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20 November 2013 Dear Parents and Students, As many of you will know, in 2014 the school will be implementing powerful a new Learning Management System, SchoolBox. This system will provide an exclusive online learning environment for students and parents. This implementation is designed to coincide with the introduction of tablet devices for all students in Year 7 and Year 8. This portal, exclusive to Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School, will allow those within the community to connect with the traditional delivery of the curriculum in a digital form. It will also act as the school’s single central place of communication; unifying the school’s App and Website. Each class and subject will have a unique page. On these pages teachers will post unit descriptions, worksheets, digital resources including videos and audio files, passages from e-Text books and much more. Parents too will be able to access the learning management system; providing them with a far clearer portal into the classroom. Boarder parents will also be able to organise their children’s leave online. To support this e-Learning initiative, the school has appointed Mrs Deb Lagden-Hoey, Director of Technology, to head a yearlong implementation project. For the duration 2014 Mrs Lagden-Hoey’s sole role will be to assist students, teachers and parents with the use of SchoolBox within the classroom and beyond. It must be stressed that the implementation of the learning management system will not replace the more traditional delivery of the curriculum by teachers. Rather, it will simply accompany it. The role of the teacher will remain the preeminent influence in the teaching process. One of our first tasks, as a school community, is to name the system. Many other schools who have taken on SchoolBox have devised creative and expressive names, for example The Melbourne Girls Grammar School have called their SchoolBox ‘Evie’ and Toorak College have called theirs ‘Ivy’. To this end, we would like to announce a competition, open to all students, parents, teachers and other employees, to devise a unique name for our system. The design brief is simple. It must be either an existing or new single-word which symbolises our unique school and the purpose of the Learning Management System, ‘To accompany and enhance the traditional delivery of the curriculum’. We encourage participants to use their full imagination when creating submissions. To enter a submission, entrants need simply to email their idea to with a brief explanation as to why this name will further cement this important tool into the day-to-day life of our school. We look forward very much to continuing to provide step-by-step information and instruction regarding the use of SchoolBox over the coming months. The winning submission will be announced at the official launch on Thursday, 20 February 2014. Yours sincerely

The Curriculum Committee

Name our LMS Competition  
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