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Special Edition: A Year In Review

WINTER 2013-2014 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

Meet Our President and CEO After months of searching, Jonathan Solomons was appointed as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Tabor Services Inc. in July 2013. The Wharton School MBA in Health Care Administration graduate has replaced Tabor’s long-time Executive William A. Haussmann. “It’s never easy to replace an icon who many identify as the face of Tabor, but I am excited by the opportunity,” said Solomons. In just his first six months at Tabor, Solomons has helped the family of services navigate through the many changes now occurring in the child welfare system. “My goal,” remar ked

Solomons, “is to expand the service line so that it is not so dependent on one payer and to further enhance the current reputation as the premier child welfare and behavioral health agency in Southeastern PA,” he added. Solomons is well-prepared in this regard through his previous position as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance and Administration for NorthEast Treatment Centers (NET), where he also served, on occasion, as Acting CEO during his 13 years. While at NET, Solomons helped implement the first Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) contract awarded under Philadelphia Department of Human Services’ Improving Outcomes for Children Initiative. Prior to his time at NET, Solomons served for four years as CFO of Community Behavioral Health.

A Family of Services We are proud to report that this is the third consecutive year that Tabor Children's Services and Baptist Children's Services (BCS YES!) have been in partnership. After the signing of the AFA agreement and s ub s eq u e nt p ar t n er shi p i n 20 10, t he organizations have achieved economies of scale in human resources, fiscal, social services and development. BCS YES! Is working with Tabor to achieve accreditation through Council on Accreditation (COA), internationally recognized accreditor of over

2,000 private and public organizations. Even more compelling is how these two agencies work together to create a true family of services by providing a continuum of care to children, youth, young adults, and families t hr o ug h o u t S o u th e as t er n PA . T a b or emphasizes empowerment of individuals and families to keep children in their homes and communities safely while BCSYES! provides community based homes that provide safety, guidance and support to the children who are awaiting permanency. Together We Empower

A Place Where Children Are Safe & Families Are Secure

Inside this issue:

CUA 6 Award


Forever Family Success


Success Series: Empowered Youth


Forever Homes 4 Wanted Together We Empower


Upcoming Events


Partners, Donors, Do-Gooders


A Special Thank You


U-N-I in Community


Messages from Management


Special points of interest:

CUA Award Jhay Receives a Family A Very Special Thank You Together We Empower!

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Pursuits & Benevolence

Volume 1, Issue 1

Community Umbrella Agency Award The City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services awarded Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) #6 to Tabor Northern Community Partners (TNCP.) In response to Philadelphia’s Improving Outcomes for Children initiative, Tabor Children’s Services partnered with Northern Children’s Services to create a new organization, TNCP. TNCP will build upon the resources of both parent organizations to develop a unique CUA that is a true community partnership serving the 5th and 14th Police Districts of Philadelphia. Both Northern and Tabor have a long and demonstrated history of providing high quality services to children and

families. As the parent agencies, Tabor and Northern combine to bring TNCP extensive experience providing prevention services, in-home, placement, adolescent, behavioral health and community based services. TNCP looks forward to working with DHS in implementing this innovative model for the Germantown, Roxborough, Mt. Airy, and Manayunk communities.

Forever Family Success Story Dear Tabor Family,

Jhay, a young boy now currently 8 years old, was removed from his home in 2008 due to parental medical neglect and substance abuse. Jhay was placed in foster care in 2009 and experienced several unsuccessful placements before coming to Tabor Children’s Services in 2012. Tommy Harrell recently adopted Jhay.

Jhay is doing very well. We have been traveling in the United States and will take our final holiday on a cruise to Alaska for 7 days. We have done a great deal i n l ess than 12 months. A B aptismal, Fir st Reconciliation, First Communion, a very successful 2nd grade final report card, 3 belts in Karate, 2 swim levels, and Jhay scored in the 97th percentile on the TerraNova test. He scored in the top 3 percent of all 2nd graders. Children are indeed resilient when they get unconditional love! This journey started with Tabor coming out to my house to do all the paperwork and it ended with Tabor fiercely fighting to complete this adoption. My son is as thrilled as I am. I am now a proud member of the Tabor family and as I have said before, I am at your service. Jhay will have a few surprises for his Tabor family this upcoming year. I have said thank you a million times but the work my Tabor family did to make this happen was incredible! -Tommy

Harrell, Proud Parent

Together We Empower A Place Where Children Are Safe & Families Are Secure

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Pursuits & Benevolence

Empowering Our Youth & Building Leaders Tiana, currently a 17 year old in the 11th grade, came to live at Baptist Children’s Services (BCS YES!) at the age of 14. Prior to her arrival, she had endured years of homelessness and neglect. While at BCS YES! Tiana has been provided the love, guidance, and support needed to become empowered to succeed. She is currently accomplishing tremendous academic success and has received honor roll. “I am really excited about sharing with you the ways BCS YES! has helped me and changed my life. I have so many positive memories from my time spent here. If I had to share only one with you it would be the memory of making new friends here. I have enjoyed learning about the other girls here and find comfort knowing that we are always here for each other. I really enjoy going to school and am an active member of my school’s Gear Up Program, a program designed to prepare youth for college. I am currently working with a group of 9th graders to serve as a positive role model and educate them about college and the importance of obtaining a college education. I want to

Tari “I have had the pleasure of knowing Tari for almost four years now. We became acquainted through my role as caseworker and her as a teen growing up in the foster care system of Bucks County. My first impression of Tari holds true today. Tari is a strong, mature and confident young woman. She graduated from Central Bucks West High School in 2009 at the age of sixteen. As a teen in care she was eligible to participate in a board extension program. This program offers youth the opportunity to remain in care, until age twenty one, while pursuing secondary education. Once on campus at Temple University, Tari adapted with ease to the independent living environment of the college community. She prioritized academics, often worked two part-time

use my academic skills and passion for helping others to one day go to college to become a nurse. I just really enjoy helping people and want to spend my life doing that. My social worker Ms. Kareemah has been a major positive influence on me because she takes the time to talk to with me about the amount of confidence she has in me to succeed. She told me that I am a positive role model to other girls and that others look up to me. My advice and words of encouragement to others who may have lost hope and feel like they want to give up, is that they should still stay ‘on top of their game’ because a person never knows what opportunities might be coming their way.”

- Tiana, Empowered Youth

jobs, and enjoyed the company of many friends. Tari accepted the challenge that she was in charge of her future. She was insightful beyond her years, and accountable for lapses in judgment on her journey through life. Tari, an English major, has graduated from Temple university this year with a GPA of 3.6. She subsequently was discharged from foster care on her twenty-first birthday. Tari is now employed full time in a professional capacity and lives independently. She expects to pursue a law degree in the near future. Tari’s engaging personality and sharp sense of humor will be missed by many.”

- Terri Bauer, Dedicated Case Worker

Together We Empower A Place Where Children Are Safe & Families Are Secure

Pursuits & Benevolence

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Samirah “She is a young lady who has overcome many struggles; including losing her mother at a young age and living in group and foster homes. She was accepted into Tabor’s Supervised Independent Living (SIL) program and made a very smooth transition from foster care into SIL. When she came into our program at the age of 17, she was provided a support network that helped her with living on her own, and assisted her with finishing high school, completing college applications and obtaining a part-time job. She was able to earn straight A’s for her entire senior year. When applying for colleges, Samirah aimed high, and was not only accepted into La Salle University, but was also awarded scholarships and grants to cover her entire tuition for a four-year Bachelor’s degree program! Samirah was accepted into La Salle’s Academic Discovery program and is studying Criminal Justice. She has a very strong dedication to her education and possesses exemplary work ethic. Samirah is grateful for the continued support she is receiving from the

Department of Human Services and Tabor Children’s Services. She knows that without the support of Tabor’s SIL program, she would not have the assistance that she needs to focus on her studies in order to continue to do well. -Dawn

Potalivo, Director of Behavioral Health Programs

"I got 3 A's and 1 B last semester, I am excited that I am doing so well and have a great GPA. My goal for next semester is to get all A's." -Samirah

Forever Homes Wanted! Do you want to learn more about becoming a foster parent or adoptive parent? Email:


Michael, age 19 Enjoys all sports, cooking, music and graphic novels.

Jabriel, age 12

Michael, age 13

Enjoys reading, swimming, football and bay blades.”

Enjoys drawing, sports, swimming and train mechanics.”

Together We Empower A Place Where Children Are Safe & Families Are Secure

Mikal, age 18 Enjoys art, cosmetology, fashion design and activism.

Pursuits & Benevolence

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Together We Empower!

Join the Family & Become a Proud Sponsor! When you work with us, you are supporting the safety of children and directly contributing to building strong networks of support and enhancing communities. This message, your message targets a responsive audience of potential customers as well as your existing customers, employees and stakeholders. Take advantage of the public exposure that partnering with us can bring. No matter what size your business is, there are many different ways to become a partner or sponsor and show your support.

Sponsor or contribute to a fundraising event Create a workplace philanthropy project Help fund a child-focused program To learn more about the benefits of integrating philanthropy into your business operations email

Upcoming Events! A New Year & A New Websites! SIGN UP for our newsletters, apply for career and volunteer opportunities, read our new mentoring blog, and much more directly on our new websites! February 25th—A Unique Networking Event

Tabor Nights! A series of silent auction events to be hosted in Philadelphia and Bucks County. For more information or to donate a good to be auctioned email Support Through Sports- BCS YES! & Tabor

Tabor says THANK YOU! by opening their doors to the There will be a basketball league set up to connect with the Doylestown Campus Main House- A National Registered community and raise awareness for our Family of Services. Historical Landmark. if you would like to participate. Call 215-348-9261 ext. 605 for more information or to RSVP Together We Empower A Place Where Children Are Safe & Families Are Secure

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Pursuits & Benevolence

Volume 1, Issue 1

Resources Awareness

We Put the U-N-I in COMMUNITY We strive to continuously identify opportunities for partnership and the development of relationships which could be mutually beneficial to children, families and the community.


Are you interested in being a community partner? Email to learn more about our upcoming volunteer and community related opportunities!


From the Management Team

Congratulations to the Treatment Foster Care and Permanency teams! Tabor has been awarded a performance bonus for successfully moving children to permanency adoption or permanent legal custody while maintaining a high standard of case management and service delivery. Thank you for all of your hard work and the dedication you have for our children and families!

Another Year of Excellence in Compliance for BCS YES! Congratulations to the Residential and Social Services Departments on their successful audit of services performed by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS). BCS YES! received record scores, with 100% compliance for the Rosenberger Emergency Shelter and 99% compliance for all group homes.

Together We Empower A Place Where Children Are Safe & Families Are Secure

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Pursuits & Benevolence

Volume 1, Issue 1

Partners, Donors, Do-Gooders: One Community United in Making a Difference! We would like to take this time to acknowledge the many individuals and organizations who support our mission. We have received the help of many volunteer groups over the years. Some of the most recent groups this year have been: Villanova University Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Lehigh Alumni Great Commission Church Wharton Business School

A Very Special Thank You! As we reflect on the past year we are reminded that we could not have carried out our mission or even survived without the many acts of kindness from our volunteers, loyal donors and hard-working, dedicated staff. As we begin another year we are mindful of the many wonderful gifts and support we have received. Contributions and support have helped Tabor ensure the safety of children, youth, adults and families; enhance the development of children and youth; and secure children’s right to permanent families. Your generous donations and volunteer time spent with BCSYES! have helped homeless, vulnerable teens by providing residential stability and food security, academic successes, medical and dental care and a sense of belonging. Your contributions have helped us as we continuously strive to empower our youth to overcome the effects of neglect, abuse and trauma so they have a chance of becoming self-sufficient adults.

Reporting on the past year, we are happy to announce that it is the support and wide-spread participation of so many that has allowed us to continue to achieve positive results for children, youth and families. As we look forward to continuing our mission, we are mindful that we have never done this work alone – but always with unwavering support. It is the support from donors and partners that has continuously allowed us to overcome challenges and successfully carry out our mission.

Thank you!

Together We Empower A Place Where Children Are Safe & Families Are Secure

Remembering Our Mission Tabor Children’s Services is committed to providing culturally-competent, cost-effective quality services that ensure the safety of children, youth, adults and families; enhance the development of children and youth; secure the children’s right to permanent families; foster the integrity of the family; and promote the mental health and improved functioning of children and adults seeking stability and independence. Baptist Children's Services is dedicated to provide quality residential care and educational support to youth. We are committed to instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in those we serve, and to create opportunities to improve their lives through guidance, love, and positive role modeling.

Tabor Children’s House is committed to providing quality early care and education in a safe, nurturing, culturally-competent environment that helps to develop the potential of ALL children.

Contact Us By Mail: Tabor Children’s Services 601 New Britain Road Doylestown, PA 18901 Tabor Children’s Services 57 East Armat Street Philadelphia, PA 19144

Tabor Children’s House 601 New Britain Road Doylestown, PA 18901

A Family of Services

Baptist Children’s Services 57 East Armat Street Philadelphia, PA 19144

Together We Empower A Pl a c e W he r e C hi l d r e n A r e S a f e & Fami l i e s A r e S e c u r e

Learn more by visiting:

By Phone: Tabor Children’s Services (Doylestown): 215-348-4071 Tabor Children’s Services (Philadelphia): 215-842-4800 Baptist Children’s Services: 610-879-1440 Tabor Children’s House : 215-345-5877





Together We Empower A Place Where Children Are Safe & Families Are Secure

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