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A Romanian man burnt this morning the door of El Salvador Church in S/C de La Palma. But the firefighters stopped the fire on time. The man was arrested by the police. The man remained standing in front of the burning door while the interior of the church was full of smoke. Somebody who was passing at that moment called the police and the firefighters.

He asked the priest to call the press in order to communicate his message about how the world is going to end soon. He handed a lot of papers with his theory.

Not only did the fire affect the door, but also the church’s hall suffered some damage. The Town Hall informed that this man had gone to the church a lot of times before the attack to talk with the priest about the end of the world.


Ein Mann hat die Tür der El Salvador-Kirche in Brand gesetzt. Mit der Hilfe der Feuerwehrleute ist die Kirche nicht abgebrannt. Die Polizei hat den Verbrecher verhaftet. Er hat viele Male mit dem Priester über das Ende der Welt gesprochen. Der Stein der Fassade ist beschädigt. El Salvador ist die älteste Kirche auf La Palma. Heute bin ich spazieren gegangen und ich habe den Platz und den Schaden gesehen. Die Tür ist oben schwarz. Es ist traurig, dass die Leute manchmal Meisterwerke zerstören wollen.


My favourite sport is football. In this game each team has got eleven players. There are two teams, so there are twenty-two players in total. Each team has got one coach. He decides the players that must play. The winner is the team which scores more goals than the other. My favourite player is Mesut Ozil. My favourite team is Real Madrid. I play football on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I also play football with my friends in my school every day.

My second favourite sport is basketball. In this sport each team has got five players. There are two teams, so there are ten players on the basketball court. Each team has got one coach. He decides the players that must play. The winner is the team which scores more baskets. My favourite player is Pau Gasol. My favourite team is “The Lakers”. My school has got a basketball team. I like playing basketball but I don´t play basketball because I haven´t got enough free time.

Ich spiele Basketball, weil ich Basketball mag. IN MEINER SCHULE In meiner Schule gibt es ein Basketball – Team, es heisst „La Palmita”. Das Team spielt zweimal pro Woche : Dienstag und Donnerstag um 5:00 am Nachmittag. GESCHICHTE Basketball begann 1891 in den USA (Springfield). Die ersten Basketballspieler waren Studenten aus Springfield. Die Person, die Basketball erfand war James Naismith. IN DER NBA Ich denke, NBA Basketball-Stars spielen jeden Tag. Mein Lieblingsteams sind Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, Nets und New York. Die besten Spieler sind Ricky Rubio, Pau Gasol, Mark, Kobe Bryant, weil sie sehr gut spielen.


Der grösste Spieler ist Alexander Sizonenko mit 2,39 m.

Music is beautiful and I love it. I’m always listening to music and singing. Yes, I like singing, and I do it in a chorus. I also play the flute, and I think that dancing is very funny. Definitely, I’m very interested in music. I’m very shy, that’s my problem. Why? Because I can’t sing or play the flute for other people. Sorry, I can, but it’s very difficult for me. I think that I prefer an impossible maths exam, it is easier. My mum always says to me that I have got musical culture, and I think so. When I listen to an old song, in general, I can guess who the singer is, and I know the lyrics, too. Everybody knows that I’m a big fan of Justin Bieber, I’m one of his million “believers”, but it means nothing. People think that I only listen to Justin, but it isn’t true. I like music, and I listen to other artists too. Music is music, and I just love it. That’s all.


Jon Bon Jovi ist ein auf der ganzen Welt berühmter Sänger. Er ist am 02/03/1962 in New Jersey (U.S.A ) geboren. Sein kompletter Name ist John Francis Bongiovi. Er heiratete Dorothea Hurley in Las Vegas 1989 und sie haben vier Kinder: Stephanie, Jessi James Louis, Jacob und Romeo Jon. Er bildete seine Gruppe Bon Jovi. Die Mitglieder sind: Tico Torres, Richi Sambora, David Bryan und Jon Bon Jovi. Sie spielen Hard Rock, Country Rock, Glam Metal, Pop Rock... Ihr erstes Album war „Runaway“ und andere berühmte Alben sind: Keep the faith, Crush, Slippery when wet, Have a nice day und Bounce. Meine Lieblingslieder sind: Always, It´s my life und Because we can. Meine Meinung ist: er ist einer der besten Sänger der Welt, weil er die Musikwelt geändert hat. Er ist der beste.


Life is Beautiful (Italian: La vita è bella) is a 1997 Italian comedy-drama film directed by and starring Roberto Benigni. Benigni plays Guido Orefice, a Jewish Italian book shop owner, who must employ his fertile imagination to shield his son from the horrors of internment in a Nazi concentration camp. Part of the film came from Benigni's own family history; before Roberto's birth, his father had survived three years of internment at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. The film was a critical and financial success, winning Benigni the Academy Award for Best Actor at the 71st Academy Awards as well as the Academy Award for Best Original Dramatic Score and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. This film is very sentimental because it shows the old wars between Jew and German people.


Viele Jugendliche gehen gern ins Kino, weil es eine für jeden erreichbare Unterhaltungsmöglichkeit ist, obwohl der Preis der Kinokarten hoch sein kann. Immer wieder kommen gute und interessante Kinofilme, die man sich gerne ansieht. Zum Glück gibt es auch in Los Llanos ein Kino und wenn jemand die neuesten Filme sehen möchte, muss er eben nach Los Llanos fahren. Ich gehe sehr gern ins Kino. Ich gehe meistens einmal im Monat mit meiner Freundin ins Kino. Das Gute am Kinobesuch ist, dass man sich nicht so elegant anziehen muss wie bei einem Theaterbesuch. Wenn der Film populär ist, muss man lange Schlange stehen oder man kann die Karten auch im Voraus bestellen. Ich sitze am liebsten hinten oder im mittleren Bereich, weil man von dort aus alles am besten sehen und hören kann. Während des Films esse ich immer etwas: Popcorn oder Schokolade. Am liebsten sehe ich mir lustige Filme und Komödien an, weil ich sehr gern lache. LA PALMITA NEWS 1. Find the words.


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Human’s mind is a very complicated machine, a mystery that is waiting for being discovered, a big maze full of contradictions and streets without exit. However, teenagers’ mind is even more difficult to understand. We spend a few couples of years complaining about school, its uniform, teachers, the obligation of getting up early, exams… And then, when we just have barely months left to leave this school forever, we look back to the past, we remember everything that we have lived here and we try to find the way to live again those unforgettable memories, we wish we could stay forever in La Palmita. No, we do not want to leave behind anything of this. We form part of the history of this ancient school. There is a place in our heart where La Palmita rests lovely asleep, where its people - teachers, nuns and classmates- continue smiling as they did years ago and keep on doing right now. I like visiting that place because there, I can see again the faces that I see every day and the ones that I saw one day and I will not be able to see anymore. I see people who came and left and people who came, did not want to leave and circumstances such as illnesses or jobs made them disappear from my side forever. Anyway, they are still here, in my mind. They are still there, in a pupil’s smile. I can see them every time I close my eyes and think how we could not help running faster and faster in breaks, playing hide and seek or just having a good time with our friends. I can see them in the teachers and classmates who at first were new for me and I did not like because they were supposed to replace the irreplaceable ones. I have acquired a lot of knowledge thanks to this school but that is not the most important achievement that I got. Here, I have learnt to fall and then, to stand up. I have learnt to feel, to cry, to laugh, to be serious, to be funny, to be responsible, to be honest, to feel compassion, to love. Thanks to people that were around me while I was growing up, I learnt to be a person. Maybe not a perfect person. Just a person that wants to fulfill her dream and become some day as perfect and amazing as her classmates, teachers and her school was, is and will continue being until the end of days.


Hallo! Ich heiße Amelia, ich bin 16 Jahre alt und ich bin im vierten Kurs „ESO“. Ich bin dreizehn Jahre in dieser Schule gewesen. Von 3 bis 12 Jahre war ich mit meiner Schwester in der Schule. Sie ist älter als ich und jetzt ist sie schon in der Universität auf Teneriffa. Ich bin von der ersten bis zur dritten Klasse im Esszimmer gewesen. Ich finde das Essen sehr gut und ich machte mir sehr viele Freunde. Mein Lieblingsessen war Gemüsesuppe und Steak mit Pommes. In dieser Schule habe ich viele Tagesausflüge gemacht... nach Loroparque, Refugio del Pilar, Teneriffa, Madrid, Caldera de Taburiente... Alle Ausflüge waren immer total super!! Ich will die Schule nicht verlassen. Ich mag die Schulkleidung, die Lehrer und die Klassenkameraden. Sie sind sehr nett. Dies ist leider mein letztes Jahr auf dieser Schule.


After a long time waiting , on Tuesday 9th March, we went to Miraflores. We didn’t have any exams so we could spend the day there. This year, since we are the oldest people at school, we organized the sport activities for the youngest ones. My group was formed by Cristina, Nerea, Claudia and me, but Claudia wasn’t very useful because she was using crutches. Our job was to organize the alternative games for 4º, first and 1º, then. Our bus was the first to arrive in the morning . We had to hurry up, because we didn’t have so much time to prepare everything. At the first hour we warmed up with our classmates and then we practiced athletics. All this time, Claudia was sitting near us, watching what we were doing. She was a bit upset. At the second hour we had to play handball, but we spent all the time filling water balloons. Then, we played some games with most of our classmates. We also spent the next hour filling balloons. My fingers hurt. We were a little nervous because we didn’t know what to expect of the youngest children of our school. At 12.10, they arrived where we were, and we began the activities. I had a great group, I liked them, but they were a bit violent. Nevertheless, I had a good time. Then we told them we were going to play with balloons and it was The Apocalypse couple with the Flood and the fall of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. It looked like a slaughter. But I played the whistle very hard and all of them shut up. They went quietly to their next class and we could pick up all the balloons from the ground. Finally, we only could swim a little in the swimming pool

because it was frost

and then, Don Jose took us a memorable photo.


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