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Kateřina Kusá - Czech republic

Kateřina Jelínková - Czech republic

Simona Bažantová - Czech republic

Tereza Černovská - Czech republic

Šárka Čermáková - Czech republic

Lukáš Toušek - Czech republic

Kathrin Heinzer –Germany

Eyglo Inga Baldursdottir – Iceland

Vladyslav Dinburg – Spain

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Nr. 1: Ban on alcohol and smoking in certain areas of the town (schools, sports ground, bus stop) Czech Republic: People can’t smoking at the bus stops, playgrounds, in some restaurants, around the schools etc. in Tábor. Goal is to maintain cleanliness in the city, good morals and health. People can’t drink alcohol for example around Jordán Lake, on the Žižka’s square… Problem is that people throw away their bottle and in city is mess. It is dangerous at playgrounds, because children can hurt the shards. Homeless drink at the rain station and they are sometimes aggressive and threaten people. SOLUTION can be more police patrols to problem areas.

Spain: In Alicante we can’t smoke in restaurant and public places. Alcohol is problem. The problem is that child can buy alcohol in some places, but it isn´t legal.

Germany: In Germany smoking is banned in a lot of places, especially around schools and sports grounds because nonsmoker where complaining about the smoke. But they always offer a small smoking area where people can go. You are allowed to smoke on the streets and bus stations. In most of the pubs or restaurants you have to go outside or to the smoking area.

Iceland: We can’t smoke in pubs and schools, restaurants. We can’t drink alcohol in public. Our country hasn’t problems with alcohol and smoking.

Nr. 2: CCTV cameras into problem areas (all pictures on this side are used from

Czech Republic: We do have cameras in problem areas, but we do not think it is really working and useful. Because the police do not use the cameras, they do not watch them and do not care about the problem people at all.

Spain: The problem is that in Alicante we only have about 50 CCTV cameras only on the principal places and the police don´t use then frequently, but we have more cameras in bigger cities like Madrid. And our opinion is that the Spanish people don´t like this on the streets because they do not like if somebody is watching them.

Germany: We have cameras in areas of public transportation for example the traffic, the underground, the bus stops and even in the buses. There are a lot of security cameras in shops and around the some pubs and clubs to watch over the nightlife. But there has to be a sign to tell people that cameras are used.

Iceland: We do not have cameras outside, only in places like swimming pool for safety the visitors and above the lights on the streets. It is not necessary to have them on other places because people there are polite.

SOLUTION: We think if the police could pay a more effort to watch the cameras and really do something about the problem areas, e.g. give a fee to the teens for drinking alcohol, a fee for smoking in non-smoking areas etc., that way it could be very useful to have cameras in that areas. So it is all up to the police to do something with the CCTV cameras.

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Nr.3: Street culture (art performers) Iceland The smaller towns of Iceland don´t have a lot of street culture. They sometimes have some special attractions for tourists. But big towns just as Reykjavik have street art like graffiti’s and music performances. Some places also have actors acting in public plays.

Germany Germany offers a lot of street culture. We have a lot of art like graffiti’s, often used to show a political opinion. In bigger cities there are a lot of tourist attractions like artsists, actors and dancers (Hip Hop etc.). Music is a big part of our street culture. In Hamburg there are a lot of free concerts on small or bigger stages, playing Ska, Reggae, Rock or Punk-Rock. In Hamburg we also have some street festivals, which are part of our street culture, like the harbor birthday. We also like to go to the Hamburger Dom.

Spain Alicante has a lot of street culture, for example graffiti’s, street dancers and musicians and very beautiful places. Also we have amphitheater and places for the young people concerts, places for graffiti’s and streets where the people go to show their talent, for example, dance, draw, make pantomime and play instruments.

Czech Republic In Tábor we do not really have street culture very developed. There is just hardly ever a person playing on the street, there are no big performances, there are only homeless people on the streets asking for money. But when we do have a street performance, it is usually a politic party doing its campaign for elections.

SOLUTION: We should support street artists and musicians more and give them opportunities to perform. And make soup kitchen for the homeless people to give them a place to stay and stop them from bagging for money on the streets. And Tábor should also create a wall for graffiti artists, so they do not spray on historical buildings.

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Nr.4: Discounts for students in different areas of life (sports, culture) Czech Republic: In Tábor students used a discount with ISIC card for example McDonald’s, CK Čedok, Timeout, Sportisimo, Husitské museum etc.. Further students in Tábor used discounts for travelling.


In Spain we have the student ID and this ID gives us special discounts for places like cinema, restaurants and fairs. Almost we have discounts for transport called “Carnet Jove” that is a special transport card with cheaper transport prices.

Germany: If you have a student ID you can get a discount on bus or train tickets in Hamburg. You can also pay less for some food stores like subway and some cloths like urban outfitters. There are a lot of little stores that offer a discount for students in our area.

Iceland: If you are in school you don’t have to pay to go to the swimming pool, but when you go to high school you have to pay. When you are in high school you get discounts for sports, flights, museum etc.. Solution: We don’t think that it is one of the most main problems (all pictures on this side are used from

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(all pictures on this side are used from

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