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HIIT Workout Advice - Helpful Things You May Not Be Aware Of

Brought to you by Looking for a workout that tests the limits of your endurance but allows you to do it in less than 20 minutes? If you think that's not possible, you're dead wrong. Such a workout regimen exists and it's certainly a HIIT among those who seek to lose weight. HIIT incorporates spurts of high intensity activity with rest intervals for improved endurance and weight loss. HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is one specific type of training routine that basically puts the entire workout in as long as 4 minutes for beginners and 10 minutes for advanced practitioners. Warm up exercises and cool downs are not included in the total time count of a routine, but considering the length of other weight loss regimens, these workouts are certainly unique because of their very short training schedule. This very short period makes it look deceptively easy, too. After all, how tired could you get after four minutes? Ask any who have undergone these routines and they'd tell you how exhausted they got after even the second minute! By putting the body in an anaerobic state for an extended period of time, maximum weight loss benefits is achieved. High intensity interval training is a versatile type of training program because you can include a wide range of activities with it. Treadmill, jump rope and sprint exercises can be turned into a great routine. An activity that utilizes the largest muscle groups in the body provides the most benefit since high intensity interval training taps the energy sources found there. Sprints are one of the most commonly used exercises in a training program, like that of

TACFIT Commando. A stationary spinning bike is also another excellent exercise. Other workout programs involve treadmills and jumping ropes. If you happen to have a preexisting injury that might be strained by a particular program, you can find other exercises that would be more suited for your condition. In situations like this, it's also recommended that you consult a medical health professional so you will know if these workouts are right for you. Inasmuch as a workout exhausts the energy from your muscle systems, it is recommended that this not be done everyday. A perfectly-executed workout operates at a high intensity and as such, drains you of energy. Your body needs the rest periods in order for it to recuperate and replenish its energy stores. With rest, you are able to put as much intensity into your next workout. If you force yourself to do HIIT training everyday, you're going to risk injuring yourself too. Make sure that you have the energy needed to sustain your routine for that particular day by taking something light an hour before your exercise. Since this is a high intensity workout, don't "cheat" by exercising on an empty stomach. You won't be able to achieve your desired benefits if you are hungry, a simple hint from Scott Sonnon. Finally, you have to keep on varying your HIIT routine to prevent yourself from going on a plateau. Keep your body engaged by sticking only to a particular routine for 8 weeks then following another program after giving yourself about one week of rest.

HIIT Workout Advice  
HIIT Workout Advice  

Looking for a workout that tests the limits of your endurance but allows you to do it in less than 20 minutes? If you think that's not possi...