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Mr Simon Lees

Head of School I really do enjoy my job and a quick walk into the classrooms or a visit to the ovals always reminds me of how fortunate I am to work in education. Three years ago on Prize Day I spoke of the small moments that make school life so unique and I wanted to share a few of those experiences that make life at TACAPS so special. Darcy (Foundation) ran up to me on Wednesday and proudly showed me the “Best Player” medal he won for his great performance in the Toowoomba Primary Schools Individual Chess Tournament. The look of pride and joy was infectious and I would be surprised if he was not still wearing the medal today. Well done, Darcy, and thank you for sharing your achievement with me. Madylynn Robert (Year 9) was in 3rd position against older competitors in the breast stroke leg of the 200m Individual Medley at the Toowoomba Secondary School swimming championships. Mady had been in 2nd position and appeared to be fading due to the speed of the race. The final leg was freestyle, and with an amazing comeback it was not until the final touch that Mady came in first place. I like to think that my embarrassingly loud, “Come on, Mady!” was a key factor in this success but deep down I know that it was her self-belief and the desire to do well for the school and teammates that brought her home. Well done Mady who was also crowned “Girls Swimmer - Best Individual Performance” and awarded the Owen Janetzki Trophy. Milly Buck took part in her first debate for TACAPS at the Queensland Debating Union event held at our school. The debate was looking at the question “Should the Gold Coast have hosted the Commonwealth games”. Millie had to follow a number of very skilled debaters and was the final responder for our team. After one calm breath to start, Millie beautifully articulated her team’s points and rebutted the opposing team’s arguments skilfully. She was of course helped by the notes passed by Maarten and Ben. Whilst our team did not win overall (which I believe was a fair result) it was great to see such teamwork, confidence and skill. Milly’s response reminded me of the wise words of Bishop Desmond Tutu who once said, “Don't raise your voice, improve your argument.”

Head of School Year 7 to 12 Formal Uniform Guidelines As our secondary school grows we are introducing the following uniform change to represent the needs of young adults and help prepare our students for life beyond school. Currently, students in Years 7 to 12 wear the Summer uniform in Term 1 and 4 and the Winter (full formal) uniform in Terms 2 and 3. From Term 4 2018, we ask that all secondary students have at least one set of the full formal uniform available in Terms 1 and 4. The full formal uniform will be worn on occasions such as Prize Day but may also include times when our students are attending an official event, performing or competing for the school, students will be made aware of these days in advance.

Mr Gordon Oldham

Deputy Head of School Thank you, once again, to our parents for their wonderful support of a range of events and activities. Our staff have also helped to put together some very successful days. Our Kindy Come and Play Day welcomed more than 30 families on Saturday 10 March, the Kindy Soiree on 9 March was a wonderful evening and we have a number of parents helping to coach football, rugby and soccer. It’s also fantastic to see the support offered at events such as Debating and Chess. Cybersafety Cybersafety has been a particularly prominent discussion point in the media in recent times – we take this area very seriously and believe that if all parents, staff and students understand how to act and interact online in a safe and responsible manner, we can ensure our online community is equally as safe as our physical one. We had approximately 40 parents attend the presentation by Mr Steven Window, Cybersafety Support Officer for the Anglican Schools Commission, on Monday 19 February. During his presentation, he noted that he would return to supervise a ‘drop-in centre’ for individual queries and help with settings on particular devices. All parents are welcome to drop in to the library on Tuesday 20 March – Steven will be in the library from 2.30pm – 5.00pm and will be happy to take questions about particular matters.

Deputy Head of School (continued) Galileo Our learning management system, Galileo, provides an opportunity for parents to learn more about the focus areas in class. Our belief is that it is more meaningful and purposeful for parents to be aware of areas of study during those units of work, rather than simply learning about that area once it has been completed. In the Preparatory Years, parents can access classroom pages to learn about areas of study, as well as view tips on how to extend or support their son or daughter. In particular, we love that idea of an interest is piqued, the student will have access to more materials on that topic! In the College Years, parents can view the exact feedback and grades given to their son/daughter. Our current aim is for College Years teachers to add at least one grade per subject per semester. Last year, our best month for parent logins was October, when we had 1997 logins. In February this year, we had 3460 parents logins – so we are thrilled to see the improvement! For further information on using Galileo, please feel free to write directly to me, or view the email sent to parents earlier this year. There is a ‘tip sheet’ available on the Resources for Parents page – http:// – as well as some videos.

Mr Jason Locke

Head of Preparatory Years Each fortnight in the Preparatory Years, we have a common pastoral theme. This theme permeates Chapel, Assembly and Caps Connect and is addressed a number of times in these contexts, in the classroom and in the playground. Our theme over the last fortnight has been “Including Others”. TACAPS is an inclusive community and as such, it is important to ensure that inclusive practices are occurring. We are giving the children the skills to cope with conflict between friendships and ways in which to enter and engage in social situations such as games. At times, life happens and conflicts occur. We don’t expect that students have the emotional maturity to deal with grown up concepts, so constant proactive behaviours occur each day in every classroom. Ask your son or daughter about the assembly theme of the week and see what they can tell you about our pastoral care. I would love to hear your feedback. To keep us all safe, the Big Top area near the Café is out of bounds in the morning and afternoon to handball play. Students are most welcome to play in this area during the day, but due to hot liquids being carried in this area, it is best not to mix excited children and handballs into the recipe. After all, no-one wants a handball in their double-shot, Zymil latte! I accompanied a group of wonderful students to the Toowoomba General Hospital Paediatric ward on Wednesday, to present the patients with a selection of books from their Boogies Books “Child Writes” project. The staff were overwhelmed by the generosity shown with the donation and the students were so happy to know that their efforts were being used by worthy recipients A huge congratulations to Anne Lacey and Bertie Mansfield who represented our school beautifully at the recent Mayoral Morning Tea. Both of our Preparatory leaders spoke to an audience of well over 200 teachers and students from across the Darling Downs on the topic of role models and positive leadership and received much positive feedback from the other principals present at the event.

Ms Trina Faint

Head of College Years What a wonderful few weeks we have had. Year 10 ABW Once again the Year 10 cohort wowed the student body with the presentation of Hotel businesses for Australian Business Week (ABW). The students’ trade displays were excellent and the TV commercials advertising their Hotel chains were amazing. Click on this link to view their results: . It was a very challenging week where the students formed companies that were to successfully run a hotel chain making all the financial decisions for a two-year period all in four days. According to the Year 11 and 12 students, the 2018 cohort have produced the best businesses yet. RACQ Docudrama The year 11 and 12 students participated in the RACQ Docudrama Program. It was a little confronting but very worthwhile. The program is a road safety awareness initiative aimed at educating senior secondary students (particularly learner and provisional drivers) about the potential risks of travelling in a vehicle as both drivers and passengers. Docudrama takes a community approach to road safety issues by involving emergency service workers and other local professionals to help create a powerful ‘mock crash’ road safety scenario. Students then participate in and view a discussion-based presentation which is delivered by an RACQ Education Officer regarding real world strategies for combating the ‘Fatal Five’; drink and drug driving, fatigue, seatbelts, speeding and distraction. Three of our students became “victims” of the crash. Video footage can be seen at: .

Head of College Years (continued) Camps Year 7, 8 and 9 students have been challenging themselves on camp over the last few weeks. The Year 7s had their first taste of ration packs, bucket showers and camp toilets. They came back tired, but happy and very muddy – ”best part of the camp!” The Year 8 campers went to Tallebudgera on the Gold Cost for some sun and surf. Students tried their hand at rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking and surfing. Staying in dorms was a treat all before going back to the bush in Year 9. Learning survival skills was the main theme of the Year 9 camp. Students changed camp sites each night, found water and learnt how to make it drinkable. Cliff walking was a popular activity as was the challenge of the 70m Abseil. Many students overcame or worked through their fear of heights during the week.

Mr Ian Basset

Director of Boarding Is it really Week Eight already? The first term of the year in Boarding always feels as if it has been six months long but then, on the other hand, as if it were just a few days ago when we all arrived to the new Boarding year on the 22nd January! Our Boarders continue to explore a myriad of activities on the weekends. Quite some participate in Basketball and Touch on Friday late afternoons and evenings, the girls begin their Netball ranking matches this weekend, thirteen boys are involved on Saturday Met East Cricket and trips down town keep the local economy going! The Arnott girls even tried out their hands at Putt Putt last weekend! Over the past two weeks, the Stoneleigh boys have been getting their ‘Pallet Project’ underway. This a charity drive for the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation that will see the boys up-cycling pallets to be auctioned off at a Charity Gala evening later in the year. Two groups of boys have begun their projects with others still in the planning phase. Arnott girls have been busy organising Relay for Life fundraising activities for their school team, “Hope’s Minions.” The girls are very close to their $4500 target, with two months still to go! The girls express their heartfelt appreciation to families and friends for their gracious donations and support for their team. Their cake-pops and minion cookies were a hit at the stall they had at Movies Night, raising $300.00. The girls await participation in the event on Saturday 19th- Sunday 20th May from 2pm-8am with great excitement.

Director of Boarding Mrs Lingard writes: “ Life is buzzing in Founder’s House and we have been having wonderful weekends filled with much fun and laughter! The giggling can be heard for miles, I am sure. Whilst we have our shopping trips and girly events, we have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with other Houses. We bounced our brains out at Inflatable World with Bligh, had a BBQ brekkie with the beautiful Arnott girls and joined in with a game of touch Saturday afternoon with Stoneleigh and Bligh. The girls love these times spent with all and mention regularly how much fun they are having.” Thus our junior boys of Bligh House had immense fun on that rainfilled and incredibly misty Friday afternoon two weeks ago playing Touch against the Founder’s girls on the Ovals and then shared a whole lot of bouncing and jumping at “Inflatable World” on the Sunday with their female peers. Last weekend saw the remaining junior girls join the Arnott senior girls on a ‘Grandie’ Shopping Spree whilst all the junior boys and some more intrepid (well, I guess shopping can be tougher than running…?!?) Arnott House girls, ran in the 4km “Peak2Park” Charity Run last Sunday. Two senior boys of Stoneleigh, Nick and George, tested themselves fully by completing the 10km run!! This serves as good training for those boarders who are involved in the upcoming Milne Bay Challenge in a couple of weeks’ time!

Director of Boarding The Bligh boys then walked all the way back to Queen’s Park for a bacon and egg buns breakfast and then went to Hudson’s Circus, a new experience for some but all were intrigued by the entertainment. They walked back to campus, then spent over an hour in the Swimming Pool as therapy for having ached their way through 12 kms or so of trudging around different parts of Toowoomba! As a co-educational Boarding School, the four Houses have trialled placing our BBQ evening on a Saturday rather than the customary Friday evening. The children have enjoyed the interaction across the ages and genders even more so that they always did on Fridays! There were swimmers, ‘plastic’ Cricket games, Touch and plenty of chatter, laughter, movement and even some ‘just chilling’ going on! A reminder that ANZAC DAY is soon upon us and I always take great pride in the boarders being a part of the March Past but especially of those boarders who so proudly bear the medals and ribbons of their forebears on their blazers that day. If you child is going to take part in the March past, can you please start organizing those family medals. Not long to go now and all those jobs that have been adding up at home for your child must be filling almost a page or two by now!

Reverend Zoë Browne

Chaplain By necessity, our learning and daily needs are often grouped by age. However, we can sometimes lose the opportunity to draw on the wisdom of people in our community across differing generations. Our Archbishop, Phillip Aspinall, has called 2018 to be the year of ‘Generations Together’. This is a powerful reminder of the strengths and talents that every person, across all ages, has to offer to our community. To celebrate this, we recently attended the launch of the year of ‘Generations Together’ at St John’s Cathedral. Members of Anglican schools and churches joined together to give thanks for our own communities, and to commit to encouraging engagement across all generations. Head Girl, Eden Lingard, and Head Boy, Tom Elliott, attended this service along with Ms Trina Faint and myself. A beautiful moment captured from this evening was a photo with Bishop Cam Venables, Tom, Eden, and Connar and Victoria, two young students from West Moreton Anglican College, a fellow Anglican school in the Western Region. There is much to be learnt from people not only of different ages, but from diverse places as well. In our recent Chapel service, we drew on this value of the generations surrounding us, by thinking about people in our lives who have shown us unconditional love. We believe that God loves us unconditionally, and that we see this love made known through the lives and examples of people around us, particularly the life and work of Jesus. Students wrote the name or drew a special person in their lives on a ‘prayer leaf’. There are now hundreds of leaves across the Chapel wall with the names and faces of others, not matter what age, who care for us in the same way God does. My hope is that each time students enter the Chapel, they can be reminded of the gift of this love, and be encouraged to share that example in their own words and works. This surely is the foundation of the incredible community that we have at TACAPS, made up of people of all ages. Every blessing, Reverend Zoë

Mrs Jill Pimm

Director of Community Clean Up Australia Day Thank you to all of the students of TACAPS who helped with Clean Up Australia Day, on Friday last week. It was great to see such an enthusiastic bunch of students, bags in hand, gloves on, chatting to their peers, and cleaning at the same time. Really is amazing when you look around our everyday environment how much rubbish there can be. Worlds Greatest Shave Next charity on the TACAPS list is Leukaemia Foundation Worlds Greatest Shave, on Thursday 15 March. This will see Mrs Cate ParkBally and Udom Wala putting their hair in the cutters! After the locks have dropped, all students will be able to have their hair coloured, or braided for a Gold Coin donation with all funds raised going to the Leukaemia Foundation. Also at the College and Preparatory Assemblies, Mr Ron Grieve from the Leukaemia Foundation Toowoomba Branch, will be our Guest Speaker. Finally, the wonderful TACAPS Staff will be heading down to the Red Cross Donation Centre, to donate blood or plasma in the afternoon. Thank you in advance to all of those who have helped us support the Leukaemia Foundation.

Mr David Parrington

Dean of Senior Studies USQ Mathematics Enrichment Program A number of our Year 9 and 10 students have been attending the USQ Mathematics Enrichment Program on Thursday nights. Maarten Dekeyser (Yr 9), William Lawrence (Yr 9), Hollee Gseidle (Yr 10) and Isabella Sullivan (Yr 10) have been attending as some of our very keen mathematics students. This program is structured and designed to improve mathematical problem solving skills and is aimed to suit the mathematical ability of students who display aptitude for mathematics beyond what is usually offered in the standard high school curriculum. A big thank you to Mr Wright for organising this great opportunity. Certificate Courses through TAFE at Schools Program A number of our students are now progressing through their TAFE certificates at part of the ‘TAFE at Schools Program’. Courses that are being completed by TACAPS students this year are: Certificate II Rural Operations Certificate II Horticulture Certificate II Automotive Certificate II Kitchen Operations Certificate II Hospitality Cert I Construction Cert II Hairdressing Our TAFE students are very much enjoying their courses and are working extremely well at completing modules and assessment. TACAPS Pathways Located on the TACAPS Galileo page is our new TACAPS Pathways webpage. Our aim is to provide students and parents with the latest information that will help in making decisions about future careers, courses and life beyond school. You may use this site to locate university, TAFE and other courses across Australia, get information about QCE and locate job vacancies. Check it out! TACAPS Pathways

Mrs Nerida Eckert

Director of Performing Arts

Highest Marks in the State for Speech and Drama students The following students gained the highest mark (Gold Award) or second highest mark (Silver Award) in the State for ACM examinations held last year. We congratulate Mrs Roslyn McIvor on her excellent preparation of the students for their examinations. Gold Award Speaking and Communicating Prep 1 - Artharsh Gajaharan Speaking and Communicating Prep 2 - Anathu Dinkar Speaking and Communicating Prep 3 - Lachlan Ferguson Public Speaking Grade 4 - Ryan Oroge Silver Award Speech and Drama Prep 4 - Neeve Whittaker The students will receive their medallions and certificates at a special Awards Night to be held at the Cannon Hill Anglican College, Brisbane on Saturday 17th March. One Wish, One Cure Performance Eden Lingard (Year 12) and Cameron McConville (Year 10) performed superbly at the ‘One Wish, One Cure’ Luncheon to aid children with Type 1 Diabetes, at the Inbound Restaurant on Sunday 18 February. They received many wonderful comments on their performance. SHEP (State Honour Ensemble Program): Darling Downs 20-22 April, Toowoomba We congratulate the following College Students, who have been accepted into SHEP Darling Downs. This program is run by the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Tamsyn Duffield (Year 12): Choir Felicity Anderson (Year 11): Cello/String Ensemble Olivia Bridge (Year 10): Violin/String Ensemble Madeline Saunders (Year 10): Choir Isabella Sullivan (Year 10): Choir Anna Bridge (Year 8): Clarinet/Concert Band Finn Robert (Year 7): Baritone Saxophone/Concert Band Samuel Lawrence (Year 7): Trombone/Concert Band Charlotte Lacey (Year 7): Choir Marcus Pearce (Year 6): Bass Clarinet—accepted into Rockhampton Middle School SHEP Program

Director of Performing Arts (continued) College Dance Troupe Our College Dance Troupe has the opportunity to work with the amazing Miss Ashleigh Joppich as a guest choreographer. Miss Ashleigh has just returned from working with the Sydney Dance Company and is choreographing a contemporary routine for our students. She performed an impressive solo routine for us to show us the type of style we will be working with. Ms Jameille is also working with the students, and she has taught Miss Ashleigh from when she was 2 years old. Miss Julia and Ms Jameille will be taking our students through a Jazz routine later in the year. Chapel Choir Induction Congratulations to our Preparatory and College Chapel Choristers who were inducted in Week 3. It will be exciting to watch the students develop their singing skills throughout the year.

Director of Performing Arts (continued) College Musical: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat We are pleased to announce the following cast members. Joseph: Cameron McConville (Joseph Understudy: Will Summers) Narrators: Soprano - Tamsyn Duffield, Klaudia Shaw, Tara Wilkinson, Narrators: Alto - Olivia Bridge, Eden Lingard, Isabella Sullivan Pharaoh: Ben Anderson Brothers: Ruben - Will Lawrence (One More Angel in Heaven feature) Simeon – Maarten Dekeyser Levi - Thomas Lewis (Those Canaan Days feature) Napthali - Joseph Goh (Those Canaan Days feature) Issachar - Ben Anderson Asher - Will Summers (Potiphar feature) Dan - Carter Gleeson Zebulon - Sam Lawrence Gad - Oliver King Benjamin - Mac Locke Judah - Kalisi Fonua (Benjamin Calypso feature) Mrs Potipher: Tamsyn Duffi eld Potiphar/Jacob: Hamish Locke Potiphar Boy Soloists: Jack Jorgensen, Oliver King, Sam Lawrence, Mac Locke Baker: Mac Locke Butler: Oliver King Adoring Girls/Chorus: Anna Bridge, Lilana Lester, Nala Splettstoesser Camel/Chorus: Michael Briggs, David Deng Featured Female Soloists: Anna Bridge (One More Angel); Maddie Saunders (Benjamin Calypso) Featured Chorus Solos: Hollee Gscheidle, Maddie Saunders, Jack Jorgensen Female Chorus: Lily Baguley, Maya Bryant, Luca Douglas, Haille Duffield, Gabby Gentry, Georgia Gobbert, Hollee Gscheidle, Abby Hindle, Hallie Irons, Lily Kruger, Charlotte Lacey, Liliana Lester, Caitlyn Little, Grace Murphy, Chloe Nason, Kiara Plunkett, Shakira Schultz, Nala Splettstoesser, Ella Summers, Cherish Zimmerle Male Chorus: Michael Briggs, David Deng, Nilli Fonua, Sam Goh, Jack Jorgensen, Aaryan Machiah, Lachlan Moule Specialist Dancers: Madylynn Robert (point feature), McKenzie Taylor (point feature), Stephanie Martin, Tyler Coutts, Macauley Locke, Finn Robert, Mognild Eerkins, Jade Salisbury General Dancers: Madylynn Robert , McKenzie Taylor, Stephanie Martin, Tyler Coutts, Macauley Locke, Finn Robert, Mognild Eerkins, Jade Salisbury, Hallie Irons, Hollie Gscheidle, Bree Marchant, Leila Stanley, Lily Kruger Children’s Chorus: Preparatory Chapel Choir

Mr David Wigan & Mr Rick Lingard

Sport & Activities Be sure to regularly check Galileo for game and training updates. Congratulations to TACAPS Darcy Walker and Iskcon Gyawali who won the best player awards in their respective year groups at the Toowoomba Primary Schools Individual Chess Tournament. All of our players are to be commended on their efforts ... well done! Congratulations to the TACAPS QCIS Swim Team on winning the Percentage Cup, and placing second overall at the QCIS Swim Carnival. Congratulations to the TACAPS Andrews Cup Swim Team with 4 swimmers pacing on the day. Congratulations to TACAPS Mady Robert on winning the Owen Janetzki Trophy - Girls Swimmer - Best Individual Performance, at the TSSS Carnival. Congratulations to Tawana Ngorima who was selected in the Toowoomba School Team for Basketball. Well done! Congratulations to our Basketballers and Touch players on their Term 1 fixtures. With the season now over, we look forward to gearing up for our next competitions. Congratulations to our TACAPS Debaters for their Round 1 results: Year 7 Winners: Nilli Fonua, Thea Comerford, Abhi Yadav, Victor Steen and Luca Donald Year 8 Winners: Caitlyn Little, Gabby Gentry, Lily Kruger, Nala Splettstoesser, Chloe Nason Year 9 with a narrow loss: Milly Buck, Maarten Dekeyser, Ben Winten Seniors with an unlucky loss: Felicity Anderson, William Lawrence, Kalisi Fonua and Nick White Round 2 for Years 7, 8 and 9 is on 21 March, Seniors will have to wait until 26 April.

Sport & Activities (continued) Coaching at TACAPS Thank you to all of the 2018 Coaches for coming to the “Coaching at TACAPS” induction for 2018. Without coaches, we don’t have sport, so we thank each and every one of you for volunteering your time to teach our troops the ins and outs of their chosen activities. Training Cross Country training has commenced with the House Cross Country taking place on Monday 26 March. Netball training and grading games have started for the season. Be sure to keep your eye on Galileo for fixture details. Ruby training for Under 8—12 has commenced with assistance from QRU.

Mrs Sheridan Hill

Outside Hours School Care OSHC provides care for children before school, after school and during the holidays. We align our programs with the National Quality Framework and endeavour to teach children through play. Our programmes will be available each week on Galileo as well as our handbooks and photos of the children’s OSHC journey. Before School Care - 7.30am until 8.30 – we ensure each child is taken to their classroom. After School Care - 3.30 until 5.30 – the students are collected from the gate house and are provided with a healthy afternoon tea. Students then transition into outdoor play and are also given some time to complete their homework. Vacation Care - 7.30 -5.30- vacation care runs through the holidays. A program is sent to parents leading up to the holidays (including a list of excursions) and families can enrol for specific days. We welcome families to utilise the before and after school services during term time – go to for further information regarding enrolment and pricing.

Clothing Shop The Clothing Shop will be open at these additional times over the Easter School Holidays: Thursday 5th April th

9am – 1pm

Friday 6 April

12noon – 4pm

Monday 9th April

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Tuesday 10 April th

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