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The Toowoomba Preparatory School OSHC Queens Park Excursion Permission Form Dear Parents/Guardians, As part of The Toowoomba Preparatory School OSHC Program students will be visiting Queens Park for a picnic on Monday 6th Jan 2014. As we are leaving the OSHC Licensed Area it is necessary for you to complete this Excursion Permission Form. PROPOSED PURPOSE AND VENUES VISITS:  Queens Park: Margaret Street.  MODE OF TRANSPORT: Maxi Taxi / Bus.  Mobile Phone will be taken by the Educators. 0467716875  First Aid Kit and Belt Bags will be taken. PROPOSED SCHEDULE: 1 hour and 30 mins duration 1. Students and Educators leave OSHC and will enter Maxi Taxi/ Bus form Gate House entrance Campbell Street. The Educators will ensure that all students have seatbelts on and that they are fitted correctly. 2. The students will depart from the Maxi Taxi/ Bus at Margaret Street and enter Queens Park 3. The students will be involved in a picnic and play on the playground in the park. Students and Educators will depart from Queens Park and enter Maxi Taxi/ Bus and return to the Toowoomba Preparatory School OSHC Building. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF STUDENTS IN ATTENDANCE: 30 NUMBER OF STAFF IN ATTENDANCE: 3 ADULT/CHILD RATIO: 1:10 RISK ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS has been PREPARED AND IS AVAILABLE FOR SIGHTING AT THE OSHC.

I __________________ as the parent/guardian of _____________________ (child’s name) who attends the Toowoomba Preparatory School OSHC Program give permission for my child to attend the ‘Queens Park’ Excursion on Tuesday 6th Jan 2014. Signed: ____________________________

Date: ______________________________

Vacation care summer program information sheet 2013