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“There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children�. Nelson Mandela Thank you to all staff, parents and students for making the past few days in school so enjoyable. I have enclosed a series of images from the events for your information. A special thank you to the members of the Parents and Friends Association and Social Convenors for their leadership at the swimming carnivals and family barbeque.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Bishop Rob Nolan for his outstanding contribution to our school and wider community. Bishop Rob is retiring this month and his warm and caring nature along with his great sense of humour will be missed by us all. Thank you Rob. On page 2 of the newsletter I have included my main article regarding child safety and protection. Please can I ask that you take some time to read this article and discuss the information with your sons and daughters. Mr Simon Lees, Head of School

STUDENT SAFETY A Message from the Head of School Creating a safe environment for our students is a responsibility which I take very seriously. Protection for children and young people is of paramount importance and Anglican schools are required to follow the Diocesan Policy. Anglican Schools have a responsibility placed upon them by Gospel values. They are bound by Christian, legal and professional obligations and the law to provide spiritual and educational opportunities within a safe and protective environment; and when matters of concern arise, having in place a procedure for reporting inappropriate behaviour, harm or sexual abuse. Therefore, Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School has established formal policy and procedures, which are included in staff manuals and on the school’s website. All staff receive training in the policy each year. In addition information for students is included in the school diary. This information describes the procedures to be followed if any student is faced with an unsafe situation or one which causes them concern. The school’s child safety policy and procedures for reporting harm are readily available on the school website. What behaviours are unacceptable in a safe environment? Listed below are the definitions of particular behaviours in the school environment which are considered unacceptable. Inappropriate behaviour: means behaviour of someone, including a staff member of the school which is inconsistent with the Code of Conduct and the policies of the school and is considered to be ‘inappropriate behaviour’ by the student making the complaint. Harm: means any detrimental effect of a significant nature on the student’s physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing. It is immaterial how the harm is caused. Harm can be caused by – physical, emotional or psychological abuse or neglect; or sexual abuse or exploitation. Sexual abuse includes being sent unsolicited text messages or emails which have sexual content. Self-harm: means harm perpetrated against one’s self. It can include cutting, scratching, taking risks, abuse of licit and illicit drugs or medication or alcohol. Self-harm is usually symptomatic of underlying issues and should be considered in that light. If the School is made aware or reasonably suspects that any person has sexually abused a student of the school who is, or was at the time of the abuse, aged under 18 years of age, the Head of School must provide a copy of the report to the police immediately. It is the Head of School’s responsibility to respond to allegations of harm in conjunction with the Diocesan Director of Professional Standards. It is expected that all such responses will be timely, practical and pastoral. Pastoral support will be offered to the student making the complaint; and may be offered to the person against whom the complaint has been made.

Frequently asked questions: If my child makes a complaint, will it be confidential? The identity of any student making a complaint will be kept confidential as far as possible. However, to properly investigate any complaint, there are certain persons who will need to be informed. These include: the person/s against whom the complaint has been made, any person who investigates the complaint, any person who may take actions which flow from the complaint, and any person offering support to the student or other persons involved. Where necessary, the police, statutory authorities and the Diocese will be informed. Will I be informed that my child has been harmed at school? Yes – parents will be informed as soon as practical. Is there any situation when I will not be informed? If your child alleges that he/she has been harmed at home, the school is obliged to assist the relevant state authorities, that is, the Police Service and the Department of Child Safety. The state authorities are then responsible for informing parents. Why does the school need to have these procedures? Anglican schools have a Christian obligation to provide a safe and caring environment for all students. In addition, there are legislative obligations placed on schools by the State authorities. What happens if a false complaint is made? The Head of School will enquire into each complaint to establish reasonable suspicion that harm has or may have occurred. If the Head of School believes that the complaint is not true, further actions may be taken including speaking with the student, informing the student’s parents, informing the person against whom the complaint has been made, and any other action that the Head of School considers to be appropriate and necessary in the circumstances. How does my child make a complaint? Your child can approach one of our designated School Safety Officers and advise him/her of the complaint. School Safety Officers are trained in handling these matters sensitively. Alternatively, your child can speak to any other trusted adult. Once the complaint is made, the Head of School may need to make some enquiries to be reasonably satisfied that there are grounds for a complaint. What can I do if I have other questions? You may approach the Head of School who would be pleased to answer any question you may have. The following members of staff are student safety officers. Mr Simon Lees, Head of School Mr Mike Gregory, Deputy Head Mr Bruce Cook, Director of Upper School Ms Tanya Hopgood, Director of Middle Primary Mrs Michele Wright, Director of Lower Primary Mr Ian Basset, Director of Boarding Mrs Bianca Lingard, Head of Girls Boarding Mrs Bethany Graham, Acting Head of Girls Boarding (for the duration of Mrs Lingard’s maternity leave) Mr Simon Lees, Head of School

College News Technology Year 8 students have continued to settle into their weekly routines and have realised that they have now ascended from primary to secondary school. Students now frequently use their tablet and Galileo to manage their work at many and varied levels and are coming to realise that they will be using these tools over the next several years to manage their learning and assessment. It is therefore excellent preparation for their Senior, Secondary and Tertiary education. David Parrington, the Year 8 Co-ordinator, has embraced this technology by recording a mathematics lesson using one of the tablets and placing it on the Mathematics Page so that students can revise the process and go over the question as many times as is required. The students therefore must recognise that, with these tablets, comes great responsibility to maintain the tablet and to keep it safe. Microsoft OneNote Over the next several weeks during the Design Technology lessons, students will be learning fundamental skills and some advanced skills with using Microsoft OneNote, which is essentially an electronic notebook. Students can cut and paste directly into OneNote, add notes, insert audio and even record video directly into the Notebook. It is our intention that they will be proficient at using this important tool by the end of the year. It is one of the School’s major e-portfolios set up by Mrs Deb Lagden-Hoey. This e-portfolio clearly sets out the skills required by students to make full use of the technology and place more ownership of their learning on themselves.

Merit Certificates We congratulate the following students who received Merit Certificates this past fortnight: Adam Bryant, 3H—For always completing his work quietly and to a high standard. Oliver Dunk, 1S—For excellent participation in Mathematics. Oliver Gray, 4W—For working well in class. Thomas Houlahan, 3H—For excellent effort in all activities. Oliver King, 4W—For staying on task during lesson time. Caitlyn Little, 4M—For consistent conscientious effort in class. Paarth Menon, 4M—For a fantastic start to the year. Lachlan Moule, 3H—For trying hard to complete all tasks to the best of his ability. Mia Rogers, 4M—For confident and engaging public speaking. Holly Souter, 1S—For diligently completing classwork. Fleur Steen, 1S—For fantastic efforts in Reading Groups. Brigid Webb, 3H—For improvement in completing tasks within a set timeframe. Ruby Winten, 4W—For displaying an excellent attitude towards learning. Tess Winten, 3H—For always listening attentively and trying her best.

Social Convenor News – Mrs Jackie Chen, Mrs Andrea Goddard, Mrs Allison Winten, Mrs Fiona Cameron and Mrs Melinda Gillies writes, Thank you to the whole school community who supported our Family BBQ and Swimming Carnival last weekend. The contributions of our families made it a great weekend. The glowstick and drink stands on Friday night were incredibly popular and we would like to extend our thanks to the volunteer parents who survived that task! A massive thank you also to Paul Cochrane for manning the bar again this year. Sadly, Paul will be leaving us and we are searching for our next P&F Bar Manager. If anyone is interested, please contact the School Office. Thank you also to the wonderful Nick and Nicole Farquharson for the delicious range of relishes and chutneys, which were absolutely sublime and to Barry and Andrea Moule for their donation of steak and sausages. It would not have been a BBQ (or swimming carnival) without them. Just a reminder to all Lower Primary Parents in relation our upcoming Chess Tournament being held at the Millennium Centre on Tuesday, 4 March. Please donate your time, food or both! It really is a superb day and a great way to meet new friends.

From the Deputy Head Swimming Carnival It was a pleasure for the School to host our Inter House Swimming Carnival. Following a highly successful Lower Primary Swimming Carnival on Thursday morning, the House Swimming Carnival commenced on Friday afternoon with the relay championships. Parents, students and friends then congregated on Bogunda Oval for the Family Barbeque. This was extremely well received by many parents and friends enjoying the tables placed in between the drinks enclosure and the disco tent. Miss Trish Smith, Head Swim Coach, has done a marvellous job preparing the children. Congratulations to Gill House for taking out another House Championship in 2014. I was also pleased to see our Year 6 and 7 House Officials working side-by-side leading their Houses in cheering and jubilation throughout the day. I would like to thank Mrs Andrea Goddard, Mrs Melinda Gillies, Mrs Allison Winten, Mrs Jacqui Chen, Mr Paul Cochrane and all other parent helpers who assisted in the preparation for this event. It was greatly appreciated. Communication Now that the dust from the start of the year has settled, it is important that we recognise the correct chain of communication for any queries, concerns or feedback that parents may have. Mr Ian Basset is the Director of Boarding and can answer any questions relating to boarding. Beyond this, questions can be answered by each of the House Parents. Mrs Michele Wright is Director of Lower Primary and Early Years Learning; Ms Tanya Hopgood is Director of Middle Primary and Mr Bruce Cook is Director of Upper School. These Directors are the second port of call for parents after parents have first spoken to the class teacher. Mr Dave Wigan is the Sports Co-ordinator and can assist with any matter relating to the student’s selection of sports and arrangement of teams including the coaching and managing of the teams. Mr Rick Lingard is the Activities Co-ordinator and can assist with any general matters relating to transportation, carnivals and other logistics. Mrs Nerida Eckert is the Director of Performing Arts. Mrs Eckert is happy to answer parent questions relating to any matter within the Performing Arts including our annual School Musical. Mrs Deb Lagden-Hoey is the Director of E-learning and is the contact point for

matters relating to the one-to-one tablet program in Years 7 and 8, Galileo; the learning management system and other matters relating to technology. Lookout For a safe and speedy Lookout process each afternoon, it is essential that parents do not park their cars in any of the Lookout bays along Campbell Street. The Lookout process is designed so that teachers will assist children into cars, including their school bags, without parents exiting their car. One single car parked and left in one of the five bays can dramatically slow parents’ retrieval of children in the afternoon. I ask for parents’ co-operation on this matter, particularly on Friday afternoons when boarder parents come to pick up their children. Similarly, please don’t park on the footbath on the Kindy side of Wirra Wirra Street outside the Early Years Learning Centre. This dramatically diminishes visibility of children stepping out on to the road. The safety of the children must come first. Lunchtime One thing I love about this School is Main School Close at lunchtime when almost every student congregates at 1.05pm to have their lunch and to share one another’s company. While it is usually students sitting in groups based on grade level, it is very often the case that I witness students of all ages chatting about their week. It is such a positive culture within our School where the older students are known to the younger students and the younger students are known by the older students. To this end, I would like to thank Mrs Wright, Ms Hopgood and Mr Cook for their constant attention to ensuring that each student at our school feels content and encouraged. Mr Mike Gregory, Deputy Head of School

TUCKSHOP Tuckshop commenced for 2014 today. Thank you to the parents who have volunteered their time to assist in the tuckshop and with baking so far. Please remember to place your orders through Flexischools each week by Wednesday.

From the Director of Boarding Past Weekend It was wonderful to see so many of our ‘Boarder Families’ at the various events this past weekend. Our school’s future was literally seen running around Bogunda Oval all of Friday evening and sitting so patiently at the Swimming Carnival with Mum and Dad, watching older siblings giving of their best in the pool. We are grateful to you for your generous hospitality. Returning Boarders from Weekend Leave Please note that if you have a return time of 6.00pm on a Sunday evening on your leave form, your child will not have been included in the catering numbers for Dinner that night. If you wish your child to have dinner with their House, then the child must be returned by 5.00pm.

consult the “Information for Boarder Parents” booklet, which explains all the procedures. These procedures assist us in managing the leave centrally and, as the weekend approaches, we are able to plan an effective weekend program if we know the numbers involved. You are able to type directly onto the leave form located in the Secure Parent Area of the school website and then save to your own computer documents, which will enable you to attach the form to an email, and forward it to the Boarding Office. You can also fax the form to the Boarding Office on 4639 8123. We thank all parents for their co-operation in ensuring that the correct leave form is utilised for leave.

End of Term Leave Form This form will be sent next week by either fax or email. For those families who do not have a fax number or email address on record, the form will be posted out to you. Parents who do not receive a copy should contact Mrs Judy Quinn in the Boarding Office on (07) 4639 8122 and we will rectify the situation immediately. Reminder The ‘End of Term Leave’ forms are due at the Boarding The Netball, Football and Rugby Union early season Office by Monday, 17 March 2014. training has begun, so a reminder for the respective, pertinent panoply to be checked and readied. Cricket is Please be aware that the Boarding Office is a term still underway and there is a fixture against TSS on time operation. Therefore all travel arrangements for Sunday 23 March 2014. We would like to remind the end of term and the start of next term need to be parents that the Prep Netball and Rugby Clubs will be confirmed with Mrs Judy Quinn well before Thursday, 3 going to Goondiwindi on Sunday 9 March 2014 for pre- April. season friendly matches. We also advise that if your child is from the Goondiwindi District and able to go on leave as they do not have any Saturday sporting obligations, then these children are welcome to return on the coach with the Netball and Rugby players. You Boarding Office Hours will need to confirm this with Mr Rick Lingard in the Just a reminder to all Boarding Parents that the Boarding Office is open from Monday to Thursday Activities Office. 8.00am to 4.30pm and on Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Sporting Commitments and Leave With the start of the winter sports programme, please be aware that children must meet their sporting Also, for your information, if you have placed a commitments, before going on Tea, Overnight or call to the individual Boarding Houses and were unable to speak to your child, the message you Weekend Leave. leave will not be accessed until the following morning, or if on the weekend, it will not be acLeave We would like to remind parents that written weekend cessed until Monday morning, when the leave notification needs to be into the Boarding Office Boarding Office re-opens. by 6:00pm on the Wednesday night prior to the weekend. If you are unsure how leave operates please

From the Director of Boarding Winter Uniforms A reminder to parents that Term Two and Term Three see our children in their Winter Uniforms. Please ensure that your child is correctly attired for return at the start of Term Two. This will include the new style tracksuit. The old tracksuits have been phased out over a two year period and are no longer permitted to be worn to school. However, boarders may wear the old style tracksuit whilst in their House on weekends. As the Summer Uniform will not be required again until Term Four, we suggest that these are taken home at the end of Term One. In this regard, it is also suggested that the Sports Clothes, including the short white socks and play hats, are given a thorough wash during the holidays, as these are the items that are mostly worn by your child in their boarding experience.

Bringing food treats onto Campus for boarder children Whilst we do not encourage this practice, if you feel it necessary when briefly visiting your child through the school day or afternoons, we ask that you please consume any such foodstuffs in Webb Park (next to the school) or in your motor vehicle. Boarders’ Evening Programme We advise that we have found it necessary to change the Boarders’ Evening Programme as we wanted to have more senior staff available for your child’s Homework Prep Sessions. Please note that the Homework sessions will still be in the academic areas allocated to each cohort and these changes to the programme mostly affect the Year 7 boarders. This means that all boarders are doing homework simultaneously between 5.00pm and 6.15pm and then eat together in the Dining Room, before departing to the separate Boarding Houses. On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, those children committed to Boarder Evening Music go off to such, at their allocated times. Thus, if your child does not have Boarder Evening Music, they would be in the House from approximately 6.45pm onwards and this may well necessitate you confirming with them the best day and time to contact them via telephone.

Netball Fixtures We would like to remind parents that Netball Fixtures with grading matches will commence this Saturday, 1 March. This means that boarder girls have made a commitment to play before going on leave. Leave is taken after all school commitments have been fulfilled. If there are special circumstances then ‘Special Leave’ is sought from the Director of Boarding for such occasions. Please be aware of this situation as our commitment to playing fixtures depends on all students following these guidelines. Mr Ian Basset, Director of Boarding Winter Saturday Morning Sports A reminder that you need to have confirmed with the Activities Office which Saturday morning sport your child will be playing in 2014, namely, Netball, Football (Soccer) or Rugby Union. It is vital that the pertinent paperwork pertaining to the registration of your child is concluded, for failing this, your child is not covered by that Sport Association’s medical insurance and therefore will NOT be allowed to play. Please ensure that the obligatory items for your child’s elective Saturday morning sport, are in their possession eg.mouthguard and correct footwear for Rugby Union (headgear is not obligatory) and shin guards and correct footwear for Football (Soccer). We recommend that your child does not wear ‘Skins’, as it is not necessary at this age.

School Account Enquiries Should you have a question regarding your account, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Robyn Laundon in the Accounts Department. Phone: 07 4639 8103 Email:

From the Acting Head of Girls’ of Boarding It’s hard to believe that we are already in the fifth week of Term One. As each day has passed, it has been pleasing to watch each and every girl grown academically, socially and spiritually as they have adjusted to life as a boarder in 2014. For the duration of Mrs Bianca Lingard’s maternity leave, I will undertake the role of Head of Girls’ Boarding. In this role, I will continue to develop the initiatives set up by Mrs Lingard, focusing initially on connecting with our community through a partnership with a chosen charity. Our charitable focus will begin this weekend as every boarder takes part in Peak2 Park, a 4km fun run/walk, which this year is being run for the benefit of three charities: Fresh Hope (; The Base Youth Service (; and Eva’s Place ( I have no doubt that all boarders will feel great pride in being able to help make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. Mrs Bethany Graham, Acting Head of Girls’ Boarding

From the Director of Upper School Welcome to Week 5! I enjoyed meeting many of you last week at the Parent Information Evening, Family Barbecue and the Swimming Carnival. Over the past 4 weeks I have had the privilege of getting to know the Year 6 and 7 students.

students to dress in appropriately themed clothing, without purchasing special outfits. Jeans are perfect, as are checked shirts.

Life Education Van Visit The students enjoyed the opportunity to visit the Life Education Van in Week 3. Students in the Upper School participated in a session called ‘Think Twice’, which explored issues such as the short and long term physical, social and legal consequences of alcohol use and personal strategies to reduce alcohol related harm. This was a very informative session for the students.

The students will be given a snack for the evening, which will include a popper and a packet of chips. The cost of the social has been included in your Term One account. Mr Peter Vernon will be the DJ for the evening and will teach the students traditional bush dances. The social is a fabulous social occasion that celebrates the ‘coeducational’ aspect of the students’ schooling. The teachers will also ask students for volunteers to form a Social Committee. This social committee will take the lead to decorate the Millennium Centre for these socials and other social events throughout the year. I would encourage all Year 6 and 7 students to attend this exciting event!

Year 6 and 7 Social The Year 6 and 7 students are invited to a social on Friday, 7 March from 6pm – 8pm in the Millennium Centre. This is sure to be a fun-filled occasion where the students can interact over music, dancing and games. The theme for the evening will be a Bush Dance. We encourage the

Upper School Assessment Week The Year 6 and 7 students will be involved in assessment tasks during Week 8 of this term. The teachers will use this opportunity to assess the students on work that has been covered during the term. Please try to ensure your child is at

From the Director of Upper School Year 7 Camp This week, the Year 7 students have embarked on their first camp of the year to Emu Gully . I look forward to including some photos and a review in the next edition of College and Prep News. Year 6 Camp The Year 6 students will attend their camp at Murphy’s Creek from Wednesday, 12 March to Friday, 14 March. Activities will include abseiling, regaining, ropes course, flying fox, initiative activities, introduction to camping and night activities. A letter outlining the details of the camp has been sent home to parents. Permission forms and medical details can be emailed to the class teacher or to Mrs Ruth Muller. This is sure to be an adventure for students and staff alike.

Year 7 Jerseys The Year 7 students will again be given the opportunity to purchase a commemorative jersey celebrating their year at Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School. I will be sending a letter to all parents informing them of the design and price. An order form will be attached, which will require parents to nominate a name to be placed on the back of the jersey. We are endeavouring to have these available for Term Two. Year 6 Jerseys Based on parental feedback regarding the polo shirt, we have decided to offer Year 6 students the opportunity to purchase a commemorative jersey this year. I will send a letter to all parents informing them of the design and price. An order form will be attached, which will require parents to nominate a name to be placed on the back of the jersey. We are endeavouring to have the jerseys for Term Two. Mr Bruce Cook, Director of Upper School

Year Six Canberra Trip – 15-19 June 2014 A letter regarding the Canberra Trip was emailed to parents on Monday of this week. We will spend five days visiting a number of significant sites in the nation’s capital, including: the National Capital Exhibition Centre, National Gallery of Australia, Questacon, Museum of Australian Democracy, Australian Institute of Sport, the High Court of Australia, Telstra Tower, Royal Australian Mint, Parliament House, the Australian Electoral Commission, the National Dinosaur Museum, Cockington Green, the National Museum of Australia, National Film and Sound Archives, Government House, the National Library and the Australian War Memorial. It promises to be a fantastic tour that the children will remember!

P&F AGM When: 7pm, Thursday 27 February 2014 Where: Ron Burling Room The entire Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School community is invited to the 2014 AGM to be held at 7pm on Thursday 27 February 2014 at the Ron Burling Room in the Library. This will be a wonderful opportunity to hear from the new Head of School, Mr Simon Lees, who we understand is the first Head of School in Prep’s history to have his own children attending the school at the time of his leadership. We look forward to hearing from Mr Lees about his vision for the School and the role the P&F can play in that vision. It will also present on opportunity to all parents and friends of the school to steer or guide the 2014 Executive as they identify key projects around the school requiring P&F funding support (whether playgrounds, furniture, technological equipment, sporting facilities, staff resources, or supporting the disadvantaged).

From the Director of Lower Primary Lower Primary Swimming Carnival Cheering, laughter and proud parents taking photos were a part of the great time had by all at our Lower Primary Swimming Carnival last Thursday. Kickboard and noodle races were a highlight for some however, the ‘House Cork Scramble’ is always a favourite for all those involved. We greatly appreciated the Year 6 students for their assistance on the day and Mrs Jackie Chen for organising the morning tea. Hooking into Hockey The Prep to Year 3 students are honing their hockey skills during their ‘Hook into Hockey’ sessions for Friday sport. Thank you to the Toowoomba Hockey Association’s Developmental Officers, Claire and Dimmy for their excellent coaching.

habitat in which to live and are probably not very tasty! However, the gummy worms were brightly coloured, didn’t move, came from a packet, didn’t contribute to the environment in any way and were delicious to eat!!!

Ginger Sports Soccer Training The Kindy classes are so excited about ‘going to soccer training’ with Coach Nick from Ginger Sports. On Wednesday they began by playing a game of ‘chase the dinosaur tail’ where the children had to try and catch the person who was wearing the ‘tail’. Next they played a game of ‘fruit salad’ where the children had to collect certain coloured markers or ‘fruit’ and place them on their cones. Once they had made a ‘fruit salad’, they had to run up and kick the markers into the air! What fun! Coach Nick even got them to tidy up the markers by getting everyone to place them on his head so that he could balance them! The children then learnt how to dribble a soccer ball and they even learnt how to shoot the ball into the net and score a goal! We can’t wait to play soccer again next week.

Prep Year Happenings The Prep Year students have enjoyed participating in some ‘hands on’ science learning and discussions about living and non-living things. They were involved in an observation where they compared the characteristics of a living worm and a gummy worm. We found out that the living worms were brown / grey colour, they move by wriggling along the ground eating dirt and soil, they provide vital nutrients Mrs Michele Wright, Director of Lower Primary to the soil for use in our garden, they require a damp, dark

From the Director of Performing Arts Photos Our Ensembles are now having their regular rehearsals and pieces are starting to take shape. The very excited Year 3 students bring home their band instruments tomorrow! Our Year 2 String Program has started very successfully with students being very interested and attentive in lessons (see photographs below). Please be patient with some unusual sounds from your Year 2 and 3 students over the next few weeks – we promise that they will get better with short regular practice sessions! Payment of Fees Payment should now have been made to all private Performing Arts Teachers (Mrs Eckert’s fees are placed on your school account). If you have not yet paid your account, please attend to this as a matter of urgency. It is our school policy that lessons will be stopped across all areas of the Performing Arts if payment has not been received.

Mrs Nerida Eckert, Director of Performing Arts

From the Activities Co-ordinator Half way is here! It has been a busy start to the year! Believe it or not, we are half way through Term One, and staring down the barrel of Easter and Term Two! Congratulations to all of our swimmers on their recent performances‌ but it is not over yet! We have the Zone Swim Meet and many others for our swimmers to sink their teeth into, along with some exciting new opportunities! Inter House Swimming Carnival The weather was cloudy and cool for this years Inter House Swimming Carnival. It was terrific to see so many parents, friends and grandparents come along to share in the spirit of the day. Thank you to the Staff, Grounds Staff and the P&F for all of their hard work during this busy time of the year with back to back events. Congratulations to Gill House on winning the R.W Scholefield Cup for Inter House Swimming, and to the Age Champions on the right, for their stellar performances.




8 Years Boys

Charles Kibble

Jack Raff

Gilbert Goddard

8 Years Girls

Brigid Webb

Thea Comerford

Sophie Giesemann

9 Years Boys

Finn Robert

Ned Smith

Kurt Rouhead

9 Years Girls

Rosemary Boyce

Caitlin Gray & Mia Harvey

10 Years Boys

Wylie Bucknell

Maxwell Harvey

Dougal Golden

10 Years Girls

Madylynn Robert

Verity House

Mia Rogers

11 Years Boys

Dougal Jakins

Charlie Wigan

Benjamin Smith

11 Years Girls

Primrose Carrigan

Mairead Webb

Katie Creighton & Isabelle Doran

12 Years Boys

Wilson Cochrane

Mac McGilvray

Finley Whittle

12 Years Girls

Sofie Halfpenny

Zahli Bahnisch

Emily O’Neill & Phoebe Harris

13 Years Boys

Hamish White

Riley Winten

Addison Hickman

13 Years Girls

Maggie Grigg

Emma House

Skye Littlewood

14 Years Boys

Kyle Imlah

Thomas Elliott

Justin Fletcher

14 Years Girls

Tamsyn Duffield

Isabella Zwolsman

From the Activities Co-ordinator Peak2Park Fun Run—Sunday, 1 March The Peak2Park Fun Run is on again this year on the first Sunday in March. All of our boarders have registered to run, and Peters Coaches have offered to take our boarders to the Peak for free to help us support the charities involved. Many thanks to Peters Coaches for their generous offer. If you would like to join us for the event, please do! The more the merrier! We will be arriving at Picnic Point at approximately 7:00am. To register, click HERE.

Netball Queensland Roadshow Netball Queensland are conducting a roadshow in 2014 visiting all regions throughout South East Queensland for all Associations, Regions and Clubs to learn more about NQ and how they can contribute to Netball in 2014. Please follow the below link for more information.

Toowoomba - Wednesday 12th March 6-9pm Harristown Park.

Toowoomba Singles Chess Tournament – Tuesday, 4 March This year, Prep is again hosting the Toowoomba Singles Chess Tournament. All students proficient in Chess are invited to participate in this event. Students attending the Monday Chess Club are also encouraged to play and put their newly found chess skills to battle. The Tournament will run from 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Millennium Centre, and the cost of this event will be $14.00. Any students who are interested in participating in the tournament can complete the attached registration and payment form.

Goondi Sunday Sunday, 9 March, Prep will be making our annual trip to Goondiwindi to play some sport, have a barbecue lunch and meet the community. More information will be sent to parents once the final fixtures have been secured. Last year was a resounding success with many families coming from far and wide which was terrific to see.

Rugby Coaching Courses TACAPS hosted the Downs Rugby Foundation Coaching course over the weekend which was well attended by many coaches from around the region who will have teams in the 2014 Rugby season. There will be a ‘Coaching Kids Rugby’ course held on Thursday, 13 March at school, and any interested parents or coaches Before School Swim Squad News can register HERE. Well done to Coach Smith and all of the squad swimmers on their performances at the Inter House Swimming CarFootball Grass Roots Coaching Courses nival. I popped over Monday morning and expected to see Please find a list below of Community Coaching Courses very little going on, but low and behold, they are back and to be conducted in Toowoomba during February and are getting ready for the next carnival! Great work guys March. Coaches are able to find additional information and girls! and register at the following links. Toowoomba - Wednesday 5th March 6-9pm Highfields FC

From the Activities Co-ordinator Armidale Rugby Carnival 2014 Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School will again be participating in the Armidale Rugby Carnival, to will be held in Armidale on Saturday, 12 and Sunday, 13 April 2014. If you are interested in participating in the Armidale tour, please let you Rugby coach know as soon as possible. Accommodation for this carnival is usually in high demand, so it is best to get in early to avoid disappointment should you wish to go and watch the players. Details on the 2014 Carnival can be found at http://

Gatehouse. The cost of the sessions are $5 each and can be paid directly to Miss Crawford. If you are a boarding parent and your child would like to attend, please make contact with your House Parent to arrange for them to attend.

E.A.Gill Multi-purpose Courts The E.A.Gill Courts are currently undergoing a makeover and are looking better than ever! Thanks to Mr Lees for sweating over the gurney over the weekend, although I believe that he enjoyed every second! Over the next few months, more work will be carried out on the courts to ensure the longevity of our facility and the safety of our Sports Information and Training Timetables students. The gates to the courts will be locked from this Sports Training Timetables and other Activities Information week onwards. TACAPS parents and students who would will be updated each Thursday and placed on the Secure like to use the facility during the day or after hours are able Parent Area. to collect a returnable key from reception Met East Cricket To ensure that you have the current draw, it is recommended to check the website, http:// School App The Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School App has been designed to keep everyone up to date with information on school activities and updates on sports, camps, activities and excursions. The App enables the Office to send updates directly to your mobile meaning no missed emails or calls if you are out. The Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School App can be downloaded for free at the App Store the Google Play Store. Rookies2Reds Downs Rugby will again be running the Rookies2Reds program at TACAPS. The clinic for the U10 and U11 year players will commence on Monday, 3 March and run for 5 weeks. The clinic for the U6, U7, U8, and U9’s will commence on Tuesday, 22 April. Additional Information is available through their website,, or by phoning 1300 7537 337. Please see the flyers at the back of the Sports and Training Timetables.

Sports and Activities coming up… 4 March Individual Chess Tournament 9 March Goondiwindi Trip 11 March Andrews Cup Swimming Carnival 17 March Andrews Cup Touch and Tennis 23 March TSS Cricket Trip 24 March Trinity Grammar Cricket Visit

Kokoda Challenge The Toowoomba Kokoda Challenge will take place on Sunday, 4 May. Bogunda Oval will be the base for the event which will see participants completing a challenging course through Jubilee and Redwood Parks. For more information about the Challenge, please click here. Students who are interested in the Junior Kokoda Challenge should see Mr Wigan.

Before School Running Training Miss Ashleigh Crawford will be conducting a before school running squad for any interested students to increase fitness and prepare for the Athletics and Cross Country Season. Miss Crawford is a qualified Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer. The sessions will run on Monday and Wednesday Rick Lingard, Activities Co-ordinator mornings from 7:00am—7:45am, meeting and finishing at the

Permission Forms 2014 Toowoomba Individual Chess Tournament Mr Rick Lingard Activities Co-ordinator 2014 Toowoomba Individual Chess Tournament Student’s Name: ____________________________________ Class: ________ D.O.B.__________________________ I would like my child to participate in the Toowoomba Chess Tournament on Tuesday, 4 March 2014. I understand that the cost of this event is $14.00, and have attached payment with this consent. This event will be reported on by the local news associations, and I give consent for my child to be photographed or interviewed by the local media under the supervision of the event co-ordinators. Signature: ____________________________ (Parent/Guardian)

CHESS CLUB—TERM ONE 2014 Mr Rick Lingard Activities Co-ordinator Student’s Name:______________________________________

Class: ________

I give my child permission to attend the Monday Chess Club with Mr Les Lord. I understand that the cost of this activity is $90 for the 9 weeks of lessons, regardless of how many lessons are attended. Signature: __________________________________ (Parent/Guardian)

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