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Thursday, 13 March 2014 Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Albert Camus n(n+1)/2 In our recent assemblies I spoke of the importance of creating positive relationships. As part of the message I asked the students to count a series of handshakes and set the students a more complicated mathematical challenge. In short, when two people shake hands there is one handshake and when 15 students shake hands with every other student (just once) there are 105 combinations. The challenge is to discover what happens when the total population of students in Prep and College all attempt to shake hands. The answer based upon our current Prep to College population is 68,265 possible variations. Interestingly, when I add all parents, staff and kindergarten students to the equation the number of possible handshakes is just over 500,000. I sincerely believe that with half a million possible relationships within our school community we do get it right most of the time. This is a truly remarkable school. However, it would be naive to assume that every interpersonal relationship is perfect and at times things can go wrong. In turn, I ask all students, teachers and parents continue to ensure that the vast majority of the 500,000 handshakes, conversations and relationships within our school community are positive ones. Thank you to Tony and Suzie Killen and Angus and Kath McLean for hosting two wonderful events for our boarding communities. I had a wonderful time visiting the region with my family and as a passionate geographer I was most impressed with the physical and cultural diversity of the area. It was fantastic to see so many families at the Netball and Rugby games in Goondiwindi and I thank you all for making the effort to support your son or daughter at this event. It is clear that the prolonged drought in the area is a great concern to the region and as always our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected. Mr Simon Lees, Head of School

Year 6 and 7 Social

Learning and Teaching—Working with the Teacher It is essential to set up a friendly working relationship with your child’s teacher. That way, you can easily talk to each other about your child’s schoolwork and homework. A good rapport often helps when dealing with challenging situations. If you have concerns regarding school or homework, you should talk with the teacher early on, rather than giving the problem time to grow. It is important that the solution is an agreed one that benefits your son or daughter. Concerns that teachers and parents should discuss include the following: Your son or daughter is spending too long on homework. Find out how much time children in your child’s class should spend on their homework. If your child regularly spends more time on it than this, talk with the teacher. There might be some underlying learning issues that your child needs help with. Remember it is quality not quantity that we are keen to develop. Your son or daughter is not spending enough time on their homework. Again, talk with the teacher. They can help reinforce the expectations of work and can monitor the progress. It is the school’s expectation that homework is completed. Your child doesn’t understand the work. If this is the case, your child might be missing concepts in class. Let the teacher know this so your child has the

chance to fill in these learning gaps during class time. Your child can’t concentrate. It will help you to know if this is just a problem at home (perhaps because your son or daughter is overtired), or if it’s also happening at school. Your child is struggling in one particular subject. The teacher might be able to suggest another approach to the subject. For example, you could use blocks for addition and subtraction practice, or cut up a pizza to help understand the basics of fractions. Your child finds the homework too easy. Again, the teacher can differentiate and offer extension activities. You need advice regarding time management. Being busy is not an excuse for not completing the work. Often, the students with the largest amount of co-curricular commitments are the most organised as they have limited spare time. Please note: If you are a parent of a boarding student, we can arrange a suitable time for the teachers to call you to discuss your son or daughter’s progress. Mr Simon Lees, Head of School

ICAS Assessments As per my letter emailed on Tuesday, 11 March, we will be intro- nominate your child to sit the additional assessments, please ducing a range of International Competitions and contact Mrs Ruth Muller at Assessments for Schools (ICAS) commencing in 2014. ICAS is an internationally recognised assessment organisation which is a body Computer Skills Tuesday, 20 May 2014 Nominations only incorporated into the University of New South Wales. $8.80

We are inviting all students from Year 2 through to Year 8 to sit these three assessments including: Computer Skills, Spelling and Writing. Students from Years 2 through to 8 will be sitting these tests on a range of dates from May though to August 2014.


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Year 2 to Year 8


Friday, 13 June 2014

Nominations only $8.80


Friday, 13 June 2014

Nominations only $8.80

While we strongly encourage all students to participate in these English Tuesday, 29 July 2014 Year 2 to Year 8 assessments, we acknowledge that there may be extenuating Mathematics Tuesday, 12 August 2014 Year 2 to Year 8 circumstances as to why it may be better for individual students not to sit the assessments. It must therefore be stressed that sitting these tests are optional. If you do not want your child to participate in this assessment or you would like to Mr Mike Gregory, Deputy Head of School

College News College Mathematics I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to design and implement the Mathematics Program for College students this year. Not only has it been very exciting modifying the normal Senior School Mathematics Curriculum to align with the new Australian Curriculum but, also, I have been able to accelerate the new College students beyond the typical Year 8 curriculum, thereby giving each student experience in areas of mathematics that they will undoubtedly come across again in future years.

Late Work Policy The teachers have confirmed a Late Work Policy which will be in effect for College students this year (Year 8) and then all students in Years 8 and 9 in 2015. The Policy sets out the clear guidelines our teachers are to follow when students’ assignments and other learning tasks are not submitted on time. These guidelines have been clearly stated to students. It is very important that students learn to manage their time effectively so that submissions are made on time and to a high standard.

I am a strong believer that students learn best in mathematics when repetition and consolidation of basic concepts is encouraged. This is vitally important for each child’s self-esteem in the subject because with repetition comes success, over and over again. This, in turn, leads to each student becoming more confident and enthusiastic about tackling some of the more difficult concepts and problems. I have seen through my experiences that a lack of self-confidence in any subject is often one of the most significant impediments to success.

Year 8 Camp The Year 8 camp preparations are going very well. The Camp will commence at 8.30am on Tuesday, 18 March. Students will be involved in training and learning about their three day adventure, before retiring to their home or boarding house for that evening. Students will commence the outdoor part of their camp on Wednesday when they will hike out of the School for three days in the great unknown. Students will return to campus by 2.00pm on Friday afternoon to be greeted by the Preparatory students.

So far this term, our class has revisited and practiced some of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of mathematics including percentages, fractions, simplifying algebraic expressions and solving simple algebraic equations, but also has studied some more in-depth topics such as solving equations with algebraic fractions. In the second half of Term 1, we have studied a statistics unit where we have looked at new measures of data spread and used calculators to find statistical indicators such as standard deviation.

Design Technology Education / Digital The College students have commenced their year-long project in Design Technology Education/Digital. During their Friday lessons, students have begun the process of considering and negotiating the terms of their project. Students will be required to choose an area of study in which they have a genuine and substantial interest. This will then form part of their year’s study. Students will prepare assignments based on that topic to accomplish a series of I am very excited about where Mathematics is heading within high quality assessments, culminating in the presentation of the College. their deliverable project during Term 4 to a Panel which includes the Head of School. Parents will be provided with Mr David Parrington, College Teacher full descriptions of these projects on Galileo progressively over the course of the year. Homework The College teaching staff meet regularly to discuss the Year Mr Mike Gregory, Deputy Head of School 8 curriculum and to plan the curriculum for 2015. One aspect of this on-going discussion has been homework. It was decided early in the year that the College students should have a regular homework schedule where each subject’s homework is set and then due on the same days each week. This schedule has been posted to Galileo for a number of weeks. By this point in the year, students should have a clear understanding of when their homework is set and what day it is due.

From the Deputy Head G a l i l e o ( h t t p : / / Parents should have received their login details for their own personal parent access to Galileo, the School’s learning management system. We have been astounded by the responses of parent’s logging into Galileo to view the calendar, news and other important sections. Progressively over the next year, parents will be able to view students’ class web books, eportfolios, results and personal performance assessments. Teachers are also hard at work accustoming themselves to this digital tool. Within Galileo, parents will be able to find important information including the timetable for Instrumental Music Teachers in digital and printable versions, Parent Information Handbooks and any important school policies. One aspect all students are encouraged to undertake during this term is to check the School’s student notices and news. Students in Years 7 and 8 are required to check these each morning before 8.30am. Other students can also check the news and notices through Galileo; however all students at the School from Prep to Year 8 go through these with their Form Class Teacher each morning before the first lesson of the day. Early Arrival at School Parents are reminded that the School does not commence supervision of students before 8.00am each day. It is therefore essential that students do not arrive at School before 8.00am unless they are attending Before School Care, a scheduled Music lesson/rehearsal or some other pre-arranged appointment. We take the care and safety of students extremely seriously and are unable to exercise this care for students on campus prior to 8.00am. Lookout Please do not park and leave out of your vehicle in the Campbell Street drop-off bays between 3.10pm and 3.40pm Mondays to Thursdays and between 2.50pm and 3.30pm on Fridays. This is essential to the effectiveness of the School’s Lookout program. It is also important when using Lookout to note that there are always three staff on duty that will assist students and luggage into the car. If we all work together on this, Lookout can be an entirely safe quality project.

Lost Property I have been astonished in recent weeks at the amount of lost property, particularly lunch boxes, which students are leaving around campus. As a result, I have gathered all students to do a quick check that they have their lunch box or food container. I have used this time also to reinforce that looking after their property is essential and, that not to care for their property, is to disrespect their parents who sacrifice to provide these items. Should your child misplace an item, they are to check Lost Property and report it missing to School Reception so it can be placed into Gallileo for the school community to see so it can be returned safely. Year 5 Camp I was delighted to spend time at the Year 5 Camp. I would like to thank Ms Tanya Hopgood and Mrs Virginia Murray for leading the camp and Mrs Dee Jones for attending the camp as a parent medical supervisor. Once again, Peter Souter and his team from Murphy’s Creek Adventures did an outstanding job of providing stimulating, high energy and educational activities for our Year 5 students. Year 7 Camp I would like to thank Mr Lachlan Howell, Mi ss K ri sty Parker and Mr Don MacKay for leading the Year 7 Camp at Emu Gully. This camp took a slightly different form than in recent years with students camping in their own individual tents and undertaking an adventure camp program. Students cooked their own food on Dixie stoves and by all reports, were extremely responsible in completing this task. While I was only able to attend this camp briefly on Friday morning, Mr Bruce Cook, Director of Upper School, attended on Thursday and was most impressed with the students’ co-operative skills and all-important resilience. Mr Mike Gregory, Deputy Head of School

From the Director of Boarding Goondiwindi Rugby and Netball Trip It was wonderful catching up with families and friends from the Goondiwindi District this past Sunday. The Netball and Rugby Players valued the opportunity for their first “Match” practice and their coaches for preparing them for the upcoming season. We, in Boarding, valued our time spent with the Goondiwindi and District families, your loyal support and

end of Term 1 on Thursday, 3 April from 9.00am to 4.00pm. C@PS will also be open at the beginning of Term Two on Tuesday, 22 April from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and Wednesday, 23 April from 8.00am to 12:30pm. If you need to be fully fitted out for winter uniforms, we recommend that you contact Mrs Anastasia Donaldson at C@Ps via email, to make an appointment. Hot Water Bottles I remind parents that under NO circumstances are HOT WATER BOTTLES permitted in the Boarding Houses at any time.

fantastic hospitality. Last Weekend of Term One The last weekend of Term is a closed weekend for leave. We would also like to request that no Tea Leave be applied for during the last week. Reminders for Term Two It is a good idea to wash the blue play hat, joggers, sports socks and doona covers thoroughly during the April holiday. Children should not return in Term Two with spray deodorants or hot water bottles. Please ensure that all items of clothing are named, including underclothes and all civvies. For Rugby and Soccer players, it is helpful to have a practice jersey and some old football socks for Miss Natalie Zeelie – Gap Student training sessions. Mouthguards are an essential item for all We welcome Miss Zeelie to the boarding operation of the Football and Rugby players. school. Miss Zeelie will be residing in Arnott House, undertaking duties across all the Houses and within the With regard to winter items, singlets should be worn and school. Miss Zeelie is from Wynberg Girls School in the school vest is always a useful garment for day wear. Capetown, South Africa. A reminder to parents of past Children are permitted to wear navy blue or black woollen prepie girls, that Wynberg Girls School has a reciprocal mittens (not gauntlets) for hand protection. A reminder to agreement with our school to consider past prepies as parents that we now have an official beanie that can be possible Gap Students, if such a position were available. purchased at C@PS. This may be worn at all sporting occasions and boarding excursions, during winter. Some (Ponds-like) hand lotion is a good idea whilst a canister of End of Term Leave Form - Reminder All Leave Forms are due back next Monday, 17 March lip balm, that your child can carry in their pocket is also 2014. Please contact Mrs Judy Quinn in the Boarding Office recommended. if you have not received a copy of this form to date. Thank you to parents who have already returned their completed Visitors and Lollies A reminder to visiting older siblings, family members and forms. friends, to refrain from bringing treats of cold drinks and lollies onto campus, when you are visiting a boarder. C@PS Please do not forget that students must return in Term Mr Ian Basset, Director of Boarding Two wearing their Winter Uniforms. C@PS is open every Friday from 12noon to 4:00pm during term time and at the

From the Acting Head of Girls’ of Boarding It has been a busy couple of weeks for the boarding girls. Many students have been participating in scholarship exams, netball and rugby fixtures, the Peak2Park fun run, camps, socials, the Goondiwindi Netball Tour and Andrews Cup Swimming. Next week promises to be just as active with further Andrews Cup fixtures in Touch Football and Tennis, as well as Testing Week for the Upper School students. In 2014, we aim to assist the girls in developing a sense of pride not only in themselves but in what they are capable of contributing to those less fortunate. Our contributions to the community began this year with the Peak2Park fun run, which all boarders participated in with much enthusiasm and pride. Our chosen charity this year is The Smith Family, a children's charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves. The boarders will conduct a number of events throughout the year to raise funds for disadvantaged children. Each term, an event will be held to encourage the school community to recognise those less fortunate. Over the next couple of weeks, the girls will be introduced to the work of The Smith Family and their program angled at raising awareness of the amount of children in our society who are disadvantaged. This will be achieved through viewing and discussing a series of short films (produced by The Smith Family) and through a visit from a guest speaker from the Charity. We will end Term One with a High Tea for all girls on the final weekend of term. The girls will bake on the Saturday afternoon and the High Tea will be held on the Sunday. It’s hard to believe that we are fast approaching the end of Term One. As acting Head of Girls Boarding it is pleasing to see each girl continue to grow and blossom as each week passes. The boarders are confident and happy, making the most of all the opportunities available to them here at TACAPS. Mrs Bethany Graham, Acting Head of Girls’ Boarding

From the Director of Upper School Welcome to Week 7! There has been so much happening in the Upper School over the past 2 weeks including the Year 7 Camp and the Upper School Social. I trust you enjoy reading about these exciting events below. Year 7 Camp Last Wednesday morning saw the Year Seven students and teachers packing the bus and heading down the range to Emu Gully for three days of “character building” adventure camping. From the moment we arrived, the students had to work co-operatively together to put up overhead tarps and the cooking tents before setting up their own individual tents. Once this was completed, students lined up to receive their “mess” kits (an army style water bottle, cutlery, stove, cooking utensils etc) and watched the demonstration on how to cook on the stoves very carefully – especially since they were responsible for cooking their own meals. There was much excitement when they realised that they were allowed to keep not only their tents, but also their mess kits upon the completion of the camp. Throughout the camp, students worked together to complete challenges and activities requiring co-operation and communication. Particular highlights included driving twister buggies, roasting marshmallows in the fire, jumping off the tower into the dam and helping each other through some of the stickiest mud you are ever likely to come across – three to four feet deep in some places in an activity known as the Kokoda Track. The motto of Emu Gully, “attitude, not ability determines destiny”, was enthusiastically embraced by all and made the camp a truly memorable experience.

Year 6 Camp The Year 6 classes embarked on their camp to Murphy’s Creek on Wednesday of this week. This is sure to be an adventure for students and staff alike. Year Six Canberra Trip – 15-19 June 2014 A letter regarding the Year 6 Canberra Trip has been emailed to parents. We ask that you return the permission forms along with the $500 deposit by the end of Week 8. If you have any questions regarding the Canberra Trip, please do not hesitate to contact Jodie Doré either through email or our School Reception, 07 4639 8111. Year 6 and 7 Jerseys A letter regarding the Year 6 and 7 jerseys was emailed home to parents last week. If you are interested in purchasing a commemorative jersey for your son/daughter, please return this to the school by Wednesday, 23 April (first week of Term 2). Upper School Assessment Week The Year 6 and 7 students will have assessment during Week 8. The teachers will use this opportunity to assess the students on work that has been covered during term. Where possible, please try to ensure that your child is at school for this week. Year Six and Seven Social The Annual Term One Bush Dance was held for our Year 6 and 7 students on Friday night in the Millennium Centre. It was fantastic to see all students get into the spirit of the evening with the ‘Best Dressed’ prizes being some of the most hotly contested in years. Mr Vernon made his umpteenth consecutive appearance as “DJ” for the festivities, producing all of the old favourites including: the Chicken Dance, the Macarena, Boot Scootin’ Baby, the Heel and Toe Polka and the Nutbush; so naturally, the dancing that ensued was energetic and exuberant. A big thankyou to Mr Cook and his “Social Committee” team for putting a great deal of effort into promoting the event and decorating the Millennium Centre. An excellent evening of fun and frivolity and brilliant camps the week before have left the Year 6 and 7 students in the highest of spirits and looking forward to exams next week!

Mr Bruce Cook, Director of Upper School Tony Robinson’s tour of Duty Media Consent Form is now available on the Secure Parent Area of Parents of 6D.

From the Director of Middle Primary Year 5 Camp

Middle Primary Social

Badges A reminder that all students should be wearing two badges on their formal uniform. The school badge is worn on the left collar of the uniform. Girls are to wear their name badge on their right collar. The boys wear their name badge above the pocket on their shirt, below the School logo.

indicate they have worked through tasks for the allotted time. Homework is not meant to be onerous or a battle of wills. It is about consolidating and applying knowledge, and most importantly, creating good study habits for future academic endeavours. We appreciate your support of our homework policy.

Eisteddfod rehearsals Our MP students are currently attending weekly choir rehearsals in preparation for the Toowoomba Eisteddfod, happening in May. TACAPS has two Middle Primary choirsRed and Gold which are both very busy learning a repertoire of songs each Tuesday afternoon.

Homework Policy Years 3 to 7 In Years 3 to 7, written homework will usually be set every night from Monday to Thursday. On some occasions, project work will require students to spend additional time on weekends or after School preparing materials. As a general guide, the level of homework for classes is as follows:

Lost property There is a lot of lost property accruing in the boxes located Years 1 and 2, at the discretion of the teacher outside the 5H classroom. Please encourage your child to Years 3, 15 – 30 minutes maximum, then reading time Years 4 and 5, 40 minutes then reading time check these locations for any misplaced items. Years 6 and 7, 45 minutes maximum, then project work and reading time. Homework Issues Included below is the school’s policy regarding homework. Teachers provide homework with an expectation that up to Boarders’ Homework is held in School classrooms each evening 40 minutes will be spent on the provided tasks. For some and supervised by Boarding Staff. children, this will prove to be no problem, while others may take longer to complete work. Parents are responsible for ensuring only the required amount of time is dedicated to homework tasks. Please sign your child’s homework to

From the Director of Middle Primary Year 5 Colonial Day On Wednesday, 26 March, the Year 5 students will be ‘timetravelling’ and turning back the clock to 1854, to the Early Australian gold rush era. They will be attending the Possum Creek Penny Schoolhouse for the day. The ‘schoolhouse’ will be located within the 5H classroom. All Year 5 students will report to this classroom after the roll has been marked by their teacher. Students are asked to dress the part. Boys should wear long trousers or jeans with long socks. Jeans are quite acceptable as they were worn by the poorer people. The long socks should be worn over the trousers. A shirt with or without a collar is all that is necessary to complete the picture unless braces can be found as an accessory. Young ‘ladies’ can wear either a long dress or a skirt and blouse. They should remember not to expose their ankles. Of course, everyone’s shoes should be polished. Finger nails should be short with no dirt under the nails. If the weather is warm, the girls should wear a hat of some type to protect their skin (sun tanned skin was frowned upon in the 1850’s). A simple shower cap will do as a mop cap or even paper doilies can be used on the head, attached with hair pins. Lastly, a nice young ‘lady’ in the colony would have worn gloves to keep her hands white and soft. Chess Competition Congratulations to all the MP students who participated in the Chess Competition, held last Tuesday in the Millennium Centre. Parent Information Evening Thank you to those parents who came along to attend the information sessions. If you were unable to attend, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher if you have any queries or questions. Ms Tanya Hopgood, Director of Middle Primary CHILD WRITES – Creating a Picture Book Have you ever thought it possible to have your child’s words and illustrations in print? Child Writes is a program that guides children through the entire process of creating a children’s picture book, from developing an idea, through to their book launch! Child Writes will be offered this year at TACAPS for students in Years 5, 6, and 7, starting in Term 2 and continuing in Term 3. Classes will be held on Monday’s afternoons from 3:30pm – 4:45pm. If you are interested, please contact Emma Mactaggart for more information. Limited places are available. An information session will be held for parents / guardians of participants on Thursday, 27 March at 5:30pm in the Ron Burling Room.

Merit Certificates We congratulate the following students who received Merit Certificates this past fortnight: Bonnie Bryant, 1W—Congratulations on your wonderful contributions to classroom discussions. Angus Buckley, 3H—For improvement in addition and subtraction algorithms. Caleb Campbell, 4W—For settling in well at his new school. Lachlan Campbell, 4M—For settling well into school. William Coulthard, 1W—Congratulations on your creative journal writing. Ethan Duff, 4W—For excellent work in problem solving. Stella Eames, 1W—Congratulations on your excellent journal writing and reading skills. Priya Garcha, 1W—Congratulations on your concentrated focus during all English and Maths activities. Connor Gillies, 4W—For having a strong start to the new year. Abby Hindle, 3H—For listening attentively and always trying to do her best. Hamish Johnstone, 1W—Congratulations Hamish on your progress in reading. Darcy Jones, 1W—Congratulations Darcy on your progress in reading. Samuel Lawrence, 3H—For writing an excellent diary about his holiday to Fiji. Ned Smith, 3H—For working hard in Mathematics. Alex Thompson, 4M—For exceptionally neat book work.

From the Director of Lower Primary Hearing and seeing our children enjoying reading brings a smile to all our faces. We pride ourselves in teaching reading according to best practices. This includes a balanced literacy approach, which consists of teaching reading and comprehension strategies, phonics, children’s literature and focusing on ‘learning to read’ and ‘reading to learn’ experiences. I am happy to share with you the improvement in our reading data over the past three years.

Snail donation to the Darling Downs Zoo We read in the Toowoomba ‘Life’ newspaper that the Darling Downs Zoo were asking for donations of snails to feed to their lizards. The Year One classes answered their plea for help as they had recently created a snail habitat as part of their School Yard Safari Science unit. The Lower Primary children eagerly collected snails from under the Chestnut Tree during one lunch time. We ensured that we washed our hands after our exploring. We had managed to find at least 80 big and small snails. On Monday, 3 March the Darling Downs Zookeeper came and collected the snails and thanked us for our willingness to help.

It is important to remember that children’s reading progress is developmental. I was recently sent this quote by a school parent: “Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at a pace which is right for each individual child.” We confidently teach reading and plan for Modelled, Guided and Independent Reading activities every day. Reading practice is encouraged for homework. Your child is able to choose to read a favourite book from home, a library book or their home reader to read with you as ‘variety is the spice of life’. If your child is tired please read Year 2 News the book with them or to them. Enjoy the reading journey Throughout this term, Year Two with your child! have been exploring Procedural texts in English. During this time they have been examining various RSPCA Prep Year visit texts including George’s Marvellous As part of our Science Medicine by Roald Dahl, Changing investigations, the Prepies Colours by Kylie Dunstan and a have been involved in version of The Little Red Hen. This learning about the needs of week Year Two were able to read a pets and how to take care procedural text, producing a very of them. On Tuesday yummy loaf of bread. Thank you to morning, Gabby and Cassie Mrs Gouldson for donating the ingredients and bread from the RSPCA were invited to machine. Another area of excitement come and speak to the students and enthusiasm has been in about the RSPCA and how this our Writing Stations. One of service has volunteers who take our Spelling Activities has care of fostered and abandoned included using pipe cleaners. animals. The students have enjoyed developing not only their knowledge in spelling but their communication skills during collaborative learning activities. This has included

From the Director of Lower Primary the use of open- ended questions and the building of respect for others, through critical sharing and observations.

Lower Primary Cross Country: Wednesday, 2 April 2:00pm to 3:00pm on R.B.Smith Oval.

CSIRO BeeBots Incursion: Friday, 28 March As a culminating activity for our ‘Out of the Box’ Digital Technologies program, the students will engage with the awesome ‘BeeBots’ learning about robots and developing many skills including literacy and numeracy, working collaboratively, problem-solving, spatial awareness and logical thinking. Loads of fun!

Showcase Sessions: Thursday 3 April Our Showcase Sessions are an opportunity for your child to share their learning for the term with you. This event will occur in your child’s classroom. Prep Classes: 10:00am to 10:30am Year One Classes: 11:15am to 11:45am Year Two Classes: 12:00pm-12:30pm

Class Times in Ron Burling Room Year Two: 9:30am to 10:30am Year One: 11:00am to 12:00pm Year Two: 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Mrs Michele Wright, Director of Lower Primary Easter Eggstravaganza: Tuesday,1 April (12pm to 1pm in the Millennium Centre) Discover the history of the ‘Easter Egg’ during our entertaining Easter Eggstravaganza performance by our Prep Year, Year One and Year Two classes. You are invited to then join us for our hot cross buns picnic on Main School close at the conclusion of the performance.

Other Announcements POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY We congratulate the following students on their recent appointments:Senior Choir Captains: Mary Bailey and Annushya Mahendran Chamber Strings Captains: Anah Chung and Georgia Gouldson Guitar Captain: Hamish White Captain/s

Jazz Ensemble Captains: Sofie Halfpenny and Thomas Lewis Stage Band Captains: Jasmine Barui and Finley Whittle

Connal House Officials

Senior String Ensemble Captains: Maggie Grigg and Phoebe Harris Concert Band Captains: Sophie Mossman and Joseph Goh

SWIMMING Fairfax House Officials

Maggie Grigg and Hamish White

Year 7: Zahli Bahnisch and Matthew McNamara Year 6: Celine Dixon and Hugh McDonald

Year 7: Emma House and Riley Winten Year 6: Molly Raff and Benjamin Smith

Jack Waugh

Year 7: Harrison Phipps Year 6: Harry Edwards

Year 7: Mac McGilvray Year 6: Thomas Munro

Gill House Officials Year 7: Emily O’Neill and Harry McVeigh Year 6: Klaudia Shaw and Wilson Cochrane

AFL Year 7: Finley Whittle Year 6: Dougal Jakins


Year 7: Phoebe Harris Year 6: Aliyah Soco

Year 7: Grace Slack-Smith Year 6: Hollee Gscheidle

Year 7: Sofie Halfpenny Year 6: Abi McLean

TENNIS John Golden

Year 7: George Benham Year 6: Katie Creighton

Year 7: Jasmine Barui Year 6: Nicholas Boyce

Year 7: Lilly Ashmore Year 6: William Bucknell

CRICKET Campbell Moller

Year 7: Samantha Morgan Year 6: Finn Smith

Year 7: Hayden Campbell Year 6: Nicholas White

Year 7: Hamish Cameron Year 6: Matthew Taylor

From the Director of Performing Arts Performing Arts Concerts in Weeks 9 and 10 Students who learn at TACAPS will be nominated by their teacher if they are ready to perform. Students who learn outside of the school are also invited to perform. Please contact Mrs Nerida Eckert on with your child’s name, instrument and title of

Year 2 Cello Group

Using Puppets in a Speech and Drama lesson

piece. Monday, 24 March


Chapel of Middle Primary Lunchtime Concert St Aidan

Wednesday, 26 March


Creative Arts Centre

Wednesday, 26 March


Chapel of College and Upper School St Aidan Lunchtime Concert

Wednesday, 2 April

5:00pm to Creative 8:00pm Arts Centre

Lower Primary Music Concert

Lower Primary Choirs (above) and College Students at their Individual Performing Arts lessons (below)

Boarder Music Practice Concerts x 5 during BMP Times (Internal Concerts)

Congratulations to Students Congratulations to the following students who have been promoted to various Ensembles: Mia Rogers (Saxophone: Year 4) - Stage Band, Tamsyn Duffield (Trombone: Year 8) – Stage Band, Lily Kruger (Violin: Year 4) – Senior String Ensemble, Ruby Winten (Clarinet: Year 4) – Wind Ensemble. Sound of Music Auditions The Toowoomba Choral Society will be producing ‘The Sound of Music’ at the Empire Theatre this year in Term 3. There are several iconic children’s roles in this musical. For an audition pack and information, please e-mail

Photos It is all happening up here in the Creative Arts Centre and Upper Roberts Building! Our choirs and ensembles are busily rehearsing, lessons are going well and our Year 3 Music Program has commenced. We have some VERY enthusiastic Year 3 students making lots of great noises each Friday.

Some of our Year 3 Music Program in action!

From the Activities Co-ordinator Armidale Rugby Carnival 2014 Emails have been sent to all Ru gb y f am i li es re g a r d in g participation in the 2014 Armidale Tour. Any parents who have not returned confirmation that they would like to attend are asked to please do so as soon as possible as names will be sent through to the organisers Monday next week. Accommodation for this carnival is usually in high demand so it is best to get in early to avoid disappointment. Details on the 2014 Carnival can be found at, Peak2Park Fun Run The weather this year was great for the Peak2Park Fun Run and it was terrific to see so many parents, teachers and students supporting the cause. From all reports there were plenty of aches and pains setting in hours later, but it was great fun. Thank you to Russell Peters and Peters Coaches for their generous offer in transporting our 100 strong boarding community to and from the event for free, so that we also could support the event.

who would like to use the facility during the day or after hours are able to collect a returnable key from reception. Rugby Coaching Courses TACAPS hosted the Downs Rugby Foundation Coaching course over the weekend which was well attended by many coaches from around the region who will have teams in the 2014 Rugby season. There will be a “Coaching Kids Rugby” course held on Thursday, 13 March at school, any interested parents or coaches can register HERE. Toowoomba Singles Chess Tournament – Tuesday, 4 March Prep hosted the Toowoomba Singles Chess Tournament last week which saw 319 students from 26 schools visit TACAPS to fight it out on the Chess board. It was by all accounts a terrific success. Our top performers were Cameron McConville (5th), Flynn Taylor (7th) and Addison Hickman (16th). All of our players represented TACAPS in an outstanding manner and with great sportsmanship. Thank you to the P&F for a terrific array of snacks throughout the day, and to Mr Steve Wright for his hard work throughout the day.

Congratulations Congratulations to Madylynn Robert on her selection in the E.A.Gill Multi-purpose Courts Darling Downs Primary Swimming Team. She will compete at The E.A.Gill Courts continue to get the love that they the Queensland State Championships later this month in the deserve, with the gardens mulched and bulbs planted ready 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle and 50m Backstroke. We wish for spring. The bindi’s have been sprayed and there will be Madylynn the best of luck. more surprises to come. Over the next few months there will be more work on the courts to ensure the longevity of our facility and the safety of our students. The gates to the courts are locked, however, TACAPS parents and students

From the Activities Co-ordinator Goondi Sunday The bus arrived on time, there was a nice cool breeze and the steak sandwiches hit the spot! Thank you to our Rugby and Boarder Netball teams who traveled out to Goondiwindi on the weekend for some fixtures, fun and family visits. We had an absolute ball meeting all of the families, and playing pre-season fixtures to dust off the cobwebs for both competitions which commence shortly. A perfect morning was topped off with a swim at the Goondi International Swimming Complex, and many a weary traveler had a kip on the way home. Thank you to the Boarding staff, Miss Smith, Miss Searles, Mr and Mrs Fairbanks and Mr Boyce, all who offered to spend their Sunday helping and watching us do what we do best … having fun!

Met East Cricket To ensure that you have the current draw, it is recommended to check the website,


Sports and Activities coming up… 17 March Andrews Cup Touch and Tennis 23 March TSS Cricket Trip 24 March Trinity Grammar Cricket Visit Rookies2Reds Downs Rugby are running the Rookies2Reds program at Toowoomba Prep. The clinic for the U10 and U11 year players will commenced on Monday, 3 March and run for 5 weeks. The clinic for the U6, U7, U8, and U9’s will commence on Tuesday, 22 April. Additional Information is available through their website,, or by phoning 13007537337. Please see the flyers at the back of the Sports and Training Timetables.

Before School Running Training Miss Ashleigh Crawford will be conducting a Before School Running Squad for any interested students to increase fitness and prepare for the Athletics and Cross Country Season. Miss Crawford is a qualified Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer. The sessions will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:00am—7:45am, meeting and finishing at the Gatehouse. The costs of these sessions are $5 each and can be paid directly to Miss Crawford. If you are a boarding parent and your child would like to attend, please Andrews Cup Swimming Our girls had a fantastic time on Tuesday representing make contact with your House Parent to arrange for them to attend. TACAPS at the Andrews Cup Swimming Carnival. Congratulations to all our swimmers on their individual performances, especially Sofie Halfpenny and Maggie Grigg on Darling Downs Netball placing in their individual events. Miss Smith and Mr Wigan The Darling Downs Regional Netball Committee would like were very proud of all our swimmers, on their efforts and to extend an invite for players turning 12-14 years in 2014 to behaviours. Thank you to all of the parents who came to attend trials for their Cubs Program. Please contact Rebecca watch and support the team. Stower ( for further information Sports Information and Training Timetables Sports Training Timetables and other Activities Information will be updated each Thursday and placed in the Secure Parent Area. Mr Rick Lingard, Activities Co-ordinator

Outside School Hours Care This year our Outside School Hours Care has combined with Bligh Boarding House to participate in the Active After Schools Care Program. On Monday we our learning how to play Rugby League with a local Rugby League coach. Tuesday, we are learning how to develop our Netball Skills with Miss Murolo and on Wednesday our Cricket Skills with Mr Perrottet. We have even had a visit from the Badminton Association where we learnt about the history and equipment of badminton and played a fun game together. This program has enabled our After School Care children to further develop their ‘Well-being’ and ‘Connectedness’ outcomes according to the ‘My Time, Our Place’ Framework. Please remember that our Before School Care operates from Monday to Friday (7:30am to 8:00am). All children who arrive at school before 8:00am are to be enrolled and booked into our Before School Care Program. Please contact School Reception for more details.

Vacation Care Come along and join us for our exciting Easter Vacation Care Program during the holidays. Keep fit and have fun with us on our excursion to All Stars Gymnastics, participate in awesome Autumn activities like making salt dough leaf paper weights and be a chef for the day in our MKR (My Kitchen Rules) incursion. Our Easter Vacation Care Program is attached with

our Prep News email. Please complete the forms and book in so you don’t miss out! Operating Days and Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm Closed for Easter Friday and Easter Monday. Friday, 4 April to Tuesday, 22 April.

Prep Connect News Prep Connect News: Prep Connect is an initiative started in 2013, to provide an opportunity for all teaching staff and all students from P-7 to meet others and participate in a range of cooperative and relation-building activities each week. Prep Connect groups are formed by House, with each group having approximately 10-15 students from different year levels of the same House- Connal, Gill, Fairfax.

as well as having lunch on Main School Close at the conclusion of the group sessions. So far this term, groups have undertaken:

 Banner and streamer making for the swimming carnivals  Getting to know you activities such as the web string task This year, our Year 8 students have also been included, resulting  Pancake making in preparation for in 24 different Prep Connect groups from P-8 meeting every Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday Monday at 12.25pm for various activities, including buddy reading

In week 9, Prep Connect will be participating in the DOLLAR$4DROUGHT campaign, as featured on Weekend Sunrise. All students will be asked to pay a minimum of $1.00 per student for the privilege of wearing FREE DRESS for the day. We would love to set a target of $1000. Dollar4Drought Campaign is a community initiative raising funds for drought-affected farmers in Queensland and New South Wales. Your gift will enable food and produce vouchers to be purchased and distributed to those in need. Boarders will have their donation deducted from their special accounts.

Students must wear closed-in footwear and a broadbrimmed hat, preferring their blue play hat. Clothing must be clean, presentable and not contain slogans, inappropriate advertising or offensive material. As we are a sun-safe school, shirts must cover shoulders (no singlets/tank tops). Shorts and skirts must be of reasonable and practical length. Girls should tie back hair as normal.

Monday 24 March

Prep and College News - 13 March 2014  
Prep and College News - 13 March 2014