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Issue 71 | February 17, 2017 | 21 Shevat, 5777

THE SPA & THE GYM Test Your Technology Aptitude

Can you send a package on a bus without paying?

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Readers, Mark Twain might have said it best when he described our everchanging world. Nations do indeed come and go, social mores are ever changing, but through this all, the Jews are seemingly the one constant. Since Klal Yisroel’s inception, there have been Yidden keeping Shabbos, eating kosher and holding tight to the practices that keep our families holy and pure. “All things are mortal but the Jews; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?” Twain writes. Interestingly, as recently as November 2016, small religious groups of “uncontacted people” have been discovered in the mountains in India and the Amazon jungle. These people have not had contact with the outside world for centuries, and have maintained some version of their ancestors’ religion. But where is the marvel in that? The Jewish nation has been traveling the globe for over two thousand years. For the longest of time we haven’t had a place that we could call our own. Forced to live among the nations and modernity, many wondered aloud how long we would last. Still today, we surprise – and on some level, frustrate – the world with our stubborn adherence to practices long forgotten by too many. But what they don’t realize, is that our steadfastness isn’t based on ignorance but on knowledge. As the People of The Book, we know that which they are slow to discover. With the introduction of TACHLISTS, our focus this week is on some cool inventions from the past year. It is surprising how quickly science is progressing. Our Modern Contraptions Quiz emphasizes the disparity and allows us to marvel at how “just yesterday” we were enamored with products that look like relics nowadays. Times change. Things change. People change. In Three Generations Speak, we get to see life from three distinct perspectives, all offshoots from the same family tree. We look forward to hearing from these remarkable women again soon. Sure, they view life differently and their circumstances couldn’t be more varied; but that is true for all of our readers. Each of our lives is impacted by a myriad of factors, some would insist we’re all so different – and still, every Friday Night when we usher in the Shabbos, every morning as we wash our hands and thank Hashem for a brand new day, and each meal that we start with the exact same bracha, we’re doing that which our grandparents have done for thousands of years. Our world has seen so many different Generations, we’ve employed the latest sciences to change our surroundings into something practically unrecognizable – and through it all there was just one constant. Our Torah hasn’t changed – because Torah is nitzchius. As we read Parshas Yisro this week, let us give thanks for the tremendous gift Klal Yisroel has received. The gift that has blessed us with eternity. And to answer Twain’s query, this is the secret to our immortality.

Tziri Hershkovitz

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>> Your Input



No one in our community had their own oven, so this was the common practice.

First of all, I’d like to share my appreciation for you amazing magazine. I saw your interesting new column, ‫ הלכתא לתכליתא‬in Issue #70, where someone asked the ‫מנחת יצחק‬ ‫ זצ”ל‬about the mekor for not eating the corner of the bread. I had heard about the practice too and looked for a mekor for many years, but couldn’t find one. I finally heard of a nice reason from one of the rabbonim. The Gemara says that whoever eats from gezel is ‫קשה לשכחה‬. I grew up in ‫ ירושלים‬and throughout the years, my mother used to go to ‫מאפיית אביחיל‬ every week on Friday to put her challos in the oven there. No one in our community had their own oven, so this was the common practice. People made their challos at home and then took it to the bakery for a few liras (this was before the shekel). Since so many people baked it there, it often happened that by putting the challos next to each other, one would stick to the other. Upon dividing, it was very likely that a piece from someone else’s challos would stick to your own. In order not to eat gezel, they didn’t eat the corner. Perhaps that is the reason why the



corners of the breads are not eaten. Keep up your great and informative work! Rabbi Kahana

>>>> I just came back from a vacation trip down south and forgot to take along suntan lotion. The only creamlike item I had with me was organic virgin coconut oil for my 11-monthold’s diaper rash. I remembered that TACHLIS once had an article about natural oils for skincare, where I had read that coconut oil gives natural sun protection. Excited to try it out, I schmeared the coconut oil on my baby’s face and hands and all over my own fact too. I then went out in the beautiful sunshine and got all burnt on my face and neck. My baby also got burnt on his face and hands. I would love to know what the writer of the article in meant by coconut oil being a sun protectant. Thank you, Z.Y. Tachlis Responds: We wish to apologize for briefly mentioning that organic, virgin coconut oil can be used as sunscreen without any further

explanation. To avoid sunburn, its use involves a “seasoning” process which means applying a thin layer of coconut oil and staying out in the sun for very short periods of time that are gradually increased to longer periods of sun exposure over a time span of two weeks or so. Please do your own research for the details and ask your health practitioner for advice if you are concerned about the toxic chemicals in 75% of commercial sunscreens and wish to find a natural alternative.

>>>> I’d like to thank you for your recent addition of The Chess Club to your Brain Games page. At first I was disappointed to lose out on another word game, but when my son insisted that there was no possible solution, it got the entire family pouring over the TACHLIS in a way that the kids and adults haven’t worked together in a long time. We even got uncles and grandparents in on the deal, once we found the solution. We were glad to see that they were stumped for a while too! Thank you for challenging our minds and bringing us closer as a family at the same time. Blima Weiss, Brooklyn

>>>> Wow! What an incredible, inspiring story about the plants by Tova Mesch. Please pass on to the author. Thank you for your amazing paper!! This is your forum. Share your responses and opinions with TACHLIS readers by writing to or fax 877-331-3738 or mail to The Tachlis,199 Lee Ave #928, Brooklyn NY 11211

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Parshas Yisro

Follow Me . . . in the Desert

by Rebbetzin Malka Friedman


isro, the parsha of Kabbolas HaTorah, radically changed us as a nation and the world at large. The Ohr HaChaim Hakodosh tells us that the entire world was created for ‫ מעמד הר סיני‬. From the time of creation, Hakadosh Boruch Hu and the hosts of ‫ מלאכים‬waited in anticipation for the day Bnei Yisroel would receive the Torah. The Bais Aharon of Karlin explains the possuk )‫ י’’ח‬- ‫(י’’ט‬ ’‫ אשר ירד עליו ד‬. . ‫והר סיני עשן כלו‬ ‫ באש‬-- “And Har Sinai was entirely smoke because Hashem came down on it with fire” in the following manner: Hashem came down and revealed Himself in fire, the fire that burned in the hearts of Bnei Yisroel. This burning and yearning for Hashem Yisborach was the catalyst for Kabbolas HaTorah. It was not only in the generation of Dor HaMidbar that



the ‫ תשוקה‬and ‫ התלהבות‬of Klal Yisroel brought down revelation, but in every generation the heights of Avodas Hashem that any individual experiences is dependent on the fire burning in his heart for Torah, tefilla, and mitzvos. Rabbeinu Chaim ben Attar, the Ohr HaChaim Hakodosh, lived in Sali, Morocco. As Rav of the city, he took upon himself the responsibility of providing meat every Erev Shabboss for the poor talmidei chochomim of Sali. Once, a disease broke out amongst the livestock in Morocco that rendered many animals unkosher. The price of meat escalated. One week, the situation was so extreme that there was no meat to be had in the entire city of Sali. Erev Shabbos after a futile effort of obtaining meat for the talmidei chochomim, the Ohr HaChaim went into the market place and bought a calf. He took the calf to the shochet. To the surprise of the shochet and bodek, the Ohr HaChaim’s calf was 100 percent free of any sirchos, adhesions to the animal’s lungs that had rendered all the other meat shechted that week not kosher. The Ohr HaChaim took the meat home and began to divide it into portions to be delivered to the talmidei chochomim. Suddenly, the door opened and one of the wealthy men of the city came in, approached the Ohr HaChaim and said, “I was told you brought a calf to the shochet today that was miraculously kosher. I would like to buy a piece of meat

>> inspirational

from you for my Shabbos table.” The Ohr HaChaim responded, “I’m sorry. I’m not a butcher. This meat is designated for those who spend their days and nights in the toil of Torah. I have no extra meat and I’m not willing to give any of these worthy men less than their rightful share.” The wealthy man was shocked at the Ohr HaCahim’s refusal to sell him the piece of meat. To make matters worse, a poor man walked into the room and was greeted by the Ohr HaChaim like a long lost brother. His torn clothing, shoes riddled with holes, and teeth blackened by malnutrition did nothing to enhance the man’s value in the eyes of the wealthy man. To the wealthy man’s outrage, the Ohr HaChaim took a large portion of meat, wrapped it up with a smile, and wished the poor talmid chochom a beautiful, holy Shabbos. The wealthy man lost the last remnant of a hold on his temper. “How is it,” he screamed, “that you are willing to give that pauper meat, but to a distinguished man of the community, you refuse to even sell a small piece at top price?” The talmid chochom blanched in response at the outburst and the Ohr HaChaim hastily escorted him to the door, once again wishing him a good Shabbos. On Friday night, the Ohr HaChaim had a dream. In his dream, he saw himself standing in front of the Beis Din Shel Maalah. He was told that there was a “kitrug,” a claim on him, that he

had not made a stand to defend the honor of the poor talmid chochom who had been humiliated by the wealthy man. To atone for the sin, a year of “golus” was decreed on the Ohr HaChaim. He was told to leave his home and wander from city to city for an entire year. The Ohr HaChaim Hakodosh accepted the Heavenly decree with love. Immediately after havdola, the Ohr HaChaim took a few belongings, left the city, and began his year of “golus.” After many months, he lost his distinguished look and resembled a common beggar. His clothes were torn and dusty and his appearance disheveled. He entered a city on Erev Shabbos and headed directly for the Beis Medrash. He joined the group of poor sitting on the side of the Beis Medrash. After maariv, the shamash of the shul realized that the Ohr HaChaim had nowhere to eat and connected him with one of the Bnei HaKehilla who invited him for the seudos. After the meal, the host turned to the Ohr HaChaim and said, “It is the minhag of our city that after the Shabbos seudah, we gather at the home of our Rav. We sing zemiros together and our Rav shares with us beautiful insights into the parsha. The Ohr HaChaim accompanied his host to the Rav’s house. The Rav was a brilliant talmid chochom and tzaddik who was learned in Penimiyus HaTorah. After singing, the Rav stood up and said, “I am now going to share with you some beautiful thoughts brought down by the Tzaddik

HaDor, the Ohr HaChaim Hakodosh.” The Ohr HaChaim, who was the epitome of humility, couldn’t bear hearing what he felt was a misrepresentation of the truth. He stood up and said, “His name is Chaim ben Attar and he is not the tzaddik of the generation.” The people were so outraged at this seemingly disrespectful outburst that the situation almost came to blows. The Rav quieted the crowd and continued with his Dvar Torah. The next day, after the seuda, the congregation gathered for an hour of learning. Once again, the Rav stood and said, “We are going to continue to delve into the profound insights given to us by the great tzaddik, the Ohr HaChaim HaKodosh.” Once again, the Ohr HaChaim could not bear to hear an “untruth” and stood up, saying “His name is Chaim ben Attar and he isn’t so great.” Once again, the fury of the crowd was calmed by the Rav, who continued his lecture on the parsha. At the third meal, the scene replayed itself. At this point, the Rav himself was totally fed up by the audacity of this poor man and told the gabbai to take the Ohr HaChaim and lock him in a back room. After Maariv, the ground of the city began to tremble. Fearing an earthquake, people began to scream and panic. The Rav of the city went into a corner in shul and began to beseech mercy from the Creator of the Universe. The following was then revealed February 17, 2017


to the Rav: “On Shabbos, neshomos being purified by the pain of Gehinnom are released from their torment. They are elevated and revel in the light of Shabbos in Olam HaNeshomos. On Motzei Shabbos, when the Ohr HaChaim HaKodosh makes havdola, these neshomos return to Gehinnom to finish their tikkun. Since you have locked the Ohr HaChaim in a room, he is unable to make havdola and the process of tikkun is disturbed. All of creation is trembling from the dysfunction of the order of the worlds. Release the Ohr HaChaim, let him make havdola, and return the worlds to their order. Inform him that his days of golus are complete. It is time for him to return home.” The Rav immediately ran to release the Ohr HaChaim and begged his forgiveness. The Ohr HaChaimi returned home and wrote down all the profound Chiddushei Torah that

were revealed to him during his year of golus. ‫ באש במים‬,‫בשלשה דברים ניתנה תורה‬ )‫ ובמדבר (מדרש רבה א’’ז‬- The Torah was given with three things. Fire - the fire burning in the hearts of Bnei Yisroel who are yearning to bond with Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Water Tahara, spiritual purity. Desert - humility, when a person is able to perceive the truth of reality and realizes that he is like a desert. If not for the Compassion of Hashem, Who gives us all our growth and successes, our lives would be as barren as a desert. It is only through the Torah that a finite man can have a relationship with the Infinite Creator. It is this relationship that allows us not only true growth, but ‫נצח נצחים‬, life in the World to Come. May we be zoche to true Kabbolas HaTorah, ‫ באש במים ובמדבר‬. ‫אמן‬.

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>> Emunah

The Gym

and the Spa Rabbi Ben Zion Shafier Life seems to make no sense- when you look at it the wrong way.


magine that you are invited to an exclusive health club. You’ve never been there, but you know the layout. On the right side is the gym; on the left is the spa. The gym is the area where people work out. It has all of the exercise equipment: the elliptical machines, the weights, the treadmills. The spa is the place to relax. It has the sauna, the steam room, the massage tables. You decide it’s been a stressful week, so you head straight for the spa. But by mistake, instead of turning left, you turn right and find yourself in the gym. You look around and see red-faced men everywhere, grunting and sweating. You let out a cry, “Who needs all this equipment? What’s all this running, pumping and pushing about? Whoever designed this spa did a lousy job!” This is an apt parable for Creation. When Hashem made man, He created two worlds: This World and The World to Come. This World is the gym. This is where we work out, where we grow and become bigger and better people. The World to Come is the spa. That is where we enjoy the results of our work. Each world has its place; each world has its purpose. We were put in This World for a few short years to accomplish our mission. Then we leave it and enjoy our accomplishments in the World to Come. This parable is so fundamental to understanding life that without it, nothing under the sun makes much sense. If a person attempts to make sense out of life without realizing that we were put on this earth to



grow and then to enjoy our accomplishments in the World to Come, he will find many, many questions that have no answers. Not questions that he doesn’t know the answers to — questions that have no answers.

The Answer — Why Hashem Created the World The Mesillas Yesharim explains that Hashem created man to give to him. However, it must be something that he worked for — not something that was given to him with no effort, no input. To enable man to earn his reward, Hashem created two worlds: This World and the World to Come. This world was designed with the challenges, trials and situations that allow man to perfect himself. The World to Come was designed to allow man to enjoy the reward of his labors. In accordance to the level of perfection that man reaches here in This World, he is able to enjoy the presence of Hashem in the World to Come. This world is the corridor to the World to Come — which is the purpose of Creation. Two worlds — each with its role, each with its purpose. The key point is that the World to Come isn’t an addendum to life. It isn’t an afterthought. It’s the reason that Hashem created the moon, the sun, the heavens and all that it contains. It’s the reason that He made man. It’s the reason for life. If a person doesn’t understand this, he has little chance of understanding anything that goes on in this world. This is because he hasn’t stopped to ask that critical question: what did the Manufacturer intend it to be used for? Is it any wonder that people have questions about life? They are looking at only

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>> Emunah Emunah >> half of the picture. The purpose of it all, the reason for it all, isn’t in their vision. So, of course, the whole thing makes no sense. And they have many, many questions. Questions on God. Questions on the system. Questions on the justice of it all. Why is life so hard? Why is there so much suffering in the world? Why do bad things happen to good people? Many, many questions — and no answers. All of these questions are built on one premise: life ends in the grave. When we die, it’s game over. We’re dead and no more. If that were correct, then their questions are valid. Life makes no sense. It truly isn’t fair. However, once a person understands the reason for life, then all of these quandaries vanish like smoke.

it is very hard for him to enjoy these things. Why do it? When we come to the core realization of why Hashem put us here, we view life very differently. Our station here isn’t significant; it is a vehicle, and in that context it makes sense. We begin to see the form and the flow of this world. While we may not know the answer to every question posed by man, we have a framework to base our answers upon. The patterns of our experiences weave a tapestry of meaning and beauty. All of the questions melt away as reason and perception set in. The more time we spend on this journey of understanding, the more the pieces fit together. Once we get it, life itself makes sense.

A Perfectly Imperfect World

Rabbi Shafier is the founder of the – The Shmuz is an engaging, motivating shiur that deals with

Why it is that man suffers so? Why did Hashem design a custom-made world with such care and concern, yet purposely make it so hard for man to enjoy those features? Granted Hashem made the orange, the pear, and the grape, but He also made man in a manner that

real life issues. All of the Shmuzin are available free of charge at, on the Shmuz App or on Kol Haloshon, 718-906-6461.

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A quick and easy way to keep your door from closing is to wrap a rubber band around the two handles, having the intersection meet right over the latch.

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available for illustrating children's books\magazines.

Instead of a book mark that only gives you a hint of where you left off, slide a large rubber band over the page, dividing the book in half and clearly indicating right where you left off. Make it even simpler, and mark the rubber band with a black dot, it will help you find the precise paragraph you’re up to.

Illustrating children's books and stories

Rubber bands will keep your unruly long cords tied together, but more creatively, they can keep your ribbon from unspooling.

Rather than spending money on cabinet safety locks for your toddler, wrap rubber bands tightly between cupboard knobs and handles to lock them up.

Want a way to keep the head of your blooms arranged together in the vase? Wrap a rubber band around the stems below the buds before trimming them to just above the vase neck.

Don’t have a non-slip hanger? Create your own easily. Wrap a rubber band around the edges of the hanger, and voila! Your outfit won’t go anywhere.

Next up: Interesting uses for Egg Shells

Custom drawings to highlight photograph books, scrapbooks, gifts for Zaidys and Bubbys and more!

For camp or school projects ADD SOME SPARKLE! ARE YOU A TEACHER? Devora will design your worksheets to make them child- friendly.

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Hidden Treasures



Let nothing which can be treated by diet, be treated by any other means. (Rambam)

B. Gordon

The discerning chef might have sage leaves in her spice cabinet to add that astringent but warm flavor to her salads and meats. But, in the past, sage has been known less as a flavor enhancer and more as an herb indispensable to medicine. Sage is a stimulant and an expectorant, and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Another powerful antioxidant, the compounds rosmarin and luteolin found in sage can prevent overall oxidative stress in the heart organs, joints, and skin. Rosmarin has largely been used to reduce inflammation, including cardiovascular inflammation, arthritis, gout, and gastrointestinal inflammation. An effective expectorant (a component which breaks down mucous), sage tea is employed in treating respiratory problems. Enjoy a cup to relieve symptoms of flu, cough, bronchial asthma, and sore throat. The anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties of sage prove beneficial for the skin. A topical balm of sage can be used to relieve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne, as well as reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Research has shown that even small amounts of sage, smelled or ingested, can increase memory retention and concentration. The herb is also beneficial for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. In one study involving 45 volunteers, participants were given either placebo or sage oil extract. The results proved that even a 50 microl dose (a relatively small amount) of sage significantly improved subjects’ immediate recall abilities. Sage contains chemicals that mimic drugs often prescribed for managing diabetes. The herb can regulate and inhibit the release of stored glucose in the liver, preventing major fluctuations of blood sugar and reducing the risk of diabetes. One study done on rats by the University of Minho in Portugal, confirmed that sage extract can, in fact, lower glucose levels of individuals at risk. Believed to have an estrogenic effect, the sage leaf has been an herb recommended for new mothers and women of various ages for centuries.



‫הלכתא לתכליתא‬ ‫שאלות שונות ששאלו את גדולי ישראל‬

‫‪Tachlis would like to present a variety of sheilahs that have been presented to Gedolei Yisroel at various‬‬ ‫‪times and places. We hope to pick topics of public interest. We are featuring these questions and answers in‬‬ ‫‪Lashon Hakodesh in order not to misquote or misinterpret anything stated by the Rabbanim.‬‬

‫האם צריך לשלם דמי שליחות‬ ‫לחברת באסעס על משלוח חפץ‬ ‫ללא ידיעתם‬ ‫מעשה שהיה‪ ,‬כך היה‪ :‬אשה אחת ביקשה לשלוח לבתה ‪,‬‬ ‫חפץ קטן שבתה שכחה בבית האם‪ .‬מכיוון שלא היה לה‬ ‫שליח שייקח הדבר‪ ,‬שהיה צריך להגיע במהירות למעונה של‬ ‫הבת‪ ,‬ירדה האם ל'באס סטיישן' שליד ביתה ובהגיע הבאס‪,‬‬ ‫הדביקה את ה'בעג' עם החפץ בדופן האחורי של הבאס‬ ‫הנוסע לעבר מחוז מגורי הבת‪ .‬לאחר מספר רגעים ‪ ,‬הגיע‬ ‫הדרייבער לסטיישן שליד ביתה של הבת וזו המתינה שם‬ ‫ונטלה את החפץ והכל על מקומו בא בשלום‪...‬‬ ‫אלא שכאשר שמע בעלה של המשלחת את המעשה‪ ,‬טען‬ ‫שאפשר שצריך לשלם לחברת הבאסעס דמי שליחות‪ ,‬שכן‬ ‫הדבר נעשה שלא ברשות וכפי שהיא גובה דמי שליחות על‬ ‫חפצים אחרים הנשלחים עמה‪ ,‬יש לשלם גם על כך‪...‬‬ ‫והשיב הגאון רבי יצחק זילברשטיין‪ ,‬שנראה שאין צריך‬ ‫לשלם עבור הנאה כזו מאומה‪ ,‬משום דופן הבאס אינו עומד‬ ‫להולכת חפצים ודומה הדבר למבואר בשולחן ערוך‪' :‬התוקף‬ ‫ספינתו של חברו ועשה בה מלאכה‪ ,‬אם אינה עשויה לשכר‪,‬‬ ‫שמין כמה פיחתה ומשלם"‪( .‬חו"מ שס"ג ס"ה) ומבואר שאם‬ ‫לא נגרם נזק לספינה‪ ,‬אף שנהנה המשתמש בה‪ ,‬אינה חייב‬ ‫בתשלומין לבעלים‪ ,‬משום שמדובר בספינה שאינה עומדת‬ ‫להשכרה עבור מלאכה‪ .‬וכך גם בשאלתנו‪ ,‬היות ומקום זה‬ ‫אינו מיועד לשכירות ואין זה דומה למושב האוטובוס שעומד‬ ‫להשכרה ממילא‪ ,‬אין חיוב לשלם עבור הנאת החפץ דנן‪.‬‬ ‫וכאשר שמע מרן הגאון רבי חיים קנייבסקי שליט"א‪ ,‬ציין‬ ‫לדברי הגמרא במסכת פסחים (כ"ו) שם מבואר‪ ,‬שרבן יוחנן‬ ‫בן זכאי היה יושב ודורש לרבים בהלכות המועד תחת צילו‬ ‫של היכל בית המקדש‪ ,‬שגובהו היה מאה אמה וצילו נפרש‬ ‫על פני שטח גדול שבו היו מתכנסים כל העם‪ .‬ושאלה הגמ־‬ ‫רא‪ ,‬היאך נהנה מצל זה הבא מן הקודש‪ ,‬הרי יש בזה איסור‬ ‫מעילה בהקדש? וביאר רבא‪" :‬שאני היכל‪ ,‬דלתוכו עשוי"‪,‬‬


‫‪February 17, 2017‬‬

‫דהיינו‪ ,‬אין הנאת הצל נאסרת משום שההיכל אינו עשוי‬ ‫כדי להצל לאותם שבחוץ‪ ,‬אלא לצרכים הפנימיים ולכן אין‬ ‫כל קדושה בצילו‪ .‬וכמו כן בשאלתנו‪ ,‬סיים הגר"ח‪ ,‬הבאס‬ ‫'לתוכו עשוי ' ולא לדופנו"‪...‬‬ ‫(והערב נא)‬

‫להרגיל איטר לכתוב ביד ימין‬ ‫כהן ששאל לבעל הקהילות יעקב זצ"ל‪ ,‬אם להרגיל את בנו‬ ‫האיטר לכתוב ביד ימין‪ ,‬בכדי שלא יהא בעל מום לעתיד‪...‬‬ ‫וענה לו שלא צריך‪ ,‬משום שמבואר בחז"ל שכל המומים‬ ‫יתרפאו לעתיד (עי' סנהדרין צ"א ב') ויהי' ראוי לעבודה‪.‬‬ ‫וקשה לדבריו‪ ,‬למה הרמב"ם מביא את המומין הפוסלין‬ ‫בכהנים‪ ,‬מאחר שזה לא יהיה נוגע למעשה? ותירצו דנ"מ‬ ‫גם בזה"ז שלא נתרפאו המומים‪ ,‬דהרמב"ם בהל' בית הב־‬ ‫חירה פ"ו הט"ו פסק שמקריבים אע"פ שאין בית‪ ,‬ומשום זה‬ ‫מפרש מה נחשב למום‪.‬‬ ‫ועוד יתכן‪ ,‬דהרמב"ם לא ס"ל כמדרש זה ולשיטתו דפסק‬ ‫בהל' מלכים פי"ב ה"ב שאין בין עוה"ז לימות המשיח אלא‬ ‫שיעבוד מלכיות בלבד‬

‫מה עדיף בשובבי"ם תענית דיבור‬ ‫או תענית אכילה?‬ ‫לקראת ימי השובבי"ם נשאל הרב אלישיב זצ"ל‪ ,‬אם עדיף‬ ‫תענית אכילה או תענית דיבור‪ ,‬ואמר שתענית "דיבור"‬ ‫עדיף‪ .‬והרבה מאריך ז"ל‪ ,‬בחובת שמירת הדיבור בפרט‬ ‫אצל בני תורה ש"אין כוחם אלא בפה"‪ ,‬וצריכים לשמור את‬ ‫כלי זיינם בטהרה‪.‬‬ ‫(פרי חיים שצ"ז)‬



>> Fabulous Fare

Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing ​It doesn’t matter if I use fresh or leftover chicken – this salad is always a hit!   Salad: 2 cups grilled, baked or fried chicken, diced 3 cups romaine lettuce, chopped 1 cup grape tomatoes, cut in half 1 small purple onion, chopped (optional) handfull of salad greens



​Dressing: 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup oil 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 1/2 cup honey 1 Tbsp yellow mustard 1/2 tsp salt directions: In a bowl, combine diced chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, salad greens and onion, if using. Toss to combine. DRESSING: Place all ingredients for dressing in an airtight container and shake until well combined. At serving time, drizzle dressing over salad and toss to combine. Enjoy!

>>Press Release



he relatively new Chords Bridge at the entrance to Yerushalayim is to most people a symbol of the city’s resurgence as a vibrant and dynamic metropolis that is also intertwined in the splendor of the holy city’s history. Less than a mile and a half from the entry point to the eternal city stands the latest symbol to a city on the rise, the construction of the new luxurious Jerusalem Estates, the city’s most luxurious residential estate that occupies the historic Schneller’s Compound. Located in the heart of the eternal city of the Jewish people, it is immediately adjacent to Malchei Yisrael Street in Geulah, a highly celebrated center of religious life in Israel and worldwide which is also undergoing much change with an upgraded infra structure and many new stores. In this 150-year preservation stands the Schneller Complex – a magnificent large plot of land that features many acres of idyllic green areas next to historical artistically designed buildings. It is an island of peace and tranquility that is only minutes from the bustling streets and alleyways of Yerushalayim. Here in the midst of this most desired location for Jews worldwide will rise Jerusalem Estates, the city’s most luxurious homes, a project of Walimar International and ISA. The city’s rapid expansion and renewal is in evidence everywhere, even in the quaint alleyways of the

neighborhoods that surround Jerusalem Estates. Here too are many new homes and modern stores adjacent to Botei Medrash and centers of Torah learning. The development of Jerusalem Estates comers at a time when the bustling city is home to world-class hotels, a highly respected high-tech zone, an everchanging commercial environment, an efficient transit system, and now the first-ever super deluxe homes. The cranes that fill the Yerushalayim sky are a vivid reminder that a city that enjoys such a glorious past is also on the verge of unveiling a splendid future. In the midst of it all is Jerusalem Estates. The complex consists of 13 structures built in accordance with the highest standards of construction and arranged in an urban configuration in the spirit of the authentic Yerushalayim chotzer (courtyard). It affords residents the pastoral beauty of the surroundings combined with the celebrated environment of the city. Positioned here is a breathtaking architectural wonder that preserves the character of historical buildings alongside luxury apartments constructed with the finest modern innovations for comfort and quality of life. Situated amongst the buildings, in the center of this private development, is a magnificent park with greenery that is a fitting background to the unique design of the buildings that reflect the glorious past of the Holy City in its reincarnated state. The Schneller Compound which served as a well-known military base

Construction of Jerusalem Estates is well ahead of schedule.

separated this nature preserve from the modern-day development of Geulah and its environs over the years. It created a contrast of the crowded living conditions versus the spacious green surroundings with tall trees inside the walls. It was this contrast that prompted the city planners and municipal authorities to designate the Schneller Complex as a unique and beautiful historical landmark. The relative height of the building gardens affords a panoramic view of several Yerushalayim neighborhoods depicting the overall stature of the compound to as far as the eye can see. The monumental buildings are designated for conservation and restoration, including the iconic main building of the former orphanage which will undergo major restoration work at a cost of approximately NIS 200 million for the establishment of an international Jewish Art Museum from Israel and the Diaspora. This is what makes this exciting enterprise so unique: An upscale living environment intertwined with incredible nature and historic authentic culture alongside a quality lifestyle.

Yehuda Feigin, the architect for Jerusalem Estates who is also well known for his other iconic projects including the Waldorf Astoria noted: “The authentic Jerusalem courtyards from the early Jewish settlements outside of the walls of Jerusalem is what inspired my design for Jerusalem Estates. A shared courtyard, full of magic, provides for spectacular beauty as the foyer that leads pedestrians to the surrounding homes. " For more information contact: SALES OFFICE,16 KING DAVID ST. JERUSALEM 94101, TEL. 972-2-502-5502 | USA 718-564-6656 . FAX. 972-2-532-3532 or visit:

An advance look at the luxurious Jerusalem Estates development

February 17, 2017


Let’s play I SPY!

The A dog, a cat, a bird in a cage, Yoylish being dramatic – he just needs a stage. Ida Yitelle waving a white page It seems to indicate her name and age

38 38

Tachlis Tachlis

Mall is the place to be! A large thermostat, a weather gauge, What looks like a plant, is just some sage, Yenti is getting the women to engage In a conversation that his revealing their age.

Join us every week as we bring you the fun adventures of our entertaining locals. Yenti the Yenta, Sheindy the Shadchan, Yochanan & Yocheved, Reb Zeide, Yoylish the Kvetch, Mimi the first-time Mom, Ida Yitelle, Chasida the Chesed lady, Moishe the Masmid, Kayla the Kallah, Noach’l the Know-it-all.

February 17, 2017


>> Photos In terms of area, this is the largest volcano on the planet, taking up 5,271 square kilometers and covering half of the Big Island. While the smoothly sloping peak may not have the highest elevation measured from sea level, measured from the seafloor instead, it rises 9,168 meters—placing it in the top 10 in the solar system!

This mountain is not particularly huge or tall, and it actually has more of a horizontal than vertical profile. The lines of its sediment are very pronounced though, and have an orderly, sculptured look. The slope of the base is very smooth and even, creating a symmetrical appearance. So despite the fact that it is not particularly vast, it has its own unique, almost architectural beauty. It is one of the most recognizable sights in all of Iceland, and attracts numerous tourists every year.

waii a H , a o aL Maun

The “Organ Pipe Peaks” surge upward from relatively flat, snow-covered surroundings, lending them a surreal appearance. The tallest and most striking is named The Spectre, but it is impossible to look at the Organ Pipe Peaks without viewing them as a whole. Geologist Edmund Stump once stated, “I never thought that a group of peaks could be so dramatic, beautiful, and perfect.”

Kir kju fell ,

nd a l Ice

The Spec tre, An tarcti ca


: d l r o W c i n e g o t o h ru P

The Rainbow Mountains of China 40

The Rainbow Mountains of China within the Zhangye Danxia Land These famous Chinese mountains are known for their otherworldly mountains. The Zhangye Danxia National Park is located in the Gan The site was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 and is


If you want to see a truly tremendous mountain which dominates a skyline like no other, you will want to journey to Denali, Alaska. Many tours go to Denali every year, featuring amazing views of the mountain which towers 20,320 feet above the landscape. While this is not the highest mountain peak, the dramatic difference in elevation from base to summit and the relatively un-occluded view make it quite majestic to behold. Just looking at photographs of Denali, you may feel dwarfed and humbled. Just imagine how you would feel in its presence, standing near the base and looking up toward the sky.

Alpamayo is one of the most conspicuous peaks in the Cordillera Blanca of the Peruvian Andes. It is named after Alpamayo Creek, which originates northwest of it. It is a steep (sixty degrees), almost perfect pyramid of ice, one of a number of peaks that compose the Pukarahu massif, the northernmost massif of the Cordillera Blanca. Although smaller than many of its neighboring peaks, it is distinguished by its unusual formation and overwhelming beauty. It actually has two sharp summits, North and South, separated by a narrow corniced ridge.

Denali, Alask a

The Chocolate Hills (Cebuano: Mga Bungtod sa Tsokolate; Filipino: Mga Tsokolateng Burol) are a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines. There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi).

eru ,P ayo

Alp am

HILLS & MO UNT AIN S te Hills hocola The C

dform Geological Park are a geological wonder of the world. y colors that mimic a rainbow painted over the tops of rolling nsu province in China's northwest covering 200 square miles. s the destination for many Chinese and international tourists.

February 17, 2017


Tachlists A Look Back at Some 2016 Inventions I'm sure most of our readers are thankful that we don't live way back when indoor electricity and plumbing were nonexistent. Yes, technological advancements have made our lives a whole lot easier. But, with new-fangled gadgets increasing on the market every year, the drive to come up with novel approaches to everyday tasks just doesn't seem to end. Check out the latest creative, fascinating, and downright absurd inventions of 2016.

Shoes That Tie Themselves The need to bend down and tie your shoe laces was always just one of the annoying realities of life, like the grind of getting a tissue to blow your nose or stirring your coffee with a spoon. But some individuals, like the Nike Company, wanted to do away with the never-ending shoe-tying nuisance. Enter the self-tying shoe! Motion-sensitive buttons near the tongue whir the HyperAdapt shoes laces into self-tying action as soon as you stand up, and automatically tighten or loosen around the feet as needed. Priced at $720, it might not really be worth it, unless you're an athlete--or simply despise the shoe-tying workout.



As a kid, I used to hate pressing that mercury thermometer under my tongue for four minutes straight in order to measure my temperature. Mercury thermometers are now history, and recently, a new gadget has been in introduced to replace the “old-fashioned� digital thermometers. Placed an inch away from the patient's farhead, the no-touch thermometer uses infrared waves to measure a patient's temperature quickly and precisely.

No-touch Thermometer

Can't wait to get a hold of some of these snazzy inventions? I think I'd rather

Household Robot Your favorite babysitter might soon be out of business. The novel 3-foot household robot, dubbed the “nanny robot” is capable of listening, speaking, sensing, and walking. A responsible babysitter, it alerts homeowners to any intruders, detected gas leaks, water leaks, and fires. It can even tell kids bed-time stories, sing lullabies and remind the elderly to take their medicine. Plus, you never know – in the future, it might produce an alert to tell Mom when you're not in bed on time!

Sensor Wake Alarm Clock Let's admit it; We all hate waking up to the shrill of an alarm clock, but it's been a part of life ever since roosters have moved out of town, hasn't it? Actually, some are bent on changing that. If you always enjoy waking up in the morning to the smell of hot coffee, you might want to go for the Sensor Wake olfactory alarm, priced at $109. The alarm contains sensors which release pleasant scents as it wakes you. Scents to choose from include coffee, ocean lush jungle, croissant, chocolate or peppermint. In a similar venture, in order to eliminate those groggy mornings, the Sleep Cycle alarm clock monitors your sleep cycles and only awakes you during lighter sleep cycles.

It seems that everything today has to be smart, even a fairly basic home appliance like the fridge. LG's Signature refrigerator is one such “smart fridge,” containing a flat panel on its exterior that reveals what's inside your refrigerator, as well as an electric sensor which opens the door for you when you come too close. Samsung recently followed suit, inventing another smart fridge featuring a screen on the outside with a built-in grocery order system so you can make a food order as soon as you realize you’re out of stock.

Smart Fridge

Hate that annoying feeling of leaving your house for school, only to realize that it's drizzling out and you left your umbrella at home? Enter the oombrella, an umbrella with a built-in weather forecasting program that sends an alert to your phone when it’s going to rain. Text messages for your phone include “don't forget to take me with you” and “it's going to rain in fifteen minutes.”

The Oombrella

stick to my babysitter, old-fashioned fridge and comfortable walking shoes!

>> Pareidolic Rollick


ck Pareidolic Rolli

Pareidolia allows us to see faces in the oddest of places. Like a smiling face in our latte’s foam, or a spooky tree trunk that seems to be following our every move. Not everyone recognizes the hidden faces instantly, but most everyone enjoys seeing it. Luckily, facial pareidolia is so easily shareable.

At TACHLIS we enjoy the enjoyable, and love to share the shareable. And so, we welcome our readers to submit their favorite and funniest pareidolia shots. Why not invite other readers into your pareidolic world?

Scared Styrofoam. - Family Green

Tea kettle is ready to seve with a smile! - M. Goldzweig

This truck smiled as I cleaned. - Alice Cohen



A smile that lights up the face. - Moti Dachner

Vaporizing smile! Rivkie Friedman

This is what it looks like when two year olds throw their plates in the trash!

The big construction gate door is smiling. - M. Greenberg

It’s time to smile! - Alice Cohen

Waiting to get some AIR. = Katz Family

Email your submissions to:


Jerusalem Estates

The Private Historic Estate at Schneller Here on a landmark that preserves the glory of yesteryear A jug on the face of a silver coin dating back to the era after the destruction of the Temple (Bet Hamikdash).

stands a new remarkable wonder, capturing the ancient beauty of Jerusalem’s royalty with an unprecedented new imprint.

Sales office: 16 King David St. Jerusalem | 718-564-6656


Surrounded by a sea of luscious green lawns with a magnificent towering view from Malchei Yisrael over Jerusalem’s neighborhoods, near and far. Enjoy the pristine fresh clear air of the area. In close proximity to the centers of Torah and Chasidus, to the business districts and transportation hubs of Jerusalem.

7 PA ‫ רכב‬RKING ‫כלי‬ E ‫ הרת‬NTRA ‫ למנ‬NCE ‫יסה‬ ‫כנ‬

. ST HU ‫ר‬ YA ‫חוב‬ I ‫י‬ RM ‫ר‬ YI ‫מיהו‬




ABA ASH RH IKA ‫לכוון כ‬ K S ‫י‬ ARD ‫כר ה‬ TOW ‫שבת‬


CE ‫כ‬ AN ‫ני‬ TR ‫סה‬ EN ‫למנ‬ G IN ‫הר‬ RK ‫ת כ‬ PA ‫לי‬ ‫ר‬ ‫כב‬

3 1 T. LS RAE ‫ר‬ I IS ‫חוב מ‬ E H ‫לכ‬ LC MA ‫י ישר‬ ‫אל‬

BR ‫ יס‬EIN ‫ די‬DE ‫ רנ‬S ‫ב‬ S ‫ וב‬T. ‫רח‬



Syrian Orphanage ‫בית היתומים הסורי‬ ‫מיועד למוזיאון תפוצות ישראל‬

Management Center ‫מרכז הניהול‬


Inspectors House ‫בית האינספקטור‬





Red House ‫הבית האדום‬

Assistants Residence ‫מעון השוליות‬

Turret ‫בית הצריח‬

Girls’ Residence ‫מעון הבנות‬

office: 16 King David St. Jerusalem | 718-564-6656 46 Sales Tachlis


Jerusalem Estates at Schneller. An impressive private historic estate that preserves the splendor of Jerusalem. Designed as a regal architectural wonder.



>> Feature

WHY THE GAP? By Tziri Hershkovitz

48 48

Tachlis Tachlis

>> Dor l'Dor


e didn’t have an AC in our classrooms when I was your age,” I tell my teen-aged son. “We didn’t have one in camp either.” “Of course not,” he says matter-of-factly. “Did air conditioners even exist when you were my age?” I look at him disbelievingly, “Of course they did.” “Right, of course. But still, cell phones didn’t.” I think he’s feeling sorry for me. And he’s right - not right to feel sorry for me, we fared just fine, but he is right about the cell phones. The closest we came to them in my teenage years were those new-fangled car phones. “I’m in the car, can you hear me now?” Is that lack of technology a disqualifier? Will we never see the world the same way? Are we forever bound to see reality through the prism assigned to us by our year of birth? He saunters from the room, and I know that my son won’t give the conversation a second thought. I know, because I was yesterday where he is today. But while he’s long forgotten the exchange, I just can’t get it out of my mind. Perhaps it is my vanity taking affront at being deemed “old,” but I suspect that it’s worse than that. I truly understand him, even though I disagree with his assessment. I might have witnessed changes in technology, language, worldview and fashion, and some of it might still strike me as odd, but don’t hand me a walking cane quite yet. For the most part, I’ve embraced technology, much of it seamlessly and even unknowingly. That doesn’t change things, though, does it? To my son, I’m still his mother. And regardless of age gap there’s a generation gap. In his estimation, it is a gap just too wide to bridge. I want to tell him that from where I’m standing nothing has changed, that I’m still the same person I was 20 years ago. I certainly feel like the same person.

But I know he won’t get it, much like I never understood those of the generation above me who shared the exact same sentiments. When I see first time-moms, I sometimes have to consciously remind myself, you’re not there anymore. The question isn’t so much “Where did time fly?” as much as I often wonder, “Was I supposed to fly along?” To me, the most obvious generation gaps are actually when I look at the age I passed in the not-yet distant past. At 35 I felt young. Even as I looked in the mirror, I somehow saw a youngster. I then imagined my mother at 35, and thought of how young she must have felt, but to 9-year-old me, she was indefatigable and infallible. Did she even realize that I was viewing her as an all-knowing “older” woman? Naturally, I didn’t know my grandmother at that age, but I can imagine the vivacious and stalwart Holocaust survivor. Rising from the ashes, she raised her family with patience and love, all while her own heart likely never fully recovered. Did the war rob her of her youth, or of the opportunity to ever grow old? Did she too look into the mirror and forever see her 20 year-old self smiling back? I think she must have, because on some level we all do. In our hearts, we all feel like we are younger than what we actually are. The calendar years whooshing by doesn’t really change that sentiment for us. In our heart of hearts, most of us will be forever young. Age is just a number, yet while the level of our maturity may not always be affected by the passage of years, the year of our birth will certainly impact our behavior and attitude. Not because it marks us as older, but because all that occurred in the years since we started this journey changed our outlook, behavior and appreciation of our world. We can never see the world the same way as those who walked these roads under drastically different conditions – be it politically, technologically, morally or socially.

February 17, 2017


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re ver o f Are we reality see m d to boun gh the pris r u throu to us by o ned assig r of birth? yea THE GAPS The term Generation Gap came about in the 1960s, a decade of revolutionary change that reshaped the Western world’s attitude on most social issues. This societal upheaval was ignited and fueled almost exclusively by the young. The rallying cry of the hippie culture was “Don’t trust anyone over 30,” and though they did not recognize it yet, they were merely voicing the existing ideological rift that had formed between the Baby Boomer youngsters and their Depression-era parents. Thus, the first generation gap was officially defined. Generation gaps form when two age groups begin to

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see the world from significantly different perspectives. The gaps existed long before the 1960s, but they tend to emerge with greater frequency as the rate of societal change increases. For example, in the 1800s, chances were that your father’s world looked a lot like your own. In the 21st century, even a short span of 20 years can bring radical changes in technology, morals, and attitudes about education, work, friends and family life. For the last three “Generations’” birth years only span approximately 15 years each. Longer life spans also increase the prevalence of generation gaps. For babies born in 1920, life expectancy in the United States was 56.4 years. For babies born in 2014, it’s 78.8 years. This lengthened life span results in more generations living and working alongside each other. That means that

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for the first time in history, there are six distinct generations interacting on a regular basis. Different generations not only have their own worldview, but also their own way of approaching work, family, leisure, communication, etc. For instance, Boomers appreciate a phone call, GenXers were blown away at the convenience of email, but Generation Y won’t respond to anything but a text.

I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means

Millennials are the “young ones,” right? Not quite. While the general impression is that the generation after Millennials are still in diapers, the truth is that the oldest members of Gen Z are now 21 years old. Meanwhile, the oldest Millennials have already turned 40. My siblings are in three distinct Generations: Gen X, Millennials, and the youngest, a definitive Gen Z. This pattern is far from unique. As siblings are spaced over more years than ever before, we find multiple generations are a given. This could explain the plaintive cry from the younger kids that their older siblings just “don’t get it.” Being from different generations, the young ones are most likely right. Their older sibs – in spite of having grown up in the same home and with the same parents – have experienced an entirely different childhood. As the Generational gaps show, perspective and understanding is more greatly impacted by the year of birth than most other factors.

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Generation Name

Births Start

Births End

Youngest Age Today*

Oldest Age Today*

The Greatest Generation





The Silent Generation The Lucky Few





Baby Boomer





Generation X Baby Bust





Generation Y The Millennial - Gen Next





Generation Z The Post-Millennials iGeneration Centennials





Gen Alpha





(*if still alive today) Note that there is some overlap, as these are not an exact science. There are many opposing views on the exact year date, but this was deemed the most accurate by social scientists. Note too, that even when someone falls clearly in one camp, but within three years of the “cut-off point,” it has been determined that they can consider themselves as part of either Generation, depending on which one they relate to more.

Bridging the Gaps The five Generations are fundamentally so different that they may as well be different cultures. To understand the wide difference in their expectations and attitudes, here are the definitions of the generations we’re discussing. Each country bases their Generations on the major cultural, political, and economic influences that part of the world encountered. Formed by historically significant factors, the Generations’ year markers therefore differ in various parts of the world. It is quite interesting that while it is true that most of us have our history heavily steeped and impacted by the Holocaust, and even though living in our own culture, we were not so greatly influenced by the social mores of the larger world, still, the Generation indicators are surprisingly accurate for our community as well.

Silent Generation (born 1925 to 1945, 28 million): In America, this generation is venerated as diligent workers and loyal citizens, but in the frum community the Silent Generation were mostly Holocaust survivors who found themselves very much alone, at one point. Their silence was borne of heartache and pain. Struggling to rebuild what was lost, they were filled with such intense gratitude for their host country, that some might say they surpassed their American counterparts in their diligence and hard work.

>> Dor l'Dor

Among Yidden, this was also known as the Lost Generation because it was the generation that accepted the American societal norms and due to lack of education threw off Torah and mitzvahs. In American Jewry, the Lost Generation was followed by the Seeking Generation. Although many, many Yidden became hippies, New-Age “seekers,” and fully assimilated with secular culture, a large number sought out a path different than their parents’, and chose to return to the observance of Torah and mitzvahs.

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Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1962, 80 million): Boomers are the largest generation in US history, both in absolute numbers and in percentage of the population. Many explanations exist for the shift in family focus during these years, but in our community, the Baby Booming of those years was undoubtedly an attempt to regain what was lost. While the Silent Generation did their best with all they had to give the Boomers what they need, the Boomers were a generation overwhelmed with guilt and a sense of protectiveness towards their elders. They, meanwhile raised their own children with a sense of duty.

Generation X

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(born 1963 to 1978, 45 million): Gen X is caught (and often conflicted) between Boomers and Gen Y. There are, though, specific characteristics of this Generation. The work-life balance is the one area where we most quickly can see the difference in attitude and perspective. Whereas Boomers proudly “Live to Work!” Gen X (particularly younger Gen X) members feel that “Work to Live!” is a better motto. So while the Boomer doesn’t understand an employee who just won’t work 60 hours a week, many a Gen X or Gen Y employee can’t understand why the older supervisor doesn’t realize that “there’s more to life than work.”

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Generation Y also called Millennials (born 1977 to 1995, 70 million): The majority of Gen Y are children of Boomers. The greater definer for this generation (in the U.S.) is September 11, 2001. That is why the correct Millennials cutoff date is 1995 (even though many have erroneously marked it as 2000). It’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have been born between 1996 and 2000 and have a strong, emotional connection to 9/11. Their brains were simply too young to put the event in a cultural, geographic, or other context. Therefore, if someone was born in the U.S. and 9/11 has always been history to them —something they literally cannot remember—then they are not a Millennial but a member of Generation Z. To Boomers, and even GenXers, Millennials might appear unmotivated, or as

some would bluntly say – spoiled. But it is simply that they are not motivated by that which got the previous Generations moving. For Boomers work was a matter of survival, for GenXers it was a matter of the good life. Gen Y, meanwhile, already feels entitled to both, and is therefore somewhat surprised if it doesn’t come easily. It isn’t because they don’t want to work, it is just that they have accepted that there is supposed to be a purpose for their efforts. Blessed with relative comfort, they are eager to see their work make a difference. Every generation wants that on some level, but millennials want to know how their job is making a difference from Day One. Once a Millennial has clarity on how they are positively impacting their company or the community, their motivation levels will skyrocket. I n another context, Millennials can be seen as idealists, especially in contrast to GenXer’s cynicism.

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>> Dor l'Dor But in Gen X’s defense, they saw corporations like Enron and WorldCom crumble; they were fed misleading ads for faulty products that have now come home to roost, they also lived through the devastating Challenger explosion. So, yes, GenXers are skeptical and uneager to invest their energy unless they understand why they should. Gen Y meanwhile is all about hope, and they might have, in GenXers’ opinion, a sugar-coated view on reality.

Generation Z, the iGeneration (1996-2010, 69 million) Since the iGeneration are still mostly kids and adolescents, being about age 20 and under, their defining moments are still happening. Hence, many of their adult characteristics have not yet been fully vetted. Early indications have

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determined that they are incessant multi-taskers and slightly less focused. Living in an ever-changing world of instant updates and non-stop stimuli, their pace is naturally faster and they can quickly and efficiently shift between work and play with multiple distractions going on in the background. It is still uncertain whether they have actually mastered multi-tasking or if it’s merely a socially acceptable form of ADD. Socially, much of what is “modern” and “progressive” to us, is a matter of fact “always, has been” to them. The Great Recession didn’t affect them, a black US president is not unusual, and as far as they see it, there have “always” been twenty-something entrepreneurs who are billionaires. To them, the internet and cell phones have always existed, and as a matter of course, they think Millennials are old. Gen Z is also increasingly self-aware, self-reliant, innovative and goal-oriented, and appear to be more pragmatic than their Millennial predecessors. Raised with “Good Effort” trophies, they do feel even more entitled than the Millennials did. Still, since most are still too young to be assessed, and we’ll have to wait and see how these characteristics play out once they grow into adulthood.

Generation Alpha, (2011-2025, estimated to reach 35 million) Gen Alpha follows Gen Z with a name that is the first letter of the alphabets It immediately brings to mind chazak, chazak, v’nischazeik. We cannot possibly know what their future holds, and there are no recognizable characteristics that we can analyze at this point, after all, they are all still little children. Even more, most of the members in this group have not yet arrived on the scene! And therein lies our hope. It’s a brand new day, and as far as they’re concerned – it’s a brand new world. Take heart. The possibilities are endless.

>> Dor l'Dor All humans view life from their own Generational lens, and each generation quite literally sees things differently. Even as we mirror the previous generations’ lives and pass through the exact same stages, it is improbable that we will ever see life the same way. The old “Talk to me when you’re my age” or “You’ll understand when you’re at this stage” may likely be wholly inaccurate. But here’s a countering thought: With social media platforms being shared among the ages, and even old music is now digital and regaining popularity by the younger generations, are we perhaps slowly blurring the gap lines? Is it actually possible that the distinction between our ways of thinking will disappear? Or are circumstances too impactful and the social mores we were raised with too engrained for the “openness” of the new generation to effectively erase the “cultural differences” wrought by history?


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A word of caution: In grouping any collection of people, one has to stereotype to some degree. That’s implicit in these kinds of discussions, but it is important to acknowledge that while stereotypes will obviously not define all, since all of us are individuals and there are always some outliers, the bell curve does work when it comes to large numbers of people. And in the center of the bell curve live those stereotypes.




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Some of the stereotypes: Silent Generation (1925 to 1945) Practical Patient, loyal and hardworking Respectful of authority

Rule followers

Baby boomers (1946 to 1964)

Generation X (1964 to 1978)

Millennials (1977 to 1995)

Generation Z (1996-2010)


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Expect respect for their work

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Modern Contraptions Quiz Technology is one of the biggest markers of the generational differences, and creates the biggest divide between those born before 1985 and those born after. Those born before “see” technology, accept it, use it, love it and hate it (often simultaneously). Those born after 1985 really don’t “see” technology at all. It’s like oxygen; everywhere and just as vital. Inventions that struck some generations as “the greatest thing since sliced bread!” (incidentally invented in 1928) seem outdated today. Can you match these “Modern Contraptions” with the names listed below?




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Record Mercury thermometer Station wagon: Riding backwards is great for nausea Walkie talkie Cassette: Enjoy retracting the ribbon using a BIC pen cover 35 mm film Fax: Don’t let that thermal paper become hot! Shoebox cassette player Walkman “Let me rewind to that song.” Radiator Phone cord “Give me a minute to untangle the cord.” The computer these go into, must be HUGE!










>> Dor l'Dor


13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

3 ½” floppy “Finally rid of those 5 ¼” floppies. And do you know they used to be 8”? How clumsy.” Antique cell phone: “Can you hear me now?” Public Phone Dial-up modem “Instant” connection! ZIP This ‘little thing’ is a must for graphics! Typewriter Movie reel Remember splicing these things? Knuckle buster Rotary dial phone You think texting tires your fingers? Try dialing long distance on a rotary dial! Cash register Pager “387-****-911” Slide projector Nextel Radio: “Drrrrrup”











1,I; 2,M; 3,U; 4,N; 5,G; 6,O; 7,T; 8,Q; 9,F; 10,C; 11,W; 12,X; 13,R; 14,D; 15,S; 16,P; 17,E; 18,J; 19,K; 20,B; 21,A; 22,H; 23,L; 24,V


February 17, 2017


>> Generations

Three Genera Three generations. Three continents. Three perspectives - One saga. Three women, one family tree. Join us as we reminisce yesteryear, live today, and look towards the future. Ages and stages intertwine sharing fascinating facts and nostalgic memoirs. Looking at life through the myriad of prisms is sure to give you new perspectives too, so let’s get started.

Meet Mrs. Z. Ringler: “My mother was from Poland. She fled the Germans in 1939 to Russia where I was born. After the war, when I was five, my mother returned to Poland with me. I got married in Eretz Yisroel then moved to America where I still live today.”

Meet Mrs. M. Green,

daughter of Mrs. Ringler: “I was born and bred in America, the youngest of three. At the age of 18, I moved to Eretz Yisroel and stayed for good. I’m happily married and live with my children and grandchildren in a small yishuv up North.”

Meet Mrs. C. Kornbluth,

daughter of Mrs. Green, granddaughter of Mrs. Ringler: “I’m Israeli born, the fourth of 10 siblings. I just about finished my shana rishona and I’m glad to share my stories and thoughts with you.”



ations Speak Now let’s hear what each one has to say about:

Growing Pains and Gains Mrs. Z. Ringler:

were fatherless, but that seemed normal to me. It was just like our “family,” so everyone was in the same boat, so to speak.

I grew up by myself, mostly. I was a war child growing up without a father. He was killed before I was even born. I was an only child and took on a lot of responsibility. I didn’t want to be a burden to my mother who worked very hard to get bread on the table for the two of us.

But when I was getting older, I saw my friends having a good time with their families. I spent a lot of time at friends’ houses since I was alone for most of the day. It was fun being with them and I saw how nice it was to have suppers together. I rarely sat with my mother who was busy at work all day and came home very tired late at night after I was asleep.

It seemed normal for me to grow up without a father. Most of the men then were either fighting or killed in the world war or had died from hunger. After the war, when me and my mother were going back to Poland (it took six months since the train tracks were sabotaged to make traveling for the Germans hard or impossible), I didn’t pay attention to the few men on the train. Most of the families

I especially remember one incident when my mother sent me to one of my friends to join them on their family trip to the amusement park. She really wanted me to have fun, but it probably didn’t occur to her that part of the fun was being together - me with my mother. She was a sole provider who didn’t have the mind or time for such frivolities. February 17, 2017


>> Generations I was independent, taking care of myself and my own problems. As a matter of fact, in school when I was 12 years old, during a wild game with my friends, I “went through” the glass entrance door in the lobby. Nothing happened to me, but I had to get the door fixed. I asked my aunt to send me their German handyman to fix the door. I paid with my own money which was an accumulation of small change my mother would let me keep after grocery shopping. When I fell, like all little kids do, my scraped knees were oozing blood. I went to my mother’s friend (not my mother!) who happened to be a nurse and asked her for a special drying powder for wounds. I didn’t even think anything wasn’t normal about these things. I just took care of myself.

Mrs. M. Green: Growing up could be a real pain, especially if you’re the baby of the family and have only two older brothers. I don’t recall being “babied” but no matter what I did, I always knew I was the baby and still had to grow up. And that was FRUSTRATING! I was convinced the solution to all my peeves and problems would be a sister. Any sister. Even an older sis would do, though I was warned they can be quite bossy or simply, a pain in the neck. Since I knew I couldn’t push the clock back, I begged for a younger sister at least. I loudly claimed it was no fun being an only girl, screamed when my brothers picked on me and cried when they made fun of me and my sissy-ness. One day, when I was feeling especially down, wishing especially hard for a baby sister, I noticed my brothers were busy all afternoon whispering and winking at each other. It made me jealous to see



I remember something funny from when I was little, I’d tell my mother that when I get older I’ll take her to kindergarten. I was sure that as I’ll become bigger, she’ll become smaller. I always wanted to get married and have children. That was my main desire. Baruch Hashem I accomplished that. I remember one day, shortly after giving birth to my second child, I walked into their bedroom and saw my two baby boys sleeping – one in a bed and one in a crib. I remember thinking to myself “They won’t be alone.” And I knew I wouldn’t be alone either. Finally, I had a real family! I was filled with such a deep feeling of love and contentment that words cannot describe.

them sharing secrets so I tried to join them. At first they brushed me away subtly, but when I became more insistent, they did too - until “little me” was in a full-blown fight with both Big Brothers! As the situation got totally out of hand, I remember leaving the house in a huff, slamming the door with all my might, looking for a venue to vent my frustrations. “Why? Why do I have to be treated like a baby?!” I sulked to myself, little fists clenched like premature wild-flower buds. “I hate being so alone all the time!” I desperately called to the wind. “I wish, I wish, I wish!” My tears dropped forcefully. After an hour or so, I was spent. My face was still wet but my fists relaxed somewhat. I tired of wandering in the neighborhood and dragged myself back home. Not wanting anyone to see me in my red-eyed state, I shot upstairs to the privacy of my room. When I was just about to throw myself onto my bed to continue feeling sorry for myself and my plight, something colorful caught my attention.

The only thing I knew about money was that more is better. And if I wanted to support my family, I’d need to figure out a way to get more of it fast. Bills

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rest as they say is history. I graduated in just

22 months, confident about my financial skills and my value in the workplace. Today, I’m at Roth & Co. where I oversee the planning and execution of audits and reviews of private companies and nonprofits. I’m an upwardly mobile professional with a career that suits my life and my lifestyle. And yeah,

you could say I’m pretty knowledgeable about money these days. Through my work, business owners are assured they have the correct information needed to decide where and

how to spend it.

Shlomo Halberstam, ’16, CPA candidate | Senior Associate | Roth & Co.

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>> Generations Sitting placidly on my dresser was a medium sized, box-shaped something. It was gift wrapped with green, white and grey striped wrapping paper. I was curious what was inside of course and since it was in my room, I assumed it was for me even though there was no sign to prove it and I had no inkling why. I tore open the wrapping paper to find a closed oblong box. I lifted the cover and my breath caught. I gulped, trying to get my heart back down and out of my throat. It was a beautiful set of five machzorim! There was no card informing who it

Mrs. C. Kornbluth: Here’s what I have to say about my growing pains and how they helped me grow into what I am today. In short, I’m short. It’s been a fact since I was young that I was little. I didn’t realize it then, but I remember whenever we “played house” in kindergarten, I was always the “baby” since I was the only one who easily fit into the doll’s carriage. That was such fun! When I was in first grade, it was my responsibility to bring my sister home from kindergarten. She’s a year and a half my junior but by then she was already a head taller than me. How do you think it felt when passersby would smile at my younger sister and compliment her for taking me home from kindergarten?! You know how the teachers like to seat weaker students up front to make sure they’re on par with the rest of the class and don’t get lost? Well, I got a front desk too even though I was an A+ student; simply because I needed to see the board. Similarly, whenever we performed in a choir or dance, I was always placed in the first row. What

64 64

Tachlis Tachlis

was from or whom it was for, but when I opened the Rosh Hashana machzor I saw my first and last name marked in my big brother’s handwriting. Suddenly I heard hushed giggles and whispering from behind my door and I knew. My Big Brothers got me what I was wishing for, for a long time. Now I’ll be able to daven just like them. Finally, I felt so big! I still wish I had a sister, but hey, brothers can’t be beat (pun intended)!

can I tell you? This was great for my mother who never had a hard time finding me on stage… I remember now a particular episode I can’t seem to forget. When I was in the 6th grade, we were practicing for our bas-mitzvah performance in the high-school auditorium. A “big” 9th grader who saw me, called her friends over “Hey, look at that one over there - the 6th grade midget!” she announced loudly. I’ll never forget how insulted I was. Embarrassed, I took cover behind the backstage curtain and refused to come out! Now I know that had I had more self esteem, I would’ve been happy with my height and that nasty remark wouldn’t have bothered me so much. Hashem, my mother and I helped me work through my pain of not growing to a “regular” height. I learned to accept myself and my shortcomings. I noticed this when I was in 12th grade. Someone asked me if I’d already graduated 8th grade and I didn’t even get upset. Although by then I still hadn’t totally come to terms with my height, I knew it was a fact just like my brown hair. Whenever I’d imagine myself married with a sheitel and adult responsibilities, I’d tell myself, “Well by then, youll surely grow!” It didn’t occur to me that a married woman could be short like me.

>> Generations When it was my time for shidduchim, it seemed like the whole world was concerned about my height. Shadchanim asked us to send a picture of me standing next to other people in order to see if I “measure up.” Most would agree this can be somewhat insulting, but I just laughed. And here’s the funniest thing: when my then futuremother-in-law came to meet me, the first thing she said when she saw me was “Wow, I see you’re short just like me!” I guess Hashem has His ways… At this point I understood I couldn’t change my height from petite to tall, but it was in my hands to set my self-esteem from low to high. I searched high and low for the advantages of being short. I found that little kids connect easily with me, and I believe it’s because they feel comfortable with

someone their size (not really, but just about). Once, when I filled in for one of the assistant morahs at a daycare center for just two hours, all the two year olds instantly befriended me. I also love being who I am. From my vantage point it’s hard for me to look down on people who look different. Instead, I’ve learned to look up to them and honor their Tzelem Elokim, just as I’d like to be treated. I realize now that when I was little, my insecurities mirrored outward, attracting negative attention from those around me. Now when I look in the mirror, I don’t just see the image of a five-foot-two young lady. I see a reflection of awareness and growth. One that makes me feel six feet tall. In short? Petite can’t be beat!

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IS THIS YOUR BOCHUR? Has difficulty paying attention and focusing on Limudim Finds it difficult getting up on time for minyan Gets frustrated with changes in schedule or usual routines Seems lost in Yeshiva (unhappy/not making it) Social difficulties

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g n ti h g i l h g i H y o J e th

All those years ago, it was the Jewish women, not the men, who first agreed to accept the Torah at Har Sinai. And today, it is the Jewish woman who transmits the essence of our heritage into her home. That is why Shabbos, Yiddishkeit’s trademark, begins with licht bentchen. A woman lighting that special flame that permeates our home with holiness, reminds us of who we are and why we are here.

Share this week’s halacha with your family:

Regardless of the community where one lives, it is important to know the halachos regarding carrying on Shabbos. The garments a person wears would usually be considered as if they are a part of him, rather than separate objects being carried by him. However, not all items that one wears are automatically considered apparel. In order to be considered apparel, an item must serve one of the following functions: •

To clothe, to cover for the sake of modesty and dignity;

To protect the body from the elements or injury;

To prevent discomfort.

Because there is a tendency to remove certain items and continue walking while carrying these items, the Rabbonim deemed it necessary to prohibit going outside while wearing the following: •

Loose articles that have a tendency to fall off;

A garment that might subject its wearer to ridicule, thus causing him to remove it temporarily’

An article that is often removed by its wearer to display it to others.

In the coming weeks, we will explore the specifics. --R’ Simcha Bunim Cohen, The Shabbos Home--



>> Shabbos Stories

Chelm Stories

The Worriers of Chelm In the wonderful world of Chelm it was a wellknown fact that the people worried. True, they were poor, but what did they actually worry about? Important things? Maybe. For example, if one Chelmite would meet a friend on the street he might say, “Good morning, friend. Do you think you will see the sun rise tomorrow?” The innocent soul would look startled and walk a few feet. “Now, why did he ask me such a question? Is it that I look ill? Does he think I will not live the night through? Or better still, does he feel there will be some great upheaval on this earth, and maybe the sun will not rise tomorrow?” And so they worried. After all, there was much they could find to worry about. All this worrying began to affect their wellbeing. So they gathered at the home of the Sage of Chelm and asked his advice. “Tell us, dear Sage, how can we stop worrying about so many things?” The Old Sage went into deep contemplation, then turned to his friends and said, “It is my opinion that you must hire a professional worrier.”

“Oh, yes,” they cried. “We have heard of them. They are magnificent! They worry so hard they moan and cry in anguish. They are wonderful!” And so the villagers of Chelm sent to the next village for a professional worrier. When the worrier arrived, he declared, “My fee is ten gold coins each week. For this I will do all your worrying. None of you will have to worry again.” The Sage of Chelm stepped forward and declared, “If we give you ten gold coins each week, what will you have to worry about?” “On the contrary,” the professional worrier declared. “Most of your worries will disappear, and you will have only one worry from this day on.” “And what will that be?” asked the Old Sage. “Simple,” declared the worrier. “Your only worry will be how you will be able to raise the ten gold coins for me each week.”

“Indeed! A professional worrier!” they all shouted. “What wisdom! What foresight!”

The Chelmites smiled, and realized that this was the solution to all their worries. And so, from that day on, in the village of Chelm, there was always a professional worrier.

“All you have to do is send to the next village for a professional worrier — someone who really knows how to worry.”

This story is one of the over 150 sidesplitting tales featured in the new book The Silly World of Chelm, available at fine books stores and at

February 17, 2017


>> Oneg Shabbos

Shabbos Dessert

Chewy Peanut Butter Munchies So quick, and so much fun to prepare! This is a great project to do with your kids on a snowy wintery day – just don’t expect them to stop munching after one piece. INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cup coconut oil 1¼ cups honey 1 18 ounce jar crunchy peanut butter 2 Tbsp pure vanilla extract 1/4 tsp sea salt



INSTRUCTIONS: Melt coconut oil and honey in a medium saucepan over a low to medium heat. Bring to a boil, and cook on low heat for 10 minutes. Stir mixture every few minutes. Add peanut butter, vanilla, and salt. Stir constantly on low heat for 8 minutes. Remove from heat and cool completely. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Drop by tiny spoonfuls onto prepared baking sheet or into chocolate molds. Place in freezer for 2 to 3 hours. Transfer munchies to candy paper cups and stack neatly in a flat, airtight container, placing parchment paper between each layer to prevent sticking. Store in the freezer. Serve frozen.

>> Hakol Beseder Are you ready? Let’s go! The tools required for this game are: a timer, a pen and paper, and if possible - more than one player. Since we’ll be heading into the kids’ domain this week, we’ll approach it with the same excitement kids usually have at the outset of a game. Note that the duration of the game will vary, depending on the amount of rounds you need to go (i.e. the amount of rooms involved), so let’s keep up our energy levels with fun and cooperative players. The cool thing about this game is that it can be played in solitaire version too. The rules slightly alter, and there might be more rounds and more plays, but the end result is still very much the same. Pesach season is a great opportunity to introduce the kids to housework. Of course there’s the extra pair of hands which is always helpful, but more than that, we’re educating them on a subject that will serve them well in the future. It is up to us to show them that there is fun to be had here. If we turn it into a dreadful chore, then any kid with an ounce of sense will run for the hills. Let’s teach them the easy, effective and enjoyable approach. The Hakol Beseder way. Of all the education you ensure they receive, the ability to take to their tasks with gusto and ease, is likely the most important. And don’t worry about them feeling too put upon. Remember that kids thrive on responsibility. Knowing that they are trusted and relied upon helps them grow with by Tziri Hershkovitz confidence, security, and maturity - as long as you ask for a reasonable amount – and make sure to frequently compliment them for legitimate achievements.

The Countdown Week 7


So let the games begin: We’ll start by taking the pen and paper and listing all the areas that need to be focused on. Remember, this isn’t the week that focuses on closets, so let’s just write down: dressers, beds, toy box, light fixtures, windows, and any other areas you can think of. The “game” can be played in a variety of ways. Each “player” can choose one area that they believe they can complete in the allotted amount of time. Or the tasks can be “picked” from a deck of cards. The children can “earn points” by tallying the number of tasks they’ve completed. But even if no points are awarded, this setup is a fun way to get the kids involved in housework, while at the same time making them aware that housework isn’t a difficult task, but rather an enjoyable time to spend with, and do something for, other family members. The game options are many, but the most important tool you can employ is a happy attitude. Because kids are natural mimics, if you approach this with joy, so will they. Besides, an upbeat attitude always makes our work easier. Decluttering tips for the children’s bedrooms and play areas:



Buried Treasures: PrePesach is a great time to tackle the ever-accumulating pile of treasures that children often keep. Use this as the opportunity to teach children the rules of decluttering. That knowledge is essential for their future – as well as your present. Solution: Each child should have a box or drawer where they can keep the items of most importance. Set a limit on the amount of items, and routinely encourage them to go through the pile and discard what no longer has any value for them. Junior Works of Art: In our desire for that spacious and clean room, we may run the risk of discouraging creativity. If we force the kids to get rid of their artistic creations (whether Clics, Magnatiles, drawings or other arts and crafts projects), we give them the message that these objects rank lower on our list of priorities than a clean home. The simplest and most powerful way to demonstrate your value of your bud-

ding artists’ work is by taking photos of their creations and storing them in photo album ‘portfolios.’ This way you can institute the policy of dismantling toys every evening, conveying the message that the kids’ creativity is admired, yet their room still needs to be clean.

Remember: Once your toys and games are cleaned, they can still be played with in a chometz-free zone. This is an actually wise approach year round. As you clean this area, reserve some toys for kids’ play these last few weeks before Pesach.

Tips on toys: Toys = playtime. Even cleaning the toys, if approached with the Toy Rotations \rō-'tā-sh n\ right attitude, is part of noun toy ro·ta·tions \'toi n of daily cleanup, minimizatio funtime. an ingenious solution to ment , and the renewal of excite • Have your kids the pre-Pesach workload during children’s playtime wash down the ll be toys, decide which toys wi big toys with Once you’ve cleaned all the in th wi toys will be played damp, soapy put out of reach and which ks many choices, nothing loo rags. Supply current rotation. With too portuwill give the kids more op them with old appealing. Toy rotations med e, without being overwhel toothbr ushes nity to enjoy what they hav dividing up the Toy Rotation by and Q-tips and by too many options. Set ts and tions into two or more par let them go to your toy and game collec n once s every few months, or eve town! rotating the “on duty” toy yearly! • Smaller toys like Clics, Lego, etc., can be zipped into a mesh bag and washed Tziri Hershkovitz is the co-founder and author of Hakol in the dishwasher, or washing Beseder. Check out the fun free Hakol Beseder S h e machine on a gentle cycle. Hotline 347.772.1188. can be emailed at To drown out the inevitable tziri@hakolbeseder. banging and to protect your org. To order the machine, add your washable book or sign up for the workshop, call stuffed animals to this load. 718.812.1899. • Place dolls inside a pillowcase and add them to your next towel or linen load. Wash in a regular cycle. This can do wonders for most dolls, although skip the delicate ones, as they don’t fare as well in the washing machine. e

Closets and shelves: Many of us frequently complain about lack of closet space. Now I’m not going to have the gumption to entirely disagree with you. Chances are that I’ve never visited your home, but may I suggest that you take a closer look at the closet in question and note how many items aren’t being used? Now’s the time to give yourself and the kids the gift of comfort and space. Side bonus: putting away laundry will be so much easier when the closet isn’t stuffed with unnecessary and unused items.

February 17, 2017


>> Ask the Therapist

Dear Dr. Rosmarin, My 2-year old has gone through times when she loves the bath and other times when she doesn’t like it at all. Her periods of dislike usually lasted a few days or a few weeks; then she went back to loving bath time. Over the last few months (5 or 6), while she usually has no objection to bath time, she doesn't want to sit down in the bath and is typically not interested in playing with her bath toys. I never force her, just try to gently tell her to sit down and what fun it'll be. Is this a fear/negative association or just a stage that will pass? What is there to do about it? Thanks, Bath Time Fear


Dear Bath Time Fear, Your question is one that all parents confront at some point. Namely: is this behavior anxiety or is it just a need for some extra attention? Ninety percent of children (ages 2-16) report having one or more fears, and approximately 75% will experience some anxiety symptoms. However, due to the lack of advanced verbal skills and / or emotional literacy, many children are not able to express their anxiety directly, and it is often expressed through behavior alone. It’s often difficult to clarify whether your child is experiencing anxiety or whether behavioral issues are caused by other factors. The questions don’t end there, though. Once it becomes clear that your child is indeed experiencing anxiety, it’s important to understand whether or not the anxiety needs to be treated. Some level of anxiety is normal and developmentally appropriate; stressful events do occur, and anxiety is often a normal and even helpful response. Fear, like sadness and anger, is a negative emotion, part of the human experience, and will never be fully eliminated from our lives. The response to normal anxiety/ fear is to acknowledge and validate it, and then acquire the skills to cope with it. It is only when anxiety is hampering our ability to function or hurting our well-being that Tachlis

it needs to be addressed in a more comprehensive or professional way. In the case of your daughter, it doesn’t sound like she is experiencing significant anxiety, to the point where it is impeding her ability to function (if she was, she would be displaying fears of getting into the bath in the first place). She may have some slight specific fear of sitting down in the water; or she may just not like the feeling of surrounding water/ be going through “a stage that’ll pass.” Observing her in the bath and encouraging her to talk about or play out her bath time routine can help you determine whether she is feeling fear or whether she’s simply not interested in sitting down and playing with her toys. Either way, if it’s not important that she sit down, there’s no reason to worry about it, as there is no evidence of significant anxiety. If it is important to you that she sit down during bathtime (e.g., to be able to bathe her more effectively, or for safety reasons), there are certainly techniques you can use to encourage her sitting. One technique is modeling where she watches siblings, or even you (wearing a bathing suit/robe) sit down and enjoy a bath. Another technique to reduce phobias and fears is called systematic desensitization. This involves gradually de-sensitizing a person to their fears by

systematically exposing them to higher levels of their feared situation. In the case of your daughter, this might be first filling up the bath so that the water is up to her waist even while standing; when she learns that that is not scary, submerging a plastic stool in the bath water and having her sit on that; and once she is comfortable with that, distracting her while sitting her directly in the bathtub until she learns that she can do sit and be calm. Finally, a third technique that can help reduce fears in 2-year olds is to help her play out her fears using dolls and dollhouse furniture. All our best, David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, & Peryl Agishtein, PhD David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, part-time, and a board-certified clinical psychologist. He also directs the Center for Anxiety which has offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Monsey, and Boston. Peryl Agishtein, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist who conducts research on spirituality and attachment. She practices couples and adult psychotherapy in the Center for Anxiety’s Monsey office.

Readers may submit their questions on anxiety or any mental-health related topic to be answered by the columnists in future columns. All identifying details will be changed. Questions can be submitted directly to Subject line should be “Tachlis magazine question.”



>> F.Y.I.M.*

Do You Know

Brooklyn? Brooklyn Bridge Bunker

Amy Nathans


art of New York City‘s charm lies in the many clandestine sites hidden throughout the city. In fact, there are  secret passageways and rooms tucked away unnoticed in some of the most highly trafficked structures in NYC. Tens of thousands of people cross the Brooklyn Bridge every day and most are entirely unaware of the Cold War-era bunker situated inside it. In 2006, city workers performing a routine structural inspection chanced upon this forgotten vault. Apparently, for security reasons, the city hadn’t revealed its location. One has to wonder though: What good is a bunker in case of emergency, if no one knows it exists? The nuclear bunker is inside one of the massive stone arches below the bridge’s main


Note the term ‘Secondary Aid’

entrance on the Manhattan side. Even more surprising than its discovery is that the bomb shelter was found fully intact on the interior. At the time it was unearthed, the shelter was filled with survival supplies including medication like Dextran (used to treat shock), water drums, paper blankets, and 352,000 high-calorie crackers, said to have still been edible at the time of discovery. Several of the boxes in the room had labels from the Office of Civil Defense, a unit of the Pentagon that coordinated domestic preparedness in the early 1960’s.

*For Your Inquisitive Mind Tachlis

The entrance to the underground shelter

All of the supplies were marked with significant dates for the era: 1957, when the Soviets launched the Sputnik satellite and 1962, the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nowadays, our city has the Office of Emergency Management. In 1950, it was the Office of Civil Defense. This committee was formed to prepare for a possible atomic

attack. In 1951 during the Korean War, floodlights and barbed-wire barriers were set up on and around the city’s bridges, and bridge operators were organized into defense batteries as part of an overall civil-defense strategy aimed at deterring sabotage. Around that time, Mayor Robert F. Wagner, who served from 1954 to 1965, appointed several civil-defense advisers. In 1959, a federal report concluded that two hydrogen bombs dropped near the Brooklyn Bridge would kill at least 6.1 million people. Dr. Graham T. Allison, a former assistant secretary of defense, was asked about the bunker and acknowledged that fallout shelters would probably have been ineffective in the event of nuclear war but that the precautions were comforting. “At least people would think they were doing something, even if it didn’t have any effect,” he said. With the arms race with the Soviet Union in full gear, this bunker was certainly not the only one of its kind. During the 1950s, civil defense agencies were building fallout shelters all over the country and stocking them with food, water and other essential supplies. Most though, have been dismantled. What’s unusual here is that it was found so late, in an area so accessible to the public – and fully intact! The bomb shelter is actually one of many secret rooms in the bridge. On the Brooklyn side is the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage,

a series of eight rooms framed by the bridge’s piers. This area was in use until recently. Designed by the bridge’s architect John Roebling, the 50-foot-tall space was built with the intentions of developing it into a shopping mall, but that never panned out. The rooms were instead used as a storage area for the city and for an occasional art exhibition until 2001, when it was closed for security reasons. What’s most surprising, and I guess somewhat cool, about this bunker is that apparently, our city has these secrets hidden in plain sight. What are the secrets in your

Cases of survival ration crackers, from the Office of Civil Defense, stamped 1962

A wine cellar in one of the rooms under the Brooklyn Bridge

backyard? There were 140 boxes of survival crackers and 50 barrels of drinking water

The strange sight that met the construction workers in 2006

February 17, 2017 75 February 10, 2017 75


i u d D

i d U rpet

gic Ca and Operation Ma

Later on in the airport: inthe the airport: er Later on in on the Where are airport:

olim from Yemen? Where are the here are the olim from Yemen? from Yemen? Did they change their mind and decidetheir to Did they change Did they change their stay in Yemen? minddecide and decide mind and to to stay in Yemen? stay in Yemen?

We're going to be in for a We're going We're going windfall today! toto bebe in in forfor aa windfall today! windfall today!

Are you kidding? Due to rioting Yemen it has Are you in kidding? to Are you kidding? Due Due to become difficult and rioting in Yemen it has rioting in Yemen it has dangerous forand Jews to become difficult and become difficult stay there. Jews have dangerous for Jews dangerous for Jews to to living in Yemen since stay there. Jews staybeen there. Jews havehave churban Bayis Rishon and in Yemen been been livingliving in Yemen sincesince now Yemenite Jewry is churban Bayis Rishon and churban Bayis Rishon andEretz finally returning to now Yemenite Jewry is now Yemenite is olim Yisrael! In Jewry fact 500 returning to Eretz finallyfinally returning to Eretz are expected today! Yisrael! In fact 500 olim Yisrael! In fact 500 olim are expected today! are expected today! Wow! They're Wow! Wow! here! They're They're here! here!

What's going on?going at'sWhat's going on? on?

82 Tachlis 82 Tachlis

Mark my words; there will be crates of valuable Mark my words; there Mark my words; there Judaica arriving today! be crates of valuable will will be crates of valuable Judaica arriving today! Judaica arriving today!

en has d A m o r f dedeAn. dheanshas Flig3ht2 55f3r3o22amfrrroA m iv FlighFtlig5htarrivaerdriv. ed.

I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!

Shir hamaalos b'shuv Hashem es Shivas Tzion hayinu k'cholmim! Thank You Hashem for bringing us back to Eretz Yisrael!

Do you They've been yearning see him for this moment their kissing the whole lives! ground?

Im eshkacheich Yerushalayim tishkach yemini‌

To be continued...

February 17, 2017


Step by Step with

>> Art


art All 17 species of penguins are found in the Southern Hemisphere, mostly Antarctica. The fastest is the Gentoo Penguin, with swimming speeds up to 22 mph. The tallest is the Emperor Penguin, which can grow to be 4 feet tall, the shortest is the Little Blue Penguin, which is only about 16 inches.

A penguin's striking coloring is a matter of camouflage; from above, its black back blends into the murky depths of the ocean. From below, its white belly is hidden against the bright surface.

Please send your name, age, location, along with your finished drawing to:, or mail it to 199 Lee Ave #928 Brooklyn NY 11211 84 Tachlis


Visit our Boro Park three-floor show room! Special consideration for decorators/designers.

Ask about our in-house team!

LightingBy Fran

Boro Park: 718.484.7680 4318 13 Ave Spring Valley: 845.425.9070 26 Central Ave. February 17, 2017


Do you enjoy coloring?

We’d love to see how you color this page! Submissions will be proudly displayed

Creative Adults:

Caption this!

Send your clever caption to or fax to 877.331.3738, along with your name and location. Don't worry, we won't ask for your age.

Creative adults captioned that Now I’m president of my own city! -D.W.

Boys with toys. “Clean up?! But I worked so hard!” -Aliza Belsky

For one hour a day I get to be king of the castle. M. Neuman

Let’s put in my portfolio that I’ve been designing castles ever since. Yitty Breier, BP

Batten down the hatches! I hear a hurricane coming from the other room. Baila Green

This must be what the Yidden in Ramses felt. I build today, and tomorrow I have to start again! Toby Greenhut

Please send your name, age, location to, or mail it to 199 Lee Ave #928 Brooklyn NY 11211 86 Tachlis

Ruchie Leser, 6

Shevi Lev

Rachela Leser, 10

Rifky Rubin, 7

Gitti Hershkovitz, 4

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Yachy Schlesinger

Shifty Brull

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Miriam Schlesinger, 7

Mordcha Weinstock

Moshe Friedman, 4

Raizy Kein, 5

Thank you all for your art! Due to limited space we couldn’t publish everything. But please do keep sending your beautiful creations and we will get you in iy”H. February 17, 2017


n i a r Bames g

Chess Club

White to move and force a checkmate in 2 moves Symbol Meaning K Q R B N x + # 0-0 0-0-0 ! ?

















Wordoku is like Sudoku, only with an additional puzzle. Can you find the hidden word?

Provided by: THE MONSEY CHESS CLUB | 845-659-5919

Clue: Na’aseh V’nishma was in response to the Heavenly _______. Sudoku puzzle









Send your answers to: of fax to 877.331.3738 Answers will be printed next week.















Letters: AKLNOPRSU Showing puzzle number: 281091 Puzzletype: Symmetrical Sudoku Startnumbers: 26 Difficulty: Medium (0) Solution methods: SiSo SC SB DS Solve puzzle Show solution Print

1. D minus F is either 15 or 16.

3. A seventh of D is a whole number and odd. 4. H is a third of F. 5. E equals H plus D. 6. G equals E minus B.



2. B is half of F.

Send in your best guesses by Tuesday!



Winner of our January drawing: Rivka Ruchy Rochlitz, Williamsburg



8. A is equal to 120 minus the sum of the other seven numbers.




7. C is a fifth of G.



Think: The Black King is stranded on the side of the board. It has no moves to make. All White needs to do is give him a check that can’t be blocked. For instance, if White wouldMap only be able to move up its pawn from g2 to g3 Programs Phoneword Data Matrix that would be enough to make a checkmate. But the Black Rook on e2 is not Kakuro Fillomino Hitori Arukone letting that pawn move (it will be a check if it does). How can White remove Probability that Black Rook?




King Queen Rook Bishop Knight Moves to Captures Check Checkmate Castles King’s side Castles Queen’s side Good move Bad move

The deductive


. Kaff

L Dan

We are discussing the different elements of what’s known as ‫אבק לשון הרע‬.

SHMIRAS HALASHON Halacha #45: It is best to keep back from asking a question when you know that it could cause loshon horah to be spoken.

Dear Junior Detective,

We’d love to hear your brilliant insights. Number 45 is an easy one to slip up on, which is all the more reason to be super careful. Practice

Send your name, age and theories to or fax to 877.331.3738. we look forward to publishing your clever deduction in an upcoming issue.

saying “That’s so nice!” instead of asking any unnecessary questions. February 17, 2017


>> Inspirational

Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it,

and wiser than the one that comes after.

k o o l e h t t Ge y look .. an


Frimy Landau 718-963-0854

4224 13th Ave. 718-435-1111




Sterny Friedman 732-994-7124

Tzipoiri Rosenfeld 845-782-3276

Blimy Krausz 845-263-2954

Leiky Steinberg 845-418-lwig


Addressing the underlying problem, to bring mental and spiritual health & wellness. Addressing the underlying problem, to bring mental and spiritual health & wellness.

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