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MOBI Robots, Robots Everywhere Book details ●

Author : Sue Fliess

Pages : 24 pages

Publisher : Golden Books

Language : eng

ISBN-10 : 0449810798

ISBN-13 : 9780449810798

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Book Synopsis On the ground and in the air,/Robots, robots everywhere!Up in space, beneath the seas,/Robots make discoveries . . .So begins this rollicking Little Golden Book featuring robots of all kinds, from ones up in space to the ones we use at home. With bold, colorful artwork by award-winner Bob Staake, it's a perfect introduction to the fascinating subject of today's real robots!?

MOBI Robots, Robots Everywhere  

DownloadeBookRobots, Robots EverywhereBySue FliessFullPDF#ebook #E_books#epubs#epubdown...

MOBI Robots, Robots Everywhere  

DownloadeBookRobots, Robots EverywhereBySue FliessFullPDF#ebook #E_books#epubs#epubdown...