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THERE’’S A NEW ASSET CLASS. IT’’S CALLED TIME. Hands up, who wants to be well off one day? OK, you can put them down now. Hands up, who’’s made a plan to be well off one day? Mmm, that’’s what we thought. 5V[OHYK[VN\LZZ^OLU`V\JVUZPKLYTVZ[:V\[O(MYPJHUZZ[Y\NNSLÄUHUJPHSS`SH[LYPUSPML But…‌ there is good news. The more time you’’ve got on your hands, the easier it gets. By setting aside even a small amount now, you can achieve a substantial payout in years to come. Thanks to two things, the power of compounding and Old Mutual’’s Classic Five Investment Collection. Five hand-picked unit trusts that are designed to deliver returns you never dreamed possible. And if you’’re feeling commitment anxiety, don’’t! ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹

Unit trusts do not lock you in. You can get access to your money in one day –– without penalties. You can miss monthly payments. Also, no penalties. And no upfront admin fees, so your money works from day one.

The sooner you put time to work, the bigger your assets will be.

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Old Mutual Enhanced Income Fund

Old Mutual Stable Growth Fund

Old Mutual Balanced Fund

Old Mutual Flexible Fund

Old Mutual Top Companies Fund

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