, and ‘if only ...’ - about letting go of self blame. A constant theme throughout all these books is how the Holy Spirit can be at work to bring encouragement and healing to many. Worth reading, whether for yourself, or if you are supporting a friend going through a hard time.

Not all scars show, not all wounds heal themselves. Sometimes you can’t always see the pain someone feels.

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two years of decreases we had an increase from £71,161 to £73,577 but well below the income from this source in 2012 of £82,502. Tax recovered from Gift Aid was slightly up in the General Fund at Fergus Platt £15,953. A goodly sum you must agree, and here’s my usual plug: If you pay tax I am starting to write this report just prior and have not yet signed a gift aid form to the February Congregational Board please contact Elisabeth Robertson and meeting. I debated whether to write the she will be delighted to give you a form. report prior to the meeting or wait until afterwards when I could confirm whether Our deficit in the General Fund was or not the accounts had been approved £12,610 which was slightly up on 2014’s by the Board. The Board have the deficit of £11,927. The budget which I unenviable task of going through the have done for 2016 brings out a deficit of accounts page by page and listening to £10,982. It is a good job that we have my voice for a fair amount of time. The reserves to cover the aforementioned congregation on the other hand have deficits. only to listen to me for a short time at the Annual Stated Meeting. I had a You ask, “is there any good news?” No. problem with the accounts this year as I Well, that is not quite true as our lost them somewhere in my computer Watchnight Service for the Lodging and it took me a while to find them but I House Mission raised £243.23 and the did find them eventually and was able to collection for Erskine Hospital raised update them and have them printed, £325.98. The collection for Christian Aid ready to hand out at the Congregational raised £447.70 and when we added half Board Meeting. of the Christmas Fayre money of £427.16 we sent £874.86 and, as the Government In the end I did not have time to had agreed to double donations complete my report prior to the meeting received by Christian Aid, a total of but I am glad to confirm that the church £1,749.72 was a very good result. The accounts have now been approved by total donations we made in 2015 the trustees, also known as the amounted to £4,749 compared to £4,104 Congregational Board. in 2014. As far as I am concerned that is

Treasurer’s Report

As you know, our principal source of income is our weekly offerings and after

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(Continued on page 9)

very good news. All bills have been paid and our Insurance Company has paid our claim in full, less excess, after the break in to the church in November.

have heard, no plane was sent out to bring us back from Florida and in the end we came back a day later from Tampa via Boston and Dublin and the compensation received has paid for our That was probably a lot of figures to take flight and car this year. Who is a lucky in but I am sure you have all coped. If “boy” then? anyone wants a set of Church Accounts once they are signed off by our Examiner Well I had better get back to examining please let me know. the accounts of some more churches and see if they are doing any better than It has been a bad last couple of months us. Thanks to everyone for their offerings as I have hardly managed to play any and, as I always ask, please review them golf; but I did manage 15 rounds in 10 on an annual basis. days in Florida. As some of you may

The Guild Fay Platt Hello everyone The Guild will soon be finished for the session and generally, things have gone well despite having to cancel the meeting on January 26th due to the weather in the morning being so bad. Fortunately, we were able to rescheduled it for the following week as it was our Burns Lunch and the ladies of the Committee were hosting this so we didn’t have to cancel a speaker! As always, the Guild can manage to sort things out without too much trouble.

Our closing meeting is on Tuesday 29th March and, as the entertainers are unable to come along for our Daffodil Tea, we have decided to have our Bus Run on that day and a Daffodil Afternoon Tea on the 22nd instead. We are going to Gartmore House for High Tea on the 29th and then a visit to Lomond Shores for some retail therapy. Let’s hope that the weather is a bit better by then! The Committee will, over the next few months, be planning the Syllabus for 2016 – 17. If you have any ideas then perhaps you could let the committee know and we will see what we can do. We will let you know the date we start back so that you can put this in your diary. Yours, in His Spirit

Fay Page 9

Temple Anniesland Church and the Data Protection Act 1998 The title of this article may be entirely familiar words to some of you. For others it may be something you have heard about but not really understood, or ever wanted to understand! So why is this in Crosstalk? Well, you will probably realise that if you are a member of this Church, or in fact any Church of Scotland Church, somehow the Church will keep a record of your name and address. No matter whether this information is on a piece of paper in a loose-leaf binder or kept electronically, it is classed as ‘personal information’ and organizations which keep this personal information are a required to comply with the Data Protection Act to protect the privacy of living people whose records are kept. So all Church of Scotland congregations have been instructed to ensure that they comply with data protection legislation. Failure to comply could result in legal action against the Church and at the very least may incur some bad publicity for the national Church. What the church does with your information. Some of you, especially if you have children involved in church activities like Sunday Club and Messy Church, will have already been asked for your writ-

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ten permission to keep names addresses, telephone numbers and, if available, email addresses. The Church uses this information to keep you informed about activities for children, to keep in touch generally and to provide you with other information about church activities. From now on we have to obtain this written permission from everyone for whom the church holds information, including people who have already signed a form for children’s activities. What the law requires of the Church There are various principles which the Church must follow e.g. data must be processed fairly and lawfully; data must be deleted when no longer required; and data must be stored securely. Churches are required to adhere to a higher standard of data protection than some organisations because information about a person’s religious beliefs or affiliations is classed as ‘sensitive personal data’.

Processing of sensitive personal information requires the express permission of the individual concerned. That’s why, to retain a member’s details on the

quence of the law. We will do our very best to catch up with you if we don’t get your signed letter/form so please don’t be concerned if you can’t get it back right away. We don’t want to lose anyone! What about those who are unable to Church roll, the Church must obtain their sign a consent form? A close family written consent. member or manager of a care home may sign the form on their behalf. What’s going to happen? During the next few months, District eld- What about members who are not in an ers will be bringing consent letters with a elder’s district or if you are not a memform to members. A few of you may ber but would like to continue to be have signed yours already. These will linked up to the church and it’s activities? show the details we hold about you and The paperwork and an envelope will be explain what use we make of them. We sent to you to allow you to give your hope that signed forms will be returned consent by post. to the elder at the visit. However, they How secure is my information? Our new can be returned to the church office by office has been specifically equipped to post if required. For others, the church allow us to keep your information seoffice will be sending out the letters to your home address along with an enve- curely, and written procedures are being put in place to prevent unauthorised lope to return the signed form to the access to personal data, no matter how it office. The whole process may take a is stored. while. What happens if I do not sign the form? The Church is required by law to remove your personal information from the church’s records and will no longer have the information which will allow us to keep in touch with you. You’ll still be a member or linked to the church! but it will be difficult for the church to keep in touch. This is not a Church of Scotland decision; sadly it is an inevitable conse-

The Church would like to have your written permissions in place as soon as possible and I and the office staff who will be working on this will be very grateful for any help you can give to accomplish this promptly. And do feel free to discuss this with anyone else who you think might need to know about it. Thank you very much for giving your time to this.

Jeanette Greenlees - Roll Keeper

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Extracts from Presbytery Meetings Anne Weir (Presbytery Elder)

November 2015

Announcement of Retiral on 25th Dec 2015 of Rev. Ronnie Craig (Shettlston New Church) Notice was given of the Presbytery visit to Hyderabad, from 11 Nov until 21st Nov 2015, by Rev. Tom Pollok, Rev. Fiona Gardner, Very Rev. William Hewitt and Mr Bill Gray.

December 2015

This meeting was mainly in the form of a conference session, and took place in 5 This meeting was held at Sherbrooke St Gilberts Church, and conducted by the regional meeting places, according to Moderator, Rev. Tom Pollok. areas of the presbytery plan. Jubilees of Ordination: The venue for the City Centre, and North West Churches was at Wellington Rev. Richard G. Buckley, Rev. David I. Sinclair and Rev. Evelyn P. Hope were Church on University Avenue. Discussion took place around 4 aspects congratulated on the Silver Jubilee of their Ordination. of congregational life. Identify 1.

One thing that in their congregation is going well.

Local Church Review:

support local churches.

Ecumenical Relations and Interfaith Matters

A report was presented for St Rollox 2. One thing that is not going well. Church World Mission 3. One thing that could be done The committee commends the work of better together e.g. in parish The Leprosy Mission (TLM) Scotland. grouping, ecumenically, or World Leprosy Day 2016 is on 31st Jan. within presbytery etc. Further details on the website. 4. How presbytery could better The reports of the discussion are now available on the presbytery website. Presbytery. Business: Only a few reports were given at this meeting.

A ‘migrant help pastoral care chaplaincy’ has been set up in Glasgow. Vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers will be able to receive emotional and spiritual support from migrant help multi – faith chaplaincies. Food Insecurity

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Representatives of the Community Responsibility Committee continue to contribute to the monthly discussions at Glasgow City Council foodbank forum.

A vote was taken by secret ballot. The result was: 115 (in favour)

72 (against)

The meeting was closed in prayer.

Learning & Nurture A community of faith conference will be held on 13th Feb 2016 in Burnside Blairbeth Church and is for churches with “few or no children� and will offer resources and ideas for working with young people. Overture amending the Ministers and Deacons in Civil Partnerships Act (sent down from the general assembly 2015)

Pakistan Journey - meeting new friends In November 2015 I had the privilege of going, with some members of Glasgow Presbytery, to visit the Diocese of Hyderabad in the Church of Pakistan, to explore the possibilities of setting up a twinning. This initiative was funded by Faithshare, and we are grateful to them for their support. Our group consisted of the Presbytery clerk - Rt Rev Bill Hewitt, the Moderator of Presbytery Rev Tom Pollock, and Mr Bill Gray, Presbytery elder and convener of the Presbytery World Mission committee, and myself. We were in the Diocese for 10 days and we were shown great hospitality and thoughtfulness whilst we were there, especially by the Bishop - Rev Kaleem John and his wife Rebecca, with whom we stayed. (Continued on page 14)

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Over the 10 days, we were able to visit some wonderful projects, and able to understand more about the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Hyderabad. In the city of Hyderabad itself, we visited a number of schools and hostels, where we saw great work being done with some of the children and young people. I had the privilege of preaching in a church in a poorer area of the city, where there was a Christian colony, and was able to conduct a baptism. The music and energy of the young people in worship - the rhythm of the drums and the singing were inspirational. We were also able to visit a number of schools and projects run by the Diocese in more rural areas of Sindh. Here we visited Kunri hospital, medical projects aimed at the prevention of TB and other infectious diseases, and schools and hostels. There is also a Primary Education Programme, which runs 76 schools and a number of women’s empowerment programmes. The Diocese demonstrated how much it does to try to meet the needs of some of the poorest people in rural Sindh, in terms of education, health care and empowerment programmes. These programmes are open to people of all faith groups. It was fascinating to visit an outreach programme aimed at making the rural Hindu community more aware of the Christian faith by communicating in song and in dance. It was a very energetic and creative project, which sent teams to different villages to participate in community gatherings - for example, at weddings. The Diocese is split into 3 districts, with 10 congregations in urban contexts, and 15 in rural areas. About 1,400 families are regular attendees. We met women from the women’s fellowship ( similar to the Guild), and also from the Youth Desk, where we met with some enthusiastic young people, who were good at networking and organising events to strengthen and inspire their Christian faith. Over the ten days, we met many inspirational Christians, ministering and sharing their faith, often in very challenging conditions. The situation for minorities in Pakistan is very challenging, and we heard personal testimonies of individual conversion, and the difficulties and pressures that are experienced. They asked for our prayers for their safety and for them to be able to continue to minister and share Christ’s love with others. A return visit, by 4 members of the Hyderabad Diocese, to Glasgow is planned in May this year, as the next stage in the twinning process, and we look forward to welcoming them to Glasgow, to learn more of the work of the Presbytery here in our city. Please keep them in your prayers.


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Bishop Rt Rev Kaleem Joh

n and some of the Dioce san staff

ited in rural Sindh One of the schools we vis

The groom arriving at a

traditional Mehndi the nig ht

the wedding itself


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Church Calendar Friday 11th March 5.30-7.30pm

Messy church.

Sunday 13th March - 11am worship -

the sacrament of communion will be celebrated.

Tuesday 15th March - 7pm Local Church Review meeting - Please try to attend. Sunday 20th March – 11am Palm Sunday family service, and joining the church. 6.30pm Knightswood Fellowship of Churches: Knightswood UF church Holy week services - Monday 21st - Friday 25th Thursday 24th

12 noon - meditations

7.30pm Maundy Thursday - Service of communion, followed by tea and coffee - venue: Anniesland Methodist church.

Friday 25th

7.30pm - Good Friday service –venue: Temple Anniesland church

Easter Day Sunday 27th March - 7am Dawn service in Dawsholm Park 11am Easter Communion service. Sunday 3rd April

11 am - Worship


7.30pm - Congregational Board meeting

6th April

Sunday 10 April

11 am - Worship and ordination of new elders.

Sunday 17th April

11 am - Worship


7.30pm - Safeguarding meeting for all elders


20 April th

Sunday 24th April

11 am - Worship

Sunday 1 May

11 am - Worship


7.30pm Kirk Session meeting


4th May

Sunday 8th May

11am - Worship.

Sunday 15th May

11 am - Christian Aid and Pentecost Sunday 6.30pm Knightswood Fellowship of Churches service

NB Date for your diary - Saturday 4th June - 7pm Celebration concert

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Crosstalk Spring 2016  

The magazine of Temple-Anniesland Parish Church of Scotland, Glasgow.

Crosstalk Spring 2016  

The magazine of Temple-Anniesland Parish Church of Scotland, Glasgow.