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a zine inspired by the 2015 Third Coast Filmless Festival

by Cal Tabuena-Frolli

Table of Contents 03 Live On Stage 09 Workshops 11 Audio Screenings 18 Awards Ceremony 21 Sonic Hoopla 26 Credits and Thank Yous


Live On Stage Pep Rally: 4 Stories, 1 Brass Band

The first stars I’ve seen tonight


Live on Stage Radio Fiction for the 21st Century with Ann Heppermann and Martin Johnson (the founders of the Sarah Awards for audio fiction)



Live On Stage Invisibilia Inconversation Alix Spiegel drops some knowledge

Alix on motivation

Alix’s origin story is wild!


Radiolab’s story Death Mask inspired Alix to make radio after a long break.


Live On Stage Mystery Show Live Starlee hand selects a BFF and interviews her live. She is perfect.


Workshops Interviewing with Sean Cole


Workshops Storytelling with WBEZ’s Ben Calhoun

Does your idea have a narrative thread that can grow into larger concepts? Or is it just an interesting topic/setting/ character? If it’s the latter, kill it or find that narrative within! 10

Audio Screening Field Trip: On the bus and out of your comfort zone

The Glowing Orbs by Nate DiMeo


Audio Screening Field Trip: On the bus and out of your comfort zone

Stories and Driving by Sophie Townsend

Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads by Sean Cole


Sex Ed: Birds and bees, too

All It Takes Is A Wall by Frances Willick


Audio Screening Sex Ed: Birds and bees, too

The Hurricane by Mitra Kaboli with Kaitlin Prest 14

Sex Ed: Birds and bees, too Writing on the Stall: Overheard, eavesdropped, sonically scrawled

School of Romance by Miranda July

Voyager Found by Jonathan Mitchell


Audio Screening Writing on the Stall: Overheard, eavesdropped, sonically scrawled

Cat Names by Joseph Keckler 16

The Living Room by Briana Breen and Brendan Baker 17

Awards Ceremony Winners Circles

Best Documentary Gold Award Sight Unseen Radiolab

Best Documentary Silver Award Sounds Up There Whistledown Productions & BBC Radio 4

Best Documentary Bronze Award Structural Integrity 99% Invisible


Best Documentary Honorable Mention 695BGK Criminal

Directors’ Choice Award The Living Room Love + Radio

Best New Artist Award Mayday Mayday BBC Radio 4


Awards Ceremony Winners Circles

Skylarking Award Britney Mystery Show

Best News Feature Burma’s Rohingya: Easy Prey for Traffickers America Abroad

Radio Impact Award Betrayed by Silence Minnesota Public Radio News


Sonic Hoopla Braidio Veronica Simmonds braids hair, live on air


Sonic Hoopla ShortDocs Listening Room with WFMT




1. Where Do I Even Start? by Aaron Leeder and Benjamin Riskin 2. What Makes a Good Marriage? by Olivia Humphreys 3. What Could Be Bad About This? by John-Michael Forman 22




4. What Happened When You Caught a Toadfish? by Todd & Sam Wemmer and Liam Rommer 5. Where Do I Find You Now? by Sara Brooke Curtis 6. What Was it About Marriage Anyway? by Austin Mitchell 23

Sonic Hoopla Faces In The Dark Live-drawn during Friday night’s performance (top) Live-drawn during Sunday’s Field Trip audio screening (bottom)


Podcast Therapy Have a personal problem? Drs. Maya Golberg-Safir and Sarah Geis are on the case!


Credits Many thanks to the foundations, corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals who keep the Third Coast Festival strong all year round, and who have helped make the 2015 Third Coast Filmless Festival and Awards Ceremony a success. 2015 Filmless Festival Supporters

Sponsors (Major)

Sponsors (Shout-Out)

TCIAF Supporters (Lead)

TCIAF Supporters

And a Special Thanks to The ChiArts Team, WFMT Radio Network, KCRW's Independent Producer Project,​, Bill Healy, Michael Chupich of Trek Studios, All 20 + amazing volunteers


The Third Coast Team 1.






1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Johanna Zorn Sarah Geis Gwen Macsai Maya Goldberg-Safir Chris Smith Dennis Funk

Executive Director Managing Director Re:sound Host Social Media Strategist Filmless Manager Third Coast Producer 27

Cal Tabuena-Frolli designs and illustrates for Public Radio.

Thanks to Ninna Gaensler-Debs, Claire Mullen and Angela Johnston, founding members of The Litography Project; the AIR New Voices team; and Johanna Zorn for making room in the radio world for visual arts. 2015


An illustrated zine inspired by the 2015 Third Coast Filmless Festival.

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