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S P E C TA C L E P R O M O T I O N Eye Test R90

Single vision glasses from R300

Bifocals from R550

Multifocals from R1050

Courses include: !"#$%&'"()*+$,-)" """.&'&/)%)'0 !"12-)"34%5'5*0,&05+' !"6$*5')**".&'&/)%)'0" !"7)'),&8".&'&/)%)'0" !"9,+:)-0".&'&/)%)'0"" !";'0,)<,)')$,*=5< !"6+*0+'">)/,))*

PHOTOSUN AND GRADIENT TINTS AT MUCH REDUCED PRICES. The promotion will run from the 1st of March 2013 to the 12th April 2013

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN !"#$%&'()"*#)+*(,"-".#")*"/0"&*()1,")*"#$%

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All above prices are including frames. Cash, Debit and Credit cards accepted. NO MEDICAL AIDS PLEASE Terms and Conditions Apply *Eye test must be done during this period and FULL PAYMENT on spectacles to be made before an order is placed.

Umhlanga | 234"5!465!/7

Specials valid at 129 K.E. Masinga Road (Old Fort Road) **Phone to enquire which Clinics we visit Specials Valid While Stocks Last Phone St John Ambulance today for an appointment on Durban : 031-305 6588

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Ground Floor, Umhlanga Plaza, 4 Lagoon Drive Umhlanga Rocks

St John Caring for the people

Over 40 branches nationwide

Boston City Campus & Business College is provisionally accredited by UMALUSI, Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training; and provisionally registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private further education and training institution under the Further Education and Training Colleges Act, 2006 (Reg. No.: 2008/FE07/036).

Phoenix Tabloid 19/03/13 part 2  

Phoenix Tabloid 19/03/13 part 2

Phoenix Tabloid 19/03/13 part 2  

Phoenix Tabloid 19/03/13 part 2