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CROSSTALK Autumn 2013

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Musings from the manse Soul Space In the last few weeks, along with Knightswood Baptist church and Knightswood St Margaret’s church, Temple Anniesland church has hosted “ Soul Space”. This is a “ Prayer Room” initiative, to encourage children and young people to explore spirituality within a Christian context. It features a number of interactive exhibits, which allow the children to ask questions through a series of post it notes, to think about the relationships they value in life, to think about saying sorry, and about how unique they all are. Another exhibit allowed the children to climb into cardboard boxes, and to think about how it must feel to be homeless! It was great to have the opportunity to invite children from Knightswood Primary school to come along, and to understand more, as part of their curriculum study to know more about Christianity. We also invited our Youth organisations to participate, and we had great feedback from the children, and the adults who attended! At the beginning of a new session, I am reminded of the phrase “ prayer is the Christian’s vital breath” by James Montgomery in his hymn “ Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire”. Every human being has a desire to explore their spiritual life, and for Christians this is carried out by reading the bible, developing our prayer life, and getting to know Jesus Christ better for ourselves. Just as we need air to breathe, in order to stay alive, so we need to pray, in order to stay alive spiritually, and attentive to God’s voice. (Continued on page 2)


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And so for the session ahead, we need to pray – for our day Conference on the 5th October about how to enhance our communication skills, for our Harvest service on the 6th October which will focus on Tear Fund’s appeal for Syria, and hearing more about the work of the Lodging House mission. We have a speaker coming from Nigeria, on the 1st November, to tell us more about the difficulties Christians face in every day life, through violence and bombs, especially in the north of the country. We need to pray for everyday life in the church, for those who are unwell, for our young people, for our services and contacts with the local community. In 1 Thessalonians chapter 5, Paul writes: “ Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for You in Jesus Christ.” V16-18 May this be our theme for our new session, to pray continually, to give thanks in all circumstances, and to know something of the joy of the Lord. Every blessing,

Fiona Gardner

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Letters and Notice Board A BIG THANK YOU FOR SPACE CAMP!

The deadline for the Winter edition of Crosstalk is

Thank you to all who came along to our Holiday club “ Space Academy” in August.

Sunday 17th November

It was great to see you all all. A particular thanks to all who built our rockets and who captained and staffed our “ Spaceship TA”. You all did a wonderful job.

Articles can be handed to me on a Sunday (I’ll do the typing!) or emailed to me on or any other way you can think to get the information to me!

Here is a picture of some of our team – others not present in the photo are: John Edgar and Margaret Campbell. Christine Macleod and her team also did a wonderful job making up the crafts, and Gail Grieve and Alan Preston making the solar system!

Michael Shanks

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Treasurer’s Report Somebody mentioned to me that my last report was awfully serious and it wasn’t like me to be so serious. The finances of the church are a serious matter therefore I should maybe ensure that all my reports are serious and to the point. A serious question then – have you ever seen a traffic warden smiling? Well I think it is a serious question. Up until recently I certainly had not. As some of you may know I am an assessor elder as well as temporary treasurer of St George’s Tron Church of Scotland. Recently I was invited to a wedding in the church of a Polish girl and a Nigerian lad. The wedding was set for 2pm on a Saturday therefore, as I was on door duty, I parked my car at 1.20pm in West George Street just along from the church. I was only able to get a parking ticket for 2 hours but I thought that should be long enough. Normally at a wedding it is acceptable for the bride to be late but at this wedding the groom and best man did not arrive until nearly 2.15 pm and they apologised for being late then informed us that the car which brought them had to go back for the bride. The bride arrived at 2.35pm. I thought I still had a chance to make my 3.20pm deadline. The wedding ceremony finished at around 3.20pm. As I was leaving the church I looked along West George Street and there was not a traffic warden in sight. What takes some time at a wedding of course it is the wedding photographs and as I was the only one at the wedding wearing a kilt the newly married couple wished me to be in some of the photographs. I didn’t have the heart to refuse. While I was posing as only I can I noticed a traffic warden approaching my car therefore I thought this is going to be an expensive wedding for me. I managed to rush off and try to use my charm on the lady traffic warden. Would you believe it she accepted my story re bride being late. Smiled and said she could not resist a man in a kilt and let me off with the ticket. She even said she would get her indoors and the two mothers who I was driving to the reception to hurry up.

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And she did!! Not a fairy tale; a true story. I could tell you about the wedding reception but I think you would think that was a fairy tale therefore I will not bother, apart from to say we had an Indian buffet. (It was good) I remember when I used to do the accounts without a computer. I certainly could not do them now that way with the number of funds we now have. Well I probably could do it but it would be hard going. I am sure that you have all read the church accounts (he said with tongue in cheek) and know the funds off by heart as I do. Just to refresh your memory they are, in no set order, New Toilets Fund, Flower Fund, Audio Visual Fund, Choir Fund, Benevolent Fund, Library Fund, Printing and Publication Fund, Youth Development Fund, General Fund, Reserve Fund and Youth Worker Fund which makes 11 funds in all. What are all the funds for? Well I think they are self-explanatory. They are all in credit apart from the General Fund which is slightly in debit which means that we have spent more than we have received this year. Seriously am I worried? Not really as a cheque is awaited from the taxman. Which reminds me of my usual plug IF YOU PAY TAX AND HAVE NOT YET SIGNED A GIFT AID TAX FORM PLEASE CONTACT ELISABETH ROBERTSON ON TELEPHONE NUMBER 959 0498. Mind you I think it might be a good idea for us all to review our givings as in my opinion we will have more outgoings than income in the General Fund this year. Definitely a serious matter therefore I will finish on a lighter note. They changed the day of the midweek service at St George’s Tron from Tuesday to Wednesday and as I have played golf on a Wednesday since I retired I said I would only be able to be there if it was wet. On Wednesday last I looked at the weather forecast and it was to be a good day therefore I went to the golf. I started off and it was good but going up the second the skies opened and it poured therefore I ended up at the church. I am reading nothing into this but if it does rain on a Wednesday now you will know the reason. Fergus

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The Guild Hello Ladies, I do hope you all had a nice time over the summer - and what a summer is was! – we were so lucky. I expect there will be lots of “pennies” in the “sunshine bags”. We had the last of our “Tea & Chat” days on Tuesday 3rd September and I must say that overall we have had great attendances, approximately 25 – 30 on each afternoon. I suppose this lets us know that it is a good idea and should continue through next year too. The Guild Committee have been beavering away, working hard on the Guild Syllabus and you will not be disappointed with the content. We start back on Tuesday 8th October at 2.00pm, as usual, when the Session will commence with an Afternoon Tea for all, a “step up” from what we have done over the last 2 years and this allows everyone to catch-up with each other’s news. Please remember not to eat too much before you come as there will be plenty for all - good food, good fellowship and good fun. I am looking forward to seeing you all again and, hopefully, some new faces too. Remember we are a good bunch of ladies and I am sure that there will be some folk in the congregation who would enjoy our Tuesday Afternoon Guild, so please do come along and join us on the 8th of October at 2.00pm in the “New” hall. Fay Platt – President 2013



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Talk on Botswana - John Lawson The Happiest Days of My Life – John Phillips Union 3+1 - Entertain Guild Project - Heart for Art The Rev Fiona Gardiner Guild Video 2013 and Bring & Buy St Andrew’s Day – David Keddie Christmas Song – High School of Glasgow Christmas Party - Stewart & Friends No Meeting No Meeting

From your editor It’s been a few editions now since I took my red pen to Temple Anniesland’s wonderful magazine, and I thought I would say a few more words than usual. I had the great pleasure recently to have lunch with the outgoing Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks. Many of us will know him best from his regular Radio 4 “Thought for the Day” pieces, and I wasn’t at all surprised to find in ‘real life’ he is as thoughtful and considered. He spoke after a hearty meal on the subject of ‘rights and wrongs’. He discussed values and the importance of faith in our community. His argument wasn’t directed to one faith or religion, but a general sense of the need for morals and values in our society and the impact when those are abandoned. “We should challenge the relativism that tells us there is no right or wrong, when every instinct of our mind knows it is not so, and is a mere excuse to allow us to indulge in what we believe we can get away with. A world without values quickly becomes a world without value.” It struck me that it was a simple argument to understand, and one we would surely agree with. Yet do we take the time to appreciate our values, to consider other people’s values and to put those into practice? Maybe we would all get along better in this world if we did Just a thought for today! Please keep your articles coming in - it is great to read so much enthusiastic writing from you all! God bless, Michael Shanks Editor 0141 562 4010

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Knowing True Peace in our Life. I well remember these words from my childhood: “Each night before I go to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, this short prayer has taken on a new significance. When I listen to these words, the immediate thought that springs to mind is this: If I am asking God to take my soul when I die, what is the outcome likely to be, being judged on how I have treated my fellow humans? As believers in Jesus Christ, we commit ourselves to the commandment of Jesus to “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”(John 13:33-35 NIV) The way we express this in our daily living can lead to a change in how we live, because we may well start treating each day as a treasured opportunity to put this into action. For us to be at peace with Jesus, we must first be at peace with the rest of the world, our neighbours near and far. How do we achieve this? Firstly, perhaps, by looking closely at one another, regardless of race, colour or creed, and so realising in many ways that we are all the same, with the similar hopes and aspirations in our daily life. We need to learn to accept and value the people around us as they are, without prejudice, without deciding that they must abide by our standards - and in doing this we soon realise we are all flawed human beings, yet God still loves us, every one of us. There cannot be one of us who doesn’t have circumstances in our life where we regret past actions but cannot bring ourselves to find a solution, through pride, through not wishing to admit to being in the wrong, or simply because something that was said or done in a flash of temper which we have not yet come to terms with. Do you have an acquaintance, friend, neighbour or work colleague you have fallen out with? Then ... time slips by… and you later feel guilty for not having made up with them. We all have a pang of conscience over words left unsaid in these situations; are we not left with an enduring sense of loss and a deep feeling of remorse?

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Two sayings come to mind, ‘Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today’ and (from the synoptic gospels) ‘For we do not know the day or the hour…’. When we pray, do we admit to our failings and ask for forgiveness? Shouldn’t we pray for guidance and understanding, so that we can communicate better with our fellow travellers on this journey through life and become better at helping them in our journey together? An extra helping of love that we can share with our companions, would definitely not go amiss. We all may take our own path but, in the end, they all lead to the same place. I have a question for each of us, myself included; do you feel at peace in your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ at the close (and beginning) of the day? John Brown

Youth Development Team The Youth Development team have been busy organising activities for the Young people for our church. We are planning for another youth night. CHURCH FAIR SATURDAY 23 11 13 from 10am – 12non We are currently planning for the Christmas Fair and are hoping all the church organisations will come along and help behind the stalls. The Gentlemen’s Dining Club have already offered to do the tea room as they enjoyed it so much last year. If you would like to help in any way please speak to any of the Youth Leaders. Entry is £1. The money raised will be split between the Youth development team and a donation to a charity that is helping in Syria.

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The 201st Brownies (Tuesday night) have started back with an almost full pack. We started the session with a visit to Soul Space where the girls had a chance to go round the interactive exhibition and enjoy thinking about different issues that affect us all and then make a short prayer or comment on each area. The girls are now working their way round the 4 Guiding world centres in India, London, Mexico and Switzerland. Each week we are doing different activities from the country. In October we are off to Napier Brownie House for a Halloween themed weekend. We have lots of different crafts, games and activities planned for the weekend. Girl Guiding have launched a new promise which we are all starting to learn along with our new recruits. Lesley Murray Brown Owl

Rainbows started back in September and we now have 12 very lively girls and we are looking forward to our Autumn programme which includes learning about Remembrance day and St Andrew. I would like to welcome Gillian Murray as Assistant Guider to the Rainbows. Fiona MacIntyre

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Session News - Elders On the 5th May, we were delighted to welcome three new elders into the Kirk Session – Norman McNeillie and Alan Preston by admission into the Kirk Session, and Gail Grieve by ordination and admission into the Kirk Session. We give thanks for them, and pray for them as they become more familiar with all that goes on in the church family, and seek to serve in new ways. On our Communion service on the 16th June, we also gave thanks for elders who were eligible to receive long service certificates – ie more than 30 years - Tom Griffiths, Murdoch MacLeod and Elisabeth Robertson. Congratulations to all of you, and thank you for all these years of faithful service. We also gave thanks to those who retired as active elders, and are now elders emeritus: Bill Hutchison, Margaret MacLean, Betty Spence and John Edgar. Bill served for an amazing 53 years, Margaret Maclean for 22 years, Betty Spence for 18 years, and John Edgar for 18 years also. Elders are ordained to serve the church in many different ways, and we are deeply grateful for all that each person named has contributed to the life of Temple Anniesland church. Thank you, and may God bless you as you focus on new challenges.

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Session News - Social Media For many readers of Crosstalk, the use of the internet, let alone using social media will be something left to others. Life can be lived happily without these things. Alternatively you may have heard of Facebook, Twitter, blogging and other means of exchanging, thoughts, ideas, photographs, and chat via the interconnected, electronic, data paths we call the internet. You may well be sending emails to friends from a personal computer and have booked some holidays that way but you probably won’t see yourself as being a mainstream user of social media. However, for an increasing number of our members and, indeed, folk who work in the church throughout Scotland, especially with young people, the use of services such as Facebook, Twitter, email and other ways of exchanging information and images almost instantaneously, is becoming a significant part of life. The very widespread use of ‘Smartphones’, mobile phones with cameras and internet connectivity, which can be used almost anywhere, only makes this easier, in fact too easy. This time last year, the Church of Scotland had very little to offer in the way of guidance and individual congregations’ safeguarding panels were left on their own to assess the risks and implications and advise Kirk Sessions accordingly. Thankfully, things have moved on swiftly in the last 12 months and the Church of Scotland’s Safeguarding Service has published extensive guidance to help churches understand how to use these ways of communicating thoughtfully and sensibly without making the use of these tools impossible. So earlier in September our Kirk Session approved guidelines on the use of social media and photography, mainly to help those in our congregation who work with young people but all of us should be aware of them. The guideline documents in their full form are available to anyone in the church from the Minister and the church’s Safeguarding panel. Before you take photographs or use Social Media in a church context, do get hold of these documents and read them. They will help you avoid some potential pitfalls. Page 12

The mission of Traidcraft is to fight poverty through trade. Established in 1979, as a Christian response to poverty, Traidcraft combines being a trading company and a development charity. Over the years it has built lasting relationships with producers and supports people to trade out of poverty. Here at Temple Anniesland, as in many other churches, there is a regular Traidcraft stall when it is possible for members and friends to buy fairly traded products ranging from essentials such as tea, coffee and cereals to greetings cards, and sweets and chocolate treats; and it won’t be long before the Christmas cards will be arriving and we will be taking orders for Traidcraft’s excellent Christmas cake. When you buy something from the Traidcraft stall you can be assured that the workers and producers have received fair rewards for the work they have put into producing their products. Although sometimes the prices at the Traidcraft stall might be a little dearer than you would pay for a similar product in the supermarkets, as often as not the prices are much the same. And sometimes it is worth paying that little bit more just to know that no one is being exploited. The Traidcraft stall at Temple Anniesland makes a very small profit on what is sold but over time this does build up, so that recently we, as a community, were able to send a donation of £150 to another community, a group of tea growers in Kenya. In addition to foodstuffs and cards Traidcraft also sells a range of gifts and garments, suitable perhaps for Christmas presents. Catalogues are available at the Traidcraft stall on its appearance on the first Sunday of each month in the Old Hall and orders from the catalogue may be made at any time. So remember, when you come to church on the first Sunday of the month, to bring your purse or wallet with you, so that you can give yourself or someone else a treat. Jim Stewart

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247 Boys Brigade Boys Brigade has started back after our summer break and has welcomed four new children in Anchor Boys and Junior Section. There was lots of excited chatter on our first night back as the boys caught up with all their friends that they had missed over the summer holidays. We have a varied programme planned for the boys over the coming months and hope to improve on their gymnastic skills. We also hope to have another fund raising bag pack in Morrison’s and have a visit to the pantomime planned for December. We had a thought provoking visit to Soul Space last week, which the boys enjoyed. One of the favourite sections was, if you could ask God a question, what would it be – one of the Anchor boys asked “How do you do such amazing things? We have 19 boys across the three sections at the moment, aged from 5 to 14. We meet at 6:30 each Wednesday. So, if you know of any boys who like playing games, learning new skills and most of all having fun, they will be made very welcome. Gail Grieve Officer in Charge

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Last time... In the last edition I set you a challenge to find the sixteen books of the Bible hidden in a paragraph of text. Did any of you manage to find them all? To save you scratching your head over the next few months, here is the answer:

I once made a reMARK about the hidden books of the Bible. This luLU KEpt people looKING So hard for fACTS, and for others it was a REVELATION. Some were in a JAM ESpecially since the names of the books were not capitalized, but the tRUTH finally struck home to NUMBERS of readers. To others it was a real JOB. We want it to be A MOSt fascinating few moments for you. yES THERe will be some really easy ones to spot. Others may require JUDGES to help find them. I will quickly admiT IT USually takes a minister to find one of them and there will be loud LAMENTATIONS when it is found. A little lady said sHE BREWS a cup of tea so she can concentrate better. Can you comPETE Really well in this test? Relax, for there really are the names of sixteen books of the Bible in these sentences. Happy hunting!

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Blythswood Shoeboxes So far, on 15th September we have sent 215 shoeboxes, including 40 for elderly men and 40 for elderly women as they are often neglected. 60 have been done for under 3’s and a lot for young girls, teenage girls and women. Unfortunately, we do not have many boxes for boys and teenage boys, so next year we are going to fill more boxes for them. We desperately need more empty shoeboxes as we have plastic bags full of things waiting to be put in shoeboxes. Please give us any if you can. Many thanks to all who have contributed goods or money to our appeal and to those who knitted or crocheted beautiful garments. Money received towards postage is Money from Temple Anniesland friends to buy goods Money from other friends to buy goods

£70 £158 £80 £308

I am the original Pound Lady – I don’t pay more than £1 for anything and it is amazing what you can get for £1 – 10 ladies hats, 7 pairs boys pants, 5 pairs socks, 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs gloves. I usually only buy things when they are reduced, which is why we can fill so many shoeboxes. These shoeboxes bring joy to so many people. Since the appeal began 20 years ago, 1.6 million boxes have been distributed. Many thanks to all for your help.

Alison Gray The Blythswood Group Tel. No. 0141 339 1601

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Parish Register Deaths Mrs Agnew



New Members Mr Les Smyrl

Russell Drive

District 09

Change of Address Mrs Margaret Meldrum From Churchill Drive to Rowallan Crescent Transfers & Disjunctions Mrs Rachel Black Mr Andrew Black

District 22

Edinburgh Edinburgh

Strawberry Fayre The fayre was held in the Church Hall on 3rd August 2013 with the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Care. The tea/coffee, strawberry tarts and cakes were very popular as were the Tombola and Raffle and raised in total in excess of ÂŁ1400 which will help Breast Cancer Care to continue providing information and support for anyone affected by breast cancer and to campaign for improved standards of care. Motivated by the success of the Strawberry Fayre we are planning a Christmas Craft Fayre on Saturday 30th November 2013 between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm. We appreciate the support everyone gave us and look forward to seeing you in November. Diana Johnston

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Visit to Bahrain I visited Bahrain in March of this year with my sister Diana as we had been at school in Awali, which is a small town for employees of BAPCO about 30 minutes drive from the capital Manama. It was really amazing to find the school, church, library, swimming pool, tennis court, The Club (centre of all social events) were all within walking distance of each other and when we were children, they seemed to be a long distance apart! The main shop, which was called the commissary, is actually like a small supermarket and my recollection was like a superstore. Bahrain is the smallest Arab state and is described as The Pearl of Arabia “El Bahrain” in Arabic means the ‘two seas, referring specifically to the unique natural phenomenon where fresh water springs burst out in the middle of the Arabian Gulf. The school had not changed when we visited in 2008 and was empty but we were able to have a look around all the classrooms and the playing fields. As there are now not enough children to keep it open, the children are sent by bus to another school nearer Manama and the classrooms have been converted to offices. The library was the exact same as it had been when we were children and all the chairs and layout had not changed since the 1960’s! As the weekend is on a Friday and Saturday, the church service is actually on a Saturday rather than on a Sunday. In March we attended Awali Church and there were just a handful in the congregation but all were very friendly. The church has an Anglican service on Saturday mornings at 10.00am, and it is also used for Roman Catholic services which were very well attended as there are a lot of Filipino and Indians working in the area. If you would like to find out more about the church in Awali, the website is Jessica Smyrl

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Life Changing Work (Taken from Jordanhill Parish Church newspaper, with permission) ‘Joe’ (his name has been changed) has been in and out of Kilmarnock Prison many times because he is caught up in a cycle of poverty and addiction to alcohol and drugs. He also has difficulty reading and writing, so when he recently received a letter telling him he was going to be evicted from his house because of unpaid rent, he wasn’t sure what to do. When he visited the housing authority to try and sort things out, he was told there was nothing he could do and that he would be evicted. He had shared the house with his father, who had just died. The combined stress of struggling to overcome addiction, grief and the threat of eviction was too much for him. Faith in Throughcare, a project which has grown out of the Church’s work in the poorest communities in Scotland, and made possible by the financial support of congregations like Jordanhill, exists to help people like Joe make positive changes in their lives. It works through local churches situated in priority area parishes, where, in spite of the many difficulties such as high unemployment, poor housing and high levels of addiction, there are amazing and brilliant people who are committed to transforming their communities and to supporting people like Joe who are trying to rebuild their lives when they leave prison. This kind of work depends on volunteer support from both within the local communities themselves – and from communities which are further afield like Jordanhill and Balshagray – and this is, perhaps, where you come in to this story...! Faith in Throughcare is actively seeking to recruit volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds – volunteers who believe in the inherent goodness of people and their desire to live positive lives and be part of the community. People like Joe do want to change – but they have a number of obstacles to overcome. One of the biggest is being labelled ‘an ex-con’ and being judged by people as ‘useless’. As people of faith, we know that everyone is precious and that no-one is useless. Volunteers, meeting Joe on a couple of afternoons a week, having a coffee with him, listening to his concerns and assisting him with tasks which can be quite daunting, can make a huge and life-changing difference. Jesus said we were serving him whenever we visit people in prison. I reckon he would be pretty adamant that we were serving him when we help people leave prison as well. Please think and pray about it – talk about it with others – and if you are interested, please contact Iain Johnston on 07867 590328 (or email to chat about how you might become involved. Iain Johnston

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Church Calendar 20th October 11am – morning worship, 6.30pm Evening worship 25th October - Friday at 7.30pm Youth Evening – Star Trek. 27th October – 11am - worship, 6.30pm Prayers for healing Friday 1st November at 7.30pm Speaker from Nigeria, telling us of the situation for Christians there. 3rd November 11am International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians., 6.30pm Evening service 6th Nov – 7.30pm Kirk Session 10th Nov 10.50am Remembrance – family service, 6.30pm evening service. 17th Nov – 11am worship, 6.30pm Evening service. 23rd Nov – Saturday 10am- 12 noon Christmas Fair. 24th Nov - 11am worship, 6.30pm Prayers for healing. 27th Nov- Wednesday Safeguarding training at 7pm Knightswood St Margaret’s church. 29th Nov - Friday Youth night – 7.30-9.30pm “ Big bang Theory” 1st December 11am Advent, 6.30pm Knightswood Fellowship of churches – venue Knightswood St Margaret’s church. 4th December 7.30pm Congregational Board meeting. 8th December – 11am Advent – the sacrament of communion, 6.30pm – the sacrament of communion will be celebrated. 15th December - 11am Christmas family service, 6.30pm Prayers for healing. 22nd December - 11am Christmas service, 4pm Choir Christmas service of Praise. 24th December 7pm Christingle service, 11.30pm Watchnight service – with carol singing from 11.15pm. 25th December 11am Christmas Day service.

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