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Debbie “The Rat Lady” Ducommun, Chico, CA 2009 Inkjet Print 16”x20” Alex Arzt

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describe the appearance of your hands

They tend to be marked up and soar from drawing for hours. A silver wedding ring on my left hand, which makes me happy. I have small scar on my thumb and a piece of led in my hand from 8th grade that never came out. I can still see it, it reminds me of my youth. They are always lately lifting my daughter up onto my shoulders. With maturity comes the discipline and awareness of one hand always knowing what the other is doing. They are somewhat the same shape as my father’s hands. Always pushing forward.

from six months from yesterday, what do you hope to have accomplished?

I have a solo show coming up in that time, here on the LES. Having worked towards this for some time I hope to look back and know I’ve pushed myself and the work I’m making. I’d like to break out of where my work has been for the last few years. New ideas and a clear vision are what I’m interested in right now. I’m working on self publishing a small book of my works, which I hope to have finished by then. This summer I will traveling abroad with my wife and daughter. I’m looking forward to showing my daughter some places I’d only imagined as a child.

where did your first kiss take place (and with who)?

The first one that counted (make out) was in middle school, in Orlando, FL. Her name was Lisa Peterson. It was probably a hot mess, but a true right of passage. She is one of my Facebook friends now. Thanks Lisa!

have you ever had a near death experience? If yes, tell us a story. If no, make one up.

I’m unstoppable. Metaphorically of course there are always small deaths that give way to rebirth, renewal. I’ve definitely gone through that recently. My current work speaks to that idea. Tearing down what doesn’t work, what hurts us or holds us down.

everlasting influences?

Art history is always an endless source to draw from. I’ve mentioned the spiritual side of things. That is never far from my list of influences. It plays an important role in art history as well, which I tend fall back on. Most importantly, I feel like nature and the growing up as a child in North Carolina is something I will always be inspired and influenced by.

Untitled Collage #4 2009 Collage on paper 14�x18�

Spirit (Walk With Me) 2011 Collage on paper 11”x14”

Spirit (The Ends of the Circle) 2011 Collage on paper 20’x16”

Spirit (Sadness In An All Seeing Eye) 2011 Collage on paper 13”x17”

Spirit Spirit (Guardian and Protector) 2010 Collage on paper 20�x16�

d a v i d

a l e k h u o g i e

describe the appearance of your hands

This is such a weird question. Lets see well my hands are pretty soft i guess. For some reason guys with soft hands put people off. What, a brotha cant have smooth skin. I guess there also skinny and long. My fingernails are pretty atrocious. I guess i’m compensating for a kicked smoking habit. And also finally i have noticed while in the company of a lady i often do not know what to do with my hands. Im okay with anyone thinking thats dirty although unfortunately it isn’t.

from six months from yesterday, what do you hope to have accomplished?

I hope to be mounting an exhibition that i will be in the SAIC Sullivan galleries in the fall.The working title for that show is called My Mythologies. I hope to have curated a show i’m working on for the summer. Im proposing a show revolving around ideas of the metalinguistics of the the digital information generation. Specifically Im talking about the generation of people who have grown up with the internet serving as the primary source for acquiring information. Im interested in the digital database as a non physical unstable space where context and place are constantly in flux. People usually define community or space but the opposite is also true and i want to investigate what happens when the instability of place becomes hyper aware. Im also trying to get a small publication going. As a DJ who came to (A)rt by accident i’ve been really interested in putting together a small publication bringing together sound artists and DJs, producers, electronic music artist. I hope to have the first issue out by the end of june. Im also trying to get an internet radio show together in the coming months probably through SAIC free internet radio. I also hope to be registered in some thought provoking classes for the fall semester of my senior year at art school. I’ve learned that picking classes at art school is a carful game and it can make or break what u come away with in the experience. Of course I hope to have some more cash flow, although I’m not sure exactly how I will make that happen. I guess in general i don’t really hope to accomplish things as much as i hope to TRY to accomplish things. that is one of the things i would like to change in the coming months. To not just sit around and make art and expect magic to happen.

where did your first kiss take place (and with who)?

My first kiss was a girl from high school named Fallon. We kissed in my 1999 Nissan Sentra outside a barnes and noble which was the neighborhood after school hang out spot for my school. I had a crush on her for like a year but we where just friends. I professed of course like we all think we should when we have crushes when most of the time we shouldn’t. Of course being an ordinary high school girl she was thrilled. And she dived in and kissed me so i kissed her back. Crushes I feel happen a lot of times because of fear, circumstance and most importantly missed opportunity. As in the opportunity is gone. Did i say gone? She was sort of on sabbatical from her boyfriend and i guess it turned out i was just filling in. If it seems like i’m still bitter about it your probably right.

have you ever had a near death experience? If yes, tell us a story. If no, make one up.

If yes, tell us a story. If no, make one up. Yes i have been held up at gunpoint twice. The first time it happened i was 13 and coming home from the coin exchange with a fresh 40 dollars to buy a new skateboard deck. Two older guys in their 20s saw me. with the cash in my hand and followed me home and kicked my ass and took my money at gun point. they almost knocked my teeth out. I had to go to the dentist to save my teeth. My mother went back to the scene with a knife ready to throw down. And because of this my parents moved into an unappologetlicaly white upper middle class neighborhood. I never understood the ass kicking part i probably would have just given the money up after seeing the gun.

everlasting influences?

Dave Chappelle, W.E.B Dubois, Bart Simpson, Robert Johnson, Africa Bambaataa, Sun Ra, J dilla, James Brown, Huey Freeman, James baldwin, Richard wright, Chinau Achebe, Gil Scott-Heron, Quincy Jones, Robert Adams, Walker Evans.

Things Fall Apart 2012 Archival inkjet print 24”x30”

Suggested Serving 2011 Archival inkjet print 16�x20�

Inland Empire 2011 Archival inkjet print 30”x40”

Willie 2011 Archival inkjet print 17”x17”

Untitled 2012 Archival inkjet print 40”x50” (Right)

Wish You Were Here 2011

t i m o t h y

l a r s e n

describe the appearance of your hands

Currently: Calloused and scarred. Both wrists protruding abnormally. Right hand misshapen from an untreated hand fracture. Cuts along the left thumb knuckle. I’m trying to quit my nail chewing habits, otherwise, both hands would have the nails chewed until they bled, but for now it is only the thumb, forefinger, and ring finger of my left hand. Blisters on my right hand from holding my handlebars too tight. Long, skinny fingers, with obtuse knuckles. My hands are my hands.

from six months from yesterday, what do you hope to have accomplished?

By then I will have worked my summer job to save up enough to do a small stint along the east coast, and hopefully up to Montréal. I’m planning on bouncing around that area for a few weeks, perhaps a month, then returning west for a little more travel, then possibly take another semester in Arizona? Although I am deeply considering quitting college to return to my parents basement for a bit before going on an indefinite foray in Eurasia. where did your first kiss take place (and with who)? This one I can’t be ashamed of, but I can’t help but feel strange about it. My mother would babysit a girl ,who lived in the same apartment complex, before school. I was in kindergarten and she was in first grade. She came over one morning and told me about a new game she had heard of from the third graders; the game was called “sex.” Basically she would come over every morning and we would roll around under my covers, making out, then I would stick my head under her shirt and lick her stomach. It was pretty weird. Other than that I was in fourth grade and would sneak off with my neighbor to hide and kiss under various trees in our neighborhood.

have you ever had a near death experience? If yes, tell us a story. If no, make one up.

I don’t quite recall when exactly it was, but it was before I was 7 years old, because my parents had not yet divorced. We had gone on a weekend trip to the Wisconsin Dells and I recall it being everything a child could have wanted (I got to drive one of the “Ducks!”). The only thing I can really remember about nearly dying, is that I ended up going on a helicopter tour, just my father and myself. I remember looking down from that high up and seeing all the cars, which looked like hot-wheels to me, so I went to reach and grab for one and began to fall out of my seat and towards the open door we were looking out. Before I could make my way out of the door, my dad caught me mid-fall, and held on to me for the rest of the flight. Pretty spooky in hindsight.

everlasting influences?

Phil Elverum, Leonard Cohen, Charles Bukowski, Gabriel García Márquez, Liz Harris, Ryan Sublette (Adeodat Warfield), Jackson Casey, Steven Erst, Matt King, Gene Belanger, Jeremy Tubbs, Ed Templeton, Phil Jackson, Brad Westcott, Larry Bao, Travis Millard, Hayao Miyazaki, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Shigeru Miyamoto, René Margritte, Paper Rad/Fort Thunder, Mark Gonzales, Larry Clark, Harmony Korine, Shel Silverstein, American ideals, dictionaries, anyone that encourages me to write/make things, Friends + Family, Forever.

Spread from self published zine: Like a Bird Fighting Against the Wind 2011-2012

Spread from Does Not Equal. Published through Parking Block Publishing. 2011-2012

Spread from self published zine: The Days Have Been Kind As They've Been Hard 2011-2012

Spread from self published zine: ∞ (Infinite Love) 2011-2012

Spread from self published zine: Like a Bird Fighting Against the Wind 2011-2012

m i c h a e l

m a d r i g a l i

describe the appearance of your hands

Currently they are soft, kind of dry from over washing. I have small scratch on the top of my right hand from my cat Max. My nails are still in pretty good shape, they are painted a peachy orange color with white crackle on top.

from six months from yesterday, what do you hope to have accomplished?

I want a better relationship between my work in real life and the my work that exists on the computer.

Where did your first kiss take place (and with who)?

Under a pool table with my friend Tracy, we were at this girl’s 13th birthday party, I was in 7th grade.

Have you ever had a near death experience? If yes, tell us a story. If no, make one up.

I was kidnapped by my nanny when I was 2 years old. She took me to a water park and they eventually recovered me at a motel outside of Atlantic City, NJ. The whole ordeal lasted less than 48 hours. I don’t believe my life was ever threatened, the nanny just wanted me as her own for that moment. I have no traumatic memories of this event.

everlasting influences?

House music, R&B, New York City, London, California, MTV in 1990’s, the internet, Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland (a/k/a Hype Williams), Sofia Coppola and fashion magazines.

Everything 2012 Digital image 20.2”x15.2”

Pink Bat 2011 Archival inkjet print 40”x30”

Pencil Pines 2011 Digital image 11”x14.3”

LA MM 2012 Digital image 18.6”x14.2” (Right)

Untitled 2010 Archival inkjet print 16.5�x20�

Mystics 2012 Archival inkjet print 24”x20”

Katy Perry Donut 2012 Archival inkjet print 15.5”x20”

s a m

r e c k w e g

describe the appearance of your hands

As of right now, they are long, slender, and in need of a manicure. They are pale tender things, covered lightly with blonde hair and dusted with chipping silver glitter polish on the tips. Their surface is soft until you reach the mid-section of my knuckles, to which they begin to feel dry. This is from overwashing them constantly and my neglect to put lotion on them because I’ll end up washing them within the hour anyway. But to complete this sensual description, they are lightly salted and give off the sweet scent of pub cheese and pita chips.

from six months from yesterday, what do you hope to have accomplished?

Well as of right now, I am ending my current internship with Michelle Hartney Inc., whom has opened a world of interest in me toward commercial photography and photo styling. So I’d like to aspire that I will hopefully find something else after this to pursue fully within the same realm. Most importantly, I’d like to rid myself of my part-time job I’ve been taking part in while in school these four years. Six months from today, I want to be working with someone who needs me to be the creative liaison between product and concept.

where did your first kiss take place (and with who)?

Is it sad or just heartless that I truly cannot remember this fantastical experience? I’d like to think it was just as awkward and precious as anyone else’s first, but I think I must have just forgotten any of it. With every relationship, you choose to remember certain things and forget others, good or bad.

have you ever had a near death experience? if yes, tell us a story. if no, make one up.

I was visiting family in Vegas for the summer a couple years ago with my brother and we decided to go the mall. Driving in Vegas is nowhere the same as Chicago, everything in the horizon is flat, red, and covered with mountains on three sides of you. Needless to say, getting lost is not hard. I’m driving with my brother and we decide to pull over to a gas station to recoup and reroute. This is before smart phones, so we were relying on our mapquest paper for everything. We decided we were heading too far in the wrong direction and decide to turn around. I pull out of the gas station proceed onto the right side of the four lane highway and go. No one seemed to be on the road and the sun was setting. All of a sudden we see a fleet of cars coming toward us and we soon realize that we are in the wrong side. We must have had about 3 seconds to figure out what to do and thankfully there was just enough space to which I could pull over all the way to the right, next to the median wall and sit until everyone passed. Little did we know, it was actually and 8 lane structure we were driving on, but couldn’t see past the extremely tall median dividing us over the flat dessert horizon.

everlasting influences?

Anna Krachey, Laura Letinsky, Victor Buchli (writer), Phil Jung, Peter Beste, Charlott Markus, Mike Kelley, William Hundley, Susan Worsham, Haim Steinbach, Jessica Labatte, Heidi Norton, Rebecca Solnit (writer), Virginia Woolf (writer), Allan McCollum, Melanie Bonajo, Roni Horn, and my mother’s things. Bass 2012 Archival Inkjet Print 18” x 12”

Monument 2012 Archival Inkjet Print 24” x 36”

Red Für Omi 2011 Archival Inkjet Print 14“ x 9“

Alaskan Nugget 2011 Archival Inkjet Print 24” x 36”

Letter 2012 Archival Inkjet Print 12.6” x 19”

o l i v e r

h e n r y

describe the appearance of your hands

I have a really bad habit of biting my nails.

from six months from yesterday, what do you hope to have accomplished? I’m moving to ny in a couple of months, so right now if I can stay alive until I get there and then continue to keep my head above water once I’m there.. I’d be pretty happy with that.

where did your first kiss take place (and with who)?

ooh Brittany we once kissed on a log and now ten years later your pregnant.

have you ever had a near death experience? If yes, tell us a story. If no, make one up.

On my first visit to the states my aunt almost backed her car over me. I was short enough that the bumper didn’t hit me and I escaped just before the tire came. A couple of thanksgivings ago I got stuck sitting next to her. She showed me her naturally grown 3 inch long finger nails and said “this is how I rebel against my parents”. There has got to be a connection in there somewhere.

everlasting influences?

Fucking repo man. Deep space. Post-post. modern optimism, 80’s redux, some weight loss pills, some fleeting and irregular shapes

Untitled 2011 Ceramic, spray paint, paint marker, graphite powder, a rock 26’’x19’’x10’’

Drop Dead, Sideways and Underneath the Mirage 2012 Acrylic paint, wood, foam board, holographic paper 50”x9”x10”

Brief Shimmy 2011 Acrylic paint, wood, foam board, glue, rug 25”x20”x30”

Cannibal Specter 2011 Acrylic paint, wood, foam board, glue, rubber glove 6’’x8’’x11.5’’

Heavy Stone. Levitation, I can do that 2012 Acrylic paint, wood, foam board, glue, joint compound, chalk 16’’x19’’x24’’

b l a i r

w h i t e f o r d

describe the appearance of your hands

My hands are pretty messed up at the moment. I stabbed myself cutting a pear. Twice I think. I grilled them(the pears, not my hands) and put them on a cheeseburger. It was pretty fantastic. Then for one reason or another I cut my hand on a palm leave. They are really surprisingly sharp. That’s life in Florida for you I guess. from six months from yesterday, what do you hope to have accomplished? Well I would hope to have produced a ton of paintings, that’s kind of always my goal I suppose. In six months I will be relatively close to finishing up school, and I would hope to have discovered a lot about my work by then. I have a good deal of fun stuff laid out for these next few months and I can’t expect anything but good things coming from them.

where did your first kiss take place (and with who)?

My first kiss was at summer camp the summer after eighth grade I think with a girl named Alana. I think I might have been wearing a bathing suit.

have you ever had a near death experience? If yes, tell us a story. If no, make one up.

I went to Atlanta and pet a shark in the aquarium a few weekends ago. Baby hammerheads

everlasting influences?

William Dekooning, Philip Guston and Stephen Malkmus.

Mover 2012 Oil on canvas 60” x 48”

Shirt 2010 22” x 15” Screenprint on paper

Builder 2012 Oil on canvas 48” x 60” (Left)

Finding a New Escape Route 2012 Oil on canvas 84” x 67”

Movers 2011 Oil on canvas 84” x 60”

Pool Bather 2012 Oil on canvas 72” x 60”

c h r i s t o p h e r

s o n n y

m a r t i n e z

describe the appearance of your hands

Growing up as a fat kid, I realized I had puny sausage fingers that I assumed served no purpose. I mean, sausages for fingers? What purpose do those serve besides as a morning breakfast? Nowadays, I just have tiny baby hands. They fair well with a camera and with a bag of potato chips. My nails are nice too.| from six months from yesterday, what do you hope to have accomplished? Oh, I hate these types of questions. Hm, I’ll have hoped to have finished a short film of mine about a sex addict mentally trapped in a motel room. Hm, there’s that, but I only have that on the tope of my head cause I’m shooting part of it tonight. Hm, also, that’ll have had my own venue space for gallery shows, music shows, bomb ass parties, and movie screenings. Oh, and to have had brunch with Oprah Winfery. That’s plausible, right?

where did your first kiss take place (and with who)?

ooh, i was tailgating a friend of mine in a car behind her, so as the light turned red, I ran up to her in the middle of the street and we shared a beautifully hectic moment as thelight turned green again. I love me some Rae.

have you ever had a near death experience? If yes, tell us a story. If no, make one up.

Um....well... once I nearly got hit by a bus, but that’s like any other day. So... There was this one time when I had a large boil growing on the interior of my anus. Basically, this boil grew so large, that it made my left ass cheek sag. The sag caused me to lose my center of balance, tipping me over, and causing me to crash into a large black woman that pushed me in front of a moving vehicle. Good times. good times.

everlasting influences?

that old man by the side of the canal, The Wizard of Oz, The State Fair of Texas, Potter fischli and weiss,La Chapelle, dijkstra, Smith, Wall, Mr. Grubb and Ms. Jalivand, texas, mexico, italy, las vegas love and life

Self Portrait 14”x11”

Untitled Back House I 11”x14”

Untitled Back House II 11”x14”

Crib 11”x14” (Left) Paranoid 11”x14” (Right)

t h e o d o r e

d a r s t

describe the appearance of your hands

My hands are looking fresh. I used to bite my nails a lot but I haven’t for a few months. I’m really proud of my hands right now.

from six months from yesterday, what do you hope to have accomplished?

I hope I finish this longer video I’m working on. I have a solo show coming up in the fall so I’d like to get my shit together for that. I’m happy with life right now so I hope things are like they are now but continue to get better and I have more money while that’s happening.

where did your first kiss take place (and with who)?

Somewhere in NYC at a pizza place after a middle school basketball game. I know her first name was Katherine and she had an Italian last name but I can’t remember it.

have you ever had a near death experience? If yes, tell us a story. If no, make one up.

I don’t think I’ve had a near death experience.

everlasting influences?

Hard to say what’s everlasting but lasting influences as of right now: Anja Jamrozik, my family, Money Milo Segal, JP, Mark Rothko’s last paintings, DJ Screw, Chris Marker, smart homies like Louis Doulas, Absis Minas, and Jon Cates who keep me semi sharp about art stuff, Takeshi Murata, and about 1000 websites.

All images apart of the series Americana Update 2011

Portland to Hood


a l e x

a r z t

conversation with alex arzt

t t z: So do you want to introduce yourself? a a: I’m Alex Arzt. I’m a photographer. I’m from Maryland and currently a transient taking photos while I search for a new city and job. t t z: What got you starting photographing animals? a a: I grew up on a farm and was surrounded by cats, dogs, horses, and cows. It sort of all began with cats. I went to a cat show, and it made me curious about who exactly these people involved are and why they do this. I then started going to cat breeders and photographing in their homes. Seeing these obsessions in a collection of cats and fascinations of specific breeds started my interest in people who have obsessions in other things. From there I bridged out, and I started meeting with animal educators in New England, where I noticed many of the same traits as the cat people in terms of choosing one animal and decorating a house with mementos of it.

t t z: You mentioned a sense of collection. Did you first see it as a collection of animals rather than seeing a traditional pet and owner relationship? Does the animal transition from pet to human? a a: Yes, entirely. I encountered both of those things. In some instances, people seemed to become obsessed and continued to get more animals. Then on the other side of the spectrum, for example, maybe someone’s monkey started to replace the family dog, and also became a companion. These sides were something I was encountering continuously while photographing in people’s homes and learning more about their relationship with their pets. In terms of collection, I think like most things, it starts with one animal, which is like your first love kind of, and then people tend to get more and more… maybe trying to recreate that first beloved pet. And then ending up with a dozen. Most of these animals take on a traditional role of a companion animal for their owners, though they might not be the traditional species. Some animals are more suited to living in human environments than others. I was surprised to find that a deer seemed to adjust best to its human household. I think it’s fascinating that the natures of some species are more compatible with the environments we build than others. And I think the animal transitions from pet to human by conditioning. The more the animal feels safe and nurtured, the more “human” it becomes. Though, it’s always still an animal.

Screamie, Canal Fulton, OH 2010 Inkjet Print 16”x24”

t t z: How did you find these people, online postings or certain companies? Any no’s upfront? a a: I started with e-mailing and letter writing before each trip I made to photograph. Some people were local and that was easy. Then the people I photographed would refer me to other monkey people, etc. I found the lions when I stopped at a big cat rescue in North Carolina. Just asked if they knew anyone who had them privately. Each subject kind of had its own story. Some people I was very surprised to get a yes from. A lot of phone calls. Not everyone replied and some were quick to say no. I kind of became a little obsessed and set deadlines for myself, so I was a little more aggressive, I think, than it’s in my nature to be. Overall, a community exists and it’s definitely a small world. Sometimes I’ll be watching National Geographic Channel and see someone that I’ve met, emailed with, or called.

t t z : How long would you spend with the owners and their pets? a a: It depended. Some of the owners were not into me photographing them and their pet and some owners were too busy. I usually would spend two hours at a time, but I would always push to stay longer. I would end up spending the whole day with them, the more they would talk to me. Those days were most fun. There were a couple of the people I met that I still keep in touch with, and occasionally visit. The monkey owners in particular were really supportive of my project, which was a great feeling and made things more enjoyable.

Figment, a Capuchin, Mico, FL 2010 Inkjet Print 16”x24”

Lion Grave, Rockwell, NC 2010 Inkjet Print 16”x20”

Kevin with Skunk, North Ridgeville, OH 2010 Inkjet Print 16”x24”

t t z: Through out your photographs there are these details that seem to levitate the purpose of the owned animals. Can you speak about the relationships between the owner and their animals? And where you see the difference from a normal pet and one that starts to become physically apart of the family? a a: Something that’s really interesting about people and animals is that we’re the only species that can train another animal. We have the ability to teach animals not too be afraid and to follow our commands. The deer I photographed in Ohio was the most fascinating situation I encountered. Deer are not usually domesticated like cows or dogs. But Dillie, the deer, was treated as a pet and nearly a child. Dillie walked up and down the stairs, had her own bedroom, and even ate pizza. She was the most docile creature. This situation was similar to some of the other pets I met. It seemed entirely normal for the owners to allow their pets sleep with them in bed, as a dog or cat owner would do too, and be perceived as a accepted act. I started to become interested in how the animal adapts to the human’s home. And also, I think there are limits. Like I said earlier, some animals are more adaptable to human homes. I think when people push those limits, they get hurt. We all have a habit of anthropomorphizing.

t t z: It is interesting to note that you’ve presented North America with a sense of exoticism that it seem to never have. a a:I found this so interesting because it contrasts so sharply with what America typically looks like. This was not a glamorous lifestyle. The animals themselves are exotic and often expensive and hard to come by, but the lifestyle that is demanded from the people who care for them is all consuming and expensive. Exotics are a commodity that is traded like any other thing these days between zoos and private owners, for example. The history of zoos or menageries is really interesting. Ancient rulers often had their own private collection of exotic beasts. With industrialization, came zoos, and now anyone can own an exotic pet. So now lions and tigers and monkeys are ubiquitous here and everywhere. There’s also this distinctly American spirit at hand in terms of people fighting against the laws that want to restrict the ownership of their animals. It’s a kind of libertarianism.

Rick’s Office, Littleton, MA 2009 Inkjet Print 16”x20”

t t z: What is your expectation for your viewer to see something that is definitely not in the norm? a a: I expect the viewer, depending on their background, to be surprised, uneasy, empathetic, while maintaining a sense of humor. I think politically people can quickly jump for or against an issue, and when they are presented situations like these in pictures, it gets harder to take a side and judge the situation. It causes a reconsideration. Humor is a key part of my work. It’s in most of my photo work, whether I mean to or not. I think it’s important in this subject matter, to kind of find humor in situations, though in the actual moment it may have felt quite mundane or serious. It makes work instantly accessible. I don’t ever want to laugh at anyone. I do have a photograph that does just that in the beginning stages of this project. But I don’t show it. I took it set up with strobes of a woman with her skunk, and it was kind of funny, but it didn’t feel natural or good. It was just unflattering, too. So anyway, I think that most of the subjects like the photos I took, and that was important to me. But, yes, humor is key. I’m always looking for funny juxtapositions or odd little details. I was showing some of my work to the staff at my last job at a photography workshop, and I put some of the photos from my project on cat shows at the beginning. No one really knew me yet, and I have a photo from a cat breeder’s house of two cats having sex on a big screen TV. I think it’s hilarious. It came up on screen, and no one was laughing. It was at that moment I realized how important humor is in my work. People are supposed to laugh at it, most of the time.

t t z: Do you think outsiders give criticism for these people with such unusual animals? a a: I think that in looking at a photograph, you can never have the full perspective. Truth is fickle in photography. So I had the experience of meeting the people and animals and seeing how they live, but I can’t get all that in an image. The pictures serve to support my idea. Some people may interpret them differently, but I did my best to fairly portray and document their relationship to their animals in my perspective. But everybody brings their own judgments and experience when they see the pictures. Outside of the photos, it’s another thing.

Prudence and Harry, Knoxville, TN 2010 Inkjet Print 16”x20”

t t z: Where did your first kiss take place and with who? a a: It was on a cruise boat. I think his name was Brandon and he had braces. We made out. I think I was 14, and it was awkward.

Dillie and Melanie, Canal Fulton, OH 2010 Inkjet Print 16�x24�

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y o u

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to be considered for the next issue email the following: 8 images at 300dpi, minimum size of width 14xin - word document containing title, year, medium, dimensions contact information (website or email)

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