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The Sound Of Music A Sporting Chance Meet Your School Council Beyond The Classroom Past Students News From The Archive Achievements, Hellos & Goodbyes


2 Campbell Street, Toowoomba, Qld, 4350 Telephone: 07 4639 8111 Facsimile: 07 4639 8100 Email: Web: Please direct any enquiries, feedback and change of address details to: Cover Image: Emu Gully — Year 7 Camp, 2013


Head of School As you turn the pages and begin to gain an insight into the wonder of this exceptional place, I know you will have a greater understanding of why Prepies are Friends for Life!


t gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the first

Our school has the wonderful support of three distinct

edition of our Friends for Life magazine, containing

groups; The Parents’ and Friends’ Association, The

snippets of information about our amazing school

Toowoomba Prep Past Students’ Association and the

Toowoomba Prep, its community, exceptional programs,

School Foundation, all of which contribute to the provision

opportunities and passionate support groups.

of excellence at Prep in many various ways. Together

People often ask me, ‘What is it about Toowoomba

with the governance of the School Council, these support

Prep... Why does it have such a good reputation?’

groups work to enhance the excellent educational

The answer to this question is clearly evident once you

offerings of Toowoomba Prep and in doing so, strengthen

join the school community and experience for yourself

our school community. Each of these groups is a real

the essence of Prep and the all embracing sense of

‘friend’ of Prep and you will read about some of their

belonging it engenders.

initiatives within the pages of this magazine.

It is a place of nurture and care, challenge and

As we transition into a new era with the change of

rigour, opportunity and adventure, fond memories and

Year 7 into a secondary year level and the planned

friendships. It is a place where children can grow in

establishment of the Toowoomba Anglican College,

academic knowledge and understanding through

we will be improving and extending upon the well

excellent teaching and learning practices; they can

established foundations of our school. These exciting

participate and excel in a myriad of cultural and

changes will allow us to provide a complete K to 12

sporting fields; and more importantly they can develop

co-education for our students and encourage more

personal values and attitudes invaluable now and into

friendships and relationships to grow.

the future. The title of the magazine, Friends for Life is made in

The words and images in this magazine are merely a glimpse into the rich tapestry which is the Prep

honour of the many friendships that commence at the


school and grow and blossom over a lifetime. Friendships

school and the vast array of activities, programs and

between best buddies and mates, friendships between

events and begin to gain an insight into the wonder of

parents, friendships between past, current and future

this exceptional place, I know you will have a greater

school community members. As an Anglican school,

understanding of why Prepies are Friends for Life!

As you turn the pages, read about the

Toowoomba Prep is a place of inclusivity, respect and integrity, standing upon strong Christian foundations. These foundations shape the culture of the school and provide the basis from which strong relationships of trust

Mrs Sandra Hawken

and friendship can grow.

Head of School



THE SOUND OF MUSIC The Musical The annual musical in Term 3 involves every student from Years 4 to 7, with the main actors being drawn from Year 7. We use professional sound and lighting and utilise a professional band. The costumes and makeup are spectacular and it is a singing and dancing extravaganza. The musical for 2013 is ‘Imagine a World without...’ We hope to see you there!

Chapel Choir The Chapel Choir comprises 14 students from Years 5 to 7, who are the recipients of Choral Scholarships. The Chapel Choir rehearses three times a week and sings at school and community services. The Chapel Choir recently sang at a Combined Parish Palm Sunday Service at St. Luke’s Church and is preparing for Grandparent’s Day and the Primary and Open Choral Sections in the Toowoomba Eisteddfod.

Bands, Ensembles and Performing Arts Lessons In 2013 there are 7 choirs, 5 vocal ensembles, 8 string ensembles, 15 multi-instrument ensembles and a dance troupe. There is a Year 2 String Year Two Strings

Program, where every child learns violin, viola or cello and a Year 3 Music Program, where every child learns guitar, woodwind, brass or percussion instruments. Around 80 percent of students in Years 2 to 7 have lessons in the Performing Arts. Our ensembles and choirs are preparing for performances at Grandparent’s Day, the Prep Fete and Toowoomba Eisteddfod.

Class Music We believe that students learn music best by playing and participating together in music, so all of our Upper and Middle Primary students have been learning a variety of instruments in class music lessons and our Lower Primary students learnt a variety of performance skills in Term 1.

Toowoomba Eisteddfod We have very high participation rates in both parts of the Toowoomba Eisteddfod including Piano, Instrumental, Choral, Vocal, Speech and Drama and Dance sections. We have won the Primary Choral Aggregate Trophy for the past 11 years, the Primary String Aggregate Trophy for the past three years and the Primary Instrumental Aggregate for the past 10 years. Over both parts of the Eisteddfod in 2012, Toowoomba Prep won an incredible 23 out of 24 A Grade or Open Primary Choir or Ensemble Trophies and an Open Choral Trophy. Most importantly, our students get Chapel Concert

the chance to perform in public in the beautiful Empire Theatre complex. Mrs Nerida Eckert Director of Performing Arts







A SPORTING CHANCE Sports offered at Prep

Sydney Cricket and Netball Tours

Our students thrive on sport and are spoilt for choice in

These tours are not just about the enjoyment of playing

the sporting arena with the following on offer:

the games. They are about bonding with team mates;

AFL, athletics, basketball, cricket (boys and girls,

camaraderie, making new friendships; sharing new

equestrian, football (soccer), hockey, netball, rugby

experiences, exploring and discovering new and

league, rugby union, softball, swimming, tennis, touch

different sights, sounds and smells; the frenetic, never-

football, volleyball.

ceasing pace; noise; and singular snippets of a large

Prep is well represented at all Darling Downs trials, with a strong presence in the various selected Darling

city’s daily life.

Downs Teams. Students have also been successful

Toowoomba Singles Chess Tournament

in representing Queensland in equestrian, cricket,

Prep is represented at the Toowoomba Singles Chess

rugby, tennis and, most recently, polocrosse. Prep has

Tournament. In the last tournament, 254 students from

had many past students go on to represent Australia,

21 different schools attended. Prep was placed first

and we all enjoy cheering our sports enthusiasts on

and third in what was a very strong competition.

at every level and being inspired to achieve great heights!

The Brisbane International (Tennis)

Prep is a member of the Andrews Cup, JB Adams and

Prep was the only Toowoomba school in 2012 to

Junior Schools GPS Associations. Together they host a

compete in the competition, and the only school to

variety of competitions giving our athletes a chance

have won two team selections.

to trial and be selected to represent Prep against our metropolitan counterparts. Prep has a proud history


with these organisations and sends strong competition

As opportunities arise, Prep hosts and attends

to these events, regularly winning and placing in the

invitational fixtures, competing in rugby, soccer

divisions nominated for. These competitions not only

(football) and netball against Brisbane schools.

highlight the incredible talent that we have among us, but show what we do, we do well, as we do it together.

Events and Opportunities

The sportsmanship and values that our Prepies display

Over the course of the year Prep organises a range

as a team sum up who we are…Prepies, friends for life.

of celebrity visits and workshops by guests such as

Armidale Rugby Tour The annual tour to Armidale offers an opportunity

Lisa Curry, Vicki Wilson and Cyndi O’Meara and programs including Rookies2Reds, MILOin2cricket, Auskick and Active After School.

for Years 6 and 7 boys to compete against 47 GPS teams from Sydney and country New South Wales in

Mr Rick Lingard

a weekend-long tournament held in April each year.

Activities Coordinator

Swimming Carnival




chair of council We have much to preserve from the past and much to look forward to and build on in the future.


elcome to the first edition of Friends for

all need to be working as one to secure the health and

Life. Your Council has had a busy, yet

vitality of the school into the future.

exciting start to the year. The challenges

I experience an increasing wonderment whenever I

for the school remain, as we seek to restructure The

consider Prep. The physical structure and site is second

Toowoomba Preparatory School and develop models

to none; the ethos and history and consequent support

for The Toowoomba Anglican College, Years 7 to 12.

from past Prepies is as positive (dare I say ‘fanatical’!)

One of the great frustrations I share with many parents,

as any Past Students, Old Boy, Old Girl Group I have

especially Year 6 parents, is the time it is taking the

ever come across, and the substantial offering for all

Non-State Schools Accreditation Board to process the

students, in sporting, cultural or academic endeavours

application of Toowoomba Anglican College. I believe

is inspiring.

this will eventuate mid-year, however, as with government

We have much to preserve from the past and much

bureaucracy we must allow the correct process to be

to look forward to and build on in the future. I will be

followed and not pre-empt any of their decisions.

forwarding our Strategic Plan for 2014-2018 and

I have been a part of various school councils over the past 30 years; The King’s School Parramatta,

information for new and continuing parents as soon as Diocesan Council ratifies the strategic plan.

Toowoomba Grammar School, The SCOTS PGC College

May I thank the sponsors of this publication and the

Warwick, Blackheath & Thornburgh College Charters

Foundation for their support in initiating and coordinating

Towers and now The Toowoomba Preparatory School.

this magazine and to all the contributors. To me, it is

I also served six years on USQ Council headed by the

indicative of the Prep way of thinking: a great idea and

Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Swannell. I am aware

many willing hands ensuring it comes to fruition.

of ebb and flow and the ups and the downs and the

I seek your support — by word of mouth, financially

huge responsibilities placed on governing bodies. I am

and in every other way — to ensure we take the next

honoured to have been asked to chair this council in this

step forward, working together as past students, parents

period of transition. I am aware of the challenges ahead.

past and present, staff and most importantly, students, to

I must express my special thanks to my fellow council

ensure our plans come to fruition in grand style.

members who are identified on the page opposite. Schools are the equivalent of the human body. If part of that body is not functioning then the whole body is unwell. If all parts of the system are cared for, well


nurtured and work together then the end result is a

Mr Hugh Rose

healthy system. You are all part of that system and we







your school council 2013 Show schedule Dalby Show Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April

Moree Show Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April

Mr Hugh Rose Chairman Mr Mike Stalley Deputy Chairman

Goondiwindi Show Friday 3 and Saturday 4 May

St George Show Sunday 5 May

Roma Show

Mr Bill te Kloot

Thursday 9 to Saturday 11 May Mr Adair Donaldson

Longreach Show Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May

FarmFest Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 June

Mrs Kiron Barui

AgShow Mr Durell Hammond

Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 September

Quilpie Show Saturday 14 September

Mrs Sandra Hawken

If you would like more information please contact Mrs Brooke Cleary (07) 4639 8111

The Right Reverend Bishop Rob Nolan

Mr Eric Bremner



FROM THE PRESIDENT of past students

The primary objective of TPPSA is to provide a means for Prep past students to stay in contact with each other and with the school.


t is with pleasure that I contribute to this first edition

I believe this magazine will do a lot in drawing us

of the Friends for Life magazine. What a great title

closer as we work for that greater good.

for the magazine. It pretty well sums up Prep’s ethos

I draw to your attention the 2013 TPPSA Calendar

and it is the driving force of the Toowoomba Prep Past

of Events below. I welcome past students’ attendance

Students Association (TPPSA).

at any of these events. It is important at this point to

The primary objective of TPPSA is to provide a means

emphasise that our reunions are always inclusive of

for Prep past students to stay in contact with each other

partners and friends and students from all year levels,

and with the school. Many of you who have received

even when the past student who finished in a ‘3’

this magazine are members of the TPPSA and have

year may choose to rally this year in lieu of special

participated in our various reunions. You will have

anniversary celebrations.

experienced the ‘buzz’ of catching up with mates who you have not seen for many years or may have seen only last week. For those past students who have received this magazine and are not members of the TPPSA, it is never too late! The announcement that the school is moving to a K to

Mr Andrew Drysdale President

12 school has resulted in much discussion amongst the school community. I see the move as the logical and necessary transition to another phase of the school’s development. In hindsight the introduction of girls to the school in 1972 was a correct and necessary transition. I am sure in 40 years’ time the same will be said of this decision. I am a great supporter of the concept of this magazine which provides an opportunity for the Prep community to be exposed to the many aspects of the school in one place. Whilst the TPPSA has a particular focus and the Foundation may have another and the P&F a different one again we are all still part of one school

2013 events Annual General Meeting Sunday 14 April Buderim Bash Sunday 14 July Annual Reunion Saturday 5 October

community, working for the greater good of Prep.







from the archives Chronology of Prep 1911 A school founded by Mr EA Gill, named

1954  Mr NS Connal celebrates 25th year as

The Toowoomba Grammar Preparatory

headmaster. The Church of England Boy’s

School, in Stoneleigh house.

School Old Boy’s Association founded.

1913 Dormitories and classrooms move into main

1972  Prep

school buildings.

Toowoomba Prep Past Students Association. 1974 Name of school reverted to The Church of

changed to Church of England Boy’s School;

England Preparatory School. 1979 School became the property of the Anglican

1929 Third Headmaster, Mr NS Connal reverted

Church; name changed to The Toowoomba

to primary classes; Great Depression affected enrolments; two houses established:

Preparatory School. 2011 Toowoomba Preparatory School celebrates

‘School’ for boarders and ‘Fairfax’ for day boys. 1942  Army took over Prep’s school site; Prep moved to St Hilda’s, Southport. 1944

Prep re-opened in Toowoomba.

Changes for Prep



the past students association became The

to Church of England Preparatory School.

some secondary classes introduced.


Prep amalgamated with Boy’s Prep and

1920 Church of England owned; name changed 1927  Second headmaster, Rev EA Hunt; name


centenary. 2012

Kindergarten introduced.

2013  Last year, that the year 7 is part of the primary curriculum. 2014  Expected




Anglican College years 7 to 12.

hen Headmaster Ernest Gill opened his

occurring as Grade 7 moves into secondary schools

school Toowoomba Grammar Preparatory

in 2015. Again, Prep is preparing contingency plans.

School on Tuesday 31st January 1911,

Council Chair, Mr Hugh Rose, and Head of School

17 boys were enrolled, the youngest aged 6 and the

Mrs Sandra Hawken have announced that, pending

oldest 13. Mr Gill and his assistant, Mr AL Macnamara

approval by relevant authorities, Prep will have a Year

taught them in three classes.

7 (Secondary studies) in 2014 and will continue to

Since that beginning just over a century ago, Prep’s ordered routine has been shaken – at about fifty-year

move up to Year 12 in the years following, as students of the Toowoomba Anglican College.

intervals – by major changes in the State’s educational structure. The first shake-up was in 1962–63. ‘Scholarship’ was

Mr Larry Loveday Archivist and Past President

abandoned and in 1963 all who completed their Year 7 year were eligible for secondary education. At the end of 1963, two classes left Prep – both Year 8 and Year 7. To compensate for this loss in the next year’s enrolment at Prep, Prep kept Grade VIII and Headmaster Edgar White appointed part-time teachers in French, German, Music and Religious Studies and enhanced the science curriculum. Now, a second Government-initiated shake-up is



ACHIEVEMENTS goodbyes & hellos Achievements Current secondary school leaders Andrew PARK at TGS (2001-08) and Hannah DONALDSON at Fairholme (2002-08).

accidentally killed on Louisa Downs, Kimberley WA on 3/10/2012. He was aged 40; (QCL, 15/11/12)

Sam MORRIS (2005-12) selected in the Under 12 Queensland Schoolboys Cricket Squad.


Barbara K Goodrick, at Gold Coast on 20/9/2012; mother of Anton (1955-62) and Bruce GOODRICK (1961-67); sister of Alex (1927-28) and

Jenna GOLEBY (S 2006-) and her husband Brendan welcomed their first child, Juliet into the world in late December. (S 2011-) also welcomed their first child, James into

(CM, 5/12/12)

Alastair William GOLDIN (1959-47), late of Buderim, in 2012, aged about 79. Duncan Edward Ian THOMPSON

their family in late December. Ed OFFNER (1994-95) and Kate, a son, Thomas

(1939-40), in Brisbane on 2/12/2013, aged 85. James Albert THORNELY in Toowoomba

(Omnibus, Nov ‘12)


on 7/12/2012 aged 90; brother of Ben (1939),

John Hamish TUDBERRY in Redcliffe on 21/2/2013, aged 71.

(CM 27/5/12)

Boondall on 22/2/2013, aged 87.

decd and Peter (1949-51), father of Bill (1970-72). (CM, 15/12/12)

Andrew Neal ‘Bluey’ PHILLIPPS (1934-40), in (CM, 6/3/13)

Angus William Val McDOWALL (1944-48) at Southbrook on 14/3/2013, aged 77; father of Wallace (1982).

(TC, 5/10/12)

John Lawrence GECK (1953-54), late of Middle Park, on 3/12/2012, age 71.

Mike GREGORY (S 2011-) and Cecily GREGORY


Bruce BRUCE-SMITH (1927-34), both decd.

(CM. 16/3/13)

Angus Dalziel MUNDELL, (1979-84), brother of Cristina (1980-86) and Hamish (1983-89) was

Brian Graham TRENCHARD-SMITH (195053), lately of Mudgeeraba, formerly of Sydney and Brisbane, on 29/12/2011, aged 73.

(CM, 3/1/2012)

David Duncan TENNENT (1932-35), in Toowoomba on 22/12/2012, aged 91; brother of Harvey (1937), decd, grandfather of Alex (1990-96) and Willi (1991-96)

(CM, 31/12/12)

Obituaries Bluey PHILLIPPS was a Fairfax House dayboy, a friendly character and a good swimmer. He won an Honour Cap for swimming, together with a Long Distance Certificate (400yds in 7.47 mins) and runner-up in the Senior Championship in 1940. He went on to TGS, enlisted in the RAAF in World War II, married Ellen and had a family. His wife predeceased him. He was a grazier (‘Churinga’, Hannaford) and stock and station agent. He joined TPPSA as a Life Member in 2005. Angus MCDOWALL, a boarder from the Downs, was a popular and respected member of the Class of 1948. He left after Form V to go on to King’s, Parramatta. After his school years, he took up rural pursuits and was a risk manager, married Moira Bidge, had a family, and at the time of his death was living at Essex, Southbrook. A noted thinker, he oftimes contributed letters on rural matters to newspaper editors. He joined the TPPSA in 1957 and was a Life Member.









Swimming Carnival Year 4 Camp - Lake Perserverance

Ritsumeikan Exchange Program

School Musical 2012

Armidale Rugby Tour

Fete 2012

Year 7 Camp - Emu Gully







Induction of Chapel Choristers

Swimming Carnival

Australia Day Boarders BBQ

Lower Primary Cross Country Goondiwindi Netball Tour

Year One Science

Armidale Rugby Tour Ritsumeikan Study Tour

Lower Primary Cross Country Easter Eggstravaganza

Australia Day Boarders BBQ



beyond beyond the the classroom classroom Year Six Canberra Trip 2012


s a culminating activity, after studying the

In conjunction with visiting these attractions, students

unit ‘Citizenship and Democracy’ from the

and staff were also fortunate to be accommodated

new Australian Curriculum, the Year Six

at the Australian Institute of Sport, where we had full

students travelled to Canberra in the final week

access to the A.I.S dining room for breakfast and

of Term Two. Travelling with 63 students interstate

dinner. We were lucky enough to be able to watch the

certainly proved to be a wonderful adventure for

Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team and the

all involved. We spent five days visiting a number

Olympic Men’s Volleyball Team in training sessions

of significant sites in the nation’s capital, including:

in the lead-up to the London Games. This was a truly

the National Capital Exhibition Centre, National

remarkable experience. The students were fabulous

Gallery of Australia, Questacon, Museum of

ambassadors for the School. Their eagerness to

Australian Democracy, Australian Institute of Sport,

participate in all of the activities and their fabulous

the High Court of Australia, Telstra Tower, Royal

behaviour, which were commented on frequently

Australian Mint, Parliament House, the Australian

during our tour, made them an absolute privilege

Electoral Commission,

with whom to travel.

the National Dinosaur

Museum, the National Museum of Australia, National Film and Sound Archives, Government

Mr Mike Gregory

House, Canberra Deep Space Communication

Director of Upper Primary

Complex, the National Library and the Australian War Memorial.

DJ BUCKLEY BUILDERS 10 PROGRESS COURT TOOWOOMBA QLD 4350 P 07 4638 3255 | F 07 4638 3229 BSA LICENSE No. 107 87 39 Extensions and Renovations │Commercial and Residential│New Homes



• • • •


Full Custom and Standard Timber Doors and Windows Door and Window Hardware Sales Supply, Delivery and Installation See our website for more information









• Audits

• Taxation/GST

• Cash Flow Forecasting

• Business Structuring

• Management Consulting

• SMSF Administration

• Valuations

• SMSF Audit

• Financial Planning


Clifford House 120 Russell St Toowoomba Qld 4350 PITTSWORTH Call 4693 3148 132 Yandilla St, Pittsworth Qld 4356


prep at a glance Upper Primary Prep’s Upper School aims to provide each boy and

We also welcome a number of boarding students

each girl a realistic transition from the fostering and

during these years, many who are often entering

structured primary years of schooling, into the more

formal schooling for the first time. Sport, performing

self-directed secondary years; equipping them with

arts and wider-curricula activities become a more

both personal management and leadership skills and

important part of each student’s experience at Prep

social confidences required to achieve and thrive

as we participate in school musicals, eisteddfods,

during their adolescence. We aim to achieve this

sporting carnivals and representative teams.

while still providing students with the same nurturing environment required of these formative years in a

Ms Tanya Hopgood

young girl’s or boy’s life. While evidence of this core

Director of Middle Primary

purpose can be clearly seen woven through all aspects of the Upper School’s curriculums, there is no better

Lower Primary

illustration than the experiences provided at the Year

If you peer inside our Lower Primary ‘Out of the Box’

7 camps.

program on a Friday you will see each class exploring

The Year 7 students have two camps; the first in

the Australian Curriculum Cross Curriculum priorities

Term One and the second in Term Four. During their

of sustainability through drama, dance, media, design

time away from school at the Emu Gully Adventure

and technology and Environmental Education. The

Camp, the instructors challenge boys and girls with

teachers and students have been actively engaged in

a series of activities which focus-in on their capacities

activities including using our new Worm Farm, dancing

to cooperate and work alongside a team of peers,

to environmental music, acting out reducing, reusing

comprised of both boys and girls not of their choosing,

and recycling ideas,

to accomplish success or failure as a group.

board activities that promote ‘Sustainability’, creating

Beyond the more esoteric learnings, students have tremendous fun on these camps and further create lifelong memories.

accessing Interactive White

an object out of recyclable materials and creating a puppet advertisement for the 3 R’s on the iPad. We have even invited the Toowoomba Regional Council to present their ‘Litter Free Lunches’ and

Mr Mike Gregory

‘Wriggly Worms’ workshops to help us understand

Director of Upper Primary

more about being sustainable and environmentally

Middle Primary

responsible citizens. Our program is based on ‘Envisaged Learning Theory’ and enables our teachers

The time from Year 3 through to Year 5 continues to

to teach every Lower Primary Class and provides our

be a formative period in the life of Prepies. While we

students with the opportunity to investigate the Cross

are committed to excellence in important academic

Curricular priorities in a fun and purposeful way!

skills such as numeracy and literacy, where knowledge and skills are consolidated and built upon and new

Mrs Michele Wright

concepts across a range of subjects are introduced and

Director of Lower Primary

enhanced, we also find this an important period for our students’ physical, social and emotional development. During these years, the focus is on developing students’ skills in independence, organisation and collaborating with others.







Year 7 Camp - Emu Gully

Boarding For 102 years, the Boarding operation at Prep has been providing for the daily needs, educational requirements and pastoral necessities of children, originally boys only and from the ‘bush’ and Papua New Guinea. The School and Boarding opened to girls some 30 years ago and the vast natural benefits of co-educational schooling, learning and social integration and interaction of boys and girls, further enhanced the uniqueness of the Prep culture. In more recent years, we have increasingly catered for children from ‘all walks of life’ as it were! What is undoubted is that they all bring a richness of personality and life experiences to the ‘family’ that is Prep boarding. We should be getting things right, what with over a century’s experience, but the common denominator throughout all this is the truism of our school’s slogan Prepies, Friends for Life! Perhaps it is because it is

Colonial Day

the first time away from home, parents and close family, but it would appear that when genuine friendships are formed the strongest bonds of brother and sisterhood remain for many years into the future. Furthermore, we believe that most of our boarders are generally happy. We purposely keep them extremely busy, our staff are with them all the time, both our weekly and weekend programs are planned to the last detail, all in order to not only maximise their time and enrich their lives but so that they do not sit around without anything to do or any adult or peers to share that time with. We take pride in the fact that our boarding operation,


just like Prep itself, is a nuturing environment with a Primary focus. We aim to inculcate and ensure that what parents began is developed further, and that our very special boarder charges are nurtured as positively and happily as is possible in our singular ‘family’ environment. Mr Ian McKellar Basset Director of Boarding Year One Science



FROM THE foundation chairman

Our Foundation singularly exists to support the school by facilitating the accumulation of funds for building activities and the provision of scholarships.


e are delighted to be involved in the

In going about our business we are very mindful

first edition of Friends for Life magazine.

of the many worthy causes seeking philanthropic

The Foundation has been very active in


We know we must demonstrate that our

bringing all of the bodies representing the school’s

resources are applied in the best possible way to

community together to bring this magazine to fruition.

assist in providing an all important positive influence

We are sure you will enjoy it.

on a child’s educational experience. When we see

Our Foundation singularly exists to support the school by facilitating the accumulation of funds for building activities and the provision of scholarships. We administer scholarships for isolated children,

Prepies in their secondary and higher education years it is clear we have succeeded. In the short term, we see the need to provide resources for learning areas suited to a secondary

indigenous children and also provide meritorious

curriculum including science and technology.

scholarships for current students via our very popular

provision of these facilities will also benefit the middle

Generation Fund, which is strongly supported by

and upper primary years. The library will also need

grandparents of students at the school.

additional resources as will staff facilities. We will

The Foundation is the gateway to the school for the wider community. We are very grateful for the


keep you posted with our plans and needs in these areas.

generous financial support we have received from

Within the school website you can find useful

many people and organisations from many parts of

information about the Foundation including our

Australia. It is vital we continue to seek their support

financial statements. I encourage you to visit the site

and the support of others.

and consider your support for this very rewarding

This year we are hosting a number of 50/50

cause, a Prep education.

Business Breakfasts. Dates and speakers are listed on the facing page in this magazine. Please be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. Other events on the Foundation calendar include the golf day and


our annual Friends of Prep event, which this year is

Mr Durell Hammond

a Long Lunch.







50/50 business breakfasts 14 june

10 may

Mayor Paul Antonio

Dr Richard Geytenbeek

Prior to becoming Mayor of Toowoomba Regional Council, Paul managed a successful family farming operation west of Millmerran.

Richard emigrated with his family to Australia in July 2001 and is currently the Director of Anaesthesia at Toowoomba Base Hospital.

9 august

3 september

The Hon. John McVeigh

Charlie Mort & Richard Genest

John McVeigh is the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the Member for Toowoomba South.

Charlie Mort is the Managing Director of Mort & Co and Richard Genest is the General Manager of Stahmann Farms.

2013 foundation fundraising Friends of Prep Annual Event The Long Lunch Saturday 3 August Annual Foundation Raffle To be drawn at The Long Lunch Friends of Prep Golf Day Friday 8 November

Please present this document when delivering grain into either Graincorp or AWB Grainflow sites. Recipient Toowoomba Preparatory School Foundation Limited. NGR 13314869 Contact Michael Blyth (07) 4639 8118 ABN 010856621 Address 2 Campbell Street East Toowoomba 4350



FROM THE parents & friends assoc.

Every little bit counts. Being involved in the P&F is an opportunity to give as little or as much as you can. Many hands make light work.


arents and Friends Associations traditionally

The Millennium Centre is the ideal venue for us to

bring vitality and strength to the learning

host interschool chess competitions. This has given

community. The Prep P&F Association offers us

us another opportunity to raise funds for our P&F by

all an opportunity to get involved with other parents

catering for guests on the day.

in events that suit your family’s lifestyle. You can share

Our next event is the Annual Fete on 25 May. It is

a smile, share a drink, share a sport or some music.

our largest fundraising activity. We have food, drinks,

Get together, have some fun and meet new friends

games, rides and stalls. This is a fantastic day and

or reacquaint with old ones. The other side to the

everyone can be involved to make it such a special

get-togethers is the fund raising. All events organised

and fun day. There will be laser skirmish, dodgem

by the P&F are also fundraising events thanks to the

cars, slippery slides, chocolate wheel, lucky dips,

generosity of parents, friends and sponsors.

sweets, coffee, cakes and much more.

The P&F is managed by the Executive Committee, comprising of President, Vice President, Secretary

In the third term we will cater for the athletics carnival, art show and musical.

and Treasurer, and they work with the assistance

As well as these events, we run the tuckshop on a

of Lower, Middle and Upper Primary Social

weekly basis and C@PS our clothing store providing

Convenors, who in turn communicate to year level

the uniforms for our children. C@PS has expanded

representatives. Many other participants attend the

over the last several years and we are the sole supplier

meetings and run the events we hold throughout

of new uniforms. This means that the profits from sales

the year.

go back to our school.

The first of these events in the year is the Welcome

All this takes a lot of effort and I encourage you to

Family BBQ. It is held on a Friday night in about the

get involved in some way big or small. Many hands

Third week of term and it gives families an opportunity

make light work.

to get together socially and share a drink from the bar, a steak or sausage (very kindly donated) while a DJ provides the entertainment for the night. This is


followed the next day by the swimming carnival, and

Mr Robert Hills

catering is provided by parents.







2013 events Term Two - Week 6 Prep Fete

Saturday 25 May

Term Three - Week 3 Fete 2012

Inter-House Athletics Carnival Friday 2 August

Exhibition of Children’s Art Sunday 4 August

Term Three - Week 10 School Musical Yrs 4 to 7

Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 September

social convenors Art Show 2012

Lower Primary Mrs Andrea Goddard Mrs Jackie Chen

Middle Primary Mrs Kellie Tyrrell Mrs Sarah Webb

Upper School Mrs Charlotte Grigg Mrs Bronwyn Jones

Boarding Mrs Sarah White Mrs Sally McGilvray School Musical 2012



Focus on Friends The Southern Cross Automotive Group is privately

a major employer within the Toowoomba region with

owned and operated by two Toowoomba locals, John

over 200 staff at sites in Toowoomba, Chinchilla, Dalby

Keating and Anthony Freer. Each day we strive to retain

and Roma, who are often well known to many of our

Ford’s great heritage within the Toowoomba region

customers, further enhancing that community spirit.

which dates back to 1925. John and Anthony believe

John and Donna Keating have had a long and

their success has been underpinned by their unswerving

continuing association with Prep, with all three of their

commitment to provide customers like you with good old

children attending the school: Lachlan finished in 2004,

fashioned country service. We are also proud to be

Prudence finished in 2006, and Thomas in 2009. In that time, Donna was actively involved with the P&F and John was the Chair of the Foundation from February 2006 to November 2009, after initially being Chair of the Library Fundraising Committee for the new Fairfax Library. Their children have got very strong relationships with their classmates from those years. Friendships made with other parents and the contacts made during the time their children were attending Prep have also endured; a testament to the Prepies, Friends for Life motto.

Ritsumeikan Study Tour


uring 2012 Prep welcomed its first group of

These international exchanges provide our students

students from Ritsumeikan Primary School,

with a rich education and prepare them more fully for

Kyoto Japan, nine of whom remained with us

life in the world’s global village.

for an entire term. Another 34 joined us for a shortstay study tour in Term Three. We look forward to welcoming another 29 students from Ritsumeikan Primary again this year. A group of nine Toowoomba Prep students also travelled to Japan in early December to experience Ritsumeikan schooling and another tour has been scheduled for the end of this year. Places





Kinkajui Temple and the Arashiyama Monkey Park.

Ever Wondered Why? Fairfax House was named after the Fairfax family, who have been loyal supporters of the school, particularly the library, since the late 1920s. Mr J.H. Fairfax was the chairman of Prep's first School Council. He initiated the Fairfax Medal ‘for the boy who serves his best during the year’. The house colour is blue.


Connal House was named after Prep’s third Headmaster Norman Scott ‘Boss’ Connal (1929-1958). Boss possessed a deep love of church, chapel, choir, debating and acting. He was known for his compassion, fairness, common sense and community spirit. The house colour is yellow.

Gill House was named after Prep’s first Headmaster, Ernest Albert Gill (1911-1926). Ernest was an accomplished sportsman excelling at golf, tennis and cricket. The house colour is maroon.






The Last Word Traditionally, the various parts of our school have communicated with future, current and past students, parents and friends, supporters and the wider community in a multitude of ways. However, like a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, it isn’t until you fit the pieces together that you begin to see the complete picture and gain an appreciation of the parts that make up the whole. Your School Foundation has felt passionately for a long time about the need for a regular and timely publication that shows and tells the whole Prep story. That time has come and it has been made possible, only because it has been embraced by the entire school. Therefore, the Prep school community would like to thank the sponsors and contributors to this first edition of the magazine for their good will and support. In time, it is hoped that you will come to view the magazine as a loyal friend who checks in with you regularly, lets you know what they’ve done, where they’ve been, and the exciting things they have planned for the future.





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New exterior design features Fresh interior equipment 2.2L fuel efficient Turbo Diesel engine Also available with new lightweight 177kW Si4 2.0L petrol engine^




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Vehicle shown is 2013 Freelander 2 TD4 Manual at recommended driveaway price of $44,990. Excludes metallic paint at $1,800 extra. ^Freelander 2 Si4 2.0L petrol available in SE models only at extra


Friends for Life  

The journal for Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School

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