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E5 Entrepreneurship Education – Enabling Europe‘s students to develop entrepreneurial mind-set Comenius meeting in Luxembourg 5-8 May 2014 Students’ evaluation

Welcome and visit of the school 1. What do you think about the welcome and the visits of the school in small groups? Explain! Czech Republic: I think welcoming from our families was really nice, they were very kind. We liked walking around the school, we could see different system of studying and school equipment. Denmark: That was a really good day, and it was nice to be in groups with people from other countries. Germany: We really enjoyed the welcoming especially the part as Deborah was singing. It was very nice to gain insight of the school in smaller groups as you got to know some students quite quickly. It was interesting taking part in class for one lesson in the morning. Iceland: The welcome from the school was very nice we felt very welcome in it. We liked walking around the school in small groups. It’s was interesting and we saw how big the school is. Spain: The visit was really interesting in small groups so we saw all the different classrooms; the school is very cool as there are so many different activities … and all the sports they offer … Luxembourg: We liked it very much and it was interesting to be in small groups!

Rallye 2. Did you like the idea of the rallye in order to learn more about the city of Luxembourg? Czech Republic: Yes, it was instructive and interesting. It is a really nice city. Denmark: It was fine. We learned something about the city. Germany: We liked the idea very much, also the rallye was organized very well. Still some tasks didn’t work so well, for example singing in public. Most of us had problems with the songs, because we didn’t even know them. Also it was difficult, 1

because our host students from Luxemburg, who should guide us, didn’t really do so and often talked about their private topics. Also they didn’t help with questions, but led in the wrong directions. Iceland: Yes we loved it, we enjoyed it but we got very tired at the end. I didn’t like the rallye because my group talked in Spanish all the time because so many were from Spain in my group and they didn’t know any English. Spain: We liked it as we visited many places and we had a lot of fun. Luxembourg: It was really a very good idea! The games were great.

3. Did you appreciate the idea of offering a drink in our famous Chocolate House? Czech Republic: Of course, we all were really pleased. Denmark: That was so nice, to visit the Chocolate house. Germany: We think everyone appreciated this idea very much, because the chocolate was quite tasty. It was very yummy! Iceland: Yeah! Of course, we just thought it was funny drinking hot chocolate in the sun  Spain:Oh yes we never saw such a big variety of chocolate drinks! Luxembourg: Of course we liked it so much!!! The Chocolate House is delicious!

The conference about entrepreneurship 4. Did you like the presentation about entrepeneurship in our Chamber of Commerce? Did you learn something more about entrepreneurship through this conference? Czech Republic: Yes, the presentation was interesting. We learned something new about entrepreneurship in Luxembourg and how it is supported by the Chamber. Denmark: Yes we did. Germany: We liked the presentation a lot, as we learnt quite a lot about entrepreneurship. The presentation was really informative as well and gave us to think what jobs perspectives are in the future. Iceland: The conferencier made us think that it not easy to start entrepreneurship, it takes a lot of work. Sometimes it was difficult to understand! Spain: We learned a bit more about being an entrepreneur, for one student it was boring.


Luxembourg: The conferencier was speaking very fast, and we think that some students didn't understand him.

The students’ presentations 5. What do you think about the different presentations of the students? Explain! Czech Republic: We think students had good presentations, they spoke a lot about the Comenius meeting in their country. Denmark: It was fine to hear about the different trips to different countries. Germany: It was a good way to see how the different schools evaluated the outcomes of the project, and that’s why we also appreciated these presentations. Presenting in front of so many people surely improved our presenting skills for the future. Futhermore it was a nice way looking back on the project. Iceland: The students presentations were very interesting and it was fun to know what happend in each country. Spain: The presentations were very different but interesting, perhaps a bit short. Luxembourg:We liked the Icelandic films with the personal comments!! It was a very good idea! But we also had the impression that not each country was well prepared or even had no idea about the project. It was a bit like that some people were not motivated to present and just read out from their handouts. But finally, every school did a good job!

6. Do you think that your preparation for this meeting was well done? Czech Republic: Yes, we were prepared pretty good. Denmark:










Germany: Yes we think it was, as we had no troubles presenting what were the outcomes of our project and because we prepared this presentation with the whole Comenius group in Hamburg. Iceland: Yes, we think so. Spain: Yes, the delegation worked very hard and in a team. Luxembourg: Yes, we worked regularly!

7. Did you have enough information for preparing your presentation?


Czech Republic: Yes, even though we weren´t part of the Comenius project, we knew a lot of things about this thanks to our teachers. They gave us a lot of information and they helped us a lot. Denmark: Yes, we had everything, we needed. Germany: Yes, of course we did! Iceland: Yes, because our presentation was about our country and our meeting in Iceland. Spain: Yes, we had enough information for preparing the presentation. Luxembourg: Yes, we had all the information!

Visits  Steel mill Esch/Belval 8. Do you think that this visit was interesting for you?

Czech Republic: It was interesting, but too loud and dusty. Denmark: Not very much, but it was interesting to talk English with people from different contries. Germany: This visit was very interesting for me, as I am in the science profile at our school, which means what I learned there is interesting to know for the stuff we’re doing in chemistry at the moment. It was very, very interesting and impressive. Iceland: Yes it was very interesting; one student was in a group where they were speaking German, so he didn’t understand all! Spain: Yes we learned a lot of things. Luxembourg: Unfortunately, we could not participate in that visit as the number of people is limited because of the strong security rules!

9. Did you learn something more about steel industry? Did you miss something you wanted to know? Czech Republic: We learned some interesting stuff about this industry and we know everything I wanted to know. Denmark: No, it was too long time. Germany: We learned a lot, and don’t have any questions left. 4

Iceland: Yes we learned a little more about steel industry. Spain: Yes, that they recycle steel and how the production works. For one student it was of no interest. Luxembourg: /

 Castle of Vianden 10. Did you like the visit ? Explain your choice!

Czech Republic: Yes, it was absolutely brilliant. We liked this castle so much, the guide was great, the history of castle was great, living in the castle in the past must have been so exicting. Denmark: Yes it was a good experience. The best thing was to speak English with the other students. But we needed a little bit more sparetime with them. Germany: We loved the castle and the tour especially the guide very good as he presented information in a really funny way. We learned quite a lot about the history of Luxemburg. Iceland: There it was quite interesting to learn about the middle ages and to see how people lived in that time; funny to see the castlecat ! Spain: We liked as the castle is beautiful and we saw how people lived centuries ago. Luxembourg: We liked the visit although we know and have already been there. But unfortunatly there were some students not interested at all and disturbed a bit the visit. Perhaps they didn’t understand and it was boring for them.

 Family of Man Clervaux 11. Did you like that visit? Why? Czech Republic: We liked it a lot. We like art and this was something just for me. We enjoyed the feelings that came to me when we watched the photos. We were really excited about this trip. Denmark: Yes it was exciting to see all the pictures and hear about them. Germany: We did, as there were many beautiful and interesting photographs to see, very touching, a highlight. Iceland: It was interesting but we did’nt understand everything about it. We didn’t like it because the guide talked so much and not so much interest in photos. Spain: It was the best visit, we liked the photos. 5

Luxembourg: We think that this visit was the most interesting. We loved all the pictures and it was nice to have more information about them.

 Mine Museum (Musée des Mines) Rumelange 12. Was that visit interesting for you? Czech Republic: Yes, it was interesting, but we don´t like things like this. Denmark: No, not really. Germany: It was indeed very interesting for me as I had the topic industrialisation in school at that time and it was very fitting to what I learned during the tour in the mine. Yes it was, as I have never been to an iron mine before and that’s why I leant quite a lot. Iceland: Yes but first we were pretty scared. But everything in the mines was pretty cool we would say. It was fascinating to learn more about the mining industry and learn how the miners worked Spain: Yes it was interesting to see how they worked, but it was too cold inside. Luxembourg: It was a bit long and hard to be attentive all the time, especially because some students didn't stop talking and disturbed all the time.

Dinner on Thursday 13. Did you like the idea of the dinner with teachers, students and hostfamilies?

Czech Republic: Of course, we were really glad we could be all together and had a lot of fun.

Denmark: Yes, It was very funny and nice. Germany: Yes, the food was delicious. Everything was prepared with a lot of love by the Luxembourg teachers and students! Thank you!

Iceland: It was fun and I liked it, but sad because it was the last night all of us together. The food was delicious. Spain: Yes, as we could meet with teachers and all the others students. One student would have liked without teachers. Luxembourg: It was very good, but some students were all the time in their own group and didn’t talk to others! We had fun and it was a good way to say goodbye to the teachers and students from the other counties.


General questions 14. How do you evaluate the schedule of the meeting? Czech Republic: We wouldn´t change anything, you made it really well. Denmark: fine. Germany: Outstanding schedule! I have seen a lot of Luxemburg and I never was bored and really enjoyed the excursions. There were a lot of fun and interesting activities. Iceland: It was a little bit too long but we liked it because we always had something to do. It could have been better. Spain: The organization was very good, but a bit stressful. Luxembourg: We think that the schedule was good, it was entertaining and informative.

15. How do you evaluate the atmosphere during the meeting? Explain! Czech Republic. Atmosphere was really friendly. All people from Comenius were really nice and kind. Denmark: good. Germany: The athmosphere was quite nice, we were in touch with the other students, especially Luxembourgish, but not as much as we had in Spain for example, where we already knew most of the students. Iceland: Everyone became friends and we met people that were so nice so the atmosphere was good. Spain: The meeting was well organized and all the people were very friendly. Luxembourg: All was fine, but the studnets didn’t mix enough!

16. To what extend has this visit broadened your knowledge of the host country? Explain! Czech Republic We learned a lot about this country and it seems to us as a very interesting land. Denmark: We now know much more about Luxembourg.


Germany: Yes definetely, as hardly knew anything about Luxemburg before going than apart from low taxes and the Schleck brothers, and now we know quite a lot about the country and its people. Iceland: We both learned more about Luxembourg and also have widened our people’s skills and public speaking. Spain:Yes we learned much about the country and the people. Luxembourg; /

17. Do you think the objectives of this meeting were achieved? Explain! Czech Republic: Yes, this was about communication and making friends and I think it is achieved for 100%. Denmark: Yes, indeed Germany: Yes we think, as the objective was to bring the project to an end and have some fun and learn some things about the hosting country, and we did all of that. Iceland: Yes Spain: Yes the meeting was very good and we met many other people. Luxembourg: 18. How was your stay in your hostfamily? For us it’s important to know if we choose one more time your family for hosting students as we regularly have other exchanges. Czech Republic For me it was the best choise you could do. My host family was absolutely amazing and if we could, we would go there again! Denmark: It was the best thing, in this week. We had a very nice week with the hostfamilies. Germany: Very nice host family! Would recommend it for any other exchange student right away! My hostfamily was lovely! We had a great time with them and am truely thankful for all the activities they have done with us. Iceland: I loved my hostfamily, they where so nice to me and I will never forget how awesome it was to stay with them. It was marvellous they were polite and we felt really at home; we spent a great time with them. Spain: After changing the family all was fine for 2 students. For the others the families were very kind. They enjoyed their stay very much! Luxembourg: / 8

Personal comment Very nice meeting! I really enjoyed it and want to thank you for the perfect organisation. I am really glad I had the possibility to go to Luxemburg. Furthermore this gave me the possibility to eat the best ice cream of my life so far . Thank you! Robin Habermann I’m very thankful for this oportunity to get to travel and meet other people. SIgríður Elma Björnsdóttir

For the comenius project to end in a way like the trip to Luxembourg is a perfect ending to a perfect two year project. Kolbeinn Hrólfur Sæmundsson

Thank you! Jón Egill Guðmundsson

Our teachers prepared us very well during the whole project (we met 2 hours a week) ; so we worked very hard and the project was really interesting ! But I'm a bit upset about the fact, that this meeting was a bit disappointing for me. I expected to make new acquaintance but I didn’t. I think that some students just took the opportunity to travel and miss a week at school. I've tried to talk to other students but some of them just gave me some short answers, so it was really hard to get into a conversation. I don't know if it was because of the language issue or .... Germaine Reiners I was happy to be in a Comenius projet, even if it is something that we can’t do everyday. Lisa Martins Amaral The meeting in Luxemburg was very successful and I think that we had a very nice end of this “Comenius Project”. Julia Gehlen


Evaluation e5 meeting in luxembourg  
Evaluation e5 meeting in luxembourg