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Sportspersons’ Code of Conduct for players, coaches and officials Participants include players, coaches, officials and spectators  All participants in the school’s sport’s sports program are responsible for building a positive spirit within the school’s community by being encouraging and embracing of others’ efforts and participation.  Participants will play each game in the full sports uniform and take pride in their own appearance.  Participants and coaches will shake the hands of opponents at the beginning and at the end of each game.  A player, nominated by the coach each week, will call for three cheers from his or her team mates to thank the opposition and the referees.  Participants will not denigrate the performance of any player, team-mate, opponent and coach on or off the field.  Participants will not use foul language at any time.  On occasions opposing teams may be short of players. We will offer the opposing team to match-up. In these circumstances Prep Participants will play for the other team without objection. This is a convention among in many national sports’ bodies’ codes of ethics.  Participants, coaches and officials will ALWAYS treat the referees with respect and adhere immediately to their instructions and rulings, without making comment. This applies equally to spectators associated with our school.  Participants will respect their team mates and coaches by attending training sessions and games, unless they are unavailable through illness, injury or preinformed family appointment.  Players, coaches, officials and spectators will participate with the right spirit of sport.

Sportspersons' code of conduct  
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