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E5 Entrepreneurship Education 2012 – 14 Group #3. Tomas, Nick, Janne, Nici, Petra, Kačka

1. Ban on alcohol and smoking in certain areas of the town (schools, sportgrounds, bus stops) Here is the map where people cannot drink an alcohol in Tábor.






Germany: A few years ago the German government forbid to smoke in closed areas except there are explicit smoking areas. So its up to everyone to leave the house and smoke outside. At school or sports grounds i t is also forbidden to drink, but we don’t see any problems in drinking or smoking at bus stations. If you want to drink or smoke you have to leave the yard. Dennmark: In Denmark you can buy alcohol with 16 %, when you are 16 years old, and if you want alcohol with a percent over 16, you have to be over 18 years old. Most clubs in Denmark you have to be 18 years old to past, and if you get busted and you are not old enough the club can ban you from their club in three months. In Denmark smoking is ban almost everywhere in public. You can’t just go on a bar or in a cafe and smoke. In Denmark there is a place in the cafe, bar or club for the people, who is smoking. At my school the students and teachers, who are smoking, need to go out on the street in front of the school and smoke there. Czech : There are a lot of smokers in Tábor. Does not matter age. In each age group you can find someone who smokes (teenagers, old people…). In our town are smokers allowed to smoke in special parts of restaurants because some people mind smoke when they eat. Smoking is banned for example on bus stops and around schools. Some people break the rules mainly at night but we have police patrols which look over that. Spain: In Spain we cannot smoking in public places (like Restaurants, cinemas…), only outside, so when I stay in some restaurant or something like that in Tabor and the people is smoking I am not feeling quite well, because my clothes and my hair smells to tobacco. I am not smoking so I think that people has to respect to other.

2.CCTV cameras into problem areas Germany: In Germany there are CCTV cameras at met or- and bus stations, but usually not in problem areas. I personally don’t see any need in CCTV cameras, because it doesn’t stop people from doing bad things, they are just punished afterwards. The actual problem is that people do these things. Dennmark: In Denmark we have camera almost everywhere (bars, schools, cafe), because then if an accident is going too happened, the place can check the cameras and found out what actually happened. Also some private houses have cameras home, especially the rich families. Czech : We think that there are not enough of CCTV cameras in problem areas. It’s all about money. Cameras are too expensive. In our opinion the city need more policemen who would watch over the problem areas mainly at nights. Spain: In our school, in banks, in streets… we have cameras in all cities so we have not this problem.

3. Street culture (ART PERFORMERS) Germany: I really see a need for street art, because culture is a key factor for a good living together. In Hamburg there is a lot of street art in the city center and everybody loves it. Dennmark: In Denmark in the small towns, we don’t have places where there are poor people, who are making shows (playing guitar, sing, you name it) to get money, because it is not legal in Denmark. But in the big cities in Denmark example Copenhagen there are a lot of people who is doing it. In Denmark we don’t have any graffiti, because it is not legal to write on walls and so on. Czech : Tábor is small town and no one wants to work for free. There is a new statue in Tábor called “Brána času”. Some citizens of Tábor had a chance to print their hands and feet into it. Spain: In Spain it is forbidden to paint the walls but we have special areas to do it. When the people paint the houses they are punished badly. In Spain it is also forbidden to make street music, it punished with a payment sanction.


4.Discounts for students in different areas of life (sports, culture) Germany: In Germany you receive discounts in many ways if you are student. If you show your students ID you have to pay less for a lot of activities like concerts, sports events, cinema and many more. This is great for the students as well as its great for the ones who give discounts, because they attract more customers.

Dennmark: In Denmark there are many discounts for students. We get cheaper transport (bus, train and so on). Also in many shops in Denmark the students get 10 %, when they are buying clothes and shoes. When I go to my hairdresser, I get 10 %, because I am studying. Some times in my fitness center, they give students some discount. In Denmark people just love the students, and we love them ď Š Czech: Sales are providing for students since 15 to 26 years. They have reduced price on transport (bus, train). We have in our school ISIC card and with this card we have a lot of sales in some shops and it are for example: food, clothes. In the theatre we pay small price because we are students. Spain: In Spain we have a special Identity Card for students; it could be also a credit card. You can go to public culture places (cinemas, museums‌) and get discounts in these areas.

!!!!Solutions!!!! Smoking and drinking Make cigaretes more expensive. Make a rule „NO SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES“ Make special places for smokers.

Cameras Its good to have cameras in public. We just need more cameras. It can solve many problems

Street Culture More flowers on the streets Support street musicians, living statues Discounts for students Its good to have discounts. It can make young ppl. to go to school and get education. Discounts could help very much to get better lives for studets

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